Independent candidate Greg Orman is running for Governor

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Friday, January 26th
Special Guest: Greg Orman, Independent candidate for Governor

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Which it talks number one in the news talk and weather station depend on the 8 o'clock this is the case in this as well you can even Ted I'm Steve thank you John. Four children dead at her house fire in Brad we've got the story of grass fire and Butler county burns over 200 acre crime family. More information on Wichita latest homicide until it would word of those details just ahead. I'm KMS that's meteorologist Dan Holliday. Yesterday you tied a record high of 67 in Wichita when we get that warm again today our forecast is coming. President trump firing back at reports that he had planned on Larry's special counsel Robert Mueller during the summer. Great news stuff. Big story. President is in Davos Switzerland for the World Economic Forum the New York Times reported. President trump ordered the the firing a special counsel Robert Moore last June but he backed off the order after White House lawyer. Don McGann threatened to resign and the court's president they're calling it fake news Portugal are dead their mother in critical condition after a house fire in Pratt Thursday morning. Kate is and you spoke with threat police detective Jeff. Ward and responding officers arrived they found the scene. To be a residential structure fully engulfed in flames the total of five persons were covered. From the structure for of those recovered who have to be children pebbles and succumbed to their injuries. The press Tribune reports Harley river Timmy and Reese weekly. Ranging in age from four months to four years old. We're trapped in the basement for their mother Terry Wheatley when the fire broke out cause of the fire unknown Kansas State fire Marshal is heading the investigation. One person was injured in a single vehicle accident near Lincoln and edge more yesterday afternoon. Police say the driver of an extended cab pick up suffered a medical condition and hit up hole. The driver was hospitalized in critical condition and there were no other injuries a woman was shot and killed in west Wichita Thursday morning police captain Brent Allred says it happened to north of central and McClain bounces. Responded to shots fired on the 700 block of north Edwards. When they arrived they found a 36 year old female. Head deceased inside presence from gunshot wounds. Somebody outside had walked up to the house and fired several shots the woman was in the living room area. When she was shot there were also three men in the house they were interviewed by investigators the victim's name has not been released several wild fires were reported throughout Kansas yesterday. Both fire and Butler county burned more than 200 acres west of Leon. Began shortly after one Thursday afternoon after a diesel brush fire flared up crews remain on the scene after it was put out an order to monitor hotspots. There were no injuries were traffic on highway 400 had been backed up as crews work to put out the blaze. More than a half dozen agencies in the area responded to the fire that affected multiple landowners Dan O'Neill king. And assets news the US is taking a tough stance in the Middle East peace process for the new strategy to push Palestinians. To the negotiating table. President trump says that Palestinians want usaid money they have to return to Israeli peace talks. The US sends about 400 million dollars a year to the Palestinians and has sent five billion total since the mid 1990s. The administration is also withholding 65 million dollars of the scheduled eight payment to the United Nations agency that helps Palestinian refugees. We get depth of that is about hundreds of billions of dollars in your stepmother is a little. Because why should we do that. We've been doing nothing for us. Palestinian leaders declared peace negotiations dead after the president's move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Even refusing to meet with vice president Mike Pence during his trip to the Middle East this week and Washington Caroline Shively. Oxnard. Did assist you turned out 8033 minutes after 8 o'clock. Soccer men's basketball team in action last night a rededication. To playing hard and not turning the ball over how did that report out last night. We'll have details of your coach Marshall Faulk coming up in sports. New York bar bands customers from using a certain word that's coming up also. Independent gubernatorial candidate Greg Norman Laver those video on the way here was even dead on campus as. And yet chambers and no look at the forecast looking Unisys stampede urologist Dan holidays give a damn. Good morning a cold front is going to start moving our way from the west today that will affect this by later on this evening but. Temperature should be fairly nice again this afternoon at around 62 was strong south winds up to forty miles per hour. Our low tonight near thirty been sunny and not as windy Saturday with a high 58. