Indian man has 15 pounds of metal removed from his stomach

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, November 29th

The man had eaten coins, nails, nuts, bolts... then complained of stomach pain.


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Listen online ads and SS radio talk. Is this station Wichita. First we're live team coverage of breaking news hey it has since we should toss number one yeah. 6 o'clock this is the case this morning you couldn't even stand nicely and back in time. Developers who are considering it came to the local fireworks policy. During the workshop meeting the City Council and player he can be snow met to consider changing the policy. Current regulations only. Allow foreign novelty fireworks and don't travel over six feet and set off. She snow says it is tough to enforce the city's law. What's art car and the police department are officials that would actually issued citations in regards to the fireworks violations. That. The wind ordinance as written is that we must observe. It violation. The easy for the possession to actually issue a citation. And also cannot issue citations to minors. Chief goes as Wichita is on an island surrounded by other communities that wealth that follows state law which allows much louder class she consumer fireworks. The council agreed to take a closer look at the policy during a meeting next month. Derrius Warner was charged Tuesday in Sedgwick county court of voluntary manslaughter in the death of thirty year old Theo low law are. He was found stabbed in the 3300 what can be shunned view last Wednesday. Warner's apparent educator at North High School. He's on paid administrative leave his bond has been set at 200000 dollars at a preliminary hearing is set for December 12. Kansas governor Sam Brownback is in Washington to meet with senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell spokesman David popped confirmed the meeting is scheduled for today. Kansas City Star reports pop would not discuss the reason for the meeting. But it comes as brown backs confirmation to be next ambassador at large for international religious freedom has slowed. With no final vote scheduled. Brownback said last week that he hopes his appointment would be voted off before Christmas. It's already handed over some of his most important duties as governor to lieutenant governor Jeff collier including leadership over the state budget. Brownback was nominated in July. A senate committee narrowly approved the nomination in October. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS. Use a suspect has been arrested in connection with a serial killing spree in the slips a little heights area. Of Tampa Florida. Suspect is identified as 24 year old Howell Emanuel Donald's in the third. Tampa police say the arrest came after they got a tip about a man carrying a gun and an area McDonnell's. Tampa mayor Bob buck Horne says he's grateful to have Assange. Tonight. Is the beginning of when justice will be served. And then the process will occur. When this individual rocks and help. Four people have been killed in Seminole heights in less than two months. After the launch of what may be North Korea's most powerful missile ever. The drug administration may take more steps to cut Kim Jong owns a nuclear ambitions. The secretary of state has said that diplomatic options are still out there but it's. Hard to imagine exactly what they are here's what the vice president said. We will continue. To Marshal the full resources of the United States to bring economic. And diplomatic pressure to bear until North Korea abandons its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Cuts in North Korea giving glory to its missile test with a montage of past launches. Shown on Korean state TV yesterday with North Korea's most potent missile tested today if the higher than previous ones North Korea says it could hit. Anywhere in the United States. Cain is there's news time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. What she tells her. McCain says boy. News Lucy today now 61010 minutes at 6 o'clock here on a Wednesday morning November 29. And in traffic he's blown engine ended his thing you beginning to break up as of this right now I'm just a little bit right now. Traffic dec conditions pretty good chance of rain in the overnight hours remained. Yeah I don't think it's really going to be affecting too much at this time. Not really. Left not much for traffic problem out there because of that out there and gasoline prices. Coming down a little bit and seemed more stations. Not to 2827. Right now here in with the area's few when he seven year. Harry Oliver. Douglas to Seneca. 