It is tough to be a politician, but its tougher in Mexico

Steve & Ted
Thursday, June 14th
Mayors in Mexico are 12% more likely to be murdered than other citizens.

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Thirteen thirty CNN Santa games in the morning announcing seconds on its just the burden. Formal stuff police officers it's a nine year old girl when he hired her family's dog has pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery. Dexter bets entered the plea Wednesday. Prosecutors say best shot and a witch stuff families miniature English Bull Terrier twice on December 30. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett says a girl sitting on the floor next to the dog when it mood. And that's fired. Two men are dead after two semi trucks collided on US 54 Nick Collison in Pratt county Wednesday afternoon. This is in western Kansas Highway Patrol says a driver and only occupant of one semis 36 year old Patricio much to Reno. Of El Paso, Texas died at Pratt county hospital. A passenger in one of the trucks 42 year old Arturo Moore up a chaperone New Mexico died it Kingman county hospital. And the other driver was taken to Weston medical center in Wichita. In critical condition. Authorities in Kansas police officer died and his motorcycle. Crashed into another vehicle that had slowed to avoid a pedestrian walking on the roadway. The pedestrian was later arrested and faces charges of second degree murder and pedestrian. Under the influence. 48 year old concordia officer Mark Henry was killed Monday afternoon on highway 81 in Ottawa county. In northeast Kansas. A West Virginia man pleads guilty to burning his girlfriend to death. Dwayne Michael Lane pleading guilty Tuesday to murder and other charges against the advice of his attorney the 48 year old Dallas single in the Cox with gasoline in September then set the victim on fire in front of her daughter and her niece Cox died about two weeks later and hospital. Police believe flame burned his girlfriend during an argument in their home. Lane also pleading guilty to child neglect and domestic battery Steve Rappaport Fox News. At least 600 candidates have backed out due to violence Mexico City public policy group estimates that at least a 113. Candidates current and former politicians and staffers have been murdered this season alone the government's tally which tracks candidates' only lists 34 assassinations officially the situation is so bad that volunteers won't even a hand out flyers analysts believe criminal drug cartels and organized crime are behind many of the slings Kevin battled Fox News. And Al forecast with Cain is his staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan. Good morning a stretch of hot and dry weather is going to take us throughout the rest of the weekend ride on into the weekend if there's a ridge of high pressure builds into the central part of the country we get to about 97 for the high clear and warm overnight are low 74. Sunny and hot on Friday with a high 97. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday. Now mostly cloudy 75 degrees we have a southeast wind at ten miles per hour. It's a 733 now Stephen Ted in the morning June 14 Tony eighteenth Flag Day. And also was on the state in 1950 for the president Dwight. Signed a measure adding the phrase under god to the pledge of allegiance so to pledge allegiance of the flag under god was started in 1954. A young woman endured an exhausting ordeal when she got her and caught stock in a trucks over sized hail right. At a Minnesota music festival. Really firefighters used the powers sought to free the woman. From her predicament. At last weekend's winds stock music festival in new Winston to about forty miles west of Minneapolis. Video of the rescue was posted on FaceBook. It's unknown how the woman ended up with there head in a tailpipe. And again no alcohol may have been a fact yeah. The McLeod get a sheriff's office says she was cited for underage drinking and escorted out at least it didn't happen in Kansas well. We had tailpipe we've began and relations of the tailpipe. Just couple months news. Yeah. That was in a year detailed five apparent unfairly people. What sort steel pipe and an SD. Exhaust fumes come it's an opening he was will do anything you know opening Arrigo. A routine bathroom break for a miniature pool in the Twin Cities area turned fatal after an encounter with a an aggressive dear. The pioneer press reports guilt Wilson Washington Forester fourteen year old dog pepper. Was killed June 3 near a wash so in short view Minnesota Wilson. And let this little dog out that morning but didn't notice that dough in her yard. Pepper ran toward the year which rose up onto its hind legs and beat that dog with its moves. Yikes that's my dear reduced the nice sweet little complacent animals that never got upset. Like damn it till this lady. Wilson says she's two took temperature a bit at the the only option was to euthanize pepper. Who says she's lived in the area more than thirty years and had never seen such an aggressive. Which received deer around here done to this last. Season we didn't see as many deer running but maybe I'm wrong. It is because of dog on Brian deer have been cavorting about the you know I've seen deer in west Wichita and residential areas I've seen your gonna run right down through