An interview with this year's Chili Potentate

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Wednesday, September 27th
Special Guest: KFH's Bob Lutz, this year's Chili Potentate

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just toss in a room. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Why this occasion as this morning news Vista even Ted. Weinstein Macintosh. A bill to repeal obamacare will not get a vote in the senate we got the story on Dan O'Neill. But to take a student has been arrested after making a threat against his school. Backed down on corruption in college basketball I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday rain chances are wanna hang on a little while longer this morning are complete forecast is coming up. But to pick a high school student was arrested after reportedly making social media threats against the school for students that semen. I was arrested Monday night. The student was taken to juvenile intake for making a criminal threat but it wasn't clear if the person was detained and released to his parents. But the bigger capital drill reports of threat was sent via snap chat. And contains a reference to the call by Colorado shootings but officials say the threat did not target specific people at the school. An email sent to parents Tuesday said the school contacted law enforcement immediately after learning of the threat and the student was arrested at his home. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. A woman from Cheaney was sentenced to five years probation for embezzling more than 48000. Dollars from a newspaper where she worked. 66 year old Diana nicest pleaded guilty in July to felony theft and computer crime. Crimes occurred while I just was an office manager from 2009 to 2013. At times sentinel newspapers and Jeannie. The gray and Cassidy billed to replace obamacare will not get a vote in the senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell pulled the plug usually so. What's next may seem like days of billing and that's because ever read back to where we were two weeks ago with the Republican repeal and replace dead at the senate committee it was working to stabilize the market is back attic. They're ranking member senator Patty Murray announced Democrats are at the table. And I hope. Republican leaders will now allow us. To get back to work chairman Lamar Alexander announced an esteem and healthy consensus on a limited bipartisan plan on markets in premiums and they hope to work fast when he started the bipartisan effort they're playing and let's have a deal in place. Today during martial ABC news. All hell more arrests are possible after ten min were charged in a crack down on the corrupting role of money in college men's basketball. Person played and coached in the NBA and while an assistant coach at Auburn court records quoted him bragging about his influence over players when you've coached Kobe Bryant worked with Phil Jackson he says it goes a long way. The FBI's field Sweeney said person in the other three coaches are rested tarnish that relationship choosing instead to use their influence. To benefit themselves before coaches have been suspended from their schools after being charged with taking bribes to influence star athlete's choice of agent or financial advisor they were willing to pay for the chance to make millions once the player turned pro Aaron pitchers the ABC news New York. A former basketball coach from Chapman Kansas has been sentenced to more than five years in prison on two counts of sexual exploitation and child. Mark Snyder of Abilene will be on lifetime supervision after release from prison. Snyder was the basketball and track coach for the Chapman school district he was arrested last year the Kansas department of labor's says the state had 45000 job vacancies and Tony sixteen. More than the entire population of Hutchinson and officials say the state needs more workers were technical training and skills. What does the employment opportunity in the Wichita area Brian Campbell. CFO of employment from specialist group. Tells Guinness has news. We believe that here in which people stay in their jobs longer because there's not as many opportunities for them to go elsewhere in this market. So as force statewide and maybe certainly Kansas City. Would have more job openings and which summit. We just don't have the population down here in south central Kansas. To fill a lot of those jobs. Campbell tells Cain is just use south central Kansas has come a long way. Since the Great Recession of 2008 but the area has limited population to drive future growth. Kate is just is time now 8055 minutes past 8 o'clock. Finishing out the final week of the season for the Kansas City Royals but it's good things happened last night with the UN coming up in sports. Say that Tony seventeen which felt like investors downtown chili cook off is yet again upon his Saturday. And it just feeling as we're gonna hear from a both potentates and his majesty your majesty the potentates of the Panama all right Stephen dead. On K and SS. Hey if fuel any money to the IRA. 9713 thirty came in SS. Morning Italy now 8 minutes at 8 o'clock. And right now in traffic we get another traffic accident his winnings on central between Webb and a 127. For some road construction there are those who want to avoid that area does when he in that. Central between Lebanon 127. Traffic updates from cape and as as radio I'm dead chambers and out of organic looking and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday hit morning's Dan good. Morning it is a cloudy start of the day it's moisture continues to lift in from northern Oklahoma they'll give us a few scattered showers through about noontime. For a high today 69 it's partly cloudy overnight Tarlow 53. And sunshine and warmer Thursday with a high 76. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly. RT 58 degrees northeast wind at nine miles per hour 809 to Steve intended to. Happy birthday to my granddaughter Sammy Jo turns five years old today and she can read well she can read better and bobbled so most of the drive average after an athlete he Rea yeah granddaughter who's only five yeah. My goodness that's the late start for years you lead at the last one will be 84 yeah I mean I get grants and that are older than your socks. Last evening at the monarch one of our good friends and a Loyola. A person who's been with us for most of the 5000 Joseph Stevenson does it is yen down the monarch last night it was their worth. Three a four legged friend rod etc. Bob Blackburn Gary Neal Holland dined on the monarch sandwich and their excellent. Baked potato salad helpings I had two openings last night. 