Inspector General releases report on FBI investigation into Clinton email scandal

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 15th
Steve and Ted get a breakdown from Fox News' Tonya J. Powers.

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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of 3-D OK I SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. 8 o'clock this is the kid has his voice users Stevens Ted thanks Steve Macintosh. Report released on Clinton email investigation we've got the story. One person dead after a fire at a group home in our Kansas City I'm Ted Woodward of those details just ahead on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday as the wheat harvest continues in full swing. It looks like this hot in mostly dry pattern will continue throughout the next several days of change by next week our complete forecast is coming up. A boy was killed and three other people were shot you know Westminster Colorado parking lot Thursday. Police spokeswoman. Carries but he says the suspect is in custody. Officers are working to figure out what. Transpired leading after the shooting the shooting was outside in the parking lot only these four individuals were injured. One adult male expected to survive the other two a mother and her young male son or considered in critical condition. A motive has not been determined again that shooting in Westminster Colorado. Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz has released a report detailing his review of the FBI and department of justice's Hillary Clinton investigation. During the 2016 election. FBI director Christopher Wray says the FBI needs to hold itself accountable. We're gonna hold employees accountable for any potential misconduct. We've already referred. Conduct highlighted in the report to our disciplinary arm. OPR which is the FBI is independent office professional responsibility. We need to hold ourselves accountable. For the choices we make. And the work we do. The report showed no bias toward the Clinton email investigation but did find the FBI did not follow normal procedures during its probe. The Clinton investigation started after allegations that he mishandled classified data by using a private email server while she was secretary of state. One person is dead after a large fire at a group home in our Kansas City that has happened Thursday afternoon. At the Easter seals Capra foundation north six street and west maple a second victim was hospitalized but is expected to recover. No word on what caused a fire in the Easter seals Capra foundation. Assist children teens and adults with disabilities. A former employee of the Wichita YMCA who is accused of sexually assaulting two young girls at the center. Will go to trial this summer. Caleb gassed and waived his preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty yesterday. He's accused of sexually assaulting a three year old girl and a four year old girl in January this trial is scheduled for July 23. The alleged assault happened in the kids' zone at the downtown YMCA branch Bill Cosby is making some changes. O'Costa is not time yet the comedian fired his entire legal team would just over three months before he is sentenced for assaulting. Andrea can't stand in 2004. Pennsylvania attorney Joseph green junior has now been retained by capacity according to deadline. Tom as thorough and his entire team were shown the door. Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault in every trial that ended on April 26 'cause be set to be sentenced after a two day hearing September 24 and 25 however. These dates could change considering the changeup and cost these legal representation. Michelle police now Fox News. Surgery county engineers have been studying traffic a 21 and 167 street west for two months. Since Wichita police officers state Stacy Woodson and his ten year old son died in a motorcycle crash of the intersection. Cedric county commissioner David Dennis says the county wanted to find out of a four way stop would be warranted. The study found traffic did not meet the federal and state standards to warrant an upgrade. We'll continue democracy we'll continue to do studies like this periodically I think something's needed. But tell it does me the warning. We don't see that there's any necessity to change anything now there. And this is a stop signs are already larger than required and there is a flashing light on the sites to let traffic noticed stopped. Qaeda says it's time now 8044 minutes after 8 o'clock. US open golf tournament second round is under way this morning and will be giving away passes to the Wichita open stay tuned for your chance to look. Are you prepared to deal with the disaster. That story coming up on occasion as this morning you to Stephen dead. McCain is as boring you defeated just now. 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Are you prepared for any disaster that might impact your community. Cedric county interim director of emergency management coding traveler tells king Unisys news. If your emergency managers very visible means something bad has gone on in your community or a year in the middle of a disaster. So what we try and do is before the disaster a lot of planning and preparation. Helping folks to try to mitigate against the effect of disasters. Cody Sherman is our guest this weekend and issues Tony 18 Sunday morning at eight on K and assess. Supreme Court ruling resolves a controversy over at T shirt worn by at Tea Party member at the polls on Election Day in 2010 that said don't tread on me. The Supreme Court striking down a Minnesota state law that banned people from wearing clothing or buttons in polling places that had anything to do with politics. Saying it violates the First Amendment the vote was 72 several states have restrictions on what you can