How do you deal with stress?

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Moneytracker Don Grant has some medical study results about stress to share.

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Right Caro fake news on most definitely there. They play on people's fears and make people turn to. 9713. Thirty K and SS feed into the morning now at 646. On a Friday morning April 20. Pretty big name. Two deputies and Lucien shot dead in Florida restaurant seat Arizona teachers begin statewide strike. Kansas top law enforcement trainer retiring pretty big things either dead on K and assess. And we've still got eight traffic slowdown probably still want to avoid this one. This is on 840 sue lane restrictions westbound it and it's that asked shall the attorney there in front of that shall we general store there. On page 42 so well thought for the traffic accident air traffic and Kate and as S fronted by kid brother and Charles Goodyear tire located downtown market. And Waterman east ferry street ball and online at pearl tire dot com your home port complete car care. Partly cloudy partly sunny today with a high of 64 degrees. When he left. At 90% chance for rain tonight. Wildly Valencia you of the order OK okay let's or dream partly cloudy and partly sunny and that is saying there's no sense at all okay go to original. Okay go get into this with you. Saturday he pitches the ball I guess is. To borrow 80% chance for rain on Saturday high of fifty doodle on going divorce leave me alone for now it's partly cloudy or cloudy partly right now a couple. And it's 38 degrees partly sunny it is as weather front you buy them on art featuring the largest collection of Kraft Perkins at Christie's in the state of Kansas. The bought our coffers of military discomfort current and retired veterans that monarchy and delayed when done. And I'm not going to get a view of the difference between. Currently has whiskey I can explain it very simply done purpose sometimes the National Weather Service writes it one way and sometimes they write it the other way that's the difference in cash and her birth rate is that this is one of those things were free to make that decision as announcers of other rulers say partly sunny apartment about it yet that urban is a whiskey. It says there's no difference between urban and we can all agree on that yes. Buying those that Wichita central library closing Sunday may sixth. The announcement comes as part of a series of transitions relating to the opening of the advanced learning library located at 7-Eleven west second street or in the river. Customers of the central library will experience some disruptions of service. During an. Almost people like I know her books yeah. Customers who choose a central library as their preferred pick up location. We have to collect those items from a different branch library if there is every single people go to pick up. Book drops service at the center alike who descended as of basics that doesn't work as well I think it might materials may be returned to branch libraries or to the other hours. After hours materials for any witnesses. Bunch of baloney but I wouldn't recommend on if you're looking to pick up. I'm not one not a couple woman to hang on to live there while I'm not but I've got single friends you know and I figured I give my hot spot. Oh well I'd be Smart. You remember where George Bailey's wife wound up there right dead she's library is a library I brought a lot more I was in front of the central library yesterday they haven't spent a penny on anything for landscaping. Now on an odd days. Trees have been cut down it looks like she ever has already banned they don't level that where they built that building and a sixties wasn't yet you know sixties and there was a Lyndon Johnson's type of thing yeah. They get they you know they're gonna level that I heard remember what they're gonna do it maybe that's a that's gonna hurt my friend Sam Frye who designed that building I think he did that he has that he for Cox Mondays with the mayor may be mayor along will would notes that he would knowing that. Oh well yeah if you would know anything about what's gone that he's doing. All right what they go to the library of tomatoes Collison a 6913 Terry losses among technology and consumer products companies. Weighed on stocks Thursday snapping a three day winning streak for the market. But banks bucked the trend rising. Yeah that bond yields move rating in DS and 500 fell fifteen points Dow slid 83 NASDAQ lost 57 points. The New York Times and government. The New York Times and other news outlets are reporting that. What we await word you're looking at other raw ability the bad boy on board early and go man sorry as well as I went onto the president you. Of a bit of a bit of extra. You've had boy come up that the New York's at its achievements and and other news outlets are re. Obligatory visit to look inside G Wells Fargo could spend a billion dollars to them. All cutting off their TVs tomorrow's at all flustered that the future. Or robbery at 650. 