5000 children bigger and more important that always is of which doubling investors downtown chili cook off. Saturday and did Douglas and Saint Francis starts at noon. And we have the honorable potentates mr. Bob blues host of the drive on campus it all right Bob. Well I wanna make sure Steve that you've done all the proper paperwork on being able leave and talked to me as potent so there's of you know the paperwork is that there's no paperwork. That it. In the ninety you have a sector. Which looks a lot like a toilet plunger a and just Goran you be happy be nice to people that's only that's that's a challenge then and now there's strike one absolutely you know today or involved at all. Bob your your perfect report. Happy and I asked of people playing yes naturally got. I've always thought above is being such a friendly nice person you know and that really you have a couple of guys with you this morning. The dipper these are the important yes Steve bourses differs instead of the micro morning everybody Gary if he's got a lot of personality and a rod makes you and it's as being here. Run step up there I would that be are you in charge of being joy you Jacqui probably times I'm Steve's understudy so next year I'll be deeper re probably in chargers so it's it's a progressive thing he's stardom at the bottom. And you move up the ever get to be potent it. And when it haven't let's not all of crazy. I proceeds go to the good life grant which benefits of local charities and get you get a five dollar you get a little tasting kit. It today and you get a bowler and all the different. How many vendors tell you people yet this year you. This year where you were around ninety team's last. 62 were trying to pick it up a notch this year so it's gonna be severe clear Saturday. Severe clear severe clear that wants at least she is going to be perfect but other rain a year to yeah yeah. What they have when you were potent at 1215 teams they had. They had 117. Cancel. And it is just grown from there because people found out about him. Denver to eat. Yes near your DB is that public cabinda on. Got a got a team we got down on ago kind of be actively with mean without means. That's Canada now that's its elaborate plot elements are often the European expert at things differently. So what is so much sophisticated this thing's been a long time and Bob it's it's incredible it's incredible Cleveland to an area. The white masters and every I'm looking forward to ultimately get there around ten and go out and talk to the people yet talked to the people or make in the chilly there supporters. Get a feel for that and then hang around the other crowd show up. They are expecting thousands upon thousands of people know about it you know I know you guys are gonna stop Ayman that I hear that correctly that it'll be that's a big Chile guy via they'll be locally like Woodstock was bad idea what's what's your opinion on beams this. Until it has a song though yes. I'm pro beans but alive Romeo us an idea yet to have the means now thank you read enough you're in Black America. Right. Anything else for the guys. And they've gotten other other guys that's one course yeah I enjoy though I enjoy the white Chile. They go I I enjoy the guys that get in there and maple some little different. Really I'm doing the chicken chili like Chile. It's not a course lauer guy a guy Bauer from the host of the good life here in Canada says he's down there he pours like a whole bottle wine and his. In his arresting them bills as kind of it's kind of extra soupy and yet but time guy shows ovaries lit. That's and he just so aren't getting in Chile. Dream Bob. Tablets is that the best they paid me with a case of a PBR when I did. So that public that area that's that's even more to look for Steve board's effort thanks for being with us thank you guy or bike come down Saturday. Which don't like masters downtown Cilic or opt going to be fun what time isn't what time did twelve new high noon that's right get hurt get down early and watch everybody. That's the best I love get an early and artisans the everybody gets set up that's fine absolutely and it's been Iran acumen. There we look forward to if anybody has questioned on their about being injured again and again right yeah you know future and that environment. After makes its Saturday you guys refuted by any thing else an editor. I'm good I'm just look in Florida this side it's it's an impressive list of past potentates and I certainly respect all of them all of them that that'd that these are you knew. You can talk about this on the drive on campaign descent are absolutely guys who don't finally get a good show on net. Thank you Bob. Probably thinking yeah it's urgent now. The chili cook off coming up Saturday 814 Stephens at our 5000 Jonas has the lead midway awhile. Did Woodward has been on enough here my brother Ned is. Men to get my argues are nice to have taken time out from your busy days it you know high ranking executive. And a very important data to talk Tennessee you've. But he gets say it is this morning. Like one pick congrats and I feel little bears I didn't realize that artery. Rick although our albums that I thought that the great show I've ever repeat. Well thank you and sure you get a lot of respect for your brother's like dad got Vermont matters right my brother is a faithful listener to the blur. You support. I don't like it or be. Down people near thirty dry and great show. OK thanks I appreciate everybody. Tuchman thank you lead I was dead related to Mitchell whose you're Ned is a Mitchell's father art and Mitchell said that he was. He was born drizzle was born during our early in our tenure on the Stevenson in the morning show and he's now is a senior out of caveman. Hot shot on the basketball team and you have gone to college next year he is more important don't go we don't know widow still need to find apparently at a I'm glad to see him play but he plays on school nights what I have to get up but so there's a little timeline for yeah yeah people who were born. After our show started together were still on the air. And we got kids that have been born another going to be going to college next year yeah my brilliant Irish and Carson says in the