Its gameday, the KC Chiefs play the Houston Texans tonight at Arrowhead

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Thursday, August 9th
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Update with Mitch Holthus.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS we just toss in a room. One news talk can't weather station. Depend on. If Clark isn't the case and as a sporting news because dead. I've seen Macintosh. Wichita woman killed in crash in Colorado we've got the story. Still no final found in Republican primary for Kansas governor trying to put words those details just ahead the state of Kansas plans to cover the fees for high school juniors these CT exams. I'm Dan O'Neill and can SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. More warm and dry weather in Wichita as high pressure builds in a car full forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. An army dog tag belonging to master sergeant Charles mcdaniels. Found among remains returned last month by North Korea. Has been given to the family of that fallen. Soldier retired army chaplain Charles McDaniel junior said the call from the army was sudden and emotional in this said we found one dog tech. And your father's he and his brother accepted the Korean War tag Wednesday Larry mcdaniels said they are fortunate to have disclosure but it by no means makes them special he was one of thousands of guys that generation that did it. And I don't think that. The fact it was his dog detection. Overshadow the 55 sets of remains were returned from North Korea last month they are being positively identified nearly 7700. Other soldiers who served are still officially listed as missing. Colonel Scott Fox News so. Wichita woman is died after her Jeep Wrangler slid off a cliff and Chaffee county Colorado. According to Chaffee county sheriff Johns Desi. 43 year old Jennifer Lynn or of Wichita was driving her Jeep and a caravan of several other jeeps when the vehicle went off the road and fell 600 feet. Investigators say ward tried to drive over a large rock that was in the middle of the road. When the Jeep slid and fell down the slope. The polls closed Tuesday night we still don't know who will be the Republican candidate for governor in Kansas. Governor Jeff collier and secretary of state Crisco block are separated by only 191. Votes and thousands of votes have yet to be counted. Ballots that were postmarked by Tuesday have until tomorrow to be delivered to the election offices. And provisional ballots will be counted next week neither candidate is conceding. Governor collier says he's focusing on the next step in the race. We're going to be waiting to see how this all comes together. And we're hopeful. And to be honest we're very optimistic that those votes will continue to come in on our side just as they did yesterday cold lock is also optimistic about the outcome. It's very close race and so I am being fully realistic that it it is possible. And saying okay this is a tentative victory. And we are just gonna move the big time down the track. Once the count is complete either candidate may request a recount the cost of that would be the responsibility of the candidate making the request. The process could take several weeks. Two dead and five wounded after a drive by shooting in northern Philadelphia. Police commissioner Richard Ross shares what is known so far. It appears to be. Large caliber. Possibly a game high powered rifle. You can't really glean a whole lot from the video of the day looks like the minivan. Possibly life color. We can't tell what that is more. One shooter. Police say the dead are man and woman ages of 34 and 32. A suspect has been arrested this in connection with California wildfire. Dubbed the holy fire. 51 year old forest Gordon Clark has been arrested for allegedly starting the holy find her more than 6000 acres are burning in the Cleveland National Forest. East of Los Angeles. Several cabins have been evacuated at least twelve structures of Bart and Clark has been charged with aggravated arson and making criminal threats and resisting officers are strong as evidence is there a witness statements Sheen Sherwood is an Orange County fire battalion chief. There are reports from a volunteer firefighter in the area that Clark ran through their neighborhood last week screening. And had sent him an email predicting the area would burn. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. Kansas education officials say all high school juniors in the state. Will be able to take a CT exams and assessments for free next school year the AZT work he's assessment major essential workplace skills. The exams will be administered statewide in February. But what started eagle reports that a Kansas Department of Education spokeswoman says. The free tests are being finance the additional funding from the state legislature as part of its new school finance plan. Students pay fifty dollars for the eighth CT exam and an additional 1654. An optional writing assessment. State officials say they recommend but not require that all juniors take both exams. Kansas students ACT scores last year fell to their lowest point in five years Dan O'Neil came and SS news. And as has used time now 8048. That it terrified that I'd been especially. He's eight gulf war but it's five minutes past and I just turned five OK so that was just learn as you were actually speak. It's it's it's a clocked changes. After explains. What's gonna sport we are about ten or eleven minutes away from our pre. Season chat with Mitch told us -- -- that he is tonight's game night so we'll get a game preview coming up with Mitch about ten minutes -- a busy Tuesday for thieves in Wichita that story on the lake Stevens head of the morning on Kerry in a sense. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is more common than you might fit. One in every twelve people struggle with a substance use disorder. He'll view it hollers there's a new state of the art treatment facility of Wichita providing life changing addiction treatment our wide variety of. In his Fifth Avenue defeated Ted 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock Tuesday was up. Busy day filled with more to me throughout what you thought. Police investigated at least 67 cases of larceny and included. 