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Steve & Ted
Friday, November 17th

Moneytracker Don Grant says when housing does well, the economy does well.


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9713. Thirty K minutes asking him in the morning congratulations to us. This from Wichita stepped up for tickets were packed. The the use her Ryan's heart rice and Christmas concerts. That's coming up on the November 27 at 630. And we got more tickets to the characters come and appear with Stephen dead later on this morning in the next week 647. Now Steve and Ted. The three big things. House passes tax reform what a fly in the Senate's so. Fire destroyed a warehouse in mutant. Like Sammy still name which it does first female fighter keep. Three big things even dead on Kate in excess. Traffic conditions today we had a how one good day for traffic conditions and it was yesterday act and and this morning only gets more fog in the area might have some that. My to have him miss out there they're roadways could be just a little bit slippery as something to watch out where this morning traffic update on Kate and at this radio on jets chambers. Becoming mostly sunny and breezy later today with a high of 75 degrees go to south wind fourteen to twenty miles per hour gusting. A little higher at times increasing cloud cover tonight. You overnight low forty. Saturday sunny windy and cooler tomorrow's night 54 different raking those leaves now calls you missed. 58 degrees again south wind gusting to 26. Miles per hour Kate Unisys weather brought you by the monarch who voted one of the best. Burba and bars in America by the burger and Hillary you located at 579. West Douglas and his story delay you know the monarch. 648 Stephen did stocks finished higher Thursday after the house passed their version of tax reform. Dow Jones Industrial Average up 187. Points at 2300458. The NASDAQ Composite up 876793. That was a record close. And the S&P 500 up 21 XY 585 Wal-Mart Sysco Dow DuPont leading the Dow Jones Industrial Average travelers and Exxon and Chevron. Came under pressure some of the movers yet Wal-Mart with a great outlook for the holidays and it online sales in the latest quarter. That's up almost 11% hit a new high and would get to keep in high on Barnes & Noble up seven and a half percent. As you have send out looking to take it Friday on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and ultimately these Fox News. Record number of Americans are going to travel for their Turkey this year to around fifty point 951. Million Americans. Will travel fifty miles or more from home for the November 23 holiday according to the American Automobile Association. An increase of one point six million people or 3.3 percent from last year the highest point since 2005. The vast majority of Americans traveling will be shall buy automobile you. But 45 point five million hitting the roads and other out of they note three point 95 million expect you fly to their holidays destiny not by sleigh. Healthier economy cheap flights fueling the Thanksgiving travel boom. Since AAA a look at how they know that out of it now. And they know what I'm going to do. Truth be lung berg now president tapping into your email probably this year but kept a Russian hackers that are goodness well in to have on your phone. Or me than have on your phone you know the other worry are at all times even better perhaps they've done a poll could be days. Particularly companies like this Stephen did which Toppert dot com. Which is exactly what this is this time out our web page of course you finally a web page in his has reviewed my account should the WP to use traffic cameras it's as last wearing ridiculous and down to WPA use traffic cameras to spot traffic offenses. 43% says yes. If you want a don't want a ticket don't write the law 77%. Said no Big Brother is watching absolutely. Not in other words if you if it's okay. Always to do wrong as long as you don't get caught as long as you can get away that yes of course on your etc. Don it now. An honest man I know you'd be an honest man yeah. Okay oil and you couldn't get a waiver and I you're right you're right. I see it silly so you make a left turn in you go to the far lane. And they catch it on camera and aiding catcher you know I mean instead of going into the coastline and then putting on your blinking on the Farley if there's no traffic. On me that's the logical. It's done situationally ethics. Yes that's a good word so here's a question today are you hurt anybody. Are you traveling for Thanksgiving. Yes lest and 100 miles yes more than 100 miles or no. To the wine store yet and we've got some results already backed debt worth your round trip one vote. One vote says. No no I. Dot Thanksgiving ball fumbling I'll be traveling that they'll get my Turkey Stephen G Edwards stoppers dot com polar webpage Unisys refute cavities. 651 time for Don grants me the money tracker don's trying to confuse me on Friday he's trying to get people after I don't know what to charge you that's gonna talk about the housing is and my Beers or probably is yeah I don't know if our business. Nervous about it is it's RB is our yes yours mine and ours mine or a movie of yours. Bingo. Periodically we hear the numbers about housing starts or existing home sales for many of us if the numbers drop it feels good for some reason. The effective housing in ancillary businesses associated with home construction maintenance sales and lending are tremendous force for our economy. So when you hear that housing numbers are up you should feel real good yet. Big deal you say what does this mean for me. Well if you invest with a broad asset allocation. There is a pretty good chance that your Ira your 41 K or brokerage accounts are directly affected. By moves in the housing market. In some US markets likes areas like say San Francisco new Yorker Arizona. Housing prices have jumped dramatically from their lows in 08 in 09. But there as it as a share of the economy housing remains depressed. Just have loved Borg now. The chief US economist for Deutsche Bank investments says that because of that he's very optimistic on the prospects for continued. Above trend economic growth. He and his team took a pass precedence and they suggest that well we are not. Booming as we did coming out the recession. At the the peak of the market is still in sight so we have room to grow interest rates still remained historically low. And if the Fed keeps up with conservative hikes the board that believes that the outlook for the housing sector remains very bright. In the first quarter of 2012. Housing and housing related activity at a record low. As a percentage ever national's gross domestic part a product of sixteen point 7%. That means that all the products we produce housing was only sixteen Porsche percent sixteen point 7% of that. It's now up to almost 18%. Which is below the record levels of nineteen point 3% in 1986. So their economy continued to recover we still have a lot of room to grow. That's good for our investments you talk. You have to question to give me call number 6342222. I'm good friend a rod whose whose son is in now in the Seattle area. It's our great man there idiotic thing about Sampras Cisco San Diego Seattle I says it is just almost impossible to find affordable miles. Well and with with my house with with climate change and not get into an argument that what causes that are you know thing. But apparently a lot of the rain they've had they've had a couple of drier season Seattle you know yeah. So understands beautiful place it is gorgeous at this is national black love hog day all or is it black lava. This delicious flaky pastry is made with leaders of you know peace Greenfield with chopped nuts silently with syrup or honey and it has its low fat. And yeah very yeah. It's like and what you percent of voters not that far it goes right to your hit the guys you know you know I did make feel logo. Okay will you give your role pastry and then you swap that would butter than you flip it over yet that you swap that will bother the flip it over so it keeps adding layers above my late sister in law did it in Chile I don't think he's done a lot of but while by late sister allowed it. Diener two layers of that and she would make this effort yeah. As you can buy you know and it was outs and while I wish I had to right now. What did you do overs targets. I'll go to that the buck lavalas or at NJ went in it that some of that I stake in national bako vendee. Guava. Debacle. 655 now coming up Stevens Ted. At the top of the hour. Which is has its first. Email fire chief tell you all about all the way to be content on in that sense.