How about some January spring-like weather?

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 19th

An effusive discussion about super weekend weather with KSN Meteorologist Laura Bannon


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Is distinctions which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning to 7 o'clock this is the case and as this morning news was even dead tigers beat back inside. New information on the crash of disruptive enough west Wichita neighborhood that we've got the story until the LaBranche. Several local law enforcement officers arrested in illegal gambling investigation. Suspect arrested in abduction and robbery of a woman I'm Ted Woodward at those details just ahead. I'm Ken SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 45 in Wichita for the high. Today could be ten degrees warmer part complete forecast is coming up. Federal prosecutors are accusing several former law enforcement official. Including two former Wichita police officers. Of obstructing justice. For their roles in identifying a suspected undercover officer who was investigating illegal gambling and indictment unsealed Thursday charges brought Whitman Michaels the cal ski and Bruce MacKey with obstruction of law enforcement. Whitman was also charged with lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The cal Keyon Mackie are both former Wichita police officers. Prosecutors allege Whitman and an unindicted co conspirator owned and a legal gambling business that involved five for more people and grossed more than 2000 dollars in a day. The chart to stem from April board twelfth 2014 poker game. During which the three men allegedly use police department resources to determine the ownership of the vehicle driven by a player suspected of being an undercover police officer. Retired Highway Patrol trooper Michael Fredericks and of derby is charged with two counts of making false statements to FBI investigators in connection with the poker game. Phil pulled a Fred Kagan SS news. More today on an incident that disrupted a neighborhood in north west Wichita. Residents had to be evacuated in the middle of the night after a van ran into an unoccupied house. Police officer Charlie Davidson has it happened about 2:30 in the morning yesterday on seventeenth north near 119 and west. Emergency crews responded to the report of the building collapse of a residence. A 25 year old man was driving home he was behind the wheel of a van he did not own. He was southbound on chambers street and he slammed into a house on seventeenth. The driver also struck. The gas meter that the home. Shearing off the gas line and allowing natural gas to fill the hole and also the area surrounding this accident. What struck fire department in Kansas gas both responded to the scene. To address the natural gas leak. People in the neighborhood were evacuated after about three hours they were able to return to their homes police believe that alcohol was a factor in this crash. The kidnapping suspect was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says last Monday evening of 24 year old woman was trying to sell ring me. And set up a meeting with a potential buyer on FaceBook. Meeting demand at the Jimmy John sandwich shop at several hillside. She says see he got into her car at gunpoint portion of drivers several locations. She was able to finally get helped two hours later making her way to a quick trip as Douglas in Washington the suspect ran away with her ring and her cell phone. The which sharply Barbara Broadway poor working and conduct a follow up on this case and located at 32 year old male suspect in the area McCormick and meridian. The suspect was arrested without incident and booked into jail for aggravated robbery and kidnapping and outstanding warns. The woman's cell phone was recovered voter shall bring has yet to be located. When the government shut down less than 24 hours away Fox's Chad per gram describes what Republicans in congress would need to get. That spending bill ball rolling. The procedural vote. To break a filibuster may need sixty votes to do so John McCain Republican of Arizona is not here so that takes Republicans from 51. Votes down to fifty though we have three Republicans who say they are going to vote no Rand Paul of Kentucky. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff flake Republican of Arizona set means there are at a maximum 47 Republican yeses. And that also means they need thirteen Democrats to sign up and get him to sixty. A major holed up on passing a spending bill is Dhaka and the president's desire for immigration reform. The current administration is pushing back on claims that president trumps stance on his proposed border wall. Has evil the White House chief of staff John Kelly causing a stir when he told Fox News the president wasn't fully informed but he promised to make a wall that stretched across the US Mexico border and that is he's had a vault sources tell fox diss the president was outrage over that comment but attorney general Jeff Sessions tells Fox News. We all change and we are something as we go forward with his principles on immigration have not changed sessions also said Kelly is a quote national treasure. Democrats say comes hard on immigration stance could force a government shut down in Washington shot when Angel fox needs in assist news time now 7066. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Busy sports weekend coming up including. Men's basketball action fourth ranked Wichita State on the road tomorrow we'll have a preview coming up in sports like government update on smoking in the USA. That story coming up on the K and us this morning news was Steve attendance. Yeah there's this morning news we've just announced a little 9:9 minutes and 7 o'clock. The concern of charitable lacrosse student learned of a possible case of headlights. As his daughter's school and was concerned that not enough is being done about it. Kate Hudson news looked into the USD 259 policy. The coordinator for health services for Wichita public schools convert cassettes says the policies to change to have twice she says today and other large school districts follow recommendations from the Kansas class and handbook of communicable diseases. The school district will not let parents know what there's a child to twice in the classroom because they see it is a hit a violation. Catch it added that kids are aware when another student has lice and it's sending a note home brings light to