A Huey Lewis musical is in the works

Steve & Ted
Monday, February 12th

Ted tells us all about the project on The Blur.


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38 NM SS here. He even said in the morning. At 8:30 here on Monday morning presidents cup. Is proposing a forty billion dollar plus budget for next year that predicts a one trillion dollar or so federal deficit. And doesn't come close to promising a balanced federal ledger even after ten years. And that's before last week's 300 billion dollar budget package added this year and next. Souring both the Pentagon in domestic agencies the big increases to spending spree along with last year's tax cuts as a deficit moving sharply higher. Kansas Highway Patrol says one man is dead after crashing into a semi truck Saturday as was on I 135 at about three miles northeast of mountain ridge. 25 year old Tyler Loomis of McPherson was heading north on the highway when he went through the median and crashed into a semi. The collision sent the truck into the guardrail. Loomis was pronounced dead at the scene to other vehicles did sustained damage in the crash there were no other in. Reach reported. Authorities are investigating after the body of a man was found at lake camp in south west of Wichita over the weekend. Lieutenant Tim Myers with the Sedgwick county sheriff's office reports that they late door found a deceased man in his fifties on the northeast side of the lake around 7:30 Saturday morning. Investigators at the scene of determined the man's death to be a suicide. Lieutenant Meyer says the man's identity has not been released as the sheriff's office is still in the process of notifying the next of kin. The cause of death is still under investigation. Filled cult brand can get access news. Israel launched military strikes in Syria over the weekend saying it was responding to threats from Iran. Northern Israel is returning to normal after the incursion of running in drone on Saturday and a massive Israeli reprisal that resulted. One of Israel's F sixteen fighter jets being shot down prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the Israeli attack. Dealt severe blows to both Iran and Syria. He told the Israeli captives today that it has reaffirmed Israel's policy to continue to strikes. Any attempt. To strike us ran as a close ally of Syria and has sent both equipment and troops. To support the regime of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad the Syrian observatory for human rights since Israel's airstrikes killed at least six Syrian troops and allied fighters in Jerusalem David Lee Miller. Boxing. Another day of protest these planned for many workers in the fast food industry we've seen similar protests plenty of times in the past. Fast food workers across the US or against Serbia don't notice that they want a higher minimum wage fifteen dollars an hour the wage employees and about two dozen cities are plenty don't walk up to voice their concerns halt. Point at a minimum wage is to have a living wage and that's not what's going on again opponents of raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars say higher labor costs would mean businesses will be able to hire less low skilled workers. Tom Graham Fox News. The new chair of the Kansas house K12 Budget Committee says. His group we'll be busy even as they wait for a cost study to come back in mid march to help them address the Kansas supreme court's decision on school funding. Fred Patton is a Republican from Topeka. Starting on Monday we're going to hear from the state Department of Education on where did they spend their money this year. Where they can spend any money we're giving them for next year and then what would they deal with more money overtime how. How how would they spend it how would that address the court's concern. Pat replaced Larry Campbell who left the legislature to become state budget director under new governor Jeff collier. Take an SS news and now 834. It is time for entertainment news of the weather forecasting the weather first down with that as I was saying with you. To test your houses stand out they get on good morning another cold start to the day here in south central Kansas but we do warm well above freezing this afternoon at upper thirties at lunchtime 42 for the high today partly cloudy tonight are Lou 24. Breezy and low fifties on Tuesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays like most folks I just can't wait for the blur partly cloudy now seventy degrees east wind. At nine miles per hour to date of the dollars. Well. You said you're not exactly locked in with the Winter Olympic Xeon not really you may not be alone let's take a look at what's going on with the Winter Olympic. A lower than expected viewership for the first day of competition at the 2018 Winter Olympics in John Chiang sixteen million people watched at night one on NBC. That's down 20% from the 2014 games in Sochi went twenty million people watched. If you factor in those who watched online and those who watched on NBC's cable sports channel. It still falls short at seventeen point two million. And during the 2014 games there was no live streaming or cable option for the rounds of competition not during prime time coverage. But Olympics coverage didn't beat O programming on all the other networks to the outside Fox News. Austin quite a bit of the Olympics over the weekend that you in downing a launch. Kristi after Lana soldier watched that Yale also got some curling action. Yeah that's ordinarily we saw some of the other women and teen USA women's hockey. But some of that. Your wife isn't hooked into the ice dancing last night primetime network really. Wow that's Verizon cannot cheat on and a note about every woman in America was into the primetime debut skit got hurt my. The interest in. Think there dealers U Olympics coverage going on. As a Winter Olympics continues in South Korea. I gotta wonder if some of this is a lot like the way I see the Olympics these days Maurer. Online than it is on the air. I mean at home of course it only have cable so I'm not CN. But in a lot of the coverage