ISSUES 2017 12/03/17

Steve McIntosh
Thursday, November 30th

Sedgwick County commander Maj. Joseph Wheeler discusses the Red Kettles and other Salvation Arrmy fund-raising efforts, as well as the prgrams they help to support


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This is a huge funny 79 Steve Macintosh and I guess his major Joseph Wheeler. Commander Wichita Salvation Army welcome to issue Torre seventy it's good to be would nice to have you with us this morning it let's begin with some background. When and where did the Salvation Army come into existence I know it's in Great Britain. It was it was in London England an 1865. We started first of all as the East London society. We then became the Christian mission and a few years after that the Salvation Army came to birthers they were working on an annual report. Then how did the army get to two to the United States of America while it was 1880. As Salvation Army made its way to the United States George Scott Milton and some hallelujah last sees came over from London. And stared in the work here in New York so like it was a very exciting time for the Salvation Army. In here we are today in more than a 127 countries around the world you as those that can personal but how do you get the ball was selfish. Well I got involved with the Salvation Army because my parents made the Salvation Army the church home. And that early in my life my parents separated divorced. I was away from family for some time. In that re acquainted with my grandparents who continued to worship at the Salvation Army and that was seeking for something desperately to find meaning in my life. And I found my grandparents. We're very happy the Salvation Army visited one Sunday in all of a sudden it was like. This is what it in the import this is where I'd be long. And not only did I need to become a member of the Salvation Army. I felt god calling me to full time service as an officer in this action wonder how many people actually know that Salvation Army is a church. Probably very few light and most of the people in our society CS says the dealings polling in the bell ringers. They might also CS says those who have the thrift stores. But we are so much more they might think of buses the group that has so much Christmas with toys. But the salvation army's fight more than toys. Right now. And you don't wanna get into theology too much does it Salvation Army differ from most Christian denomination. We would be quite similar to the United Methodist Church with an answering church when it comes toward doctrinal beliefs. I'll William Booth wants a Methodist Katherine was a Quaker. I was very very strict so some of our religious beliefs and guidelines come from that heritage. Now. What area do you server and talk about those solid commander of Salvation Army in which dobbins is it just the city of Wichita and always have all said we company. All the county yes the you know and a many of us think of the Salvation Army you said especially around Christmas we think the red kettles and the bell ringers. As this too nosy how much money do you actually raced through the annual can't. Well the goal this year is one point four million dollars 400000. Dollars we hope to get through the red cattle. And over a million through mail appeal wakin donations whitening. Is going to be art this year there are hard a few days ago we were about 80000 dollars behind. Will we weren't last year the same time. It's getting more and more difficult for us to do more with class so we're quite concerned I'm gonna do the best that we can Trace that dollars because again. It impacts from within toys it impacts service the year we have. A number of programs that are 365. Days you programs choosing me. And rip talk about that in list a minute but you know in the economy. Looks justice it's wrong right now we've been doing reports about. Unemployment at just seventeen year low and and people working extremely spending money on themselves but. You're you're and he put him in that rate right absolutely and we're very proud of which attends and what they did. To influence the work of the Salvation Army following hurricanes and the disasters that that we face now and only in the United States but in Puerto Rico. It was a tremendous amount of support that came from my community but now it's. It's time to think in about our Nepa and we can do to help them on to produce little bit about. The other programs to me that of the money that your race in here at Christmas. You're you're gonna have that money it finances. Year round program yet is it him outreach. We we have to stretch it out there are other campaigns figured help supplement. But the biggest amount of income that's come in Christmas. And it lasts for the majority of money team. For instance this past year the Salvation Army. Provided more than 66400. Meals to various feeding programs. Now. What's. Specific programs. Do you offer to people people just during the during the holidays primarily we do the Angel tree program which is one of the largest in the country. And we also do Christmas culture forward and the east to purchase food for the Christmas dinner. So that's extremely important time of the year for children and families fight you to that we did winter coat to winter clothing distribution. How does he Angel tree work the Angel trees a wonderful program in which families apply for. Holiday assistance we. Research their eligibility once eligible children. Have three items that parents can select that goes into an Angel. Those angels are adopted sometimes virtually true and in electronic program sometimes