51 was even Torres goofy injured do you deal with stress. I. How do you deal with stress that you might wanna leave the room here not a bad if he's like a trigger them. Yeah had played had poured well you know to help accepted. That stress is bad for your health Steve. Scientists in the national institutes for health have been discovered links between brain and immune system that. You know be it was stress they've found that if your chronically stressed. The part of the brain controlling stress responsible pump. Out stress hormones. So immune cells are washed over with the molecules telling them to stop fighting. They're supposed to fight now those cells are essentially. Blocked from doing their jobs are responding to viruses or massive bacteria. Thus stress has been linked to heart disease and an increase risk of diabetes as well. How stressed are you would work Steve and how can you control your reaction to. Situation at the Sierra right at your watch and bad boy commercials and in the seemingly obvious but difficult task is to identify the source of your stress now if it is created by an overloaded work other employees are. Or maybe you batted yourself. By your approach to challenges your job. Well if others impose their angst upon you. Here it is avoid them. Find ways to work around them if you absolutely need to in Iraq to perform your job let them know that you need to stick to the task at hand. Not the drama surrounding it. Break from routine create a mental break for yourself get up stretch and separate yourself from your work for a bit. Call your spouse go outside for a short walk and take some deep breaths. If attention lags give yourself permission to let the mind wander for a bit then re approach the challenge refreshed. Avoid negative people sometimes hard to do but boy there in every office you know them and they seem to thrive on others' misery. And they love gossip to inject in the workplace drama. Just stay away from them say no when you were overwhelmed and don't take on more responsibility if you're already suffering from an excessive workload. It's tough to say now but you'll learn it's often help the to bow out gracefully. Control email schedule times to review your emails don't jump every time you see one hit the inbox. It'll help you focus on more important tasks stress. And of course of Yemeni question she'd give me a call number 6342222. I think there's there's good stress and adventurous. Yeah wife is addressed in prompt you'd to my wife for years working in some pretty stressful jobs however. Which he had the authority and the power to do what you need to do and the backing of managing a turnout spot. Yes she turned it into some well big you know at this thoughts that might be Mort that may not be stressed that need more of of of a time constraint or two or you know something like that where you've got a deadline and other working I knew that it's all those years what you had to debts bill but yet thrived on it yet. And yeah that here every day of it and where the fact that it. It would explain to people who don't know hate when I go to work I have a deadline every three minutes yeah that's why when I come home at night. I don't want anybody's grew around we need to get the yet you went through many files on your plate now are the anyway it's interesting topic yeah yeah well I can affect your health and and it got to find ways to work around OK today is volunteer recognition day how to volunteer day I thought this was appropriate because I heard. The the wagon masters it's me last night in your ability you know I. I was there and I I tell yeah I I I teared up week. We raise some money doing that downtown chili cook off and really give it all back to the community. And we've been doing better with the chili cook off so we've had more we I think we had 26. Different organizations their last I. We did it at. And event room attached to the candle club. And I tell you get to see all of these people who give I mean yes we raise money and we give them money and that's great but I tell you what they do. Day in and day out. Rescuing women who have been created at apple actually we care what we did rather than a showing up and presenting it checks at five or six or seven different places we had all of them com. 21 event that we put on some food and had some cocktails and and we all we all there and honored them I think 65 wagon master showed up we have the wagon out front admiral when wagons now is there something good for a local Telecom cover. I I news I think at any at all channel three showed idea it. But it was just it was such a heart warming thing we realize what we do just means is. Little compared to what they do but what they do is amazing and the need. Out there as it kills me issues. Oh that I do every week here right I have a line talk a lot of it with people who use volunteers and they volunteerism in this city isn't making it is amazing I think I was I was I was here and up several times just hearing some story now what these people do for the state starting distressed me about the actors Nokia will don't get stressed he just relax and you know what there's an organization can help you I'm sure right. They can we give money to it all right there at 656 coming up in the top of the hour of the Kansas sporting news from Stevens as suspects captured after a police chase. In southeast Wichita. David has the morning on K and assess.