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 47 degrees got a south wind. Gusting to 32 miles per hour. Police say a donkey led more than a dozen sheep and goats and a stroll through a suburban West Covina neighborhood east of Los Angeles in California. Police were called early yesterday morning weather reports of a herd the animals walking the streets. The animals were finally corralled with the help of the LA county sheriff's department. The critters and escape their owners' property through an unsecured. Gate but a surprise cushion of the sheep are gonna follow it and it. But I don't Keith are you kidding me the leadership. Qualities of a donkey you know anything about that Greg Norman at the car donkeys leader's eldest leaders you know I'm I'm I'm not a vet an area that's literally can't comment and challenges. We have a special guest this morning Greg Orman is with this and you're running as an. Independent right for the for the governorship which is going to be open here pretty soon. And that that's correct we've announced that we are formally running for governor of the great state of Kansas is an independent now you you've done you've run for office before until about federal we are in on 2014. I ran after the United States senate as an independent and I was BF frankly really gratified by the response we got we built a great foundation and 2014. And we plan to build on that foundation this year and then when the governor stress related -- you get a network you set it up like they did in the old days we've got all these people in different communities that are new working forty hour work and real hard to build a grassroots network of of kansans and so far were were really pleased with the response that we've gotten we you know we ended the campaign in 2014. With almost a thousand volunteers and many of those people have. Have come back and said we wanna we wanna help you mass that help the state Kansas was so so. What your background. When you always been running for office now I'm I'm I'm I'm sort of a serial entrepreneur I've started and built many businesses over the course of my life might started my first business when I was. Tony three years old and and built that company over and over four year were sold to Kansas City power and light them. And have basically been building businesses creating jobs and opportunities for people ever since your from fairway cancers. Yep my Wi-Fi civil and I live with our two daughters. They are they're young have got a two and a half year old and a seven week old. It seems to me that there we were commenting on fear resisted it but it reduce the FaceBook photo a minute ago and you've got the shocker logo. On you're on your jacket guy and Isiah I wonder about the case you had in case state voters you're gonna have fights objectives got all of. Well you know I I I have you know I I I don't know what I would like to complete before you got it I I tend to support case state football and I and I and I love watching KUN and data and actually frankly all three teams on basketball I I went to the shocker game last night and was able watch them bring home a victory and and really excited about what they're doing this year and endlessly down to business here why you might acre you run what are what are what are the big issues as far as you're concerned Greg well you know I act I think right now lot kansas' that are critical juncture I think the people of Kansas know that over the last seven years things have gone seriously wrong and that you know frankly. Tom I'm concerned that if we don't change that tied we're we're not going to create a state that my two daughters are gonna wanna build their lives and and for me that's that's what this is all about I wanna. Makes Kansas a place where all our children all our grandchildren she can feel really inspired. To build their lives. You're dealing with these people these lawmakers who they've been after this thing with the education funding for several years. Don't seem to have come up with maybe have the answer yet what is your approach to the education fund glad ya. I I sometimes think that when you think just in terms of the democratic playbook or the Republican playbook you sometimes leave a whole lot of answers on examined and so. You know for me I think what the Supreme Court said was that there was a certain group of students who worked getting an equivalent education others. And I think we need to look at that problem very specifically if you look at the difference between low income kids and high income kids. You know there are a couple of things that really drive the achievement gap. How one of them is pre K to one of them is the summer learning death sentence I think we would be better off with targeted solutions. And frankly that's what we do in the private sector you know on the private sector you'd take a look at a problem. You'd say what's really the root cause of this problem and what's the most efficient and effective way. For us to solve. At the end of the day that three coaches say this is not enough money that's not enough money he's gonna have puts more money and well we absolutely have to again. Get past this sort of back and forth between the Supreme Court and the legislature that's not productive it's not helpful and it's certainly not leading to better. Better outcomes for our kids so we need a solution and not that lasts. An and one that can keep us out of this constant back and forth and cycle can't get to as