Horror movie scares its way to the top of the box office

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Monday, September 10th
"The Nun" debuts at #1 pushing "Crazy Rich Asians" down to #2.

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DH 713 thirty K in this is deep into the morning. Key back into a ten foot birdie. At 830 here on Monday. The new Miss America is crowned in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This America's 2019 is miss New York media. 51 contestants. In the first Miss America event with no swimsuit competition I'm happy that I didn't have seen him win this title tonight because I'm more than just that and all the woman on Cesar more than just that instead contestants were asked an interview question onstage by other contestants behind the scenes a revolt most of the Miss America state organizations demanding national chairwoman Gretchen Carlson and CEO Regina hopper resigns the outgoing Miss America Kara mind seeing the two bullied and silenced her claims the women deny and kerik Fox News. Gasoline prices holding steady across the country but there could be a slight drop on the horizon. If crude oil prices don't jump we're going to see a decline at the pump I think a modest one. By the end of the month in part because of the summer blend requirements disappearing and in part because there's plenty of gasoline around. That's industry analyst Shelby Lundberg referring to the more expensive formula that refiners use for summer gasoline. Over the past two weeks the average price for regular gas held steady at 291 per gallon. Avoiding a government shut down that's the goal for congress working on a tight schedule to beat the clock how. And senate leaders must hammer out differences on spending bills and then convince president trump to sign off to avoid a pre election government shut down at the end of the month. So far no spending package is included president trumps request for border wall funding the president has signaled a willingness to shut down the government over the issue but more recently said the funding may need to wait until after the mid term elections Republican leaders are downplaying the threat to the shut down. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. It's seventeen years since the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001. And local firefighters honored their fallen comrades by taking part in the annual Wichita stair climb. The Wichita stair climb has been a tradition for several years more than 200 firefighters took part in the event which took place inside the epic center in downtown Wichita on Saturday. The Klein is a way for them to remember the 343. Fallen firefighters and first responders who died in the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Participants climb the equivalent of a 110 floors are represented the height of the former World Trade Center Twin Towers. The fourth which toss your client had firefighters from across Kansas Oklahoma and even his first Colorado. It takes roughly two hours and it's hard worked complete but firefighters say the journey was worth it anyway at K and SS news. Kansas State there is a welcoming some unusual food vendors and new attractions this year. From deep fried Kenya collider is to an inaugural bread sculpture contest the fair Hutchinson opened Friday featuring a food lineup that attempts dog do outrageous concoctions from the past. This year street vendors are serving deep fried double eggs pickle stuck with a sour hard candy and burgers topped what they moon pie. Meanwhile many new amusement rides animal exhibits competitions and other attractions have filled the state fairgrounds. September works lumberjack show will be a main attraction this year Kansas wheat is also hosting a new contest at the fair to school bread dough into creative pieces. The final day for visitors to taken the extraordinary food offerings and attractions. Is September 16. Ronnie Price Canadian assets news now what the forecast McKay and assist after you don't just dance and oddly that morning damned good more. Inning with a few low clouds as we start today mostly sunny are hi this afternoon 78. We will be clear in 61 overnight. And in sunny on Tuesday with tomorrow's high in the low eighties. It doesn't look Michael see any chance of rain throughout the remainder of the week or ride on into next weekend I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Third date 34 now Steve intent here on canister it's time for entertainment news the blur with Ted Woodward talking about one more victim of the meat who. Scandal right to directed you now. The CEO. Of CBS is out. This after allegations of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The network has reached a deal to remove embattled CEO last Moonves who faces fresh accusations of sexual misconduct from multiple women. Were the settlement comes as Rory Fallon ordered article for The New Yorker published Sunday. Which six more women accused Moonves of assault or harassment. He first came under scrutiny in July went for our reported similar allegations involving different women who messes severance package all to believe depend on the results of investigations. Into the claims of sexual assault and harassment against them we Juno Moonves CBS will donate twenty million dollars to one or more organizations that support the need to movement. And equality for women in the workplace. Tom or Gotti Fox News. Meanwhile Morgan Freeman cleared it in a sexual harassment investigation. Morgan Freeman will keep his sag lifetime achievement award after an independent investigation. A sexual harassment allegations. Sag after it said it will not rescind the award presented during this year's sag awards. The organization launched the investigation in May following a CNN report that said. A women had come forward with allegations that they were victims of what some called harassment others called inappropriate behavior. According to deadline to release a statement there reads we are taking no action regarding the sagged lifetime achievement award presented to Morgan Freeman. Adding as always the details of the investigation are confidential. Shelf Leno fox thing it's. A member of the rat scholes gets sick onstage rock and roll hall of fame guitarist gene Hornish and the rational. Collapse onstage while performing in Montana but is expected to recover the 74 year old hospitalized or resting comfortably. After he collapsed Friday at the Alberta