31 cases of items stolen from vehicles. Nine cases of shoplifting also a rough day for vehicles eleven cars stolen eight others were damaged. A man who led a dooms the sentenced to prison in new top during his sentencing hearing 35 year old John called Favre says he was following heavenly laws when he ran his group called the knights of the crystal blade. Based on outdated Mormon principles called TARP was found guilty promoting child marriage pleading guilty to sodomy and child bigamy charges also on the court reds called dark claimed he is an old testament figure returned to earth. To push for child marriage authorities busted his cult after a search for two missing girls led them to his compound. With the kids between ages 48 were found in barrels called proper sense release when he five years behind bars. Can Duffy Fox News vice president pants meets with pentagon officials at the Pentagon today to talk about president Trump's proposed space force. Vice president and who shares the president's base council will stop by the Pentagon as the Department of Defense plans to soon release a report. On its space related operations to congress Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Tuesday. That the department is still working their way through the president trump in June directed the Pentagon. To immediately begin the process necessary to establish a space force. As the sixth branch of the armed forces congressional action is needed to create an entirely new branch of the US military. At the White House Jon Decker fox new seriousness. Used I'm now eight and 10 minutes finished 8 o'clock. And we have traffic accident this is eastbound on Kellogg at armor so there in east Wichita. Much on the traffic tracker call in just a little bit ago say it was kind of a parking lot out there and people work. Trying to get over in death exit here rock road before they got today and again that's accident eastbound Kellogg as farmer. The wanna avoid debt traffic update from K and that's that's radio on judges and now the forecast with gay and this is stepping urologist and not holiday good morning Dan good morning a clear start today forests across south central Kansas. We should warm up to about what's typical for this time in early August sunny and 92 for the high. Clear and dry this evening are low near seventy and tomorrow system moves in from the northwest that may trigger a few afternoon thunderstorms Friday's high 94. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holiday help partly cloudy 69 degrees it was south wind it. At five miles per hour eight elevenths even did a dead it. Beyond your best behavior because you do have a guest in the studio this morning. Doctor Diane penalty year's business good morning the morning that I hear the stadium before Lanier did you did you say you got to dedicate and or he went to tied to grant. Yeah hey did break it. You probably in the same class we both made it out and that we hear here to talk about something new called field view in Holland and basically talk about treatment of the folks with the problems involving alcohol drugs itself. Worthless that's correct we are a new drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. We are open in the west of Wichita we got her license in June 12 we accepted our first client on the thirteenth where where in west Wichita are you get to the airport rich in Kellogg okay. I'm familiar with the area there and so okay you know what beat the good news stories about this for for for live off several months in a couple of years. Diane and know your very well well aware of this openly pointing to. Yes and it's narrow it's it's incredibly scary and I don't think Kansas has seen in the works and yet. And 2016. You had a 116 people died and every single day throughout the nation appealing an overdose so. The huge problem it's not going away and we're here how well there's also is the police Seles is a huge meth problem and sadly it is oh yes all sorts of drugs and alcohol appealing heroine in math except you and what about. If people in the future service says their funds available to them say their they can't afford it we do a sliding fee scale permanently this private insurance. That we accept and essentially if somebody calls 833 field in number we walk them through the entire process. And if they do you have insurance we have random verification of benefits on. And that way they know exactly what their responsibility as before they locked the dollars so you just started via application. Oh goodness what we're 64 bed facility and so am yes we do have some open that I'm at this time that we have Aaron individuals and every level care that we offer. One of the things that actually makes us unique in which ties that we have medically monitored detox and what that allows us to do. It's provide prescription medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms that people are going through when they are coming off alcohol or other drugs. We have a medical director. Who oversees the entire detoxification. Unit and nurses on staff 24%. Around clocked provide. Care. Al-Qaeda and from what I can tell it that's. For most people let's needed to end that very much and trying to recover from the east east these. Addictions or whatever movement it sounds like you've got a really good thing going there how to. How to people get in touch with you. Ams so they can check out our website field do you app Holland to dot com or 833 field BO. Melissa thanks for being with this this is your first time on the radio today it's her a lot of Ankiel and I cannot and you can explain when my mother hated me. That's for another day and a half. I have to wait to Diane thank you so much they are different have not been Diane Peltier Hughes executive director. A field view and Holland you feel that Steve crusader power KFC crusader our hero wait too many cape immigrants in this studio right now seem to get the morning now at age fourteen I tell you what. Let's say congratulations Mitchell this to Ted Woodward. Kansas association of broadcasters best complete sportscast. Just announce about that Mitch. Is that right pop the champagne lets you know does he get a car for this or picker upper. No yeah. Noted MB views or purple if Africa for so this in our boss Jackie lies is going to offer him the party and class. The the just the acknowledgment from a pair of hall of famers is enough. Not an announcer wouldn't report that the joke about it is. Awesome and incredible and amazing and well deserved it. One of talent you can bumper. So long in which goes blessed I have yet secondly. I just was texting Gregory you know while we were united American recruiter sponsored report. Agilent dot com they're there for her also incredible. Greg that he can derive it can drive his pick up for us. What Tuesday's. But he'll bring his pick up they may not have a clean you know great chores she's also formed to work of American and credit. And you don't end there on the arms and he doesn't he just Wear overalls or anything I've not met yet been great about secret trip. Very nice man next to direct good looking guy can look like people annually country are marketable it is merit it was corporate America. And