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Monday, August 20th
A Chiefs training camp update with Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. At 1 o'clock this is the case and it's just sporting news Stevenson had a sixty Macintosh. Police investigating a double homicide in north Wichita we've got story. And arrested after woman and child injured in the run and hit Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KMS just meteorologist Dan Holliday a cooler and wetter pattern an average for this time of year will continue in Wichita are full forecast is on the way. John Lennon's assassin is up for parole again for the tenth. Time Mark David Chapman heads in front of a New York State Parole Board in hopes that he will finally. Be set free from prison serving time for the killing of musician and popular culture icon John Lennon. Chapman is now 63 years old. He was convicted of shooting Lennon to death in front of the musician's New York City apartment building in 1980. His last attempt to paroled two years ago was denied Chapman himself called his actions selfish and evil. John Lennon would have been 78 this year at the brown Fox News. Amanda is dead another in critical condition after a traffic accident in our Kansas City. Police say that happened early Sunday morning on south summit wrote a car traveling at approximately ninety miles per hour went airborne over some railroad tracks. And it several telephone poles and driver and a passenger were thrown from the vehicle. One man died at the scene the other was airlifted to a Wichita hospital police say alcohol may have been a factor in the accident. Police are investigating the fatal shooting of two men early Saturday in the 2200 block of north market in Wichita. Officers found two men with life threatening injuries both later died at a hospital police sergeant Paul Campbell talked with reporters at the crime scene. We're still in the process of working the scene and trying to figure out what. Happened out here we have some people that we're talking to. And we're hoping to develop further. Information and or witnesses that can help us solve. That's the name of the victims have not been released this brings which cost homicide total to 35 a so far this year police to demanding custody after a hit and run crash you know woman and her five year old daughter Sunday afternoon. Near 31 and Clifton in southeast Wichita both the mother and child suffered serious injuries. Police had several units in the area for hours after the suspect barricaded himself. Inside a nearby home. Police officer Paul cruise says in about 8:15 PM the suspect was taken into custody without incident. This was evolving quickly so the officers had to respond quickly. We want to make sure we apprehended this aspect. So they all I think they'll choose in this situation. Responded based on the in the evolving case and how quickly. Wichita police were called to colonial heights assembly of god church after a threat was made to the church. Police say the church perceived a threat about 10 o'clock yesterday morning a spokesperson said the church was evacuated while police investigated the threat. Church services were canceled for the day police gave the all clear after police dogs swept the building. State of Kansas shall offer one day of amnesty for people who bench have bench warrants for not paying child support. The department of children and families says the warrants will be lifted on August 31. People must pay either 500 dollars or two months of support whichever is the lesser amount. The agency says more than 11100 kansans have warrants for failing to pay child support. Agency spokeswoman Taylor forests says more than 100 non custodial parents went to DC offices last year on amnesty day to discuss their cases. But some of them didn't have active bench warrants. Ford says the annual amnesty day is designed to help people avoid prosecution for failing to pay child support. While also allowing their children to receive the support they deserve. The global brand Kagan SS news it was another weekend of deadly violence in Chicago. It's been a summer of violence in Chicago in this weekend no exception gunfire even erupting. As so called back to school peace picnic. Almost three shots you mean it's. I grabbed we're putting Georgian. Nature of the juvenile stage three people hated that event as residents grow angry at the relentless shootings that is all since Friday at least 46 people shot in Chicago two were dead. Earlier this month the weekend of violence left seven before people hit with twelve killed. Tom Graham Fox News. Unisys news time now Angel for Foreman its past 8 o'clock. And we're about ten minutes away from our daily pre season chat with Mitch told us play by play voice to Kansas City Chiefs match in ten minutes gender neutral restrooms valued at some Kansas city schools that story coming up. On McCain as this morning news was Stevens head of. But innocent sporting news received it now 8077. Minutes after 8 o'clock on Monday morning. The state is promoting a campaign to reduce the number of stillborn deaths in Kansas again. Department of health and environment is teaming up with cal the kicks a still birth prevention public health campaign. Kansas officials say the state records an average of 230 twos stillborn deaths each year. The campaign seeks to save sixty babies every year by decreasing Kansas still birth rate by 26%. The effort to achieve that reduction in Iowa. Count the kicks encourages expectant moms to attract their baby's movements once a day of the third trimester. To determine how long it normally takes their child to get to ten movements. If mom's known as a change of the babies normal pattern they are encouraged to call their doctors. Rodney price KN OSS news. Many students in one school district in Missouri will not be using bathrooms designated by gender any longer than North Kansas City school district has installed gender neutral restrooms. And a couple of new elementary schools and opened last week. The school district also renovated bathrooms at North Kansas City high school and at 26 grade Sanders with a gender neutral design. Inside the restroom stalls are enclosed with floor to ceiling walls and likable doors. The restrooms is still have an open alcove area with a common profits sink how did it coffee visit in Los Angeles turned into an international scuffle. Between China and Taiwan. Last Sunday Taiwan's president sighing Glenn and stopped by 85 C and Los