morning your all your grandchildren. On my nieces and if you remember their names good job Nolan. Nolan fumbles a senior at Caro Lyndon my other guys that are Rees Rees Macintosh a senior at derby. They're going to be gone off the accuracy of this is alive and we have. Shared so much of this with a listeners we don't know we're right or wrong but when something happened our families where we share you know my brother in Miami U my brother Ned and my mom called in this morning. And my sister to their Big Ten assists listeners they listen to coast to coast. Overnight overnight now. And tiger is one of our list but of our people down the hall working on our the news Karla then there's. A guy overnight he. Alba if you that'll. 5000 shows 86913. Thirty and we've had some great collars this morning we heard from. Ron Estes our congressman and several other people dancing. We appreciate your your input on our five sure do. Started out in January of 1998. And who who knew that we you know. Here we are almost twenty years later we're still do as you know and Visio and sometimes we we get right. Well I mean we've gone through some. We have gone through a couple of lean years it can SS on the morning show on one point iconic got almost dropped completely. That's right corner of room for about six or seven months and we things were looking kind of bleak. But disease some good good good foresight from management kind of saying hey we this this is pretty strong in station. We need to get this morning show back to its strength that it should be and could be. And that's really the direction we've been on now for the last nineteen years and Jack Oliver who is on earlier of course instrument Lynette and we should mention Tim lake. You know there was a manager of the general manager at a time and another great supporter of ours he had to pull the trigger bringing Steve back in the radio show and it teams out there Tim hey thank you sir we appreciate that. 88 teams even to edit sports that we did or didn't royals in action and pretty much over the. Yeah I mean it's they're playing now final week of the season soon. Get some wins at home they're finishing up with six games at home and they got some good things going last night beat the Detroit Tigers two to one. And get one more win effort starting pitcher Jason Vargas what a great story right two guys that made the all star team this year. I mean we go back to two years ago he and Tommy John surgery. And then last year he only got three starts for basically didn't play the last couple years comes back this year wins eighteen games. That is tied for the most in Major League Baseball right now along with Corey clover of the Indians in Clayton Kershaw the Dodgers. Those two guys are probably both going to win Cy Young awards and he's barges right there wouldn't Barghouti winners for a team that sub 500 team you don't. So and it's a major listen to be said for that I mean just look at last night beat me he didn't get any offensive support he ends up winning the game two to one while. While the judge Greg great season great comeback for Jason Vargas royals went two to one. And they're hosting the tigers again and I think for hosting the royals in the tigers at 630 tonight some Sports Radio the FH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Not so good news for the Kansas City Chiefs who have. And pretty much nothing but good news in the early season where they've been. Winning games but they've now got a problem at the kicker position they're ticker Cairo Santos has not missed an extra point has not missed a field goal. But he's battling a groin injury in to the point now they've had to put him on the injured reserve. What you do for ticker right here for weeks into the season all the good kickers are probably employ it already was some other team. But the chiefs have signed rookie kicker Harrison but her. And he is he was on the Carolina Panthers practice squads and he wasn't even on anybody roster. But you start looking at the guy's credentials he was a hot shot a great college kicker in Georgia Tech. He was fantastic hit long field goals for the Panthers in the pre season didn't make this the roster competing against a guy that's been in the league a long time so. Maybe this young guys this could be his chance to become a star and then he'll get it with teams looks like like David Perry backer. Harrison bunker. Great college kicker and let's see if we can do in the pros he. To be star there you go it sports the Stephen Ted Kate and assets 5000 Joseph we have another list are on the line Sally is with us all morning. I believe this is kids' aunt Sally. I've ever met and salad assemblies with a scoring Sally nice to have you others. Or senate morning welcome and congratulations. To you about. Thank you dear and only claim to ask you but you have been a long time listener of ours we have. But I'm limited does it mean to use in the car. Because all the electronics and everything here hospital. We don't we can't get to picture. Well let's while we try to make equality lawyer in your car pretty good good drive ignored don't you are your patience now. Now all men I'm the worker be all OK this is like a medical. Hospital then Jesse's you know. It all runs through urban it's not a mental hospitals and cut now adequately when it. OK very good work it work moment on I've been here since we opened me too lightly at first particularly. Would you may be some sort of a deal on medical examinations. And shirt jeans with or without a Latin. Yeah that cost extra. Secret. I thought Wesley was just a young age. Yeah I that you haven't HMO with public. I'll bring my own blog says that there. Very eco managed care BO OG. I think Sally thanks for collings in this morning and at. 5000 Shelly do we knew when Ted was a little shaver did was there ever any indication that he might go up to be as famous radio announcer. Well when he was nine months old he said given cookie. Really now did yeah yeah. And he denied institutional around in my area 59 Volkswagen. You know those good times we have he was more like a little brother. And and execute. Well it's a very nice to hear from you selling we appreciated thanks for listing. We've got that we want to thank you there Nancy and Sally Field there in Elmira. Eight but instead I'll David did give up ahead in the morning minute many Americans agree with trample on standing for the anthem. Stevens at the morning 5000 show on in a sense.