It is primary election day in 4 states

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Tuesday, May 8th
Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina all have primary elections today.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We've just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the kingdom to support you received at the UK thank you talk. A fatal accident west of Wichita we've got the story on the accused of sex crimes involving one of distant. More information on the death of Wichita toddler he's got the story behind it would work. I'm okay MFS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 89 for the high in Wichita and we may get even warmer this afternoon. Our complete forecast is coming up. One person is dead one critically injured after a truck parked car. And fire west of Wichita. Just before 4 AM first responders for calls to 183. Street west of MacArthur. Cedric county sheriff Brad sheriff captain Bryan Hoch says groceries in that truck were ignited. This is dry groceries we can see some of that good drivers things we see him nearly every minute version store. There's no I've hazardous and Gerald Pacific right now I'm Betty just continues to burn because it was completely full best driver entrance. Thirty to forty gallons of fuel spilled into a ditch traffic closed on west MacArthur right now. High school teacher in Mays has been arrested. Accused of sex crimes involving one of his students 44 year old Johnny Paul Gilbert and was arrested and booked into the Sedgwick county jail on Monday on suspicion of two counts of unlawful sexual relations and one count of failure to report suspected child abuse. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says the arrest came after an investigation by the Sedgwick county sheriff's office and the exploited and missing child unit into possible sexual relations between the teacher and a seventeen year old student. You Overton is a police and fire science instructor at maize high. He is also taught it may sell high school and the maize academy along with being a former police officer for the city of Andover. Many school district officials are cooperating in the investigation which is ongoing no bond for you Overton has been set at this time Phil held a grand KE SS news. Board today on the death of a toddler last Friday morning emergency crews were called to a report of a child on breezing. In which does Riverside neighborhood in the 800 block of north would grow. Initially when EMS arrived. CPR being administered by a family member who arrived on scene and they looked child immediately. And took over and they know assessment severe trauma. To the child's head and face. And there's no explanation for that time provided by. The mother of the boyfriend or else. Police lieutenant Jeff Gilmore says two year old Anthony bung died Sunday morning investigators believe those trauma injuries were inflicted by the boy's mother and her boyfriend 22 year old woman. And 25 year old man were both booked into jail now face charges of felony murder and child abuse. There was also a child abuse investigation involving Anthony and the adults last October. That case was presented to the district attorney's office but there was not enough evidence to proceed with charges at that time. This is which caused nineteenth murder in eighteen weeks this year. A woman has died and fire officials believe it was the result of her intentionally starting a fire. Which a top fire lieutenant Jose okay eighties says it happened on the evening of Tuesday may first. When a Sedgwick county sheriff's deputy was serving a search warrant at a residence near McArthur and meridian. The deputy encountered a fire at the residents leaving three people suffering injuries. One patient with us your office there that was. Treated and released that evening where smoke inhalation. Second victim or effective patient was a male 36 year old which suffered second degree burns to his right arms and hands he was released a couple of days later. The third person harmed in the fire was 48 year old Kimberly shock. Who died during the weekend investigators believe that she intentionally started the fire is the deputy was serving a search warrant. This is the fourth fire fatality in Wichita in four months this year. Two new cracks have opened in Hawaii and Hawaii and subdivision. Emitting Lawler and gas for 35 structures have already burned down but killer whale volcano on Hawaii's big island is still erupting. And while the situation may seem unusual eulogized Janet Babb says this kind of volcanic activity is normal. This is throw it to black tape these students can open. They've they've been opening fairly quickly a crack develops and steam comes out that a lot of steam and then a lot of what issue. And so. It's fairly typical fissure eruption activity. Residents of the united area are being allowed to check on their property during daylight hours but must be prepared to leave on short notice. They can assist you timeouts settle for 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Home baseball action tonight for the Wichita State baseball team and another component of shocker men's basketball appears to be leaving. We'll have those details coming up in sports save millions of menus will now include calorie counts injury that. That story coming up on the Taylor is as boring is receiving says that. Seven and thirteen 33 minutes is deep in the morning seven only 8 minutes and 7 o'clock. New apartments are opening in downtown Wichita it is his views and mayor Jeff Long Will about the possibility of a grocery store in the downtown area we will. Soon have almost 2000 units that would equate. You know 4000 people roughly. And and downtown apartment or condos in that inning continue to climb and as they continue to share for the inspect critical map that'll drive the industry dependent those kinds of amenities may well. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor on the Steve into the morning show here on Kerry and SS. Millions of menu boards are changing to reflect the calories in your meal. You'll now be able to tell how many calories are in that butter flavor on your popcorn or the twinkie a drop as vending machine. Full implementation of a new law passed in 2010 has been delayed several times but now all restaurant chains in the US with twenty or more locations must post calories on many news. The new rules also apply to supermarkets convenience stores movie theaters and most vending machines. Supporters say that with one in three Americans obese than new menu rules could help many reduce caloric intake opponents say it's an unnecessary burden on businesses. Rich Dennison Fox News. New Jersey school may have taken in inclusive that he policy too far. This new policy in Hanover park high school in east Hanover New Jersey that either every one makes that cheerleading squad or no one guys drawing fire from parents and students school officials say they made the change after a parent complain that their child didn't make the team after trying out last month the school says the goal is to make the squad more inclusive some parents say when they complain the principal threatened to disband the squad the school board is now reviewing the policy it's not clear when a decision will be made Lisa -- -- Fox News. 710 on 10 minutes and 7 o'clock Stevens says. Continue avoiding that area were re had eight fatal traffic accident earlier and a vehicle on fire there that was and at. McCoy on MacArthur and 183. Street west MacArthur shuts down there. So just continued to avoid that area again at 283. And MacArthur traffic update from Kate and as best radio I've yet chambers. And other kid is in store Packers record canister of Kansas City meteorologist. Laura abandoned newborn Lauren. Hey good morning it's up pretty warm out there are ready and help her out talking about summertime heat in the short term. Current temperature around the airport seventy degrees were looking and makes the clouds and sunshine. Also feeling a breeze on the south at sixteen gusting at ties to 24. The Witasick around to the day today let's help booster temperatures. I don't for a high of ninety today and his would easily be the first ninety degree read so far this year. As we go to the evening hours allowing for small potential for some showers and storms have really expecting at severe weather with Abbott some of those stronger storms could easily drop a little bit of pale potentially says size of Nickels and gusty winds to fifty miles per hour. Drying out for tomorrow we're back to the ninety's again mrs. puck unbelievable that we're talking about the first week of may early may and had temperatures this Mormon it's not really anything record breaking. But still it was that you mentioned yesterday I check this out to see if we're anywhere close for. Not really to that point but this is a usable for this time of year. I'm sucking it our weather's conducive weather and radar screen it and the show's. A little bit of a shower right out around Dodge City and again it's small looks and small and and it. Just a little bit of range idea that seed in making it down to the surface so that got out. Yes and letting out a little teases out there and it's like that really make it down to the ground. But yeah I assistance. Sticky out there entail. Well if you go to the pool. Until today that's not open yet for right. Yeah my instructions and I can look but I can't tots table particularly those those little round the sprinklers in Peruvian beer garden hose just run through that back and forth. Arrigo and you feel like all the fun out you feel like a kid again right and whatever you do don't forget the sunscreen. All right I give me that I'm giving yet firsthand knowledge from years of abuse. Vote or get this industry a year someone that abuses that rule out the it got me there would I would should be careful look at. I know I'm not your Mumford editor. At OK I'll take any of us after a. Regular at the game is in the storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett are now we have partly cloudy sky arrived at seventy degrees and we have a south wind. Gusting to 24 miles per hour 713 Stephen 10 in the morning a lot of talk recently in the medium loosely about. The importance of mid term elections coming up when we. Make you you know we vote for House of Representatives and US senate. And how important that could be there could be a shift who knows in the India in the majority in the house and senate so we're watching this pretty close that we all are pretty it's primary day and 12314. States this morning. And with us is Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland good morning Rachel. Good morning at voters going to the polls before statement. But this situation of Republicans think their roster ready and it paid taxes they want to try to take on. Democrats and kind of vulnerable bait like an Indiana. Four line if Joseph Donnelly bear is it Democrats. And it. Senator and it looks like really because president and carry that eight IE nineteen point. As they have a good chance Republicans of taking him out. Is that the question is not a real. Knock down drag out and Indiana everybody trying to be true appeared nobody else. And bank analyst at rhino and so on and a lot of money spent a lot of that appetite being and it got pretty cutthroat. But we should note didn't mean today probably and which Republicans would be taking on it currently in the fall of the little watched West Virginia. As a wildcat type and actually weighed in on that yesterday. Can it surprised me is that maybe not really the that there is that the three candidates running to take on. Do mansion and in the fall and you know Don Blankenship apparently. The record doesn't think much of him because he was. Saying things are battling it out the transportation secretary saying that he. And making reference they're hoping for China when. What an alternate route and secondly she is from Taiwan look at. There's a difference the contrary. That day you know a year look at it forced HE city Indiana North Carolina Ohio and West Virginia and just as a is is the bill is an amateur and is okay a look at Ohio it's he'd that's where the most election in