it's hard copy Angel. Scientists at the two malls and town. They can go and pick up the Angel and remember what shop were frank bush and in return those twist for us and we intend to spend featured guest. The Salvation Army here which and Cedric on yours and done it's it's a national calamity yes apps that's been going on for awhile quite a while now. Coke industries has helped us really come up with the a virtual angels so there's a lot of companies who can sponsored Angel tree program going virtually. Volunteers. You keep busiest time well quite a few drainage distribution days switches the fourteenth and fifteenth of December this year. We anticipate anywhere from 200 to 250 volunteers and our main distribution possible. We have 3500 families maybe 4000 families come through. In Dalian have to pick up their toys it takes say well oiled system. To make that work. Where is it physically happens. At this point we don't announce the location until we get closer to it a war we have a beautiful facility off of I 35. That has 180000. Square feet. That will give us all the space that we need. Adequate parking for volunteers. And he's meeting that you're talking about it you mentioned qualifying. Numbers you'll want people. You wanna make sure these people really need absolutely they do have to be below the poverty. Company family. 3500 to 4000. Switched to doing that and I'm applications and continue angels so we don't have the actual count at this point. Last year we know that we provided twitch were close to 101000 shall. Is it just to Reuters and other things we do do a story gifts for those were seniors. And Oman and tried to do. Yes households to Valerie Valerie for a moment. What would you require. Somebody wants to do they have to be trained. Well we didn't try to encourage that you have learned I have I have analyst licensed in anything I don't. But we tune detaining treats them to be friendly to greet people when they come in and out of the stores to think and for the gifts. A Bellman media that they asked me if it's okay to say Merry Christmas yes we are the Salvation Army. It's okay this a near Christmas it's OK to say thank you and god bless you. And we want them to be very kind and courteous. Sometimes it's tough job if it's cold if it's snowing bush leading. And you're outside it's not an easy thing to be there for several hours and that's cattle and somebody who. The under is not. Me at the end of the day and a in my neighborhood store it was one of those days we haven't even Andy is seventy degrees outside and the person was inside the built the door. I think I'll close it out there that I thought they had a re. It's every interest in it to save it as one of development there's just within the last two days past me he said majors at. And giving the impression that some of the customers unhappy. And and they said well. We're fortunate Nat all locations that happen but I can tell you that now when you're Campillo site he's line. It is eyes and the way and he and the elements so for him to be able to work and to have this opportunity. Is extremely important to be sites of some kinds of situations they're three individuals don't understand yet. I don't know if you mentioned this before but how many locations. We are probably have a minimum of sixty to seventy. At any given time. And added there just. Usually not the city wal mart's one mired Sam's clubs hobby lobbies the malls. And Walgreens. Dylan's. Bringing avail absolutely in the bill there. Can people don't always. There's a number of ways they can mail their checks to the Salvation Army at 315 market street. 672 vote to. They could also get a line in the cup red kettle Leeson that ward. And they could make a contribution. If they won enough of them and they can be used to have a specific program. They are interest it and they can go to red kettle. Yes. Ward and they could see what costs that perhaps Hauser family member would feed him and called him. Over the past few years I've had someone from Salvation Army in here do Visio just about every year. But there is every time I do the commander. You've what you have in the celebration carrier commanders actually. Is usually a dual dual role dissenters else involved oh yes my wife is Europe and an update to talk about. My wife is oh a partner in ministry. She has her own appointment she is the commander officer for program development. As well as a social services temp so I may be the city commander but she has a very important role as one city Don give you I'm a married man now you have the opportunity to say something nice about water. She's beautiful inspiring encouraging. And fulfills me as she makes up for all of my weaknesses so she's a keeper. Absolutely 41 year 41 years you and you collapse you know and yes wouldn't wanna like put out. You're listening to issues to what he seventeen on the Entercom radio stations that I guess is major Joseph Wheeler. Commander. Salvation Army in which died at Sedgwick county right yes. Yemeni estimates on how many lives are touched by the Salvation Army in century Kelly. Well I can tell you last year 53300. People received emergency assistance and that could be anything from the food basket. Assistance with utility man except. So thousands upon thousands applies to influence to Salvation Army service. We are known of course for responding to disasters. Last year just within our own community. We serve more than 19100 people act disasters so guys establish army. Again it's very business doesn't. And my next question for it to. You're if you are you reading my mind overreaching minus ten minus waited to talk