How to fight that bull

Steve & Ted
Monday, April 16th

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about bull markets.


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9713. Thirty K and as soon as we are keeping kid in the morning. At 6:46. Chairman on the morning of three big things. Coalition airstrike on Syria called huge success it's. Fire heavily damages an apartment complex in west Wichita fly thirteen killed his car plunges into white Kansas river in north west Wichita. Three big things even dead on tape and assess. And we've still got death. Injury traffic accident not a very high traffic area but watch out it kept me going to 3100 block of north meeting. South park Kansas east of Broadway there. Have faith. Traffic accident there's injuries traffic accident in that area traffic updates from Kate and SS radio on gas chambers. Sunny today with a high of 62 degrees yesterday's high was 49 in Wichita. Partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 43. Tuesday mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow's high eighties to. 82 for a hike tomorrow currently 24 degrees 24 now 82 dry tomorrow. Private not a we've got to west wind at six miles per hour the Stevens hid in the morning. Today Steve intended. Poll question on our web page it is just radioed us John. You still. Trust FaceBook but your personal information. Yes 3%. I have never given personal information to FaceBook 31%. No I have or will delete my account 30% who. No but I still on FaceBook 36%. You know it's even Ted poll question you can be involved in regular web page is just regular common. Make your feelings known to read about it that's right and when you go to the can SS web site. You have to give us any of your personal ads from we don't wanna know your personal information right it's far too much responsibility for exactly it. We have a hard time keeping track of our person. Yeah to take the Pullman and act the poll sir Ian McKellen says he has already planned his funeral and wants his memorial service to be held in a theater. The Sunday Times. Reports a seventy year old Lord of the Rings actor admitted he thinks about death every day. And spend an evening coming up with a wish list for the funeral and service to commemorate his life. According to an upcoming documentary McKellen said after making his plan he thought who. I'd love to go to the funeral that if in fact. So I hope I might arrange a dress rehearsal before I go oh wow is this guy that's you I guess he's focused all why not you know get all your friends together. And do things you wanted to do. There experiencing if you wanna lose because once you're gone can't experience and that's right and had friends who said oh no breaks. And just you know guys get together and it can remember one that a friend do. If there was a played the football with a high school and when he died out in California we had a weight down an old town about thirty guys showed. And just swap stories. And drank a little bit can meet a guess at what the Irish do overweight rate. So that's you know. You McClellan is making plans. Although several major banks reported fatter quarterly profits and analysts expected Friday. Investors took notice of possible admin in such as an increase in charge offs for credit cards driving stocks down. Those declines dragged the S&P 500 lower by seven points Friday the Dow dropped a hundred point three points the NASDAQ Composite lost over 33 points. The Centers for Disease Control says a multi state E. Coli outbreak that has sickened nearly three dozen people is linked to lettuce grown in Arizona. The CDC says 35 people across eleven states have become ill from chopped Romaine lettuce from Yuma. Played two of them have been hospitalized including three with kidney frail hand. No deaths are reported agency has not identified a common grower supplier distributor or brand. But it's the Romaine lettuce out of Arizona. General Motors says it will eliminate a production shifted its Chevy cruise manufacturing plant in Ohio that could cost as many as 15100 jobs. GM attributes to move to falling sales of compact cars. 651 now Stephen Ted what it takes to stop of bull. Don grant CFP the money trackers with us more of it doesn't. Take you with which they call those those rated. Scored. Kate's in this swords you know you a matador. Yeah Matt Norton. On 1880. You know. Yeah you know when stock market is on an upward trajectory it's called them bull market. When it's going down and that is called market in spite of some recent janitors we continue to ride the oval track yes and 500 index which is almost quadruple. In values and the market bottomed out on March 9 of 2009. We've seen some ups and downs in that run with a few corrections. A corrections is generally defined as 10% drop. In the case of a bull cycle. The average life expectancy of a bull market just shy of four years we've been in this one for nine years the averages in the past don't really match no matter its current conditions it can create the correction. That has many investors on edge. Most markets are recessions that according to the US equity strategist at Deutsche Bank David Bianca. When he caught people's access to corporate earnings when that happens stock values can drop inflation can certainly will and the ball was inflation takes hold the Edouard would raise interest rates when they go out and makes it more expensive to borrow. And that slows down growth which affects purchasing power and eventually stocks. We're seeing very little inflation right now and the Fed has been on a conscious track to gently into the short term fed lending rate. Remember the dotcom bubble. That was a pulse lawyer that valuations of companies got out of hand because of the perception. And it stock buying frenzy that was not based on real earnings at that time the price to earnings ratios for major indexes nearly fifty to one. Right now yes and pieces around slightly edge but manageable mid twenties to want. The ball has to endure but to receive some indicators like those that listed stock market continues to move forward of course if you have any questions you give me a call out members sixth street for 2222. I know you have your income tax return. Elden and done with right there. Well I I've got to go actually that's one reason I'm calling his and I'm not there personally is because I've got to get a due props and stuff off that my accountant opposite. Oh so you're waiting you know it's not we're extension I'm sure you know your port count in the last minute dia. My wife for my wife I think if my daughters it's huge drove by a couple of touch places on the weekend that parking lots were full. The people yeah that would delay in there. I took a deadline is tomorrow the seventeenth had been rumored that right today is national stress awareness day. Yeah. What started. It could be. Sponsored by the health resource network. They started this holiday in 1992 to increase public awareness of the causes and cures stretched my name is work or school putting on the pressure are the kids on your nerves. Is there enough money to bail those bills at the metal found friend is called Monday. Monday there aren't that way Monday is stress day you know I I guess they did you get a better on the sixteenth. Clinton this is Bob got nobody with a taxes but there it is open a lot of people probably stressed because of the stack the deadline coming. Thank you don't appreciate it's 654. 6655. Misty did coming up at 7 o'clock in us this morning news at the top of the hour. Which is not teens at after a vehicle crashes into the hands of her for an office which is that story and more news coming up Stephens the on came in a cents.