ISSUES 2018 04/22/18

Steve McIntosh
Thursday, April 19th
Ed Pavey is retiring after 28 years as director of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. He discusses 49 years as a law enforcement officer, and training thousands at the Center

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This is issues Tony 189 Steve Macintosh and our guest is Ed page B director of the Kansas law enforcement training center. Welcome to issues Tony Taylor Dent Ed tries to have you that's who actually it's my understanding that you decided to retire. Or putting your decision about it. Or several factors of them are brother keeps asking me you know when you're gonna retirees. The little bit older than myself and a in looking at two or rip with a trade center to presently in Dubai region to come June will be 49 years in this profession and a I think collectively it's a good time due to step aside and let someone else will take the reins to have you been. Enjoyed running this center every means you've been out there for quite awhile. That's a good good question yes is the answer of have done a great staff over the years in. They've made me look good and for that I appreciative. How many years have you been at the law enforcement training center now it's Lugar reported on your aunt to center. Oaks who revolt forced with a lot. That's law enforcement center then that the law enforcement so reported to have your only eight naff okay I'm good tonight I just love numbers. Tell us about your career in law enforcement before. He took that did a training center job 28 and a half years ago. Well I started playing at a young age seventeen as a full time moon dispatcher. Under sheriff Vern Miller. It's under county sheriff's office and progress through the ranks and retire does move division commander of corny and a half years later new and to join the campus law enforcement training center. To what Z years ended that you started to senator 1980 and 1989. And that. That is located for those who don't know your pretty close to Yoder and not about a mile west tomorrow also food go to recalled to. Confusion over campus. Percent and one time it was an air force base are so it was a regular station was mission of recurring theme parks naval air station. Current middle of kit adds a second world war two and current cost makes perfect answer this just in case you. Oh why did you read let's take you back into little further than that when you knew. Decide on a career in law enforcement and. When I was at heights high school which. Your words probably an option to vote Weston school I don't know don't know if it ever Miller came due I saw a school to heavily career day and fifteen doing cornea of a soon were her room and he explained about the law enforcement and that it piqued my interest and Orlando both Jordan and cadet program that he was establishing for the first time and it took off from there what you were set and that was 1969. He's a two year you graduated blitzes 7470. Okay. Okay then Deb you've already mentioned I think one person whose influence your career in open that B Vern Miller. Dollars in other people of influence your career along the way and I think future of the three sheriffs worked Ruth over the port and a fearsome for Miller Johnny dollar mark keel haul brought to a thanks to the table that I admired about two of them leaders and rumba. In the 1970s on revenue individual or wished Obama and Hillary Welch. Who worked for the FBI agent became recorded blurry and he went on to become the director of campus law enforcement trainer server and then shortly there after became the director of New York catch for a investigation. And learn became close friends and really truly admired. Howard conduct himself and and do what he taught me about to light from it and probably also booked a law or anything specific about it I mean just the way that they interact with people just her character and their behavior and there. And how they. Conduct themselves in a row the public and to me and and and staff and some law enforcement agencies that are having difficulty in recruiting and retaining officers entered her to this. What are your thoughts on that prospect were a different generation of applicants so today's. Effect through. Two days applicant may be looking for little more flexibility in the in the Liu. Positions. In terms of weekends off but it evenings off on have to work holidays. That may be looking better from risk vs reward. Do they get paid to have quite a bit from the Russo after undertaking. And I think you're fully aware of room in today's environment. Law enforcement culture is under high scrutiny. Be in second guessed in a lot of cases about there decisions. So you know on today's market to maybe it's not a job that took everybody wants to and to no blood for. Quotas lets you elaborate on that a little bit about to them people do in second guessing what doctor. What would you say two person considering. A career in law enforcement I was just a young person did. Even somebody who's not 32 fours I suppose could start out right. We give them at all ages or do you turn sooner especially the ones that took may be coming out of the military. Later in life and applied to be and off sherbet. It's a great job occupation of sort of a reward and occupation if you liked. Working with people helping people solving problems. As soon chipper you humbling position to do think. We could use a lot more people who apply in that too would like tuned to serve and protect how many people do you actually trained in a year and a senator there. The numbers are pretty decent stable over the years it's about 400 officers annually of basic training programs and another 101000 and continue nude. The 101000 for armor was the veteran officers salute you. Are working well on the streets of the detector usually. Patrol off usually have to have forty or succumb to unit annually to maintain their law license. And so we get a lot of books in