Wear while voting but Minnesota's was one of the broadest. It meant no make America great again Hanson are no black lives matter pins at the polls. The state defended the laws saying it was a reasonable restriction to prevent voter intimidation. In Washington Jill NATO Fox News. The US is returning this stolen Christopher Columbus letter to the Vatican the lancer is a wreck copy of one written by Columbus in 1493. Announcing his discovery of the new world it balls being held at the Vatican library but at some point it was stolen and replaced by a forgery. We received a tip there had been. And number. Forgeries. Of Columbus letters from various European libraries. Jamie McCourt an assistant US Teddy of the district of Delaware speaking at the Vatican as the US returned and accept. Industry discovered by I've read books experts who policies in New York in 2000 full. It's a cent return of its kind in recent years in London sun ninth Fox News. It is there's views are now 81010 minutes after 8 o'clock receiving says this. Watch for slowed traffic in the road construction. On Kellogg especially. Eastbound on calibrate their at 1935 in the road construction. They'll have AS stalled out vehicle there as well so stolen vehicle and road construction. Slowing things down traffic update from K and SS radio I'm dead chambers. I'm sick in the forecast now we can assist after eulogized and the holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it's already a warm start to the morning across south central Kansas we expect to be breezy. Hot again today with a high about 98 the wouldn't be surprised to see if you thermometers hit 100. Tonight clear and warm Carlos 75. Sunny windy and hot again Saturday with a high of 95 find KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. And now hardly tout the eighty degrees south winds gusting up to 23 miles per hour. 811 LC content in the morning here on cape Ennis says send the pleasant email report has been released in. And stands about 500 pages. Fox News radio's Tonya. Good morning and stick it greens greens at piper sir that you you you took all overnight and read the whole thing get up we won't go that far. Well actor and I can't possibly linked to. The did admit that now a year and amp goodness things it's got to be pretty pretty bulky report there. Eighteen months yeah you're right I mean you would get to the several hundred page history sort of works. That he'd imagined people who have been to roll out and say okay here's what it writes I don't. You know I have a hard time editing one paragraph of myself. A so what what's in the league a couple of good tidbits for a smoke. Well. Count me gets for basically direct and it'll swing and he is called and subordinate or not. Telling Loretta lynch who was the attorney general time about his plans to make public that announcement the that the Clinton wouldn't be charged that listen. July 2016. And then of course you know you Hannity. Action that he took eleven days before the election where he says. Oh by the labor of reopening in you know we're looking toward the female problem. On a laptop. That happened and wanting to cleaner. Account that he made a serious error in judgment that it is their quote by telling congress about that just before Election Day. And by contrast and he did not say anything about the you know. Information they already had about a possible. You know Russia possibly you know. Being involved with these deterrent campaign in in one not necessarily the deterrent campaign at the time but wish the you know trying to influence our election when we're editing Cuba and did not come out which. And that that's kind of why he gets. Director of the polls because he told her pay about one but not the other. OK for you and at fox is for you you your reporters or editors things like. And not following proper procedures. And some of the people in the FBI didn't do their job exactly the right way. Whether or not if they're not any of these had an impact on the election and they don't say yes but. Palin on people to spot not following the book on this thing at the FBI. And yet and coming into one of the people as they've been able that they that they say that they say that you know. Remember how he. Talked about to get the explanation. Vote. When he testified. As let me know what they're really heavily watched you know. Where he came out and after. Fired and that okay here's what happened here was my judgment on this here's how I came to the conclusion that I needed to say something. And remember Harry kept talking about he you know figured there was a decision between doors label speed and conceal. And he decided to speak and now the report calls that comparison you know pretty much faults. He's as the two doors were actually label follow policy or apart from policy. And he's is that you know coming did not follow policy. When it came to releasing that information about Clinton's investigation. And you know obviously not releasing anything on the other side. The FBI and Andrea I guess some going to basically the FBI as director Kerry. But who's balked losers who is that person's boss does that go to the attorney general. Or do they have a cost. It was it's my understanding of the way it works is that. Then. The FBI. Cream I'm pretty certain that's the chain of passing work. They'll I'm reading of the I've been I'm bit reading a book about them a question I've been reading book about gangsters in the 1930s okay. And of course a sister started the FBI and 33 and 34 when. FBI and and overtime it that evolved into a thing where he collected information. On politicians supposedly and and the you can pretty much. Do what he wanted to walk there and every wondered because he had the goods on everybody. But and we wanted to get away from that and make it just signal and in