Ice-covered roads, many schools closed in the Wichita area

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

Another round of winter weather comes through south-central Kansas ...


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Is this station Wichita turns to first for live team cover. Just breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. At 2 o'clock Pacific CNN is reporting news he contended. Like being back in time. Hard to miss right now in 26 to. Many streets and roadways across south central Kansas are ice covered this morning that feeds hazardous driving conditions. And after venturing out you'll need to take it slow and easy. The emergency accident reporting plan is in effect for the city of Wichita and this being closings and cancellations for many schools and organizations across the area. Including Wichita as public and Catholic schools as well as Wichita State University. Wichita police have made an arrest in the case of Lucas Hernandez a five year old boy who's been missing since Saturday. Deputy police chief gab insiders says the voice 26 year old stepmother Emily class. Was booked in to Cedric county jail Wednesday afternoon this cases. Now consider criminal investigation. Investigators have arrested a 26 year old female. On two counts of child in danger. Charges are related to new information gathered during this investigation. The search for a leak that Lucas is ongoing and we are still asking the public. For assistance anyone with the information disaster called the tip line at 3163834661. Which the police have released new details associated with the alleged assault of two children at the downtown YMCA. Listing of evidence that led police to arrest 21 year old Caleb gassed and a probable cause affidavit. Was released on Wednesday in the affidavit a mother says she noticed problems with her four year old daughter after she was that the Weis kids own. The girl was checked by nurses and doctors and the mother notified police. And review of security video from the kids zone was also done by police. According to the affidavit the video shows Kasten striking the four year old girl twice in the face and then at some point taking her to the bathroom where the alleged assault happened. Kasten is due back in court on February 27 he remains in jail on one million dollars bond. The little the brand can get SS news. One week after the nation's latest school shooting hundreds of students and staff gathered at the State Capitol in Florida to demand change. At a future where mass shootings are a thing of the past. Across the country students read similar demands protesting and walking out their classes it seems like they have the country and Washington's ear. The president hosted a listening session at the White House the topic improving school safety. And edges of the vehicle and looking to become the strongest. We had good where we can get them done. I couldn't be tall has been the best. President trump has signaled he is open to tighter gun laws a White House source says he's considering supporting raising the minimum age for owning and dine. This week he directed the Justice Department in the end rapid fire devices like bumps stocks. In Washington. I'm Alison barber Fox News. More legal trouble for former trump campaign chair Paul Mann a port prosecutors have filed at least one new charge against president transformer campaign chairman Paul man afford an easy great gates. That filing is under seal so what's included isn't being made public. But the move comes after prosecutors say they uncovered additional criminal conduct. Related to a mortgage job what do men affords properties. Prosecutors say metaphor committed fraud by giving the bank doctored statements that overstate the income of his consulting business by millions of dollars. Man affords previously denied any wrongdoing regarding his mortgages in Washington shall NATO Fox News. Crews used boats to help residents evacuate their homes in northern Indiana after rain storms sweeping across the midwest Wednesday. Combined with melting snow to flood rivers roads and a little lying areas in several states. The weather has already been blamed for hundreds of car crashes and several fatalities. Including a crash that killed four people along a slippery interstate in Nebraska. K and SSD is time now 604 performance passes. Thirteen 30 PM in assisting the good morning now. 610 now 10 minutes spent 6 o'clock. On Thursday morning. Draft traffic on which our roadways worst wind and precipitation overnight. And we do have snow packed roads ice packed roads and the partially covered snowpack on Wichita roadways so. Obviously with the precipitation. And freezing temperatures. Traffic will be slow moving all morning long in Wichita roadways. Traffic updates from pain in SS radio on table to work and the emergency exit reporting plan is an event for the city of Wichita. Now what's the forecast was okay that's their staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Danielle know. Good morning a winter weather advisory continues in effect until 6 PM CD. The radar not showing the whole lives now it could be coming down in the form of some freezing mist as long as temperatures are below freezing but we are expected to get the 34 this afternoon. So we'll likely see transition to light rain. Tonight cloudy far Lou 31 and it's and it's dry on Friday with a high in the mid to upper forties. