Home finale last night for Shocker baseball

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Wednesday, May 16th
A happier night for purple-clad K-Sate fans than for the home fans

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widgets cause number. One news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the case and it just more users even Ted ninety Macintosh. Standoff in west Wichita and peacefully. We've got the story I brought in price the design phase of which Johnson quiet master plan has begun. A Korean summit may be scrapped time to look forward. Those details are just ahead. I'm Calif has meteorologist Dan Holliday a fairly nice start to the morning across south central Kansas. Warm and dry weather expected this afternoon at our complete forecast this coming out. At least two people are dead after heavy storms hit the northeast part of the US. With falling trees and branches one trees snapped in half and fell on top of what car trapping an eleven year old girl inside that was in Newburgh New York. The girl died neighbor who knew the girl remote run Regis. They visited children that I got muses and nephews and events are going to spend. They need to they're going through and figure I feel bad for him. New York governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency due to the damage of the storm there in New York. A police standoff ended peacefully and west Wichita Tuesday afternoon there 119 street and Taft. Police officer Charlie dame isn't that officers were contacted by a man and woman Monday saying there. 33 year old son was intoxicated and pointed gun at them. Officers could not find him Monday they followed up on British Tuesday went of that westside home the police swat team and a dog were called in the man then was arrested. At yesterday's meeting the Wichita City Council approving the design initiation of the cities the quad X master. Land to cancel proof that master plan last year with Tuesday's approval one point two million in aquatic plants funds are budgeted this year or next for design and construction. The city's elected water's edge of products designed to handle the design phase. Overall the city already paid for facilities turn five swimming pools and water playgrounds and built two additional water playgrounds. Which will address such issues as water conservation safety accidental seasons and operational hours. And cost savings from eliminating lifeguards. The capital improvement plan includes 22 million dollars in funding for a aquatic facility improvements through 20/20 six. Ronnie Price paid at SS news. One woman killed three injured Tuesday in a south California explosion. Fox's Rick Lozano reports an explosion. Inside of a medical office building. First reported as a car into a building but we've learned. There was no car involved but rather a large explosion of some kind killing one person. And injuring three others extensive damage to the building fire and police some massive response including the bomb squad. Hazmat canine units called in as well as swat. Debris from the building strewn throughout the area while across the street a daycare center and some staff members are removing. Some cribs and other furniture and pieces of equipment. Meantime children who were inside that day cares that are they were evacuated safely. The FBI believes a package bomb likely caused that explosion. Kim Jong-Il and is threatening to scrap his historic meeting with president trump a day after canceling talks with South Korea North Korea says it has no interest in a summit. If all the space on his quote. One sided domains to give up its nuclear arsenal. North Korean media also warning ongoing joint military drills and South Korea could derail the meeting calling them an intentional military provocation. Miami Republican senator John Barrasso who met with president trump Tuesday. Tells fox is ninth the president may just pass out the summit the president does is really focused on trying to accomplish this realizing he may just have to. Walk away the summit between Kim Jung an impressive trump is scheduled for June 12 in Singapore. In Washington Salman told Fox News can discover collier has signed a bill that will allow those who wrongfully convicted of crimes to collect 65000. Dollars. For each year they were incarcerated. Under the law signed Tuesday those who were wrongfully convicted and whose convictions are overturned will be eligible for that 65 gram per year they spent behind bars. Michelle Feldman of the innocence project says in your system is a gold standard and it. Among such compensation laws. The NSA is used on now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. One last baseball game at X stadium for the season for the shocker last night we'll have highlights. Coming up in sports why are Americans so enamored with the royal wedding. That story coming up on the KE NSS morning news was Stephen says that. It's pretty innocent scoring you can Stevenson now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Pushed our energy wants to change the way it charges its customers. Was your bill end up being Haider. Or lower. Potentially deep crease at the end of this year followed by an increase in electricity rates this making west are looking to introducing new rate plan. While some people's electric bills would go down however other bills would increase. Another proposal by west are would be a new optional three rate plan that would include lower electricity rates most hours of the day. But an increase charge for high usage between the hours of two and 7 PM. If your household uses most of its electricity between two and seven this right and would raise your bill sometimes significantly. However if you have a job that keeps you away from home during that five hour period the new plan could help save a little money. Amy web came in SS news. Former deputy who was widely criticized for not going inside a Florida high school during a mass shooting is now pocketing a hefty pension. The deputy who didn't go inside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school during February's massacre is now getting a pension of nearly 9000 dollars a month. That word from the sun sentinel. Former deputy Scott Peterson's taken a lot of heat for not going inside that building even getting called a coward by president trumped. Peterson retired rather than risk getting fired but now there's an investigation under way in Peterson may lose that pension. His lawyers been saying Peterson