Angeles that's a copy shop started in Taiwan medicines ground. She was greeted very warmly by the staff there and that didn't sit well with the Chinese. There are several 85 seal locations in China and people started blasting the company has did Chinese state media and the company's values started to decline. It's a company issued a statement distancing itself saying they support eight unified China. And that angered people in Taiwan. China has long claimed Taiwan is not an independent state Taiwan would disagree. And in fact sighing one and it Taiwan's president only stopped in LA on her way to Paraguay and police to Taiwan's formal allies. Jackson Rosenthal Fox News. Gay and assist news time now 809. Stevens in the morning here on K and assess. And we have a traffic accident now on northbound on ninth to 35 it's a slowing things down. Yeah accident is between Broadway and I want 35 their north junction. The watch out for that one again NASA slowing things down northbound on IE team 35. The past Broadway in traffic updates from C and SS radio I'm judging personalities forecast with Jay and his his staff meteorologist Dan holidays in morning standards. Good morning is strong area of low pressure that brought severe weather to southeast Kansas yesterday continues to move on off to be east. It's going to be breezy. Pretty cool for this time of year with a high just 79. Gusty northwest winds up to thirty miles per hour late in the day. You'll be clear and breezy tonight down to 61 with sunny and 83 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now mostly cloudy 67 agreed to give northwest wind to fifteen miles per hour if it's night. 79 degrees normal high in 91 and we're here which don't public schools now. Over the past couple of years past few years have gotten air conditioning and all rooms that. I can remember starting school this time you actually even in the September restarted. But it was so hot and some of those rooms it was yet use bake have to have fans in there and the teachers would bring in big box fans and whatever but it it's pretty nice resident there were more normal August you know. It would just be terrible England and his right now it's not that bad this year Noah and of that rain yesterday sure helped a bunch of related. I 811 now Stephen dead didn't time for Ira. Kansas City Chiefs. Training camp update with the voice of the chiefs. Mitch helped us a few by America credit to boring match. Good morning Stephen and good morning Theodore. So thanks to a great Reno MacBooks and American Eric gravity lows this current he likes. And one of its customer orchestra and a lot of people that aren't as customers like Gregory. If you go to Agilent dot com Fargo are American their credit is such an part of our. Welcome back from Atlanta to yeah games county ill. Yes space ship there the spurs and landed right there in the or by the world token it's it's there uninteresting it's you sort Jerry world to me. And of course she'll sit considerable 53 putted on Mexican disappointed. It's like he's architecture trying to do themselves. In creating something there it's unique. Somewhere down the list but. OK play and so while outlook with one of our current low winning there that. No doubt we found out Friday night health health for a human being control football. Holy mackerel. I coach. Every Jewish political everybody were well Reno news just as you go to these football field they could stop order. And I could destroy him gonna spin a big goal line and look at the other Golan. And think of a human throwing the ball seventy yards in the air in the field only under arts. And Atlanta had three guys back there. In perfect spot bootable. So bills as others but what about what it also announced mobile social far. Woody and introduce at the stands and where work comes under. I was crazy now I mean I don't accuse of course in the four by one of their speed and adrenaline that what to do. So he takes off next week it just goes north of the end zone as best he can take three guys within that open up somebody say old sixty arts portrait. That's right yeah I expect to actually got a few if he does speak forty imports forty yards and thirty more hours ago by while. It was great experience surprised meal or CNET. But in the Portland water and and at the time to cheeks were wasn't going that well for them that could stop Atlanta yeah. I would achieve strong defense that's still an issue in chief Sunderland the standard gestured during the they work. Former cowboys quarterback who is but. Anyway that's 69 yard passes ignited the trees sentiment has been all talk. The other thing is admits that he actually was kind of crept back there and fake and Denny got a chance to throw it enough time to actually get the ball off. The remote. Rosie that the American look at it against BP Prodi does and others. But he's there's a direct from an anonymous is thrown out or any Schroeder should I don't. He while Eric the computer Marvel Comics. Besides that what are some of the takeaways yeah Friday's game. What the negatives were. The third down defense did and it's just it's it's maddening. It took two weeks in a row and now. They can't get off the field when it got favorable third down a bit that that's what happened last year and so or two games when it's kind of worked real parts of it happened yeah that's. But the biggest situation. Been losing Stephen Nelson and during the right corner towards pinprick and down. And see what he's got again he was released by the by sponsored by that you wrote in a week ago. The other positive because it is in that position later past political rookie moment and turn the gamer. When it was the second group predicts second group it was almost all the chiefs rookie class. Of the draft class and their college freeagent. But those guys flat you're great and Benny begin to do got to borrow one you I don't know worker to pick six in their body in. The renewed an annual monster they'll play very very well. You've we featured band last week little karma there. Yellow card rather go to you know Steven Pitt karma got a got a pitcher that's our ultimate. There's a white battle going on a wide receiver it is one pot they give up this just finished thirteen guys. In that room there will be either five or six. There are no sign. Nine of the thirteen. Not all are worthy to make the team. One AJ you trusted news city's psyche here part of Michigan. Put someone this year. But when you decide your fifth or sixth wide receiver coupon of