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now we have freezing drizzle fog 27 degrees go to these they did seven miles per hour or so but supposedly good thing about it is says. The wind is not too harsh right now. 611 now is Steven and Ted today is. Thursday. February 22 this is. Officially George Washington's birthday the first president a rich Virginia platter. Who. Was one of our taller president understandings about it. Six foot three being considered giant in his day it is George Washington's birthday course yesterday and whether another cold day across Kansas crop. High temperature yesterday was 28 degrees. Normal high for that date is fifty. So we had 28. For a high yesterday looking for 3435 for a high today. Get normal highs fifty I had the experience this morning. I knew I would just like ours it's out at night of release creeping at a real streaking time there scrapings session. On those windows and go about half done and then took off from. They melted down the wrestler but you may be immune ever car out battered car or truck outside you know run into that today's will be ready for that. On this date have gotten really good at that path I had just scrape after the shocker game last night and I had to reset the straight after. This morning how are not straight after the locker room show last night. Now I had to scrape this morning while three now. That's three in the last few that's the on this date in 1996. Which toss at an all time record high for February. When the Mercury soared to 87 degrees east. It's in 1996. That is weird he'll look at 222 we've had one of our hottest days ever and back in 1971 we wrap of one of our biggest snowstorms ever. It's quite a month that fervor Toni to you never know they Ted on this date in 1980 you'll remember. In one of the most dramatic upsets in Olympic history the underdog US hockey team. Defeated the four time defending gold medal winning Soviet team at the Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid New York. And that US team did it was almost all college kids was that a minority pros and know. Soviet squad previously regarded as the finest in the world fell to the youthful American team four to three before frenzied crowd of 2000 spectators. Two days later the Americans defeated Finland fortitude to clinch the hockey eagle about that it's against it's fitting that on this state now. The US women's hockey team won the gold. They beat Canada. In a shootout 322. That's quite that this is a date delivered it. And it's hard for me to imagine a more exhilarating sports event that will happen in my lifetime that was that one still ranks right up there as. Yeah amazing amazing. Feet spell nobody gave the US a chance. And rightly so I'd like Yahoo! wouldn't go to where the odds makers were never. A US and thank. And that there that was an America that was. And it had been beaten up by the world's hostages were still in Iran I Soviets for him. Bullies and and we are kind of getting pushed around boy that that. Hockey team in 1980. It brother's spirits a home line in not racist area of America like crazy says and what's the movie miracle. You believe in miracles like Erica I was and I'm Michael called on talk about the movie I nobody on the yeah yeah yeah it was Al Michaels said the call out Kurt Russell. I'll get in the in the mood if you are seeing a movie it really tells the story pretty well. Team that. Well you've heard about studies saying the red wine can have health benefits. Now there's another one this one indicates that chemicals and red wine could help teeth and gums. Laboratory tests show that some plant compounds and it's were found to fend off the bugs that caused it TK got disease bugs. But experts warn against using the beverages a mouthwash. They say they use. Are far higher concentrations of chemicals that occur naturally in line. Besides that we needed jobs to working to breath smells like why people might like a little wrong conclusion no incentive. I think that maybe you've been hit the assaults. Just because you're trying to take carry your teeth. Well no it's just February but does some people are thinking about Christmas. The White House historical association has picked who the next White House Christmas or liberal feature. Plenty of time out that'll be the 33 president every tournament. Or some Independence, Missouri Kansas City area. Once I did ornament will feature the Truman Balcony which was added to the White House in 1947. In 1948 the other side. Features the revelation of the blue room. Harry Truman won the what I think when a more interesting president to guy who is basically a farmer he had a clothing store there in downtown Kansas City for awhile. And didn't do too well with that many got involved in local politics in the the next thing you know he's a Roosevelt liked vice president and and has a top job and if for a fairly unsophisticated man from midwest I think he did pretty well Harry Truman to be on the Christmas ornament. This year it is 616 I was Stevenson and it is a interesting interesting time of the year wife and I were. Last night Chilean whipped up some homemade potato soup and and a grilled cheese sandwich yo boy do I love potato soup at hand it was it was tasty I'll bet that one it would have whether. They grilled CT sandwich even better. Yeah that was being treated pretty well homeless. Sick. It is oh I would have to say that for a Friday inland since it doesn't involve. Meet. You know I would not have I don't know I think by Palin well. We can do it again at Seattle and left overs bill. You just did fixed but they cannot take a look at the Kansas weather center radar. Right now and it's showing that depth. Large area of a light precipitation has just passed. To the north east of which to emote through which dog want to the northeast and the turnpike now. And in this area go straight north up to us east of Salina now this is all moving. To the north east. And it looks like moving out of the which type area. Most of it right now. So we could get a little respite. Here for awhile from from a moisture which would help the roadways you drove in just few minutes ago earlier this morning and I drove in. I didn't have much trouble it doesn't just it wasn't horrendous side streets for terrible and the course and apart is it's in a parking lot here. You never know if I get pulled out any minute. We see here where KU is canceled classes for today Newman had sort of right here in town friends Newman in Wichita State Earl these friends and I had