thought the attack was underway outside the building so he never went and chill NATO Fox News. So why are Americans so enamored with the royal wedding. Interested in this wedding is astounding with royal watchers a worldwide media analyzing every aspect of the relationship attendees ceremony. The new princess made in marble is living in every and files dream she is Libby met the little girl in America that dreams of being a princess was meant to tourists visiting the UK each year it seems almost every. One is interested in some aspect of the big day. I wanna know what's gonna wrap tweaking the rule rising innocently catch it the people's imagination McCain. And because the price beating me. Adam Housley Fox News. Hey this is used unknown 81010 minutes and see the clock. And take a look at the Monday morning commute we have some widely scattered showers in the Wichita area in fact we have a storm right now that is dumping a lot of rain right over Park City in the and the knicks and that Larry area here and ultimately people pulling over a long 53 street north and her 61 north because the rain so heavy. But it's very small it's just very isolated storm but it's dumping a lot of rain in a Park City and in areas don't know there are murdered Douglas and wet with not just a couple miles from there and nothing went to a new stuff going on. I'll it is spotting it and I. So if you're under of that storm of north you'll you'll see some very heavy rain for short amount of time it's traffic update. Stephen Ted KN SA the sailors take a look at the forecast now with king in as a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning your week's system is moving from northwest and north central Oklahoma and that will spread in some clouds this morning. Our best chance of a shower with thunderstorm today should stayed in the south of Wichita or height 84. Partly cloudy down to 65 tonight sunny warm and dry tomorrow with Thursday's high 86. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. And now live with cloudy sky thunder storm in park since it this union part of Wichita area 63 degrees and get a northeast wind at seven. Miles per hour Stevens in the morning an antenna just look at the Kansas weather center radar and you can see the bullets there over to the north of of Wichita. But otherwise all the way around not much going on infect. South central Kansas pretty much cleared except for that one spot yet and as you go down into northern Oklahoma there's there's been showers down there on the way to Oklahoma City all morning long. But yeah that little spot in the north of Wichita where you see yeah we've been here in people pour over in driving range. You know on 53 north pretty serious out there and that's a kind of in the Park City Bel Air area and it's got a contract to count ahead. Basically overcame 96. It's going to affect it looks like it right and if Vettel morning commute action here on the lawnmower he just hear the negative then all we're not even close to vote count it and until we're parks program. It's 812 to Stephen Ted and today is Wednesday may sixteenth 2018 on this date in 1991. An F three tornado developed near Clearwater. And move northeast across south and southeast Wichita. It damaged over around twenty homes of 2000 million dollars in damage. The twisters track was very similar to that of the infamous and over tornado. That occurred just twenty days earlier so this just three weeks after the devastating and over tornado. And following almost exactly the same path now and at three use a little bit less intense than the one that he and over but dent. There was a Vista like they have a track going from Clearwater up to the east side of Wichita. 813 now Stephen Ted police were called to investigate domestic disturbance in southern German town. Found a man arguing with a parent. A resident in nor nation near the Swiss border. Called the emergency number Monday to report his concerns about the loud shouting. From a next door apartment that had been going on for some time believes that often went to the scene. And found there was a loud argument going on all right but it was between a 22 year old man and a parent. The man told them he had been annoyed with the bird which belonged to his girlfriend. The parent responded to being shouted out with a loud noises of its own. Police that it couldn't really speak but do they could bark like a dollar. Since no one was hurt. The officers left. That was that hey this is as you said may sixteenth on this date in 2005. A really big. Sitcom. Everybody Loves Raymond. It's finale aired on CBS 2005. Great cast of characters. Very very funny show them and on and on and by the way if that has gotten on most. Of the you'll sit down you can find on cable somewhere. A lot of the time so Everybody Loves Raymond the final. Syria's finalists on the first series on this to date 2005. Voters say a woman is accused of pulling a gun on another shopper outside a Florida supermarket. After argument began at the checkout line. Leon county sheriff's office charged 36 year old Jessica mock with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon within without intent to kill. Tallahassee Democrat reported mock was in a checkout lane and publix store Sunday. But left the line briefly for a forgotten item and ever and the W I am when she returned she found a woman had gotten ahead of the cart she left of line. Sheriff's statement says the two argued then and went outside. And authorities say muck plated handgun at the victim and a little annoyed. But the person and by the way that's going over the line and after the argument apparently the argument the lady who would cut in line but I had moved to another long ago the way. But it won enough Jessica mark wanted to. And extract a little more I guess. It's at the ego. 815 now Stephen dead on K and as as and they attended just of looking at some of the news this morning and it's. Clark explained to look forward to master plan which a city councilman again the other thing you did it. Yesterday was talk about that through professional it's just. About two weeks away now including those first now. Or festivals they've of course been gone all along time here in Wichita and and the used to have its first but the first week or two in me. But for years the weather didn't cooperate so isn't about the back till June and also. There was a conflict of course of the school and what not solely on the back. The river festival is. Well it just got to be were there