Here's Joseph Cruz & His Meater

The Good Life
Saturday, November 25th

Guy's first guest in this week's adventure of "food, wine, & fun for your ears" is Co-Founder/President/Sales and Marketing of Apption Labs Joseph Cruz.


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This is that good luck so. So I that's all the good things apply now there's also the device. Five dollars. I'll get out there about the program okay so today's forum going to be fun I'll pay at a new item came across my desk here recently. A wireless meat thermometer. It's Bluetooth. But more importantly have a really cool lap let's call meter NBA TER. We're gonna talk about that here first with Joseph cruise he's the co-founder and president of sales and marketing for. Action AP PTI ON labs. And innovative technology start up apart premiered just second. Got a great line of the week for you it is from saint Michelle wine estates. Kept us at Michelle of course out celebrating over fifty years of talented one making in Washington State. A pay about two of their wines with the fiftieth anniversary label and they are. Killer good and good. For your holiday entertaining or whatever. But first let's go back to this cool little gadget which you see this. Max the system that notes that confident. Who little container. This beautiful wooden. Display case that oh by the way as a battery inside feared that the charging unit. And then this meat thermometer. And a guy who's behind bringing this to market is Jones of groups. Been doing a lot of things computing product design and development management are indeed for a couple companies and more for a lead eaten recently joined colleague at will the partnership and are turning their big ideas and has some really cool option labs let's go back that also about you Joes have been. How you've got to where you are today and develop these partnerships and started caption don't. You are heading in the show so I guess we just go back out quickly. I'm Billy we kind of came up. With the company action love pre out and RD manager. 08. Audio video. Company came to my business partner he'd be in the UK you look at HE a lot wonder you know what. I think about time maybe we. Started her own business. I quit. The job. On Friday to you'd Qaeda on Monday. We accepted that plan we came we came up with ninety. You know I knew she Smart products. And one night over. Of course wine and changing things like Scotch. She cannot put some really cool concept and the income of course record and hunting and backyard you're using a wired meat thermometer and you know prime time passes when you're having fun and adequate drinking wine. And you're waiting for the Spanish and the next big hoopla. You know why are actually out there. And that was really our our problem lately well. Well we you don't you know you injure closed the lid on the line. Account con I'm tired. Stopped registering via the temperature on the ice and not okay well you know what this is our problem. I think we need to get rid of this line here and leave me to rule out for ourselves so. We came up with a concept that come in wireless and some murder and you know and of course we didn't just want to make an enemy and we wanted to. To what we in Benton and push. Thermometers and innovate in that space. What did you eat at all of reviewed at our. On. Possible competitors in the market regret. All the comment and and wrote down everything that was good about. In nature that it didn't meter. And then be read and wrote down everything that we were content. And we made sure we. And our product and that's kind of how you'd the product today and it comes from. Even a concept out making something incredibly simple I mean again going back to the drawing board when you apart ample and company meat thermometers have ignored or. Probably. A leader ten from an old analog. You know plug it in and take a look. To the kind you leave in the oven Mitt doesn't really work well and usually the blast that ultimately. You know their network. I have I have wired with transmit off. You know and and that's OK and then I've got instant read in various but. That's why this caught my attention this is so different Joseph. Absolutely I mean we want to create a meat thermometer that you'd never. And we came we went back and thought you know what we need to design. When people see it they need to be made he needs Iwuh. And that really. The the value of the company didn't want the followers and. Street view one has been innovators and first to market something so completely different right and that's probably how it Kutcher. So. With meter the wanted to make sure that it was incredibly simple yeah. So you know when you pulled it out of yet bamboo charger just turned on you know there's no. And the ease of buttons to push it on you know just like Patrick you were pulling out on analog. Meet your honor just take it out you know easy to dial you take it into the meat and it just works and how designs are. In Italy we took that idea be went to kick starter at you know and that children very popular platform to. Validate your right you can crop in the market than we thought well maybe we'll just raise our 100000. Dollars. That should be enough to keep it going will build we'd be out there and neither. He workweek a bear but you know well. We've reached that goal and and put it yeah and it can be be raised. And and you don't disclose it and we typed in we are sort. We wish we could be one of the one million dollar companies and kick harder and pretty later there we were at it. Unbelievable animated a look at advocate starter page mainly because it's really still a great source of information. About the product in addition to just going to meet her dot com NBA TER. Dot com but I've got links a good left guy you got to take a look. 9737. Backers one point 25 million. Raised about a 100000 goal. That tells me a lot you know have been a part of from kick starter programs and mrs. This is such an interesting way to be innovative creative. Share of share their risk but sharing the wealth as well and as you guys have probably one of the most successful kick starter program ever. Absolutely. I mean or on what what's great about having mr. That you know. Got me again you are gonna build. Allison beat him but after reading so much. On kick starter. You know. Doors open. Meaning suppliers. You know the component that we want to use. Ford didn't. Want to populate so much because you know we don't want body you know out include architecture it happened and all of that but now that we build. No more than 151000 meter probe now. Doors open and were actually used the component that you want to originally. Design and meter. So you know to date meter it is definitely a lot better than we imagined. Out from the beginning it took a two years to develop the product and so far a customers that have received the product I've been telling it. In port do we have to that they're really validated. All of that part or in in product we we we didn't. You know breeding thinking working on me monitors for the past three years and that's really all mean to. Cut. Ultimately the product you'd. It is some. It doesn't know how you cope better how to protect that cult. And cook the thing you know. A level of dominance and increasing. Yeah it's. Let them do it most elaborate on what I wanna talk about the design aspect that is because things you have done with. With this beautiful. You know. All tree environmentally correct looted and and that the mounting ended the presentation of billion it is. That's incredible and you guys are kind of tacky dude and obviously had some. Better ideas and a Harvard pretty. I'm divert to get like that a quick break come back we'll talk more with Joseph. Jones of groups the executive of part of a great company that called action. Ads in applications. At wake you hear more about what this wireless Bluetooth. Meat thermometer can do what we're at.