investigative. No organization you know. I mean it honestly DP to report that the long and short this is the report when it. Gets down to it. It depends which side of the aisle. Yeah on as to whether you'd use and nobody really happy with it there's one person I know what. Sweet old. Everything went bad that's not really to take on either side. On any kind of depends on your political leanings as to what you think about it in a lot of cases. You don't Tanya we you know the big winners are going to be the Sunday morning talk shows now isn't it. It's of animals gone on this thing is Sunday they have been a big winners and and a all right Don hey thanks for your time happy happy Father's Day to count up. That's Fox News radio site news Jake are talking about the Clinton email report that came out yesterday. Taught him elements via about a Benjamin's birth that's true is stuck in it it's not gonna please anybody. And the regular find something mean agree with the disagree with the 700. Pages. That's a lot of pages look at pictures ago with a deal that breaking news for you always get a big explosion and a huge fire a pipeline in Harvey county real little west of Heston. Who wouldn't be Gandy of now we Romulo yes I know that the I don't know but it might be an oil bottom well. But if it's gas in its under pressure it's going to be a rightful place Connell and it appears to be given a poignancy batters bass pro. So that's what you know exactly where it is in her weekend here in the west of Heston to the west of Aston. I'm and 872 things at 817 now Stephens at let's go ahead to go to sports now. With Ted Woodward here on Friday morning to. Take a look at the Wichita wing nuts they are on the road in Texans are going for a four game sweep over the clean burn rail rotors last night didn't quite work out at a early three nothing lead and ended up losing net gain eleven to five snapping Wichita its four game winning streak. Dropping the wing nuts back into fourth place in the division. They are visiting in the Texas air hogs this weekend in Grand Prairie for three game series wrap up this week long road trip. Texas is. The worst team in the league with a record of five and twenty so far the worst supporter of the season. And going nuts might be able to pick up some wins this weekend visiting Texas air hogs. Indoor football tomorrow night it's the conference semi finals opening up the post season for the Wichita force indoor football team next face top team in the league. The duke city gladiators in Albuquerque tomorrow night Sean Boston we'll have live coverage of the playoffs for forcing football. Beginning at 6:45 tomorrow evening and that's right here listen to a live on your home with a force 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Men's golf action the 118. Version of the US open is underweight silicon hills Long Island in New York. After first round play yesterday there were four co leaders at one under par among those four. With Scott peers seat and ten years ago was the winner in the Wichita open and 14 co leaders yesterday. Yesterday I walked off the golf course after four holes to also frustrated with my preparation so it's. Hard to say like you know what I didn't really expect this this morning. Just kind of regroup last night and tried to. You know go back to a couple things that works you know throughout the years it was able can piece together that. Some of those golfers are already on the course today for the second round. Right now all the two co leaders are at the top player in the world Dustin Johnson and the Russell Henley a Wichita open veteran from six years back. And they're both at two under par right now second round of the US open and cock feels. Major League Baseball action for the Kansas City Royals this weekend they are at home hosting the defending World Series champion Houston app. Astros in Houston comes to Kansas City with an eight. Game winning streak. Meanwhile the royals are just about the complete opposite having lost nine of ten. The royals are the worst home team in Major League Baseball as well and only 110 home games. In The Who have months and royals hosting the Astros. Tonight tomorrow afternoon and Sunday afternoon on Father's Day in the snow all those royals Astros games live on Sports Radio pace at age 12:40 AM. 975. FM. Get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State pitcher Isaac Anderson he is in single day with the Los Angeles Dodgers in Isaak was fantastic yesterday going three and a thirty innings. No runs given up five strikeouts really nice outing for the former shocker pitcher Isaac Anderson. In single day with the Dodgers. Its fortunes even Ted K and as as coming up next week it's the Wichita open golf tournament the annual stop the tour in Wichita. And the we mention 55. And a former Wichita open alarms. Are currently playing in the US sales of what you're saying is you're gonna see some good golf in which these are some real elite golfers in the world while. And great tournament to run on the precipice of flag right there at the same time young. So one that's next week in fact that's six days from now video opening date of Wichita open Chris view I've got a couple more pairs of passes to get away. And if you would like those commie now at 869. At thirteen thirty LT collars number three and four. Repair passes the which don't. And it's time for our prairie fire coffee break on cape and a sense. Prairie fire coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because her entire coffee beans or roasted fresh like you're in Wichita. And you can get pray for her coffee girl office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. Eight what they want Steven to get here for the Hannity morning minutes. Politics and emails during the last presidential campaign. Stevens at the morning on tape and assess.