romo's from what goes into that. Training and episode from a disease can be you know we call school law an accident investigation and the advanced to a areas or could be a crime scene school. Next week you were conducting an 83 day fair and impartial fleecing. During the trigger school so limited than you go from agency. On the topics what are you you're the people come from the day you'll the center they come from all over the state to we are the central headquarters for all law enforcement to a training in Kansas. To give an example Kuerten in Cedric county of valor ceremonies perks are the derby. He's real rules real load and overall rules committee produce under ruptures toast particularly juicy. As well those the other agencies around the state there's 431. Police agencies in Kansas. It does so we're we're really good client. Group ticker deleted your your actually estate agency. We are you part of the University of Kansas whole organization. Stated mr. Were funded by the legislature and do. Were considered socially. As you want a more than pleasant aspects of your job as stealing those folks alleged nature for times and impart her. What's it how you interact with him through a contaminant. In they did they get a better attitude I mean they've just like you we think they're all of this is there something there isn't. There's always so much money to go around him to go all the different things that people feel were important public safety use schools. Of the courts and there goes on. From the airport you have the budget process every year that we're budget process and you know firstly there are funding comes from the legislature. Of movement effect I was in front of the legislature 2016. And they grab those so you can funding for you have a dollar 25 cents on every license tag. So every time you renew your license or one dollar reported process comes or Caylee PC fund. Belgium reacts did you spend it wisely we do you think you do or do you have timid too many lunches on the boss not over yet another conservative orders are separated cleanly and to look at. It is a little the short sketch of the training agenda when who have what people go through additional. When an officer who prosecute TC there you live in a dormitory. From Sunday night through Friday evening they get to go home on weekends and of course itself was three Munson link for the fourteen weeks. In new topics cover from any news or use of Columbia accident investigation could be law. Driver training you know the use of farms and use of force and verbal skills of how to defuse do escalate situations. Again it goes from a disease and it to that takes those three months basic. Turning what ended what are the obligations let's say somebody you've got to recruit. From Wichita PDR Irish centric county sheriff are they required to come. To your your center Arnett. I work to have security single one is the director of Caylee to receive the others the group replete stream for the state of Kansas. In that capacity. Like a licensed or certified the academies of certain jurisdictions if there's indeed. Which toss to pushed programs sure have their own academies. They're all officers go to those academies and we do the same with our patrolled Salina Kansas City Topeka Lawrence. In the Johnson County metro orders economy that we license to you all salt all he's only smaller towns and many of them do have a police officer or two. 50% produced a little over for 2% of the agencies in Kansas of those former 31 agencies have five or fewer officers. While Floyd in their jurisdictions now. Do listen to issues Tony eighteen on the intercom radio stations our guest is Ed Davey director of the Kansas law enforcement training center. Again is. Facing or facing or looked welcoming retirement here not too much further in the future on the screen and hit. Officer involved shootings seem to be of more common occurrence recently than in the past is there a trend there Ed. It or been talking about we don't think there's a tree and that two of the loose change manifesting. We do think victory more coverage of it by the media organizations. With a torn for a new recycler rebellion to. And do so with the issues have been surfacing around the country who were high profile shootings. The KBR aired Kansas tries to trek script Amish shootings or or. And just talking to the director of the few guys yesterday. There's no formal national data release of the two tracks. Officer involved shootings were a good to have some research abortion and post sales. Contracting fatal. Culture auction ahead of them in over the last three years there all between 950000. Fatal shootings. So there are pretty stable and are numbers there doesn't seem to be an increase or decrease with to a and just like there's more awareness of a now days. You say is around nine and the between Canada's thousand a year over the past three dollar 151000. Teacher for the last three years and Sodexo support for those folks who don't understand media. And the way it works is like you say we do have a 24 hour news cycle now and a lot of media out there and sometimes it seems like an event is being. Covered. Overpowered but it speaks so many people are covering this same story right there more work slow over yet from the media attention to. So these or any thing behind all of this that's we should know about it is it's affected. That people have more guns or does anything like that. Who we really knew the answer to that you know both we have he thinks so I was thrown out. But I tell you the conversation. In the law enforcement circles lose that we need to get back to us. Compliance improve individuals would comply with the cultures director uses commands. And not be region in her pocket sort run lean over or making court movement so. That might go a long ways in helping reduce some of these salute those shootings at two that we've heard about. Ten and how to get that message out. I mean education message that you and I got for