somebody's been involved an entrepreneur your efforts what it would. What are some opportunities that Kansas has business lies and where some of the areas we really need to improve when you know we we are sitting at dun and interest thing opportunity worth the geographic center of the United States at a time when our economy is quickly moving from a bricks and mortar to a distributed economy. We should be the distribution capital of America we've gotten very low cost manufacturing inputs in the form of agricultural products dairy and even energy we've got three class one railroads that travel through the state we should be the intermodal manufacturing capital of America. And and what I'm governor we're going to pursue policies. Not that help the private sector create and build and grow and expand those industries and opportunities we hear a lot from mrs. fields it did take some of the rules off. Didn't that day and let us be free that it has your experience been the government has been just too big. Problem when you're trying to sort of knew that you know by about my father who is also small business person once said the you know one regulation isn't a problem but the the way we have this sort of group my group of state federal local regulations that sort of like your. Falling into or regulatory. But a lot of them are problem you know when I talk to senior executives that one of the class one railroads. I'm asked them why they didn't develop more in Kansas that was one of the things that they mentioned stimulus said you know look we built the facility in Texas. And we built that in half the time that would have taken us to build and cancel so I think we have to look seriously at that. Another thing that we're seeing I'm just bid as a pattern is. Where are the workers are skilled. Workers that educated workers coming from because in burn look at form can't find some times yeah I know we've got a very low unemployment rate in Kansas. And independence and if you've hit on one of the key issues which as we need to figure out how to keep our kids here. You know we need to figure out how to create the jobs and opportunities and create the kind of lifestyle environment that that makes our kids wanna stay here and that's going to be one of the focuses of of what we're trying to accomplish as well and over the course of the campaign. How will actually come out with very specific policies to address that head but yet great having been through that senate run. Did you learn anything from that foray into politics actual surgery this time cardiac you know I learned you have to ever really fixed again you know so but if the civil and I have my wife traveled the states and you know I have to say that well while there's obviously a lot of attacks a lot of ugliness that was really gratifying to us it was great to be able to travel the state of Kansas. Talk to people about issues they care about. Not we have lot of folks come out and support us people that we didn't expect would support us and that was really incredibly gratifying. When. It is sip little unusual to see an independent. May think it trying it in the in the in a political world anymore because reef re here we see that. The way they butt heads and it is well. But and that's and that's why we need independents. You know if you if you think about it we we get very little accomplished today in large part because two parties seem to be more interest in seeing the other party failed and they do and seeing our. Our state our country succeed and so we need to do something different Lamine. What I say to people of if you're happy with what's going on you know there and continue to support. The same approach but I think most people. I find that when they go to the polls they're oftentimes choosing between two bad options then they sort of think they're having to pick between the shingles on the float and and they don't want either. Great you brought a vote today if you actually read this because you know I've done that app and politicians don't read books I don't think the heavier than you know actually not only that I not only did I read it I wrote it I wrote a book called a declaration of independence that really lays out. My vision for what we need to do to get our country back on the right track and a big part of that. Iraq comes with breaking that two party stranglehold giving us options then and really giving us candidates we can vote for instead of vote against me just say that in the in the weeks and months ahead. Other gubernatorial candidates who'd like to deal was even did we get pretty much an open door policy. Beat you the other guys like element opulent bulletin doctors don't think we don't want just. Think we're endorsing Gregory thing now but to just make sure that you don't give them as much time here's a cookie. All right thank you Greg Greg Norman independent candidate for governor it's 818 now Stephen dead big question. Last night how the shocker is. Good basketball after losing too literal Ted Roberts court dead but the shocker certainly had a rededication to not turning the ball over that had been a problem and it's. Ford's getting things playing hard work and in that system that. Things through last night as well as Wichita State was hosting Central Florida last night sixteenth