about Salvation Army programs tell us about disaster services what exactly. Is to censorship should it just fires or either of the things five years it could be tornadoes. Apps hurricanes earthquakes any natural disaster. That would impact a community or families of extreme importance to us. And what we do varies from situation to situation. A number of years ago after Katrina I had the privilege of going to New Orleans and sit Venus the incident commander was one of the most moving experiences of my life. When I arrived we were serving 8900 meals a day but when I left fourteen days later. We were sitting 23000. Meals. And we were really doing the most good and it was extremely exciting to be part of we talked about an old in the news here. We talk about sometimes house fire. And news. Several family members to adults and two children for example. Are receiving aid from us Salvation Army. And that go as far as. Giving them a place to stay living you know to have an emergency launch in which we take families or single women. And we can house up to 28 and emergency team K. That. Is that part of your emergency social service I was in my agency's social services is that different department yet but the emergency like we take care of those who are homeless. For one reason or another. And again we can have as many children in the emergency like just would adults how long can you keep them there but thirty days thirty day news and do you help them find the we worked very hard and put down into the community will work in and trying to secure funds. For transitional housing so that we can move from. Homeless services. And shelter programs a more longer range program. Now emergency social services morals and yet again that could include some medical assistance mine prescription could include. Pain and utility bills could include food. A few months ago we had an individual came and because she lost her ability to sell. Selling lesser likelihood out and dad are selling machine broke therefore she had no income coming in because she couldn't repair things. And that the case manager was doing Ian if you providing food assistance for them. And trying to see what else we could do. And the greatest thing that we could do was to buy her new selling machine it was about 75 dollars and she was able to straight Ernie who own income again so. It's very very individualized. For client needs that's cute story but a good story tells about. Veterans service. The Salvation Army offers services to veterans especially those who almost we have a department that's. Headquartered in our office that really works for the divisional headquarters in Kansas City. And they did there's four individuals who were very directly with. Veterans who are honest and find stable facilities. Tell me about Foster care I secure what an exciting program. We have about sixty children. In the Foster care program that we supervised and work with their parents and through the Foster care programs this there's system. It's very exciting to have an app which an opportunity to share with and this Saturday we have our Foster care party. So the families will be coming children will be coming in the beginning gifts. Just another symbol than time of hardship for them that somebody cares. He talked a little bit about veterans and homeless. Veterans only a little more about homeless services. Almost services is extremely important that I wish we had more beds available because the need is great. But the greatest need is of course single women and so we don't do single man. If there's a married couple with children and married couple we. That's available with in the house. But bulls more single women and families. Are what we provide assistance to. And and I can tell you that we provided within 25000 might supply gene passed. And you you're looking. A close to domestic violence and we do CNET behind me that's stories apps and issues and so. That drugs and drugs here here. Tell me about pathway of oh pathway of hope it's one of the new programs of the Salvation Army national. In which we are really trying to change the life of that individual and break that cycle of poverty. The Salvation Army is applied and dates were number of years to our social service programs. And halfway allow assisted apply real Madison and do some long term very intense case management. And throwing people from that cycle of poverty we want to break so we're excited to follow it. And. What are stories now. Stores have hope everything from my father who comes to us because. His wife has passed away and he's mourning and he's lost some income. And he needs assistance whether it's with house in government assistance. Destroy the individual with a sewing machine and not too long to go one of my keys and it just came and asked if she could do something a little out of the ordinary. She had a client who had come in for food assistance. Who had a really bad odor about her and that client finally confess that. It been several weeks since she'd been able to do laundry for her her husband and their little girl. And she was embarrassed to send your daughter to school because she's done so that. So the case manager asked if she could encourage. The family to open a close and so that we could do that line before them rather than give them money to go to the laundry mat and wait it out. This the case with the decided I can do that during my dad in in the close we have washing machines at the Salvation Army. And will do the line fourth and you'd just come back and what a great great and again we're trying to restore hope however we can't entity that's another