Blair theater in Billings. It's still unknown what caused them to collapse. Medical personnel used deferred to later and perform CPR on corners before he was taken to the hospital. Cornish and fellow brass school Felix Camilleri began playing their sixties hit it's a beautiful morning when corners collapsed Debbie Hanley Fox News. The CD and attract. Young grass unrest. Pointed out. Not so young anymore and deal with him on the vest on recovery there. A treat for some New York City train commuters last Friday celebrity concert. Ticket to ride in or out of New York city's Grand Central Terminal gave commuters the chance to hear Paul McCartney. Most didn't get to see it's only about 300 invited guests were allowed behind the drapes to see the stage grand central's Vanderbilt hall. The most passing through were happy for the chance to hear it. I grew up Beatles. Playing at Soledad. And I'll. They were that the group and they still are the concert stage to promote McCartney's upcoming album Jack Callahan Fox News tonight you seen Paul McCartney. Time line at five that you wanted to bet that the interest it was a great great. Cecil Cooper and and stuff. Share. Is hitting the road let's go see him. Shares making their way back in the states the legendary performer announced the Hugh we go again tour on Allan Thursday. It marked her first trek across the US and five years the 72 year old entertainer hasn't actually stopped. Entertaining she is currently doing a series of resident sees. In Las Vegas and last year films mama made too which is in theatres she will release an album of ABBA covers. Titled dancing queen September 20 game. And shares are expected to perform songs from her out a tribute album as well as her own singles on the tour tickets on sale next Friday. Michelle Leno (%expletive) him. Miss New York. Is the winner of the 2019 Miss America competition last night first few competition did not include a swimsuit event. It's winner and neo Franklin she said she's glad she did not have to Wear the swimwear in order to win the crown and the 50000 dollar scholarship. I think they've built. More empowered now more than ever that they don't have to do things senses. I want an associate for a scholarship and I'm happy that I didn't have to to win this title tonight because I'm more than just that and all the woman on stage are more than just sat him. Franklin graduate of the university of North Carolina School of the Arts she majored in music composition. If you knew Miss America. Neo Franklin's New York. Lady got god has been vocal about her start as an insecure kid was bullied in school she tells reporters on the red carpet at the Toronto film festival. Tumbled by her debut acting role in a star is born and remembering herself as a young kid you. Had to keep doing what I 1019 I decided that I wanted to be a musician and I hit the ground running. And I was pounding the pavement in New York City banging on every door to get a job to seeing anywhere that I could. And the differences that badly in this film. She has completely given up on herself and it is Jack's believe them earn his love for her that brings it to life. Star is born almost stars Bradley Cooper. And it's legally be released in early October. Early he'll be using a sudden I'm into the museum that now the reason it and the loudness that. She gets to be a better start the Yemeni kills itself. And access to such in the till like five Tyler yeah though. It's got to anybody in the theaters Don plus by and here. And with great speed you can theatre let's check out. But the results from the movies this weekend box office streak continues for Warner Bros. I'm pat O'Neal it scared last weekend's box office leader right in his second place. Yeah. No horror movie that none and its first weekend pulling in an estimate of 53 and a half million dollars at the box office. It's the fifth straight weekend of Warner Bros. film is how the top spot say your family is rich or comfortable that it exactly what the super rich person. Crazy rich Asians led the way for four consecutive weeks this time the romantic comedy was second. With thirteen and a half million dollars in third place in its debut. Yeah. Also your recollection is unless you thought it was. That Jennifer Garner revenge movie peppermint what thirteen million dollars to holdovers round out the top five. The Megan fourth place and searching in fifth. That's fox on film. And we finished at today's edition of the lower with the birthday today and actor Philip Baker Hall. And that is I didn't know. And I do admit I did not either he's 87 years old today Philip guy's been in more than 200 TV shows that Paul. Dozens of movies. Yeah he's you know what these guys it always find work and urban star worker and I'm like an Alabama bus sized pictures that guy. As inside well. You might remember him as lieutenant Joseph equipment all the library I can't. We tracked down Jerry for a long overdue library book review to a Jerry way episode public library here Jack Wear gap and he just rapid fire yeah. Starts accusing Jerry you. I'm Larry count and count them on resentment. Lieutenant Buckman. Happy birthday to Philip Baker Hall who is 87 today while. That's entertainment news in the polar routes you're good friends at pizza Johns in derby. No they're closed on Sunday yesterday. But daisy my zero and up for another six great day are lefties here every Monday through Saturday at 11 AM to 10 PM. Hey they even have delivery available from five to 9:30 PM nice delivery business items there. After I was there there. Settling in and out the door delivering them to whoever wanted to. It's good stuff it's right there at 208 so Baltimore on T fifteen. He said Johns in an army pay the Kansas state fair opening weekend is in the books and another. Full week at Kansas state fair up in Hutchinson all that great booed and attractions concerts and all that I've got. I'm nice prize package for you got a pair of tickets. Go to Kansas state fair couple deep passes and the I'll throw in a twenty dollar gift card Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers. I'm going to give away one of those prize packages of the second one or two winners right now I would collars number three and four call me now at 869. To thirteen thirty. 843 down keep the dead coming up. Executive returned to big Wichita accounting firm that's coming up with their good friend. At that which the business through all the way Stephen dead on in essence.