seen France us on the it would element which does state and Butler all universities that does so in Everett and another can't colorless nobody nobody Colin nice day nice day I stayed nice nice day okay. 618 now is Stephen did course tidbit. Out to do in a basketball game last night time for me don't sports need the heated shot. The basketball and the locker room. Excitement is now looking at this Gortat and it looks like it. Doctor maybe a little trouble with two way with the debt for the nets closed well yeah I actually kind of shots had a sixteen point lead at half time. And birthday did not really build on that lead to blame it came out of the locker rooms. After halftime and hit seven shots in a row of any kind of got the feeling well here comes the green waved. As they were the ones of words starting to hit red hot in the second half. Joggers. Trying to catch up but it was too late in the kind of was the aggressor in the second half when the Sox had them pulled off the green way of but doctors are very capable on offense worsen. They were able to count. Muscled two lane out of the way and hold them off down the stretch Mike Kennedy and Dave dull had to call the game on 103 point 718 YNN. That is not afraid that it is you know long pants left were ordered but not you know tickets raid. Note that the three not a morsel in those without tickets zone down just. The best zone so I think that's about six kids active and back. And that's kind of how it went for the shots they kept scoring five of players ended up in double figures. Twelfth ranked Wichita State beat Tulane 9386. And Coke arena last night. Soccer's improved 22 and five on the season. Point guard Landry Shannon did not play he was pretty sick. And could not make it to the court last night something he let her go apparently neither. It didn't seem savings the flu that reminds of me who he was pretty he's pretty bad shape he did not make the bill last night. Teammates picked him up Jack Morris 25. Points tying his career high seven of eleven shooting and ten of thirteen at the line. And a big night for shocker senior Connor frank can't be tied his career high with eighteen points good for him and wish him a gun. He had to run point guard he had four assists zero turnovers and a couple of big steal late in the game. After the game comments from soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. We can handle the pressure and in made free throws like a said especially CJ Kaiser. Jack Morris and then that was the difference in the game to building the big blue boy. And just methodically kept coming into it cutting into that would get to 34 what was the lowest you've got to war was close you know. Coach Mike Ditka coached and Marshall talking to Mike Kennedy there is the show editors were able hold off. Tulane CJ Kaiser going seven for seven at the line. Even down the stretch and certainly helped and like we said Connor frank camp coming coming off the bench and running point guard and doing pretty good job. Voters want to come out here in from the team the best I could. When I was open. Knocked down the shots also look for my teammates and their open and the guys did a good job in the first half you opened up the challenge them. There you go shots get the win and they're now a half game out of first place behind Cincinnati in the American with three games to go in the regular season. We have Cincinnati coming up soon yet will be on Sunday march 4 oh finish up the regular season not this week the week and a half out and a the college men's basketball in Manhattan last Nicor Shia high scoring game here in Wichita at a very low scoring game in Manhattan last night. But the victory fourth in the steam nonetheless Kansas State. Was in a tight low scoring game with the longhorns but he state went on a sixteen to four run to finish up the game. Fourteen of those sixteen points coming from junior guard Barry Brown Kansas State beats Texas 5848. Kansas State now twenty and eight on the season twenty wins again for the fourth time in the last six seasons. K state. Is also beaten Texas now four times and erode sweeping this city season series last season and again this season. Only Texas to a season low 29%. Shooting with that women. K state is now up into a tie for third place in the big twelve standings. Last night though the weather. A forced the postponement of the Butler community college basketball game they did not travel copy bill last night but they all tried again tonight. Butler community college visiting twelfth ranked copy bill team has won eleven in a row butler's playing very well they've won five out of six. They'll try to get in the night Butler at copy bill Dennis Higgins with live coverage at 645 tonight listen live right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Hate and SS. College women's basketball in Wichita last night ACC tournament quarterfinals. The friends women when their fourteenth game in a row home. The McPherson 6662. Friends ladies ranked number 21 that. In the nation. Tonight is the men's quarterfinals and KC NC. And Steve interesting birthday today. Charlie and Finley all mine was born 100 years ago on this day Chicago insurance executive who. But the Kansas City eighty he is interested in buying a baseball trying to by the Philadelphia days. Couldn't do it later purchased the Kansas City and they took him to Oakland and he moved in Oakland now. Terri Leo. You know stands for whatever. It out about zero I don't like to go Charlie go. I was in a moment. All that's right he brought those first but he covered you know brought out the brightly colored uniform it is go light shoes or be using the old baseball any interest in promotion again excuses gentleman he was the out he was something else Charlie Finley. Was born 100 years ago on this today. That's sports the Stephen dedicate an S did to Tony porky veneer for Fox News commentator I star's views on the way. Even to the morning on thing and that has hands.