It's Monday's with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell

Steve & Ted
Monday, October 9th

Steve and Mayor Longwell talk about jobs and the economic outlook for Wichita.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news kid SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Morning team back into Austin what word hurricane nature. Brought a burst of flooding and power outages in the US Gulf Coast before losing strength Sunday it may weaken to a tropical depression as it moves northward into Alabama and Tennessee with. Heavy rain. Should tell Busby was inside her home in Greensboro Mississippi would it was heavily damaged by need to win this Saturday. Here's something like that train just like I am trying is Roland inches. Glances plant like Willie. A look at the forecast with Keenan says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning it is a fairly nice start to the workweek forests but a big change in temperature by this time tomorrow clouds will gradually start to pick it up for us we'll see if you showers develop this afternoon with a cold front passing through our high 74 of rain and thunderstorms off to our east tonight are low 44. And then showers and cool tomorrow Tuesday just 52 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Out partly cloudy 65 degrees we have an expanded fourteen miles per hour. Which the officials say the city's animal control department has reduced the euthanasia rates. For shelter pets by about two thirds. In the past eight years a report presented to the City Council this past week shows the city euthanize 6300 dogs and cats and 2009. That number dropped to 2000 in 2016. Wichita police captain Michael Allred who runs the animal control department attributed the decline to a better relationship with the humane society and rescue groups. He also cites a commitment to keeping shelter animals alive twice as long as state law requires. Wichita eagle reports state law requires pet owners to reclaim their animals in three days. Wichita made a policy decision to hold animals for six days before euthanasia is considered. Phil holed a brand Kagan SS news up to sixty million dollars is coming to public housing in Wichita and that means complete renovations for all public housing properties. In 2012. The US congress created the ability for public housing authorities to begin using private funding in addition to government funding. In February to Wichita City Council approved the Wichita housing and community services department submission. For applications to be part of the rental assistance demonstration program. On Saturday Wichita housing and community services department director John Hall said that the applications have been accepted. Each of the city's 352. Single family homes and multifamily units will be completely renovated. The entire project should take between eighteen months to two years and he web page and SS news. Federal agents and police in Las Vegas are still looking for answers in last week's mass shooting at 58 victims dead. ABC's Alex Stone with new developments are new surge of panic selvin mesquite outside of Las Vegas was carried out on Sunday based on a new federal search warrant it was his second time his home has been searched the police chief in mesquite saying the FBI asked for help at the homework attic lived with his girlfriend. After interviewing his girlfriend they wanted to take a second look at that house the White House has released its immigration new wish list to Capitol Hill. President trumpets and his opening offer to congress a list of immigration priorities that the administration hopes will be a trade for a fix to the doctor program the president ended last month. At the top the list demands for the funding of a wall along the US Mexico border along with rollback in protections for unaccompanied minors who cross the border from Central America. Democrats are already calling the plan dead on arrival. And accusing the president of backing away from any chance at a compromise to protect the nearly 800000 dreamers Alex Allen ABC news Washington. Puzzles to rid rebuild part of the prison at Lansing could prompt a new debate over the Kansas death penalty. Plans for the president clued closing the facility that houses the State's death chamber. Kansas hasn't executed anyone since the death penalty was reinstated in the 1990s. At a committee meeting Republican senator Carol and again. Said instead of building a new death chamber legislators might wanna consider eliminating. The death penalty it costs a lot of money and see if we don't finish the job we were housing them anyway. And they're costing us more because they have to go down to past they have to go to anonymous life in prison and I have to go download death penalty past. The department of corrections staff members said Kansas could also build a new death chamber at the elder radio prison which houses the State's ten death row inmates. After a series of hurricanes did a number on the job sector you might find it hard to believe they might help the economy in the long run. As we learn less weak hurricanes Harvey Irma and Maria destroyed a lot of jobs but a storm of rebuilding is on the way annoying you need construction workers are going to need partners or any. Plumbers and electricians those folks that are really going to be able to help rebuild those communities career builders Jennifer Graham senator your looking at the government's investment infrastructure to you know the only just writing their homes there's been as dissident movement sure rebuilt and that could make for very different October and November jobs reports. Jerry Albany. ABC news. 736 now Stevenson in the morning on McCain and assess and it is time for Monday's with the mayor which Tom or Jeff Longwell with us this morning as usual. On a Monday departure. I good to have you with us this morning let's start off limits pretty negative note that is the F. Which does state university center for economic development and business research Jeremy he allowed to as saying that. They're protectionism not much growth in employment in the next few less than one half of 1% that's not a very positive thing to think about his. When but we where bore up at the back to work and company and we batted. 