that your. Carol and our Carol Lombard the parallel port well it sort what you quicker warm toward me. Game night tonight and dot com. If the American Ireland but regional accusers took appropriate that. Gave people a sport accessible and political. Game night tonight the model of make that announcement that Steve. On negate that right right looks but get the juices flowing here is the lights will be on an editor prefer and like. The first of four pre season games for the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans tonight at arrowhead. The chiefs are two and a half point favorite Mitch why or how they put lines on pre season games I've no idea but there it is. Well they put a line to an acute in the cave or. Somebody pick up. But that's the good spirited. Gregory you know that that that's another matter yeah I don't know what to do so on a little student right now one man after my home. People are so excited to employ an uncle runner up there tonight as the QB one. And so we kind of called down subtle panel that it is that what. So the first time 37 years which you are gonna have a QB in order that they drafted and developed. But let's go back to the 2017. To wrap this was my open for the broadcast tonight which you make an expensive and bold move. The jump up all the would attempt to take. After my own many of them it would take Shawn Watson the clintons and national champ conspiracy goes to picks later. Produced in her right this is coming to town tonight. It's the Houston Texans and Tom Watson's so apparent political correct they'll forever be. Tied together or I mean it's going to be elect hyphenated old slow. Watch because whomever wins this race the other citizens that America. And then they do it will see a little bit of each of them tonight that it does. You that she's had a game plan for how long Patrick will be in the night. Yeah. Indeed India construct a court in the listened. Indeed. Indeed long. Is a veteran he's likes. I mean he's got a template here and the law expert on this first game. Political world quarter quarter quarter quarter quarter. That quarter but you know they now he has put that in canceled don't hold me to a because I don't want it more homes comes out and has 23 announcer is competent moderate. He might let him wrapped in the second quarter and to do that you realize you first in offensive line with them. I don't put him up on a second team offensive line. But what was you know which is understandably nervous certain prepared their crowd we're going right back. After the scared of another week in St. Joe. It was nervous or injury aegis of power Patrick that's. And learn Richard your exorbitant here getting their just like history lecture. I am asking me about it and about all's well and I. Yeah is that everything wave we expect him to do. Again the more he plays the better he's going to be. I was seeing that in practice from from the routier's to the starting camp to where we sit today and we'll CIA does with that. A little bit extra burden of him. Me and the guy and and so you put that pressure on yourself or did you come on you play. Guess we'll find that out tonight yeah. Yeah it is possibly come out of place there and the framework because not only is pretty. Excitement of him taken over in the kingdom's buzzing about it but it here's what's right the first pursuit game ironic and dishonor it while. So earlier this hard line and again those two will forever be tied together collects these Macintosh you'll forever be tied at Fred Merkel. Friends. Listen nice sophomore year to Hawaii warrior which struck a deal which show website school musical were drafted second for the quiz bowl team. And they were forever tied together it's still our. I remember starting for the deep abuse Blue Devils at cornerback it took me at least three snatched where I was comfortable you know the order put on those first. 22 fumbles and interceptions. Yeah. Record are your outburst coherent. Mitchell what point. At some point tonight are we going to start seeing players on the field learn at this is maker break and help them win it again or are we still too early for that. Little. Early by. Honest to your questions are good ones it's not make or break it all of this it's all the dead it just goes into the pile. But making the decision. So when they make a decision I mean they need every night I literally the coaches in the personal that we agreed though that certain that over those those practices. They go through every guy on the personnel grouping where they're like the trees are. When guys are on the opposite lines much experimenting. But this game I told his report by some guys will be champions in Juno here it while it looks great the prepared to go on. In St. Joe and we will. But then this scenario the next lap. In some guys just take off in this environment. And are very practiced quarters but when they get in the game environment they jump up your doctors and lawyers who community conversely the other way. Some guys are practiced monsters they get up there tonight. Erin and other lower extremities to warm and stay warm and they just can't handle so. It all goes into that while there will make a decision on the night but he and eventual decision will be used with glimpses of the tonight that makes sense. Who really watch to make the big play tonight. The big play. Who they play tonight well early on you know Perry don't get any guys that edit or early our. But in the second grouping. Some players to watch. You don't like giving one of these instruments mythic it talk about it. From central Arkansas the sixth round pick but he may make the market the big oil special and it they're still trying to audition to find the number one kick returner. Right now I think he would be the guy. But he might be he might pick that make the picks like like the nightly news or people of special interest. And most of the trees and as in the earlier Asia. Chiefs Texans tonight pre season opener at. Errol it stadium metro looking forward to your call tonight right here on day and a sense. Well I'm looking Puerto bringing it to nick regulations that on record orders and that you get two days of Gregory host Annika just to be some. Well if what I know that I'm certain that these ball that the neighbor to shore but. You got epic before and or what ago. I'm in the burdens of a success in Israel terrible may tell a great call tonight we'll talk to you tomorrow morning so I'm guilty to when he to compare yarder. It they plated out given your for the Hannity morning minutes or. Eight our daily chats this are brought to you by the good folks at American tax credit yes say killer of the Hannity boring minutes he says. Democrats don't have a plan Stevens had Kay and assess.