course they keep our reverse. Or sick. Well both we can keep six. Have got to be special teams just warriors. And sometimes it comes down to us by a line is who is the best governor on part of the outside guys quick release from the ball. It is like Russell Crowe on Larry you got an electric bill. But jury has to write it he has. He's embracing all the competition. Com and I love it if it's good it's good. It was really good because. Have a lot of come to see guys it's compete with each other make each other better. Makes the market for they're really small so only chief focus what you have to do better and you just got to addicts you. Just your acumen and special teams especially if they're gonna roll. Let's talk about the gonna roll and trying to do to make a living in this league doing. Yeah men on it's important. Everything is important because to me I feel like that's the most comes first no matter what you do you put the team Purcell. The odds and yet to see it is equal opportunity just as often so it's just got it wrong. What do what do you learn about doing that basically America or all I mean. So technique is very important in the got a roll hall but I think the dates his heart and fight in effort really has you sent out worked other guy 'cause. A lot of times are being double being you know four and been on your one not so good technique has the samba happened today you got one. We don't watch you guys have upon what upon right watching our governor I cannot tell you the last five years how many great. A punt returns military hill pork harbor downed inside the ten or because of a governor winning those hand to hand combat oh its new just. And all the ma and getting down and where they need to be it is. It's an art form and it's like marine basic quarter basic training with Google. Like he talked about that could be a game changer at some point and it is it is it worth the roster spot now as those of the decisions that's been made. In a military our guys like to go down every year since it he's been here they've won at least one game in my opinion because of that hole. There have been two fumbles caused one at Tennessee. Last year at home against Philadelphia. And it's totally what the game because that Connor was able final two guys. It down and either strip or sect a returner. To lose the ball. In short covering downed it inside the two side where Merkel wants to put it it's just it's something that's very very. Very underrated. It's just Abbie help me a little bit of the gutter talk about the guy who's on the outside. Sprinting down their justice fencing goes up together talking about. He yet in the senior 21 on each side right but they're the only they're the only two players of the eleven pick and release on the snout. Right rest and I'll leave until the ball on it so what teams do. Depending on the other side of the return it will put to of their they'll they'll commit four of their eleven guys on our return we do this to. To stop those two guys. I can blow up one of those two guys now also like open area that return of our. You'll cities and a combat battles go on and then they'll be the governor will get thrown out of the physically. And it's apparently this year if you don't even better apparently somebody's gonna hurt or run down out of our. I can't tell if it's crazy to watch and do nothing else sometime on a pond just watch those gas and the popular game be released preceding your. And the other part of it you did if they get done their too quickly over there overrun the you know. I think get rid of coverage as a receiver than they've got a problem there that they need to. Threaten all adopted the problem Travis Benjamin 93 or our return against the cheeks but the grounds on which well it's it's precisely what happened Colquitt down its upon. But he took it at the seventh he gets it after the seventh the governor's run by the play. And the returner takes off a Baghdad. Basically and blocking our line. And he's skeptical the part of Mexico I happened to end in Coke and threw up as he has like one I've got a popular right need to be. It decides games it was at one game at some. So the gunners actually he's he Babylon to gotti's. Plus he asked to make sure he's got his eyes on what's gone on in the fields and those were exactly where he is geographically on the field right. And you're doing that with Dave virtual pupil yeah right they're doing this hand to hand combat your wrestling and wrestling mat that's moving down the field goals be well. Well on the back of a flatbed truck that's what it's like. It's it's fascinating and it's and if whoever the best at doing it might wellness wide receiver job because they're all kind of good at what receiver. And there's four guys ahead of them that'll do most of the chores this piece he scripted six guys gonna do the dirty work it's that I'm telling your credit. Was anybody able to make a run to the varsity earlier in Atlanta. Who question. Even getting closer. He couldn't play your way on the team but he could play at all that he was embarrassing that you're chances. So he's getting closer to coming out of nowhere. True monster but I expected to get better. Torino Daniel all just getting closer nobody fully on your. But there are some that are right at the magnetic field. And what's on tap for or what's on tap for practice today. -- today newspaper that this is an in season Tuesday but yesterday they practiced. But this is money particular Tuesday because the next game is Saturday that this is actually being addressed shall we. But the regular even in the times spent this week tomorrow residency and Wednesday. In so. It's is the full adjustment to camp in Kansas City but it's also wanna look at back and I look reporter that first charter we. Sounds good how about another chat tomorrow morning's sound good yeah. We would love and respect him to get on the brakes and more these guys that are in the wide receiver party. If you get your case stay neutral close to home here in the spiel. Sounds good we'll talk to you tomorrow morning thank you Mitch export. Your spirit or are there any humanity is Mitch told us our daily chat with mr. in the pre season of course. Brought to buy America nag credit. And by superior rants at 21 and ridge that you rental equipment headquarters 22 you know he did did even if they Hannity morning minutes. John says the meta portrayal has nothing to do with the trump election campaign. That's coming up Stevens head of the morning on K and S asks.