It’s What The Syrup’s Made Of that Matters

The Good Life
Saturday, December 2nd

Guy’s visit with Karin Campion wraps up with more talk about the organic ingredients in Karin’s syrups and great uses for them.


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Yeah. That's what. Authentic Aaron champion she's the founder of Sonoma serve company and we've talked about several products care malware on break I. I opened up via the sweet and sour and soon as I put it to my lips and and smelled it and took a little slip on that and where you hit the nail on the head you could add this to. Any kind of sparkling water. And make a great bloke how healthy beverage. And if you wanted to sweep put a you can put little honey unit do. Or are herb. You know Steve VS Mike that. What a what a great beverage and I imagine just drinking this whole you're getting all kinds of vitamins and good things. Because it is it. We can't hide the truth treatment for hours that there's a 100% pure Meyer lemon juice you reach eleven she is. Key lime juice prism lime and orange though it is meant to give you that balance the bad break citrus leaf paper. That you could use for me and whiskey sour you can't be my favorite is like you put in inspecting a water. Are healthy patriots'. Though the little fat double a much trouble if Goran. Screw it at the vodka out and make a sweet and sour five citrus Martinis. Absolutely and of narcotics he continued you can make your cocktail or you can put man blockade it couldn't. Pour it over their part of ice cream part of a fresh fruit so. But that went into it and really could helpful. Flavor and also I love mixing that with our apple fighter. Drinking and a card so you can scatter it even helped here in the next hour. Lending miscue. Before we talk about vinegar and that's that's next for brief period. I poured some compliment pumpkin pie lot they've Europe into a little glass. Well that was a mistake issues dragon on the ballot so thick that it it sticks to the side of the glass on the way to my lit at but. Well the media that is that we are using organic future though. When the crazed based ice rocket lattes. Came under early you'd like twenty of 2012. You might not work well they have the flag for why not put Shas. Fresh organic pumped in Iraq. And it and so we were really the first company to view the real pumpkin pies latte which you can do real spices and organic have interrogated about competing at that context so it is that enough that you camp wherever they cream. And cake. People pretty in their whipped cream for eyes. Well I light patted your eggnog for a little and in eight. Hi an odd. Well. I'm glad you said ice cream we have. The founder of Freddy's frozen custard to good friend of mine and it's from Wichita and Freddy's frozen custard server now. Even on a chop Pollack is one of my favorite things he did meet him. Pouring this Europe on top of that it's pumpkin pileup they serpent opera Freddy's Vanilla frozen coaster would be a real treat them. Absolutely or I can even keep pouring it over chocolate ice cream filled immediately hit it you can blended mix flavors then. I'd just create all your signature. You don't dessert for your friends and family and to celebrate with them that you know this holiday season. All right let's talk vinegar. I got a bottle of organic unfilled third apple cider vinegar in the fridge and I'm you know I'm trying to take a shot of that every day and and I like vinegar Doug could be wrong but this is so potent that stuff that I have that. You know you just gotta tip and after lips trying get two or three swallows come before your mouth pucker closed. Not a OK what I do it. I K I checked the bottle and the beauty of art that that has quite panic lemon and Vanilla extract that would lend it out. And create the litter. An effect on your palette. So I just take its cable animal shot class. I squeezed Meyer lemon or. Whatever let me have available. And at about four ounces of water shoot a little shop class and I just drink into the morning cup match litter. And it's it's just and beautiful healthy product in king live and to look after the holidays but I'm glad that you're that you're doing that now. It. I like vinegar and but drinking at your your technique sounds better than Monica trying to choke it down out of a bottle roll you know but. The beauty and the test is you can actually sprinkler on your palate with your olive oil on the path are getting that help speed benefit and it. Absolutely delicious and electable. Or you can me if you get whenever catalogs. It will show you how to make homemade fruit Democrat so you can use V. Are passed to them or apple cider vinegar. Or ill thought happier. And use any of our apps like pomegranate and Meyer lemon and you have the beautiful fast simple. Electable. Democrat he is on your outlet. Well really great stuff but she got to go to Sonoma serve dot com. Right across the top on the far right side it says catalog requests. Do that today. But more importantly you can of cruise the recipes. You can order products you can ship it to your friends and relatives and and you'll be a hero this holiday season. I'm gonna do and I already are you have created a count them I'm ready to start ship. I I think oh well thank you so we can give something away which I appreciated and among Lister well. What are we gonna give. Don't ask of them served if facts. So it the quintessential an amateur at culinary experience so you have be apple cider vinegar which we just talked about. Our Vanilla beans Herat with Madagascar NT Haitian canola. And iron that bad things that we are under pressure on developing crash which is our top selling that no less. Extracts so that's a little. Get stat that we love to share with prominent Kansas. Out great well look so folks if you wanna get a get a a handle on this birthday should go to the website look and see what you might get that warm partly ought to do is be the fifth caller of the area code 316. 86913. Thirty call now and I will say Karen thanks so much for being a part of the good life today. I think you fell flat. You have a great weekend and net. Made holiday season in the new year be top dog person on the serve crummy. I'll tell you that they we. We love and keeping happiness with everywhere and I encampment that thank you very much. Thanks. Okay calm now again 31686913. 38 beautiful gift pack from Sonoma surf company. We'll be right back with a great one of the week and oh by the way congratulations to Dennis Russell in Winfield Kansas he was the lucky winner of meat heads. The science of great barbecue grill we'll be right back don't go away.