How dirty is your gym's equipment?

Steve & Ted
Friday, September 22nd

Study finds the free weights on average contain 300 times more bacteria than a public toilet.


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All right well give that UN. They read. And you leather thing. 98 evident thirteen thirty K and it asks as we XP content in the morning. As a seven to 46. Here on Wednesday morning near three big thing usually. Death toll rising in big earthquake in Mexico City see. Hurricane Mario rolling across the Caribbean as a category five but I suspect quickly arrested after shooting in north Wichita. Pretty big things Steven dead on K and a sense. Avoid these areas to get traffic accidents. Reported southbound bridge road in 1996. Also a motorcycle traffic accident. T 254 and rock road in each guy traffic updates from Kate and as as radio stuff. And yes chambers sunny today with a high of ninety degrees after yesterday's high of 987. Degrees. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 743. Date something pretty easy tomorrow's high up to 93. Now partly cloudy south wind at nine miles per hour and 69 degrees K Unisys weather brought you by the monarch. Thanks for your love of America's native spirit every Wednesday with a four dollars elect Robinson was he today is Wednesday. Located at 579 west Douglas in his story delay you know the monarch. 747 now Stephen dead. President trop made a forceful statements during his United Nations speech. Focus on the White House. North Korea's representative to the United Nations walked out before president trump went beyond fire and fury in his address to the general assembly president trump. Went even further raising the possibility of wiping North Korea off the map the United States has great strength and patience. But if that is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice. But to totally destroying. North Korea. Then the president directly refer to North Korean dictator Kim Jong mood by his new nickname rocket. Man ABC's Jonathan Karl. The Senate Intelligence Committee called off what was to have been a closed door meeting with Michael Cohen president Trump's personal attorney on the Russia pro. Ignoring the panel's request to keep quiet Cohen sent a public statement to the media as the session was about to start the committee now once Cohen to speak in open session Richard Cantu ABC news. If you drive your Chrysler minivan two fast two furious one of the second row seat belts might on buckle. So Fiat Chrysler is recalling almost 50000. Pacifica bands in the US and Canada. From the Tony seventeen to 2018 model years all have the eight passenger. Seating option. The auto makers says in documents posted by US safety regulators that during sporting driving. The center buckle could hit the release button on the left buckle and cause it too while much could. It's the Pacific abandon the 20112017. And Tony eighteen mile here's a Brando what's it at the new model air right new model yeah. US stocks posted slight gains on Wall Street yesterday it. But just enough to send a major indexes to more record highs we keep hidden records almost every day. I'm wondering where the top of this thing he has a little scared. Banks insurers and other financial companies led the gainers. Technology stocks also helped lift the market while healthcare companies lagged it the most Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 39 points. While the Standard and Poor's 500 index climbed two points and the NASDAQ Composite edged up six points. Ford is cutting production at five North American assembly plants for the rest of this year as US demand for new vehicles slips. Due to lower gas prices. Wal-Mart will not. Be doing a large scale holiday hiring at its stores this year instead like last year it will offer extra hours to its current workers. The nation's largest private employer says however that it will. Beat taking on more temporary workers at its distribution centers but it's not giving up numbers. Yet for its planned holiday. Hires at those senators present where they. Do the online separate it. Attorney for general from most states are broadening their investigation into the OP oil industry. As a nationwide overdose crisis continues to claim thousands of lives. They announced Tuesday that they had served subpoenas. Requesting information from five companies that make powerful. Prescription painkillers. And three distributors this open your problems. It is terrible non news busier I guess a state of Ohio was really struggling with a list. Losing a lot of the other is off aisles baton one of those New England knew it either New Hampshire Vermont just terrible terrible oil and to bottom as his prescription drugs being. Prescribed but by the bucket load I guess by some people. My wife was we were talking about the other night and then she's had surgery couple times and they never give her more than about three pills. And picked up two to combat a Hershey get more humor of pain and yes but in the big hope we Lloyd problem seven of fifth. The two now Steven did time for a editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal talking about an exclusive interview this morning importing bill. Good morning Stephen Chad yet chase Polk the executive vice president of Coke act read comic services and the son of Charles and Liz Coke. We asked him about leadership since he spoke to leadership Kansas participants last week in Wichita. Coke says his first job at Coke was south at a southwest Kansas beat a lot. Says his foundation for leadership was set while working at the feet like gaining an appreciation for hard work and working as a team the WBJ has an entire discussion on the web site. Construction started on the newest branch for mayor of trust credit union it's an Andover. Or trust modern acre of land of the and over marketplace near Kellogg Mandel wrote last fall. CEO Jamestown stars says their building at 3300 square foot branch that would be among the credit union's largest. The parent branch should be open in the year. And toy is arrest has filed for bankruptcy protection becoming the latest casualty of the pressures faced. I've brick and mortar retailers the company made the Chapter Eleven filing Monday night. Needs to revamp its long term debt of more than five billion dollars the retailer has struggled to compete for the likes of Amazon and Wal-Mart. Local breaking business news every day I can't assess and a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm bill room. Garcia the Coke family not entirely media bashful what we don't hear a lot from them. And right this is that this is the next generation not just to its face. It is say he had chases the son of Charles and you know who knows what exactly the the succession plan as but he is a leading part of the company right now so it sounds like they sent him out not to just start at the top than. We've finally gotten a bit of all absolutely end and a few familiar with Charles coax. Story that's the same way as his father put him download to to start out. All right hey today is national string cheese today. Arm. What do you call it string cheese snack cheese or cheese sticks there's no denying that you college delicious and so I'm reading here from there will relief. Packet further they have a lot of height pass it out for a team snack. About our downstream teams guy net. Teddy your dreams he's got what it. I've imposed I loved she's been selling season and he was little bars that are about likely analysts year old of the needs of seven Harry I need to batons and break down the big breaking reader coldly moderate out now or talk and slice said baby let me see Colby may melted down a little bit. Button and it. A little she's you know and a how about a billion not Chiming in much on the old she's got. Ally I am not I admire that she's by itself like you know god like she's on some outdated you know tortilla chips maybe some case who Blanca. Aso not say whether he gets kind of resuming you mentioned the words cottage cheese or does the Americans are mixed on that I think. I like cottage cheese my daughter hates it Ted cottage cheese where Brandon did ask me what I take. Like cottage cheese run bunch of maple syrup on a one moment that you didn't forego the tees and just eat there. Pace that saw you on FaceBook. Bill yeah out now where you on the air and let you know who I was well you were jammed down there it is the monarch right. She and ray you mad hatter in yesterday shall be my next guest of this stock would do Roy podcasts. Oil. Did you ever in just she's a doggone good look energy and did you ever reached up and say this to say well I'm a little bit about she is saying you're really good business won't you know she's got a great story of how she yeah. The monarch together in a short period of time and has made a go of it now for five years in and she's great business yeah herds are great to watch a great place or what our sponsors and we appreciate general she does and you know I and I guess there was even yet which are little love for statement I don't at FaceBook offering little love on social media force yesterday he's used them good stuff and I mean thank you. You're the best thing that passion and a she's 755 now Stephen Ted. And coming up at 8 o'clock decay in as this morning news received it covering all of today's youth including. Suspect quickly apprehended after shooting an old Wichita dividend in the morning on CNN cents.