How to plug a leaking bank account

Steve & Ted
Thursday, November 16th

Moneytracker Don Grant talks about some things to check if that bank account is emptying faster than you would like.


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He is Steven did a trash can wind meters of level two today your cash and could move a little bit now partly cloudy. 37 degrees we've got to southeast wind at seven. Miles per hour. Davis has weather brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of San fervent of Christie's in the state of Kansas. But on our car. The military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. In the Leino. The stock market had another bad day Wednesday. Yet to be 500 down fourteen. At 2564. After a losing week last week stocks aren't down for this week down over a half of 1%. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average some of the movies to the downside caterpillar visa Home Depot Wal-Mart. And General Electric gained today at 2% but still down for the week down about 11% this week the company cut its dividend in more than expected. Target the downside the tune of about 10% after giving an outlook for the holidays that showed a cautionary town and intense competition. On the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Culpepper ladies Fox News. This year more than 164. Million consumers plan to shop over Thanksgiving weekend. From Turkey day through Cyber Monday according to statistics from The National Retail Federation. In their annual survey of more than seven to 400 Americans ahead of the biggest shopping weekend of the year. And RF found 69% of respondents surveyed are planning to or are considering shopping. During the Thanksgiving weekend is done grant will be out there. All we can love and a man of Dominica mark credit cards yeah its zone of courage and a baby and and go on a plastic bench. Of those surveyed 20% plan to shop on Thanksgiving. What do. 20% of those service that's sacrilegious move about 70% intend to shop on Black Friday. Small business Saturday traffic is on pace securities for the Saturdays small business Saturday. 43% responding they'll show up November 25 of those sent this did you go to many statistics for. When it means is that a this is this is what we do every year if that Christmas shopping kicked off on. We already did it. Some of it. We are in Florida and we went this big place called sawgrass mills earlier in smaller Miller in progress Miller something or part of Florida where you meant Lauderdale area. And you went there and you use your day debt did the this is for is for kid in me and I did I guess yes you guys are gonna all be getting coach bags and analysts could milk does Cigna listen suits we need to hear coach bags and on resell them. Oh yeah and a Marc LaMont. Re gift of I figured it was just I've failures can be Fort Lauderdale spring break. In 2003. You know because there's little that's what it was 99%. I would support audio and all I did was throw yeah. That's you didn't miss being in any way and it. Really got my Phyllis stone crab a Aaliyah really. Heat and you find a bottom on and now. Is to the gone better type thing or what he had drawn butter and Lee is you know they make this mustard sauce pan. And Jimmy the published 650 now Stephen Ted. And Duran see don's gonna talk about all out of plug a leaking it. Bank account yeah grant GOP. Money tracker LA you know it's important that business owners reconcile bank statements against their income and debit however. And a lot of individuals who just trust that it is all good with their bank account and many will have overdraft protection so they don't need to reconcile to ensure that they're not overdrawn. Now have you ever taken the time to actually read and understand your banking statements. Some people haven't take a close look at the statement she may find that cure. Being charged for banking. With an online bill pay for example there may be an excerpt for five bucks for that. Or that you're being charged for not using online banking or. These charges and other monthly bank draws can create a slow leak of your money and you may be unnecessarily. Paying for them as you may not need those services. What bank fees are you paying for well some banks will charge if you don't keep a minimum balance of say 2500 box. If you drop below that balance and an interest bearing account to account you may be charged for box or 955 bucks on like that. Another bank may charge if you receive paper statements. In an effort. For you to switch to online. If your bank is too expensive shop it with other local banks and may be considered totally online banking if you don't need cash and or teller services. Other what monthly fees can help drain a bank account subscriptions to web sites are you still using those things. Or are you being charged for services you haven't utilized for months. The same goes for gym memberships. You've been little cough there Jim you may do you may be working. At out at home and and cycling with friends do you still need that gym memberships. What are your entertainment needs do you watch enough TV to continue with the expensive cow cable or satellite bills very. Are using Amazon prime Netflix and Hulu enough to legitimize those monthly fees. When I traveled more it was worth having the expense of credit card they gave me all those airline perks. Dave did it do you paid to not use those air we import lounges still. You know another one would be the web hosting fees for our blog that you don't keep up and credit monitoring services that are now unnecessary. I mean you needed just checked through everything that is. Leaking out of your bank account and make sure you're still using it review it in the shop at to make sure you're getting the best deal and reports of Yemeni any questions about this. Give me a call number 63422. When he too. Down here to the end of the of the year and maybe over the you know holiday weekend. B unit at an afternoon but he got that'd just get on and figure and a and I think that's kind of fun to look through it and see what you're actually you're actually spending your money today is national fast food today. Some people all across the country celebrate by going through the drive through. Dining inside ordering their fast food to go in that story about the woman who and it went through the drive through window after the McDonald's was closed. A smoldering oh and stealing things aboard first popularized in the United States in the 1950s. Fast food is considered any meal. With low preparation time answer to a customer in a package form. For a quick dine in takeout or take away and typically with a drive through that is a definition of fans vote. Okay I would say the Starbucks near my office. Is fast food day every day. Reading other blocking traffic to get in place Miriam Webster dictionary first recognize the term fast food in 1951. Where which where and is this the retirement. Central dark sentinel rock yeah I have people I talked traffic on both directions on now and by that net isn't that to visit would push it probably if people find out you're in there that suits me even more people are gonna flock in there. Is he done grant the Monica yeah that happens. I. They get done it has a you know I hear about all day. By the way I Barbara my own copy days so I won't be in there today folksy you don't need to clog the lanes of traffic and he you're told Iran may have locked there exactly. Thank you folks 650 now I'm 55 now Steven daddy coming up. At 7 o'clock to complete look at today's news receive content which the police investigating two murders and a 24 hour period. Stephen do the morning on Kate and as.