the city. And they all seem like their there's frightened to death of people but this from the and number on the little brutal. The end. In other disturbing story that we've been they've had an. Adult and a little dog I mean news little girl there and she's got this little dogs but oppose an English. Nature of English bull terriers something look at the shot at this thing twice. Because that note. There's that's a weird story and understand that all little girl was injured not badly but the liberals injured. That is. That is bizarre I think most police officers and watch Roland. You get short short some restraint and every situation especially Iranian. It was a if it was a doberman or a German shepherd may be the pressure he's a very small dog. Net interest. Did you get the sir we just don't have this was it just just on Mexico. That country has so many problems you know it's easy is it there's no. In connected dots why people are leaving there and it's the US. And we think we've got a crime rate here. Mexico apparently the drug cartels and drug lords are everywhere controlling everything. They Kansai parts of the country bad situated what was that statistic and a mayor and mayor in in in Mexico. There's like twelve times more likely that a common citizen to be murdered now. So if you're a public official down there an elected official you're taking your life as well and am now. Now. You know they say you know politics is rough in the US and that's true but. But you know I'm not compared to some other players means Jeff Longwell doesn't have to worry about that kind of thing you usually the net or anybody running for office weakest. We gotta get real comparable each other we'll get tested with each other room pretty back and forth but. These people in Mexico a whole different situation. I haven't kind of democracy is do you have with your your life is threatened for running for office and he said he even threaten people handout flyers about on an outing. It there's some real thugs down there. That's a tough place we are at 737 now Steven did in the it's a very warm morning and we've had two more days warm days recently it's really don't today you know and and the thing is when he gets so hot it not only is it uncomfortable not only do you. Aspire but it can't be well life threatening. Because it does heat being what it is now the Salvation Army folks are partnering up as they have in the past with west our energy. And also with the Westlake ace hardware stores in Wichita. And they are handing out free fans is so nobody every heirs to do it every year and a today is the big day downtown. From 10 AM to 4 PM at Salvation Army city command complex. That's at 350 north market in downtown Wichita. And if you provided ID. Proof of address an electric bill. And get a fan. And a westerners gift of fans part of a 60000 dollar fan contribution. Distributed throughout the communities it serves so there is determining fans all over the place on purely get a good deal on either they have stacks and stacks of these box fans. And they're ready did that help people insist you know some nights I think salutes Salvation Army west aren't. And ace hardware that certainly that could help somebody situation out of their living in a place without air conditioning. The bidding gets this hot. It's not a good situation we pretty much take care conditioning program are we do I do always on YouTube and most of us. I can remember though the first. The house that we lived on my brother's a knife and parents and on Elena. On spruce nearly older now Willard schooled on the way and we lived it to on spring street in that house is two story house it was not air conditioned. Now. We had we had fans of them will remember and hustling for who also ahead in the living room where we had the TV's. There was a box. Not if it was a big reason it was it was a cooers it was a water cooled cooler. It was like a big fan when in the window a host came up to it under water ended bottom out. And you've and it blew the end of the of the breeze or high water and if you work within about that no Tway thirty feet I think it was nice. It was nice goals but that. We didn't ever condition occurs in the game get stairs in this summer time to build warm up there but yeah anybody without air conditioning you look at the folks who were. Who don't have homes and then and what they have to. Deal with. Well of course it wasn't until just few years ago. Many Wichita schools were not air conditioned well and good point. Only got done just a few years ago I went through junior high and high school which is Don. And we didn't have. Air conditioning in the school's most of the teachers and as some sort of tea and a box fan of something out to. To keep things under control then and yet to get out here in this stuff make sure I am of big proponent of this get plenty of water. Hydrate. Because that data out humane I think you're you're losing that. You know lead losing water moisture if you're inside but it you can't. And they start feeling heading Indian ground yeah yeah. Get the water are. They go their health tips for today Ted success make its 740 now seated in the morning editor bill Roy of the Wichita business journal coming up. He's gonna talk about an equity stake expansion tank that's coming up was even dead. Here on tape innocence.