It's National Biographer Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, May 16th
Making our way through the voluminous life story of editor Bill Roy, from theWichita Business Journal

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Thank you 8713 thirty K and as as Steve intended in the morning at 8:48 and Wednesday morning now. Three big things great City Council two resolutions supporting the Wichita river festival. Governor signs bill to compensate wrongly convicted the its diversity council moving ahead with a clutch master plan. Three big things Steven dead on Kate and as fast food. Couple items tell you about this morning we give fire crews on the scene of a shed on fire. This is in the 3000 block of east 101 street north that's. North of key ties south valley center there to shed on fire along 101 north fire crews there. And we have that lingering is isolated rain storm that is dumping a lot of rain on the northern parts of Wichita. During this morning commute looks like the heaviest part of it is right there at the north junction of I 135 and K 96. And I 235. Looks like it's increasing in intensity a little bit and it's something a lot of rain on the folks that are. Are the morning commute in north widgets on this morning traffic update from pay an SS here's Stephen says. Well that's not much wind blowing around that's for sure partly cloudy mostly cloudy. 20% chance for rain today a high of 83 degrees 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows sixty to. Then Thursday mostly sunny tomorrow night 86. I don't cloudy with some spotty showers in the area and 63 degrees. Gear up for your summer fun with a new pat for pat and Jack's people always knows a great camp and chances are it came from at and dance. At the clock tower in Galena ill at then jets. Beat 49 Mel Stephens at yeah. All straight angels thundershower at at their in the north part of the city of just north of Wichita on this just. A lingering up there is to have been done about that. The estate a dead poll opinion is his radio dot com right there on our web page and it's a summertime poll we came up with what is your favorite. On the outdoor grill and we have 1234 we have 55 choices for. I'm kabob still cabinet and 0% nobody apparently if favors kabob over everything else chicken as a 3% back in 3%. Hot dogs yet there has had 13% right now Ted. Steaks and burgers almost tied burgers edging ahead of stakes 28%. To 26%. And of course all of the above is tops with 31%. And that's where I started off with my vote for you can be part of this too. Is the Stephen Ted poll right there on our web page in assess rated sites. In their log in and make your bull don't it. US factories cranked out more appliances computers and aircraft last month that I say aircraft unit did you know lifting manufacturing production for only the second time in five months. The Federal Reserve Federal Reserve says factory output rose by 10% in April. After a flat reading in March. In the past year production has increased a modest one point 8%. Missed manufactured are benefiting from solid consumer and business spending. While also facing uncertainty because of steel and aluminum tariffs. And imposed by the trumpet ministries in the production of machinery jumped 2.3 percent management. Of the output of metals fell. Five tenths percent. It's 851 now Stevenson in the morning on Kate in SS Hutchinson company is expanding in the UK. Editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal of us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve intent underground vaults and storage is made its third acquisition in four years this time the company is bad spot that is in the united can kingdom. Underground vaults is based in touch its purchase DH media solutions that company that specializes in. Inventory storage and management for the UK's film television industries. Cracker barrels coming to Wichita there's a restaurant a sixty per street north and I want 35 in Park City. Now it confirm the company will put a restaurant at 619 south ridge that's where the path most users she used to be. Where is expected opened late this year they broke ground Tuesday. And today the Wichita business journal hands out the best in business awards the team finalist companies chosen for their financial growth. There innovations and their involvement in the community of five overall winners will be announced. At today's luncheon at the Hyatt regency Wichita hotel well I have information on all the companies at Wichita business journal dot com. Vocal breaking business news every day on campus as sand at Wichita business journal dot com. Go to dot business journal du Roy. You mentioned the Cracker Barrel under its it's a good place of Mina. My family for years and years we would go to on this Thanksgiving time we would head down 35 to go to CV. In laws of relatives down there and in Texas. We start early in the morning to mrs. much traffic as we couldn't buy about or 630 years so would be going through the south part of Oklahoma City and invariably. Which the Cracker Barrel. Don't know that nice clean restrooms and in great great food there and and venue it's been about about an extra 3035 minutes looking at all the stuff they. After I mean these they've got some stuff for those lobbies they do it's big retail operations that aren't so that there's one coming out on the west side. Yeah about Dallas theater that is accounting day amateur effective. Means we're supposed to February counting or justice salute accountants I guess accounting day. No I got might Michael Green vice rout last night and broke broke the text it to pay my monthly bills so I as firm. It was an accountant differ little bits of today's accounting it's also a biography Tuesday. Doctor Samuel Johnson met James Boswell on the state and 1763 bottles later right. The life of Samuel Johnson LL Lisa this is just biographers that you do you read a biography at all bill. Yeah I I prefer biographies and autobiographies rather than fiction you know via ID two I really like good biography and that is. A lot of history and if you bring those characters to life and finished it. The one in US grant butcher now while while back into some big volume. But I didn't get to learn a lot tonight. That your house good. The late Halberstam David Halberstam a great ride mortgages street rather. And as Doris Kearns Goodwin. Presented on a London mostly Democrats but they ought Lincoln her. The Braves team of rivals was a great book I have a copy of that. Actually autographed by doors turns at about wow Leon by allergies you know the idea I'm certain that both someday. Some it'll go to the library and a break there is they'll see the biography of of William raw way. That's a famous. Financial editor. It'll be a pamphlet round. I treasure. The collective of like a copy of the weekly reader heiress of the half the right I take it Celtic say that the guy Stephen did and they coming up in assists is at nine. Korea summit may be scrapped events coming up at nine was the intent on K and SS.