It is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras is coming to an end

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 13th

It is Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.


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So they did that Patriot Act like don't wanna go to learn. I'm hoping we can talk with ten or something. 97 is thirteen thirty days in advance as senator Stevens kid in the morning at 847 minutes. Three big things. Residents drops your budget has a four trillion dollar price tag. For the big increase in the federal debt CU police arrested one suspect in which as the latest on the side looking for three more. Which of us authorities changes calendar for next fall short as days of a longer school years. Three big things Steven dead on kick in a sense. And right now in traffic we have eighty traffic accident this is. Northbound 1935. Minutes north of Broadway approaching the north junction there also remembering 9 AM this morning. They've got to be southbound ramp from time. I won 35 to ninth street that is going to be closed until one. And Franken can SS brought to budget Robin Carol Goodyear tire. It'd downtown market in Waterman did ease every street volatile money pro star dot com all of the 3490 royalties. Sunny breezy and warmer today with a high of 54 degrees partly cloudy tonight feels like 830 name. Wednesday partly sunny breezy and warmer still tomorrow's night 169. Minutes. Now partly cloudy 27 degrees south wind at nine miles per hour. Can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramping burdens of this piece in the state of Kansas. The monarch over the military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo. Doris Kearns. And one hopes her new book will remind readers that career politicians can become great presidents. Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt had been in politics a long time Goodman said during a recent telephone interview as she discussed her upcoming book leadership. Which comes out in September Simon and Schuster told the Associated Press. The book will focus on four presidents with that Goodwin had written about before Lincoln. Roosevelt Lyndon Johnson and Franklin Franklin Roosevelt the two roosevelts. Donald Trump selection was unprecedented because of his lack of experience in politics. And reflected the mood of the country because people were frustrated by the broken political system she says. But. Goodman says she wanted to write about it time and experience of politics is valued. One of the country's. Most popular historians given. Has been much real life writing about politics participating in them she is married to former Johnson's speech writer Richard Goodman and he was and she was White House aide to LBJ Lyndon Johnson course. She has been here in Wichita the chamber of commerce veteran for speech a few years ago and we were able to put her right here in Stephens said yup and you know and it actually got. The copy of her book. About. Lincoln's cabinet and monogram that the meter doctor. And she is of course obvious he's a liberal cheeses at the Johnson and Kennedy type liberal but that he's pretty pretty good writer reaching as far as I'm concerned. Coke Brothers are spending millions to attack too vulnerable Democrats in Missouri for voting against the Republican tax overhaul. The code based group Americans for prosperity plan to launch a four million dollar advertising campaign. It's Missouri's senator Claire Mac us. McCaskill and Indiana's senator John and Joseph Donnelly. And AFP spokesman says. The ad campaign will run on TV and the Internet for three weeks beginning Thursday pollsters that they're not going to advertise on radio. As they don't believe in the power radio don't just Kennedy TV and an Internet missed lose. Move. Barnes & Noble the nation's largest bookseller says it's laying off staff after a week. Holiday shopping season company declined to give the number of job cuts. The cuts come after New York based Barnes & Noble said last month that. Sales at established stores slid six point 4% during the crucial nine week period ending December 30 I was out at Barnes & Noble a couple of times. Buying gifts for people I know and and I can tell you we had to wait lying than there was played business going on I think Barnes & Noble just want to cuts. Cut some people and they're just gonna make any excuse they want to shame on you. Eight. Edit Destin area and 852 Stephen dead. And you military aircraft could have an impact on Wichita aviation editor bill that would stop business journal is with us this morning good morning bill. Give morning Stephen Ted a bomber with Wichita ties expected to lead to the early retirement of the B one and B two bombers. Talking about aircraft of course the B 21 raider. Will result in the US air force beginning to retire its fleet of B ones and B twos around 2030. But the B 52 which has been in service since World War II is getting a new lease on life. To be 21 is one reason Wichita at Spirit Aerosystems announced it would spend a billion dollars expanding in our thousand workers. Mary trust credit union sees opportunity in car loans company has decided to make auto loans and even bigger part of its business portfolio. Mary trust grew its direct auto lending business 18% in 27 team vice president Jamie Harrison says that moniker that business another 10%. In Google says it's willing to share the company developed a new kind of computer chip to power artificial intelligence systems. Now Google says it will allow other companies to buy access to the chips through a cloud computing service a move highlight sweeping changes. In the way modern technology is built and operated. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and what to top business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Today is Fat Tuesday. I'm feeling it that's pressure yeah. Every day as fat to use it trio now hangs there certainly is trove Tuesday and a Mardi Gras this. In during celebration as many traditions and deep roots around the world so tomorrow is. That your bill has his card of all outfit on yeah exactly. Big feathers and blues and now everybody thought it was Elton John when you walk in the building and a good to have you Alaska and so people would know afternoon. Yet that had an ease I gotta be down here bullet is coming out and regulate mister you better just told the bark and you know I'm but I'm at a party today and party David dean tomorrow you better start just you know straightening up from flying right you know saying that your they have guys I hear you're carrying a lot of baggage. No definitely I'll payment. Let's hear part today but at that today get out I. You know we've I know we've mentioned this a couple of is world radio day at actually help we can't celebrate world radioed. What can we celebrate while he got a couple of Marconi winners here you gotta celebrate exactly and terrific terrific medium that did when we were young fellows we've we've been listening the radio for you know news sports specially sports and and it you know 109 unit gained real aside we wanted to we wanted to be in radio and and it is it's it's a great great debt. Medium in net. We don't have to spell everything out for you we we do you list as we know you're Smart enough to use your imagination in indoor hero it's exactly. The very personal I mean you know him you can make you people make connections to people who were on the air like you guys is right. And but I'll tell you what and between you and I had to Edward where three of the finest people you'll ever wanna meet. While you got that drive and nobody can dispute that because we're on the radio. Thank you thank you guys 850 and he did send a network coming up at 9 o'clock a suspect arrested in which about latest homicides even in the morning. On K and SS. Great.