ranked shocker is inaction echo arena and Wichita State checked up a lot of boxes from their list of things they wanted to get accomplished last night Mike Kennedy and Dave dole had a column again you heard it on KEY end. That was a good drive by dejesus that he fumbled the dribble dispute is about to shoot it constitution. Can't not let more slip through right now back to the basket more respect for. Top right picture half of background I was like give consent play my head defensive round series roughly. And the shots are often running Wichita State ended up with a nineteen point win in their first meeting ever against tonight's 8162. Was the final score. Back to back losses from last week. That's spring has been snapped the shoppers are now sixteen and four overall and second place all alone in the American conference after the game remarks from shocker head coach Gregg Marshall. Tonight we were done on the floor for loose balls we. We were out rebounding a pretty good rebounding team by ten we took care of the basketball. We had a lot of good performances we didn't have any good performances. In Houston at tonight it was a team effort. Lot of guys played well contributed. Lot of guys Rashard Kelly another ten rebound game Darryl Willis scored twelve points. Jack Morris nearly unstoppable eight of ten shooting it. Nineteen points for Shaq he would play 21 minutes. So shocked so often now on the roster cattle but from everyone and get a nineteen point win last night next up for the shots another home game. To wrap up the weekend on Sunday eighth. Sixteenth ranked talkers are hosting Tulsa. As peace conference rivals get Baghdad at the next couple weeks ago in Tulsa shots. Barely hanging on to win that game by three Sunday will be the rematch in which hit song my Canadian date doll have live pregame coverage. Beginning at 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon game will tip off at 5 PM it Coke arena. That's on 103 point seven KE YM. Conjoined mean end ashamed Dennis after the game we'll be taking your phone calls on a shocker locker room show broadcasting live edit twin peaks in east Wichita at 21 and rock. See out of twin peaks Sunday night after the shocker game. This weekend getting a little bit out of conference for the big twelve. Kansas and Kansas State are both an action that's part of the big twelve SEC challenge. Fifth ranked Kansas as a home game tomorrow hosting Texas a and M former conference opponent. TU has won its last nine meetings against the Aggies. Most are currently in last place in the SEC right now. Pregame coverage for the jayhawks begins at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon game will tip off at 330 events on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. As part of the challenge Kansas State it's a home game tomorrow hosting the Georgia Bulldogs that'll tip off at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Manhattan at. Nationally televised on ESPN EU. College women's basketball bush doctors tomorrow. Shocker ladies are on the road at Memphis to team maybe earlier this season in Wichita that shoppers are right now on a four game winning streak and playing some pretty good basketball. Steve strain we'll have live coverage of the shocker women beginning at 1245. Tomorrow afternoon that's right here on 987. And thirteen thirty KN SS. Then tomorrow night we've got Google me in basketball here on K and SS Butler community college on the road that tally. Dennis Higgins level live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 715 tomorrow night that's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Pro football it's the week before the Super Bowl so the Pro Bowl gets played in Orlando on Sunday afternoon. There are some Kansas City Chiefs involved with Tyreke hill is the starting return specialist for the AFC. I'll running back Kareem hunt the rookies will be playing at quarterback Alex Smith's for the chiefs as well. Tight end Travis Kelsey was chosen as the starting tight and I believe he's been replaced will not be playing in Sunday's game. And you got former Kansas jayhawk Aqib Talib at the Denver Broncos corner on the AFC roster kicked out Pro Bowl. Listen to it on Sunday afternoon coverage begins at 130. On sports radio city at eight channel baseball news for you one of those Kansas City Royals free agents has moved on a outfielder Lorenzo Cain at. Is signing with the team that the royals originally obtained him from the Milwaukee Brewers came. Signing a five year eighty million dollar deal with the Milwaukee Brewers that supports the Stephen Ted KNS vessel was a difference Lester for the shocker just the attitude that we're getting ready art glass certainly part of it start faster yet there is getting off two months rock solid start. That was part of it not getting behind right not turning the ball over was huge debt has started to become a problem shocks only had six turnovers for the entire game last night a lot of things but right now I am that guy kind of got back on the same page in a lot of ways prairie fire coffee if you're not break temporary fired off for your work your boss doesn't love this. Page 23 coming up. Hannity morning minute recovering important security text messages that that's all the way Stephen dead one K and that sense.