seems like he was always cold. Rainy that second week of Maine people I've gradually Shannon listeners. It just was too much of a conflict of course people always said. Why is it in the second week of may want to move it into the summertime. Weather's better than. People have more time and finally they did this yeah June hinted it was a long time and I can remember in the early seventies when the people some people came around the radio station where I was working. And they said Tate knew we'd like you guys get behind this. Two on the radio talk about this we're gonna do something. We're gonna have this big party it's gonna go on for a week and Regina all the stuff going on again. Yeah and and you know that they were gonna call the river festival I think it was during the Centennial. For the Seattle is all part of that and this current and we are just relatives and militant you're talking in and kind of ignored them. And then the thing took off and just went racing and has been. You know every year since. And the only talking about. 3400000 people want something new one thing or another within a week to ten days there and money coming in from all over actually from all over the world visitors come from everywhere. It's just a great party write it down here in the river in. Over the years I've been involved of course in everything from bad races to. The river run to. That the twilight pops concert man. Now Lou Reed didn't we MCD live broadcast of that per couple three years only now are a few years that we visit and that was lowest cost that was filed. One source many years before I came along you did. Live broadcast would it century to as well I didn't a did for a few years on KXOK with my partner at that time Mike Miller. And attended that time we head they put us up on the balcony. Or outside onto which was a perfect place for that. And it was into had a party up there so anyway it's on the way. City councils get ready get an last year they had us up on the scissor lift doing play by play at a per parade these analysts were it was gonna fall off America to. The professional company 818 now is Stephen did we get some sports talk about this morning Ted Woodward keep this up to date on what's going on with the baseball. Especially right now focusing on shoppers and royals and. Well last home game of the season last night for the show Packers. Closing at home portion of the schedule the only meeting of the season between the shoppers and their in state rivals the Kansas State wildcats. And those shocks courts rarely Iran's could they keep up the on slots. They could not Kansas State got the better of the shocker last night at a stadium. Mike Kennedy had called a game. And post game comments right here on K in. And it's and it's suckers just never could get going offensively only six hits. Off a guy who tends to give up a lot and it. He didn't hit 328 over the weekend against it very good South Florida team. Suckers fall to 3218. And one that may have. Sealed their fate they may go to Clearwater next week maybe you'll win that tournament. You get an NCAA tournament this. That didn't happen for the Sox last night and back last night that K state won that game seven to three big crowd on a beautiful night for baseball. Within 4000 fans a season high game last night. A lot of folks clad in her forward on the wildcats along with the usual display of soccer fans as well Wichita State's only loss this season the team on the Big 12 Conference. Major League action last night at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City Royals in the race once again tight between these two it was tied it in the top of the ninth inning. You heard the game on tape FA. Sure it's a bit. Align left field that's ahead will they be able to score the run scored enough with the firing home and not in time. And again Alex was in a position where throwing home woods and really untenable I mean. All of this momentum going toward. Left center field. And you wanna hurry the throw you can't get your feet properly shed too important good accurate throw. And the royals are not able to counter the rays won six defiant hand for the second night in a row. One run win a four Tampa. In Kansas City the royals lose their fourth in a row. He's sitting to try to avoid the sweep in an afternoon game today up at Kauffman Stadium rays and royals live pregame coverage begins at 1230 this afternoon games start at 115. You can listen to a live on Sports Radio pay at 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro baseball here in Wichita last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium exhibition game which is following does speak Fargo Moorhead redhawks 65 a and little wing nuts in the redhawks play one more pre season game tonight 705 downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. When notes have their season opener on Friday night. We know so far split their first four pre season games. Ju co softball. That a national tournaments are beginning today to division one national tournament in Saint George utes off. Back to back national champions Butler community college of the grizzlies going for their third. National title in a row while they open up tonight in the first round at 6 o'clock against Walters state of Tennessee. But we're softball going into the national tournament. They've won 41 of their last 42 games that's outstanding Boeing has really see how they do and division two national tournament gets under way today in Mississippi. How Lee college is the number six national seed in that tournament they take on Madison Wisconsin in the opening round at 330 this afternoon. Men's soccer tonight it's the second round of the big national tournament the US open cup. And it's FC which hits off visiting it's also rough necks at 7:30 this evening both teams dropped with two no start on the season trying to advance in that national tournament. And NBA basketball last night's game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals in Boston with the Celtics beat cavaliers 1079 before. Starting lineup for the Celtics former Kansas jayhawk Marcus Morris had twelve points five rebounds three assists with a pair of wins at home. The Celtics are on top of the cavaliers two games to zero that best of 7 in the Eastern Conference finals. That's forged with Stephen Ted cage and SSH when he tune out even if for the Hannity morning minutes. Blaming Yvonne could probably afford Gaza violence. That's all the way Stevens head in the morning on TN SS.