electoral votes are and debts so where you know who's the running in Ohio seems to be that would be important. Right that would is important Ohio as well and to watch Natalie and in the senate side and off the governor's race take a look now. When it comes to and because Aaron Brown is the one there ever Republican to going after I think he's. He's not as vulnerable. As day Joseph Donnelly in Indiana. Ohio the department statement. Note there are trying to get him out there is represented ten. Bernanke he's actually endorsed by president trump what they shot it and Jarrett Brown but also there's that that this man by the name Mike given. Literally have a whole applicable experience. He did have a lot of money. So. They are they're going after him shared proudly in his. He's pretty popular he's been does it matter that it will be easy to impeach him. And then having Ohio governor's race because you know junkie accused turns and it. Yeah we'll go to blue in there is bigger statement and it's competitive not even done a look at our members of congress former Cleveland hair. Andy he is going to he's he's going port. Governor at this Richard court to Friday is that the former had a President Obama particular financial protection bureau. To be looking at that Anita and eventually and on the Democrat side. There. There are Republicans going forward as well. As the attorney general Mac too blind lieutenant governor Mary Tyler tailored to date. As well. It's a line period the favorite there and in the primary contest so. Again it is setting up the situation see you need to be taking on new Republican Democrat or shot at Ohio governor. Rachel I admire you for just keeping straight who's got this tax. There is pegged you for your time this morning Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland big primaries today in Indiana and North Carolina. Ohio and West Virginia. Kind of on 718 now Steve intend on KE NS as and a time for sports. With dead but Bert you talk a little bit about baseball the shocker are back in action today or tonight writes it. Tonight at a stadium. The shots game four of a nine game homestand Wichita State posting Oral Roberts tonight shocks. And or you met. Two months ago way back in early march in Tulsa that was a 21 loss for the shocks in Tulsa tonight is the rematch in Wichita shocks of beaten. Oral Roberts six times in a row here in Wichita and keep that string going although Oral Roberts. Does come in on a nine game winning streak and they are atop the summit league. Shocker is an Oral Roberts tonight at at stadium might Kennedy has live pregame coverage at 5:30 PM game start at 6 o'clock tonight. This new soccer baseball this evening right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS. Take a look at Major League Baseball. The Kansas City Royals will be in action taking on the Baltimore Orioles tonight on the road royals beginning a three game series in Baltimore. Kansas City playing. Much better of late has won six of its last nine crawling out of last place in the division. Baltimore is not playing well they are the worst team in the league they are on a six game losing streak and they are really struggling. Royals in Baltimore 6 o'clock tonight listen live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. College men's basketball multiple reports indicate that Wichita State men's basketball assistant coach Kyle instead it's going to leave the shoppers. Foreign assistance spots with. Coach Rick Pitino and the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the Big Ten Conference title instead his Wichita native. And reports indicate he is heading for Minnesota. In NBA playoffs action last night in game 4 of the Eastern Conference in the semi finals the Philadelphia 76ers hosting the Boston Celtics. Trying to avoid a sweep Boston up three games to zero. Could it silly keep this season allotted you've heard now 76ers were able to get it done cinemas which charge of being erratic. And McConnell then on a drive lobs it to do well at a value. Horford had a couple over Brad Stevens thought that ball was over the basket civic screwed up that. Be dumped it. The former Kansas jayhawk Joseph well MB ED in the starting lineup for the 76ers with fifteen points and thirteen rebounds. Season kept alive by the 76ers they beat the Celtics 10392. Although Boston still up three games to one in the series thirteen rebounds good effort itself out and of course so you got a couple of jayhawks on the floor there MB for the sixers and Marcus Morris for the Celtics and apparently Marcus got in a little bit of a trash talking on on with Joseph well during the game because we're. Start this room always remembered vote. Well we'll see if the fifty governors often still up three games to London that one. Get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State shocker Sam Hilliard he is in double play with Colorado Rockies. In action last night had his fifth double of the season and scored Iran and also had an outfield assist them in right field. Former shocker Sam Hilliard. And well and double lay with the Rockies. And a happy birthday today to former Kansas City Chiefs punter Bob ruff who is 63 years old today. He didn't putt very long for the chiefs but his rookie year was pretty darn good he would as a rookie back in 1979. He was a Pro Bowl punter. Well he used year averaged 44 yards a punt in fact his longest of the year was a 74 yard punt. That's nice unfortunately he had a great earth here it never really followed up on but. He had one great year with the chief says a punter made the Pro Bowl Bob grub is 63 today of course you can hear she's football games. All during the fall right here on me. In Afghanistan since sport was Stephen says it's time for our prairie fire coffee break one K and an assist. Prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very fired coffee you're office just like Stephen did. Like calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com price 720 to give their for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Crimes of the Department of Justice. That's on the waist deep in debt on KE NN cents.