that particular student instead school nurse to send letters home to parents several times a year about lice and how to manage it. Wichita public schools no longer send students home if it's discovered that they do have lice they are allowed to stay at school until the end of the day. After that they must be treated before they can come back to school. Amy web Kate and SS news. The federal government says the number of people smoking over the past ten years has dropped. From about 21%. Down to fifteen and a half percent who is most likely to smoke. The latest research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Mannesmann more than women. Also more likely to reach first cigarette are people between the ages of 25 and 64. People with less education. American Indians and Alaskan natives people without health insurance. People with a disability and people who live in the midwest or the south. Smoking's believed to kill nearly a half million Americans each year till NATO Fox News. He's not the governor of New Jersey anymore and he's finding out. The hard way for a New Jersey governor Chris Christie now gets to enjoy life as a private citizen all though. He might miss the perks that came with being a public office like using the VIP entrance at the airport. For eight here is he got to skip the TSA screening minds we normally stand in but not anymore. Christie in the state trooper serving as a security detail according to multiple reports. Re directed to the line at terminal B. In Newark international in apparent Swedes Christie calling this fake news but instead a ball story insisting it was just the mix up after being led the wrong way. By a Port Authority police officer. Kevin Rincon Fox News. Since his new time now seven they level of trouble on the older. I won 35. Yeah I'll canal route righteous we do have a traffic wreck in the injury accidents hit Enron this is in the northbound lanes of the canal are out it's just north of the eighth and ninth street exit. At least one lane is closed and you might see traffic backing up that's northbound lanes of I 135 just north of the ninth street. Traffic update eight NSS radio and now the kiss and storm tracker report camp with Kansas today meteorologist Laura bad and good morning Laura. Hey good morning I'm happy Friday happy struck me and I don't see. Especially for me is like a lot of singles he's just really really. Hey yeah we are starting out the data cold nowadays have they gotten better weary were earlier on week really yesterday. Two point seven degrees your current chapter in the area to head out the door to win might be blowing your round out out played eleven mile per hour when it actually feels like Delhi skeletal but it seventeen degrees that feel like actor wrote that went quite way to go to the end of the day. But he died. Beautiful Friday. How it should be I would get captured in the big east could be seven or high. Even warmer spring like temperatures for tomorrow I'm all the way to sixty Q and you're talking about cooler conditions had used Sunday night cooldown. I'm willing to drop backed out fifty or so fantastic weekend looking ahead. Small chance of rain democratic media watch out could be looking at no but it northern half. After the state with the next storms that dumped out tack on Sunday and Monday travel on I. An Easter like a little bit tricky but here's what stock. Quiet beautiful and giant and then aren't erotic all of that I don't wanna anybody drew do we do these little moisture is part of ultimately. Yeah how we really really the other look at the drought condition they continue to work spent the with that drought conditions the drive letter that went on top about have to continue to talk. Talk about that fired leader Trent helped pull clearly gets company that we needed desperate. All right thank you but they can ion storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett and 713 now Steven dead on Kayla says send the big story coming in Washington around with big store in the country really. Is about the budget showdown are we going to shut down the federal government at midnight tonight with a us this morning Fox News radio's. Rachel Sutherland in Washington good morning Rachel. Commodity yet looking more and more likely there will be shut down and I can't Democrats are threatening to filibuster senator at the house passed bill. That fund the government through February 16 it expands chip and Children's Health Insurance Program to another switch gears just a the military. But it is not include extra dot that they prepared text illegal immigrants brought here children. So. Pickett. Can shut down the government. Tonight at midnight and it's that they can't looking more and more likely that it will actually happen. It's just the numbers that they filibuster it needed sixty vote threshold whereas normally would be that that 51 majority in public is past. Well what do what does it mean a mean obviously the national parks will be close. But there are other. You know the government has a lot of obligations to people would go on daily writes. They do and what happens is that government workers they go home without pay most of them. They opened fire let it. The military and other essential personnel have to keep working without pay now eventually everyone knows they're gonna get paid eventually. The government would create open but it into personnel not being paid that's really great a lot of outcry that people do. Obviously military families of the military count it in not like this idea. You have a lot of concern about that. OK so yeah you you're sounding pretty pessimistic and from all the media I've seen so far this morning everybody seemed real pessimistic there are donating them. Umpires and yeah it I at the poker Democrats to bail we will tell about durden that you need to have a very light that. You know ranting materialistic you want those are tiebreaker and the like that but with the vice president at with the help us Tracy just look at the numbers. I must say I you know decent candidate. A parliamentary hat trick just adding they do expect that the volatile as it stands right now it had to. And nobody's gonna switch sides on this or anything like that. Well they're to a dead Democrat to mention electrocuted indicated he might switch sides and actually Democrats took power. A kite thank you Rachel appreciated fact Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland talked about the -- it looks like we're going to have a government shut