a moment that probably education. A move or young people in the schools Levy is maybe the schools is a good starter via. At least part of as civics class or something like that maybe it a week long and yet that's a good idea good idea. How important to it is to use of a body camps by police officers. In today's environment were fired into the it's really. Very important to benefit for both the community you have for the officers involved. It sometimes gets to a point worth to to capture Saddam Hussein would want to do what it to at what point in time. But to or given indulge you on the basketball referees make and call him on the on the floor. And they go black Anders question whether video reference made the right call and they presuming him on four different camera angles and they still kept her. Whether there is the referee made the right call or whether the call should be overturned. The bottom camera gene assay weren't they will capture the moment that it occurred. But it may not provide all the answers and never once looking for decent isn't it it's good to have them I think it's good to have bought a terrific food of the benefit outweighs the the disadvantages. And I've been told by the sheriff or as the police chief that. A lot of times you you'll bring in a as someone who's involved in the conflict and if they're asking. To see the body Campbell what happened and they changed their minds when they see what's there sometimes it did give some more troops and they knew about. That's true but June 3 benefit members disadvantaged and everything that we do in life and to me I think this is a benefit to to have. That to most people would agree that. Lotta times or consult the answers to them to the questions. Kansas lawmakers have relaxed the laws for carrying firearms. You know any thoughts on that end. It auto chairman personal opinion about two. Some things but I will tell you that the legislators. Enact the law or create the law. It's up to law enforcement to uphold the law. And do told mark my friends. Outside the law enforcement to maybe carry weapons to be sure to train Wear them would be sure to understand the weapon wardens function is. And be sure to understand where you can use it in what type of situation and we notes. And just vertical I was thinking whether it is visible offer the option to make you do your job more difficult or just different. In and saying as their source big guns go yes yes it's been an all forceful vultures are worth that to yourself that are from. Personal security I haven't traditionally have to think that. Whoever used up on a trip except there's there's a beautifully done yet. To nose but today law enforcement there's no safety anyway you're right. And hit it and about a innovative. We haven't seen a great to have Malibu. Situations have risen since the carry concealed. I don't know in law enforcement Jerusalem there was skepticism whether we're gonna serial law out of accidental shootings of a lot of people brandishing guns and I think we've had some instances that have been reported but to a it has been overwhelming though today's cuts faced people. Who have mental challenges more and more often seems like. Maybe the mental institutions have opened their doors to everybody out sometimes and being facetious and you have. You any thoughts and and you train for that now ahead. We train out of basic training. It's called special populations and we turn into a crisis intervention team tourney which you. Teaches deal escalation skills of the verbal and do it. We're also. It was a with people who to from suffer from mental illness to get their perspective and do. But we're not only do that to the topic of totaled almost we do we ought to zone where do we. The elderly. There to hold special populations the law enforcement typically comes in contact with. And drugs and it is we believe these but some of these people are just tired ideas that affect Kosher for Easter do. Others will tell you that to the crime being committed here and so recount and elsewhere around the state in the country. A lot of its first from people's programs that in fact he told me that on this but you're sitting. About 23 or four weeks ago OK he's very same things in dollars and one from these drugs have a lot to do the threat that we'd cross tricks and they need money due to yen burglaries and sheriff's as a way to do it. In your training. That curriculum Ed do you. Jeff courses. That address racial profiling. We're do we vote been heavily involved and that since about 2002 million we've adopted Dario Kirk to a model hope for an impartial policing. Doctor lord for battles for the nation's leading experts in knowing racial profiling and in doing. A biased policing funeral research but effect her crew will be securely to see you next week for another one of book. Our trainer trainers to keep plenty of instructors available in the state to keep this Kerney concept dormant talks about. Implicit and explicit biases that everyone. Has viruses with the you know order naught if maybe you as a result of the environment that you grow opium. But sometimes a manifest themselves. Of soaps so consciously. In doing your perceptions your behavior will be reflective of those viruses and we. We try to future recognize those who do and how to contain two good point because most folks don't stop to think. How do I think about people who are different from me a little shopping for ten seconds. And think about it we what are stereo typing pneumonia yet. If news you know what would your typical response previously in an individual. Pollution and shopping basket around downtown which stalled sought more yeah. What your whole homeless drug addicts something like that there are certain types of perception W may have a little biased towards the people of that type. Intact and very alternately us. Shares some thoughts of you already talked about this little bit that overall media coverage of crime and law enforcement any cabinet