good story TO one or two more. Story well yeah you never know how important little things saw in in I would go back to another community it's apropos for what we do here in Wichita. But I can remember when we with the corps officers and Wausau Wisconsin. And it was Christmas we'd already done their distributions all we have lower leftovers and a man had come and and he was and errors he was a part time pastors wife prisoners monster job because she had MS. And that. They needed something for Christmas and only really had to offer him were left open used toys. And food but he was very excited to get those things. I remember saying to him now I don't have a Christmas cake and have a birthday cake which like to take it take home with your food his response was absolutely said. Today's my wife's birthday and I didn't have anything for ouster decrying. We he had added to the house normal gifts toothbrushes toothpaste. Homes for children year. I handed him three packets were his three boys handle those items and then. He went his way and mine week after Christmas I saw them downtown. They flagged me down and he asked me to come over so he could introduce me to a suns. I was quite moved when he said. This is the man gave us Christmas. Because it wasn't me it was a community. Didn't Christmas. But I remember saying to the older boy's name was Jimmy Jimmy what was your favorite Kia in his response blew me away. It was just too much reais in Jimmie your toothbrush I know you a funny guy to an electric trains. Now the toothbrush was my favorite gift and I said Weis said. But there's five of us and famine we have one and we share. The little things mean so much to people. And those of us who have often for it. Do you think would mean to hear that there are people out there. Maybe their work and maybe they're both working couples were. But they are just but. One paycheck away absolutely disaster people don't save money like they used to and they can't they have a crisis after crisis after we asked is whether it's at the vehicle that breaks down the medical emergency. 01 crisis leads to another and then they get this vicious circle and they have nothing left. What's. You've been at this for a long time this since the civil war days. Is there anything new on the horizon that Salvation Army is doing that that your excited about. Well for us I think were who were looking at every hand of doing the most good and how do we go about doing the most good I think it's a wonderful measurement tool for us. And as well as it an opportunity for us to strengthen our services in the community. For Wichita we've decided that we're doing the most good. If we in our programs are restoring hope to those and community. We're transforming lives so everything that we work I'm doing well there's homeless services Foster care. Disaster services are summer camp program. If it's restoring hope in which doing the most good. If it's transforming lives bringing about change and we're doing the most. And you get enough feedback that you know when it notice oh absolutely somethings that you see it it's exciting. How about. How we can support the salvation army's work we've touched on a court. First there's the red kettles were there is the red kettles pray for us I mean we can't win a battle this aid battle. Again Satan and soon and ugliness. Supported us through financial contributions. The Salvation Army again as far more than two bullies don't just think that. A once December 31 is here who were rolling ourselves up and going and hiding we're not we continue to provide programs. And services throughout the year so mailing their contribution to 315 with market is extremely important. Responding to that letter that they get from me asking for help is extremely important. Volunteer time as if Sarah go we usually don't do volunteers need or have you reached your limit on ball we can never have an iPhone and we have not reached their limit. Again last year more than 3500. People volunteered for the Salvation Army throughout the year we couldn't do without our volunteers. There's something you would rather have done with your professional life. Not at no. No second notes are now there's no no second guessing and mean as a teenager I thought it was going to be V corporate owner of something like PetSmart used to. To manage an aquarium sport. Because you never had trouble fished inspired off fish didn't you know. I enjoyed that and I really thought I would start this corporate chain. There's nothing more fulfilling than what they do in my rich now. Not when it comes to financial things. But I'm extremely wealthy when it comes to blessings and knowing people's lives have been changed and when do anything else with it and start all over. I kicked a forty something years ago Tay nobody's ever thanked me for Christmas. OK thank. You can't pay their radio and it's a first aid I think there appeared a little bit like I don't know I don't know this is just not very long it felt OK here we are just a few days away from a Christmas and then we wanna encourage people. Put some money in the red kettles and you know the spirit moves and they can he can volunteer for a lot of things he can be done with Salvation Army. And we appreciate you do you take some time with a us this morning talk about it. Every supported these interviews every year makes me feel good you guys are dealing and hope. And it's good. Our guest sees major Joseph we are commander this the Salvation Army here and Cedric county that's all for this edition of issues Tony seventeen. We'll be back next week thank you for listening I'm Steve Macintosh.