down. If it's amazing that it seems amazing that. The people we elect can't find some agreement there and I don't know that everybody. Who's listening to sell my voice is really ready to dig in their heels on either. Doc or any of the stuff that's been real Clinton really. Can't you guys find something yes you know the the president wants a long term solution to dock he wants and have a law and and and they just can't commit a leader in congress have six months to figure out how they're letting you know that then and I guess that the average person doesn't understand because he. You know first of all. I don't get my way. On almost any. Armor was you you know. There are certain things that you just have to say well OK I've got to go along a life dad wanted you don't. I've made in just a second pressure bristles at all I'm gonna break the law because he's a money you know you do that in order saying. Is there somebody could try to compromise he's or are they reasonable reasonable people are not. Acted Stephen Ted sunshine and warmer temperatures across Kansas entered pleas of the issues. These people running for reelect and all right and it ended next time there's an election their opponent will say. Look at that person need compromise path I will be the one that fights for what you believe in and got the. It's a death top mind award is for them. Deborah yesterday I was 53. Normal life 42 hey it was Zell on this date January 19. In 1962 Wichita. Measured its greatest no depth ever seventeen inches of other terrorism big a London in the seventies you know I guess I'm wrong. 1962 I would have been in much six rated Peterson Randall. That's I'm not a big a jury just go to David. I wouldn't my brother tonight we could've made it to Peter you grade school which is a block and a half from our house. We can have made it easy. And we would have full benefit a Republican Sony I would hope so we see an inch depth that's so long ago and I don't remember but that that's it that's deep snow. All right seven AD now Stephen dead. And eight. Thanks for sports instead Woodward we got a lot. Of sports this weekend it's. Soccer basketball and football player and a lot of things go right at busy sports weekend including shocker basketball fourth ranked Wichita State is going down to Houston take on the cougars. You might remember these teams met not long ago or earlier this month right here in which it saw the shocker one that he might eighteen points. Tomorrow morning is the rematch in the Houston. How about this Steve shoppers had the nation's longest road winning streak right now Sox have won eleven straight on the road. Well Houston has not lost a home game this year they are eight and oh on their home court. It's one of those streaks come to an end tomorrow yeah. The Chinese are two of the top teams in the conference that shoppers are in second place right now in the American Houston is tied for third at. Should be interesting we'll get going tomorrow Mike Kennedy involved hole have a live pregame coverage beginning at. 10 o'clock tomorrow morning the game will tip off putting 11 AM tomorrow. Soccer basketball on 103 point seven KEY and a and after the game and be sure to join me LT your phone calls on the soccer locker room show broadcasting live at twin peaks in east Wichita. At 21 inner rock. See after the game for lunch twin peaks of the shocker locker room show. Passive basketball action as well this weekend for Kansas and Kansas State the jayhawks are ranked number ten in the nation debut hosting Baylor. Tomorrow in Lawrence Taylor has never won a game in Lawrence oh and fifteen all time. The bears to indicate you live pregame coverage the jayhawks at 330 tomorrow afternoon game tip off at 5 PM. Now it's on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Kansas State is home tomorrow as well the wildcats host 24 ranked TCU in Manhattan on purple at that game. K state is thirteen and five overall horned frogs are fourteen for. K state is ahead of TCU in the big twelve standings K state is tied for fifth TCU tied for seventh. LB 8:3 o'clock tip off tomorrow afternoon. In Manhattan that'll be nationally televised on ESPN. News we have to go men's basketball tomorrow night in El Prado Butler community college hosting Seward. Dennis Higgins we'll have live pregame coverage beginning at 7:15 tomorrow evening and that's right here on 98. Seven and thirteen thirty K and as best by the way. But I played what's the grizzlies Dennis Higgins today is his birthday a birthday. To her they did a city's negative. Was recently bestowed as the one Oklahoma broadcasts reports can't enter here you know. Hey he's number one of our books every year and it's his birthday and Eisenberg had a birthday Dennis Higgins. Good guy to have around you bet and you can listen to them tomorrow night urine came in assets. We got Wichita State women's basketball like Coke arena on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock this shocker ladies hosting second place South Florida. Soccer women are on a three game winning streak right now on the try to extend that on Sunday. Hockey action we got one hockey game this weekend for the Wichita thunder it's at home it's tomorrow night 7 o'clock downtown it in trust bank arena. The thunder hosting the first place Colorado Eagles. Colorado comes in on an eight game winning streak the thunder will try to snap that first meeting this season between these two division rivals. 7 o'clock tomorrow night downtown. We will up by the time the weekend is done we will know who will play in the Super Bowl week conference championship games are on Sunday. It starts out. Had to about it's 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon. You've got the AFC title game the New England Patriots are hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars patriots favored by touch now on. And then a coverage begins at about 5:15. PM late in the afternoon for the NFC championship game the Minnesota Vikings are in Philadelphia taking on the Eagles. The vikings are favored by a field goal on the road. The vikings haven't been to the Super Bowl since 1976. Due to its time great team the if they can get there so I listen to both those. Conference title games on Sports Radio K eight at eight on Sunday at 12:40 AM 975. And a sound mind. A sport for Stephen said Kate and ask seven what did you down get better or Rush Limbaugh morning update. Apple returning assets to the US after tax law changes. Stevens at the morning on KE NN sense.