decision almost fifty years. Locally let's talk about locally locally effort to in my. Perspective. It is there's been pretty fair. In the coverage of things that were all around her there called out law enforcement to times when. We knew we needed to be. Given some scrutiny of him do it but they're the first ones there helpless when we need help him do. Look back at your career from the day that you started it to a two WBB thank Susan. Beckham was a late sixties and English so 1970 that's correct him and do you being a professional. Doing this for years and I know guys like Dan Dillon who were worked carefully I can Wear group and others and it orders. Been fair and in doing what. Balanced the interesting thing is it it's a local level. We see you guys who we know we. And utilized the truck where where people loot to each other instances of pose a national coverage something like that go right to say this man overboard perspective you would do. You can say it if you want to put. Interest and nobody else tells before that hey listen. Just a quick sidebar. The 1970 started in June of yet you know 1970 KWBB. Won the first stories I covered. Was. A little disturbance at a place called heights high school. And I saw Vern Miller out there that you may have been there are reserved for angry I was there we didn't know what but we would collide again isn't it amazing up you know as there are 48 years later. It is and if we're talking to object I'll. That is a dangerous situations in your career that came up the fugitive seek out her mind most guys would come up to something that. Been ballroom few over during the time I was on the streets and in the seventies and do. There memories but a distant memories now the USG OK those silly it's an interesting thing and if you heard a share she patrol I think about highway patrol's well. You covering a big geographic area finds out that sometimes at night you're out there all by yourself there's nobody within twenty miles on the right. What I was on the streets Suze and our work to the second to the till which who's we have three to eleven shift and on some sites really have four officers would deputies in the entire county while so. Typically you would make a call by yourself from the back of it was on its way you might take fifteen reports from slapped you up. As you face retirement. Orwell commit to Yemeni regrets about your career no no regrets whatsoever. They commit the right choice. In new you know that career tourist back when I was younger youngster and a it's to have been a great road paved what are you most proud. Mario wife food for 42 years coming Gnomedex to a Monday and three dollars. We are great husbands and Boone my grandkids and and the crew that I had to do through the RO and one yeah I knew I knew you'd say that I thought kind of what you about the career most proud of in your career. Do you have. Pass on your influence from these other guy should I hope that I've been able maker if you end very soon. And both Achille DC in May be back soon embodies so becoming you know ensure food or readers through. That's what you always hopeful okay. But he can do with your time you when you retire my wife won't let me retire as she knows a driver crazy. Well my web access said the same thing about to come stay out of her warrior and out of Peru retain them so that's automotive. Do whatever I feel like doing a morning spent a little more time watching some of the grand kids activities that may have missed over the years and and maybe do little more efficient. I think Jeff's senior the couple lows. I thought activity and I've been looked to have a little basketball and basketball games and so forth that's what's been an interesting. Run for me I'm sure you need to get your. It's like did you get a covering site seat on our community over the years and and what's happened here and Cedric county and and in Wichita but also. You don't ring side seat on the entire state value at these people covenant and and our dozen young people who you see really that much different from from our generation though we like to think that there. They're not as Smart as us it and so forth but his serve big big difference is think. At the sick they have a maybe a little different perspective on the work environment again flexibility. We fields off for babies whose salary ought to be a little higher. And I can just tell you from the law enforcement career may not pay the best but it's pretty steady work trying to. Elders have always a need for a good law enforcement officer but were an island just a look and on behalf of all over blisters and and a folks who don't know what he has been a pleasure working with kids. Until a little bit like obituary today could you do it when people retired sit in the bush have a little bit of flavor like. We'll see around somewhere and homegrown you'll see even more rude granddaughters basketball games that we were frequent tune to a and I'll still be room grew about two. But Ronan or a Casey think fishing what kind of fishing elected do do little but Metallica and best solution to a Catholic priest and the lake and that's. That's about all you can just selective channel channel cat. And bass and there's a car now on and those Kaczur carpool buddy what's your favorite and I've I've killed little time here because what you're favored based. But for your great reviews typical worms. It works ordering it it didn't work zone that takes me back to my childhood while our analysts and again we wish you all the best. In your retirement and we appreciate your your service. To our community in their state and thank you so much for spending some time with meandering repression answer. But usually refer to it comes time due to assure this roots are just as a baby director of the Kansas law enforcement training center for for a few more days. And that's all for this edition of issues Tony eighteen. We'll be back next week thank you for listing I mean Steve back in to watch.