It’s All About The Ingredients

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Saturday, August 5th
Guy & Deepa discuss what Slow-Carb is and all the wonderful ingredients in her recipes.

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After weapons program but it is like being holiday season. Just show up every Saturday noon to one era in assets and my name's Scott Bauer an idea I loved. Indian food and we're talking with deep at Thomas her new book deepest secrets slow car new Indian cuisine. And deepen edit then of course and beg the question. What is the difference between slow car in low car. And me that question. So no. I mean. Well that week. As long that kind of the digested intended to that should that that might have a by the content. And no topic though it was in milk. This it and I don't believe and suffering if there is a you just I'm dying he have a more pollution. That make sure generally you wouldn't five. And that little it would convert shook is less likely. That entity is going to convert it back. And that's what it talked about in my book as well. The loading you'll see guys bringing up by the content. And the protein value is the best week. You know as you're talking implement through look at the index and I'm always a fan of books that. I feel like I got my money's worth of the first couple chapters. Provide greater information and certainly your kitchen essentials chapter chapter four. As for someone who is not. Cooked Indian food. Or use some of these spices this is like via central go to cabinetry. Addition that you have to come up with and it and we're talking about stuff that. Everybody is probably had at one time or another. But maybe doesn't keep in their pantry on a regular basis it's. And if it's a great list and what when let's talk a little bit we we were thumbing through. The wanna say it in correctly. That coming a little bit there's a little spies or a seasoning that his stride that I had. I don't I don't we're color hearing about and if I say it wrong correct me. Astle put Peta. Yes well that's an interesting alignment that extreme sounding word. And is so there's two. Resident about and it has a funny. And do it about ten view. A pinch hit it ignore that now is it is a bit stinky but when you put it into addiction especially mental. We're at who or. Guys. And each is more into this extracted it. These incredible depth and also it's healing properties. You've noted sky every one of my recipes you'll practically all of them. I allowed one main ingredient to talk about is nutritional value. I didn't want to make is that can book so I thought one ingredient on seventeen Furyk to be when he should do is fuel. The readers listeners the chance to. Understood and food and medicine while enjoying the paper. Yet at the pieces one of those crazy. Sounding. In Queens but it's widely used in mid lead stand and Indians he's seen. It in Shanghai in Andean country that it. He went and you know in. The ingredients are broken down by a fresh dried oil have been diggers and and miscellaneous. It in the fresh. There's currently news. Not as common and every growth shoe store but you can find them here in the midwest and then that begs the question what about curry powder. But you can buy quote unquote curry powder there's a tremendous difference and what curry is and what does seasonings go into it also about the recipe you have for Currie in in your book. Yet aria is always makes me laugh when I can't carry out their because it is entirely made up. Leave by the base. When they came to India. Because in India you wouldn't. Think of unity week I read about it it is its own signature blend of spices. About how quiet audition in a kitchen in India would make it happen to have on the ready predicting he'd. Grinding them and keeping them fresh but not longer than a few days has been different if rows of these same issues then. I thought that we've very often find themselves. I'm afraid in Oscar too much. I have what is it about pay cut it but having been on that idea in my recipe. Poll what by little by meant is that I think it's on page 26. And yet again began just. And invite. My that we needed. And I am happy to say it is oh my book launch July 4 is number one. In the the bookstores here and in that this government employment data green Amazon. And made eight guys he's in throughout the day all of minorities dot com. I am dedicating this incredible nonprofit. And here in America cold food court. Food he alive yet. And it's a nonprofit that is started by the brilliant. Young CEO. To address. Many issues mainly how to connect to American school going kids. If healthy food and healthy food habits. And the horror of the fact that one out of five of high school kids go to bed hungry in week upon week. Not acceptable lately I don't care what the politics are. We cannot do this most vulnerable. It is. And so I decided along with my husband it we've been so blessed you and the psychic front can media's mind I'm in the Olympic volunteer. But we. We. Until the question how much is an option. Money food except us. And I've decided to get all violent peace so my friends and well wishes that buying the book for what it went and the value to them but all of the giving this get. And run up the hill so we can generate more cash before the call. Well I think what you just did. First off thanks for bringing that up of ornaments recovered that but I think you've cinched it now at my wife and I talked about this. I think I just found I don't have to go Christmas shopping. Our I'm just don't know. In order a bunch of books and ship them to my friends at critical before we leave spices are deeper and tell us first up. In the curry recipe. The religious and run through this as fast like in its own laundry list that. Essentially coriander seeds crewman seeds fennel seeds and you see spent agree exceeds star needs for clothes teeth by the Carmen. Whole dried red chili is black peppercorns in the ground spices it's got to America ground ginger cinnamon grated Nutmeg and this. Weird sounding asset put the that. That just is such a unique blend and I will tell you that folks if you look at some of the recipes the list of ingredients especially when it comes to seasonings. Might be longer than you're used to in some simpler recipe books. But then the bat that's the benefit and that is the fun and that's where you can cut out some of the that the less healthy aspects of this so. Really cool I wanna talk about a few of the recipes deeper but can you stay with us for one more segment that we take a quick break. And please over the news this excellent. There are some so glad you tuned in every Saturday appointed to stay on work back and talk more with David Thomas. And then I've got so I've got not one not two but three great one of the weeks were gonna pays for the first time and I've got a couple. Professional tasters here with me. And we'll share our thoughts on these winds and of course you can get them reject the liquor and I think all three of them would go great with some of the recipes. And deepest secrets got a good life got X com there's a link that Amazon you can learn more about the book in the moon book were about people who promised our authors and guest today. We'll be right back don't go away.