227 down there tapped update from state and as a radio and get cheaper and now a look at the forecast McCain and says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan who. Morning low we Macy few spotty showers across south central Kansas most of that is going to be over the southeastern section of the state today. We will be cloudy with a high 52 and a northeast winds at clouds will break up tonight or overnight low 38 and sunny Thursday with a high 56. I'm Taylor since meteorologist Dan Holliday a cloudy sky we've got a temperature of 4242. Degrees north wind at end. Miles per hour. Six elevenths didn't it rain fell overnight across south central and southeast Kansas which is I temperature yesterday 61 degrees normal life to date. 72 for just so just a little cooler than normal again today. This is the 29 of November on this date. In 1888. Which is a recorded its noticed November on record with a total of nine inches. It's interesting to note that this was during the first year of Wichita is climate record. The person they started keeping records officially for which was 1888. We had nine inches of spin the Ole. Well on the state in 1972. Of the coin operated video arcade game pong. Created by a Torre made its debut at handicaps tavern in Sunnyvale California. Yeah pong pong 1972. The coin operated version and this is the forerunner for everything else I guess. A on this date in 2001 George Harrison the quiet beatle. Died in Los Angeles following a battle with cancer he was 58 years self. Doctors in India treating a man who complained of stomach pain found it. 263. Coins and 100 nails in his stomach that would give you a belly it. The patient was complaining of stomach parents always thought of getting an endless copies and said doctor for yank Sharma. Who led the surgical team and we were shocked to discover the coin sales and not bolts in his stomach. We came across such a case for the first. In our career. Replace doctor said the patient. We're just a rickshaw driver and after developing severe depression would sometimes swallow calling his. He received from passengers and that is some odd behavior right there near Paris that's now that's restraint useful if you quarter and all of a sudden. You don't feel so good. And 263 points of 100 nails at a few. Nut bolts. I wonder how much all of that weighed altogether and I got to feel maybe his wife again you don't have enough iron in your. All. I'm. Now that it's official they're all kinds of questions about the newly engaged couple British prince area and American actress Megan Markel. One of them centers or her citizenship. Kensington Palace says she doesn't tend to become a British citizen after the wedding but it could take awhile. Markel faces a lengthy application process and it may be years before she can call herself a Briton. Perry's communications secretary Jason off said. I can also says if she intends to become a UK citizen and we'll go through the process of that which some of you may know takes a number of years the easy. Become a Brit. In nets you an issue it's it must have dual citizenship. The American and of Britain as well. Authorities say in in Ohio see an eleven year old girl was driving and it QB. When police stopped it and arrested a young woman writing in the backs eat. The woman doesn't have a driver's license and indicated that she thought it would it be better to let the child bride of course the girl was cited and released to her mother. The nineteen year old passenger. Has pleaded not guilty to charges including child in danger. Yeah they had a quote grown up. In the backseat incentive even to have all of year old girl. Yeah. Not not a not a good idea take a quick look at RO forecaster that McCain is this weather center radar this morning. And these large area of showers that we had earlier in south central Kansas has now moved clear off. To the east and Sarah what does that mean actually the southeast part of the state from about should it down to coffee bill and east of there. It never seemed to rain all that hard it. Or for all that long but it it did go on and off for quite some time and sometimes it was even a nice little Rangel and move on now. Hearing the near Hutchinson another interruption worse. The median of forecasts but there is of a line of it looks like light hours running. From northeast to southwest right through the Hutchinson right now you're Hutchison you're probably get some rain and this is all. Can't see much movement is just got a blown up. This in a few little misses is in Reno county which is it's about fifty miles. Northwest of Wichita and it's not hiring maybe they had huge fire that could be a it is it's an area that's probably a good this sixty miles long well stretching right all across Kingman county. But it doesn't look like here's a lot of movement may be just sit there. Following a four and that's what's that's what we see on it is just weather center rader this. When two people suddenly okay. What's gone on here. Let's addicting it's not as cold as it indeed it's time of year than that rain would be year. Rothmans. Weather's been nice if that's top story this morning that we're covering is the possible change. In the fireworks policy right. With the city of which are going to classy which would be firecrackers and regular fireworks and basically anything or are you these towns that surround Wichita now. Worse and it beat the exception would still be made for sky alien turns and bottle rockets tonight Mel but just about everything else that goes the bad guys those are the ones because houses burned down right. And you know you could be there it's Minnesota's second somebody's bottle rocket