11100 jobs just in the last three months in Wichita. We spoke up at that can add a few more but I. And I am that your and is spoke on. Attracting New York just wrote it as employers. So you're a little more optimistic than what you looked at reported shelling and a. Well meanwhile we're finding her west I'm more more practical. For him here rcn and an IQ world can find out. That it can operate what star. At a fraction. They can operate at me like San Francisco on. So we're seeing it again migration of different types of companies moving here because it's more economical for them around her. Company out of Woodstock has been news and many other cities and so we we we think we're doing a better job of getting the word out. Hopefully they'll help us continue to grow. You know my wife worked for several years for a company here in Wichita with David Burr bringing people end all the time that the work for the headquarters here in debt. The they are constantly amazed by the blunt how much Alice they can get the money and what the Gosselin a Muslim they get to which episode is an attractive point in it. Nine I had absolutely and so I think that that some amount or continued to a shareholder. You know why Bryant. Corporate and if we can't capitalize on that. I've been looking at the agenda for tomorrow City Council meeting we do have a meeting tomorrow correct. OK they're insisted there's something about a citizens review board for the helpful which a police department let's settle about. So they've been working on maps for quite some time and they're putting together a great court to Adam. Look at all the different police cases that might come across. Batters. Cases involve the least the ouster shooting or. Some incidents that. Someone wants to put in a formal complaint though look at those. There's citizen review you'll review that file and look at evidence men where in on. Do we know what the structure of that. That review board might be how many people are involved. And order I think they're looking at 778. People at. Something that any manager sit down and and Adam assemble themselves but. You know after an important from our police chief and some others and can choose them. People art community to sit on that review board. Reduced chances average citizens. You know the manager's office and remembered everything that wanna. When we talk about how to make government better. Our city managers trying to come up what they have process. That will better evaluate complaint in the city. They're trying to figure out a contract isn't enriched and then our response wasn't. Coming up old system to better track. Complaints. Were at any department in the city. Well mob might approach that would be just I would ignore them myself. That's that's not speak out about oh was it last week ordered city should halt six days ago in we would. And and I doctor he did that and getting all do you like or from. Every Iranian year listening area yet derby broadest doughnuts the little. Grilling. That are the air or east China saying we're still look you know you don't Mays and hand over you guys he kicked in any time. Well spring jalla. Let phenomenon common view went there with a whole regional group. Elbows out and need to step up there again. Mr. mayor how about this past weekend how many great events we have an outdoors in Wichita over the past three days. Now that is. Almost too difficult to get through all of them anymore and we have like you know all that well. That attracted a lot of people Leah. Unbelievable crowd at the Ferrari are there on and you know all I'm eighty years just. More that's an ardent joy everything that's going on in our idiot. And people at a a lot of fun and I am very stupid that's well and what's over the past week and past weekend there was. An event that the some air you know fly. That was this past week again. And then of course but he and NBA the national error conventions Aminopterin. They get this next week or so and a couple of council members at all the busy. Here but we've had some great treatment over the last four weeks and watched on. Are now a lot of people. Jones and stuff the great weather is well. Fun family things to do which is known mr. mayor thank you again for avenues down there. For that honor at City Hall at an all seriousness it for a couple of hometown guys that was a very very special moment we appreciate your help on that there. When comment and it should have been special obviously people well get those or very often met that's a national award that. That should mean a lot of people from the fact that one of our radio station right here too much stock in our part on the award. In case you artist if you've synonymous to blisters and Marconi award as we got for personalities you re likely keep mentioning that mr. manner. I. All right thank you that is a moneys that the mayor would which nominee or (%expletive) Longwell time for. Our Perry fighter coffee break on Kahan says you know prairie fire coffee is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Very fire coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita and you can get very far coffee you're all was just like Stephen to it by calling 267. 37712673771. Are all on line. At prairie fire coffee dot com 743 Stephen to head of what does the coming year hold for which does labor market and the bill Lloyd. Of what stuff business journal coming up. Seem to the morning on tape and assess.