but I'm I'm kinda watching things online anymore. As do many people. Pretty chilly Winter Olympics continuing and of course it over the weekend. Yet movies out of the box office let's get the movie rundown I'm Kristin Mayo some new entries at the top of this weekend's box office. Please stop speaking and my husband has finally and pulling. This in the colonies is screen that's right fifty shades freed took the number one spot ringing up just under 39 million. That brings the total for the fifty sheets trilogy to more than a billion dollars. Yeah. Incredibly sad I just need to keep wildlife out sweat day of the Peter Rabbit voiced by lately shows James Gordon took second place onerous telling a solid 25 million dollars. In third place is Clint eastwood's with 1517. To Paris featuring the actual men who thwarted an attack on a train from Amsterdam. Rounding out the top five Euro. Would you mind. The previous champ Jumanji welcome to the jungle in fourth place and the greatest showman took fifth. That's fox on film for Fox News. Speaking of movies it was 25 years ago today it came out in which Tom movie theaters Groundhog Day. As a he liked it I thought a deal like his movies I needed like it in overly critical year laugh and discovered that I've brought little chuckle Adio aerobic crate. And like it at all Bill Murray Andy McDowell Chris Elliott's. You know the premise. Guided lives the same day over and over and over again until he finally gets it right. It was good. Movie did all right that's the beginning it gets positive reviews but. For the years it has gained much stronger appreciation and critics and film historians is now listed among two of the best comedies ever realists. Kill myself so many times. I don't even existed. Sometimes I wish I had a thousand lifetime. You know limit it's not occurred. To depend on high and look at match. Gusher and upbeat ladies. Of course the title of the movie is now ubiquitous term or something happens over and over and over again very same way. That's helped movies. Stick around. The film is also an added that the US national film registry deemed culturally historically or aesthetically significant. And there's a Broadway musical of the story that premiered a couple of years ago. It's everywhere. Movie Groundhog Day came out 25. Years ago. On this day. Happy birthday today to movie director Franco except for Ali who is 95. In eight years old today and of course he directed it. Romeo and Juliette he received an Oscar nomination that. And of the year before that he also directed taming of the shrew with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton and best known adaptation of that play gadgets and Shakespeare and then in the seventies he directed the mini series Jesus of Nazareth going out huge acclaim as children and that was it will pretty well done stuff thanks very well done differently 95. Today by the way. Little trivia and on him he is one and a handful of living people traceable ain't so I'm saying oneness with Leonardo Da Vinci. He's indirect relative of a descent have a sibling of an inch hole OK so foolish thing you know it's on its users and was ancestors yeah. I'll frank goes differently nine feet by have a years old today. Right. 25 years ago today we had one of them more bizarre. Points in the entertainment history. It was on this day that comedian Joan Rivers. She had agreed to switch jobs with one of her with one ever viewers. They get the viewer got to host her talk show for one day it. And the viewers jobless that was as this airline flights. One day Joan Rivers was an airline flight attendants yet and apparently she spilled drink on someone. That had to have been an interest in flight. Applicable that would like to have been on that flight along days Joan Rivers was a flight attendants it was 25 years ago. On this day habit for him. And finally Steve and a speaking of Broadway musicals. There's now a Broadway musical in the works based on. Lewis and the news. Yes it's going to be called heart of rock and roll. When he assigned to Dylan I guess. Rodgers and Hammerstein rolling over in their parents but that seems to be the wave of things now there's already been Broadway musical based on. Frankie valley enforce these things right Gloria as defined in the Carole King musical. And I have a mom and me based on only album music. In the next wave would be doing Lewis and the news I guess yeah you got nineteen hit songs already written just needed but the show around. But analysts and the inability. There are also Broadway musicals in the works now based on the music of Donna Summer Jimmy Buffett Tina Turner shared the bill goes the temptations. The beach jeans and foreigner. It's a good idea it's time. So maybe the days of frank lesser and Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lerner and Lowe's. You know gone away here and now they just base it on pop music. Got the music's already written this. Here little life experience with third wife and I were the hallmark store in. Let's switch to the other day. And young ladies playing on the other. I know her name to your name is media you know what you're about seventeen years analyst at a real monkeys. Young to be Obama's well you're that volume model made. That young woman left broke up. Yeah. The very good feet. Yeah did to set up you delivered the punch line bloom mama made success. Look at you. You that you which caused him Marines instantly and you know thank you. Entertainment news in the blurs thought he was good friends that pizza John's in or me that's right. Where they invite you to come in enjoined it on things they don't play down there and he's been bought into business for. Am I gonna say anything more than that today is irrelevant. Are you on the death a lot of great place well we love pizza John and there are pictures Stevenson right there on the wall yeah. Down down and enjoy the fun and enjoy the great food right there on K fifteen it 208 south Baltimore. Pizza John do me a prediction of interest rate hikes in the future editor bill rather it's about business journal. Coming up with Stephen dead on tape and assess.