lands on your roof wouldn't you could be gone. And we do have one of our puts a vice mayor. Jen Miller yet saying she represented Riverside that's my area. And we'll have for talking indeed you know and uses a little bit later but he's saying basically that ever time this comes up. Her constituents say do not change the law we don't want ample fuel in Riverside. But she's she's very upfront about it and I think it is unless something comes at the will change your mind I don't think that's gonna happen. Every year. You know people can buy these fireworks somewhere else or bring him into what's on. There's no legal but not doing that and it did the fire department to firefighters are supposed to patrol that well you know they got to the things like fires. On the fourth of July weekend which can be very very very busy for them so anyway it's something well redress again they're gonna look at it again at a meeting coming up in December and it. That's the hot topic. But every right hot topic fireworks. That's a hot topic this morning here with Stevens hit it and the route 6618. Seeded did plead our sports that would did Woodward now. Can tell you soccer basketball last night. At this event or state team those guys like football Pitt tilting it like this Roebuck store around things like this report of the now they are apt to second in the nation in the fewest most time of possession. Think you know. They get the ball across half court and within about 45 seconds they are jacking up a shot lead is no stake in I don't I don't run offense and am only a handful of times to the shot clock even get below twenty sex. They they they get across made coordinate fire the shot whether it's good or bad that bald head into the bucket back. Savannah State shot 553. Pointers last night. Thirteen of went in but those shocks had their way even after a slow start the shocks ended up putting a 112 points on the scoreboard last night. Final score they ate drank Wichita State shoppers beat Savannah State 112. Look. There's 66 it was a big night for one shocker particular piled up the sun appoints Mike Kennedy involved hole. Had to call the game on 103 point seven KE YAM. Shot it in and out but I felt a rebound Darryl Willis hero close to his rebounding Kyle's not on the leg hates John Boehner the basket get. 35. Feet down the court player after Gregg Marshall if it's not safe to score thirty year war. Angels right what drives right now light. You out. I like it Savannah State wasn't too into that playing defense. That's that will mildly that helped send us a month they certainly took advantage predict scoring night 31 points obviously a career high. In only his sixth game at Wichita State. And those shots up to 46 point win last night. And it's just better but he played well shot to group five and one on the season. And a Savannah State picked up a 90000 dollar check from Wichita State and post gave me. The Asia got with the game I play for that and let our staff. So this shocks have made it work last night for the win and Wichita State back in the win column after their loss last week and now he against Notre Dame yeah shocker now 51 on the season. Last night big numbers put up in Lawrence as well the number two ranked team in the nation to Kansas Jayhawks. Over Toledo in 9658. Career high night from Kansas senior guard Dovonte Graham. As Kate you shoots 55%. From the field at least for the fourth straight game for jayhawks scoring in double figures jayhawks now six and oh on the season. First time in seven years they've started out six you know Toledo now falls to three in three. As. As devout they Graham had a big night for KU. And as a Kansas picks up that win last night. Kansas went on a thirty to two run at one point. Graham the key to that big stretch he scored twelve of his 231. Half points over a six minute span K you led up to 4817. A still four minutes to go perhaps I'm in that so and I Graham ended up. With 35 points still with eight and a half minutes ago in many headed to the bench shortly thereafter new career highs fifteen baskets most baskets by. In ten years of the Monty Graham had a big night. Can you put up some big numbers and got the win as well Kansas remains undefeated at six a no win over Toledo. We'll have a men's basketball tonight in Manhattan for the Kansas State wildcats K state off the five and one start. They are hosting its Oral Roberts tonight Oral Roberts is one in six. Oral Roberts has never won a game in Manhattan that'll tip off a little after 7 o'clock tonight and it will be televised on fox sports Kansas City. And a soccer women are home tonight posting an old rival Missouri State comes to town shocks Missouri State's 7 o'clock tonight at Coke arena. Wichita State campus sports with Stephen Ted KMS that sucker locker room last night how the showed it last night it showed. Get loose join me at twin peaks and we fielded some. Good phone calls and haven't had a nice night after the shocker win aren't always good shocker locker room with Edwards. Six flights at L if they are for Fox News commentator Todd stars. No Jesus on capitol city buses Continental's about a Stevenson in the morning on and a cents.