It's National Chili Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, February 22nd

Steve discusses the origin of chili with Money Tracker Don Grant ...


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700 feet thirty. This. 3646. We Stevens. It did. Now old rebate thing. Three American women capture a hockey gold at the Olympics seeing Lucas Hernandez's mom arrested on child endangerment charges plus. Icy conditions bring more closings and cancellations. Due south central Kansas. We've picked things Steven dead alone play in a sense. Traffic update here on knee Thursday morning commute. We did just get the reported traffic accident on the Kansas turnpike at mile marker 38. And you have course some areas of ice and slush on the roadways this morning traffic running slower than normal course we do not have. School for many schools in the area so no school buses on I read this morning but the normal morning traffic commute hours. Have people going a little slower than normal here on this Thursday morning traffic update from KN OSS news is that what works. 30% chance. We're freezing rain and drizzle today with a high of 36 degrees. In the winter weather advisory until noon mostly cloudy tonight overnight Luke twenty feet. Friday partly sunny and warmer with a high of 46 degrees. Now freezing drizzle and followed 27 degrees the wind from the northeast at seven miles per hour. Find the comfort of my hands express your personality. Gonna have meant Jackson find your own styles seem like people from around the nation. They can't win Jack's their destinations at the clock tower in the lane 0601. List Douglas to advance to next. 647 announced. Even ten bit of Modesto wake up this morning we've been talking about the fact that depth. The BUS women have won the gold in hockey. Defeating Canada three to two in a shoot out. Barely breathing banana and gold reportedly what twenty years tidbit along writes. But the US women have to take it all the gold in hockey Al about that. A Ferndale Michigan man used to smoke bomb to try to read his crawl space of skunks succeeded. But also nearly burned down his house. Firefighters were called to a home after the renter who lived there used to smoke bomb in his crawl space to get rid of the skunks that lived there when they arrive to firefighters. Flames were already in the crawl space and on the first floor. The man told fire authorities he waited fifteen minutes after the fire started it. Before calling 911 apparently one of the fires go ahead and genitals go to this agency urgency in calling nine vol one in changing the skunks. From across the reds coach Mike crawl space for the and probably get pretty desperate to those small bomb apparently can set a house on fire injured. Stocks gave up an early gain and ended lower on Wall Street as a late afternoon spike in bond yields. Sent investors heading to the exits. Minutes from the latest Federal Reserve policy meeting signaled more interest rate hikes ahead. As always done grant GOP the bunny tracker goes interest rates having this as interest rates yeah. Have an impact they do have an M do the S&P 500 index fell nearly fifteen points the Dow dropped 167. Points. The NASDAQ lost sixteen points. Right but the hostess cupcake company is up because you got it got missed by a lot of host has been filled cut up Jason chuckling at the swing loads those are good men cream filling. What can be better yet what to be out of your community and you just got here yeah IE what it feels like after it was it was slick Jimmie when I was on the main roads I came in on central and it it was it was wet. Yeah and I looked at my thermometer in my car and said it was like 31 so I figured you know it's it's like. Not slick and I tried tested a Brecht breaks a few times and didn't slide that say the parking lots and my. Neighborhood streets were I I was going Mike's three miles an hour get now there are parking lot in just leaving yesterday and little if he knows. Yeah yeah now it's it's not did that's that's dangers on right there. A major liberal policy group is raising the ante on the health care debate with a new plant that builds on Medicare to guarantee coverage for all. Called Medicare extra for all the proposal to be released today by the Center for American Progress. Gives politically energized Democrats more options to achieve a long sought goal. Still the plan would preserve a role for employer coverage and for. The health insurance industry so this call the government option essentially government option players and individuals who have a choice of joining a Medicare extra. But it would not be requires so I understand it to folks on the low end will now have to paper. And premiums or co pays or whatever but does the rest of us anybody who signed up would. What we like it take you probably get withholding it from your check that would have made us economic process I don't know it's. It's just something that float now there you go election year coming up and if they do today. A health. Coverage we're gonna take here at this point any solution -- any solution and I am so mad about this whole health care and abolished you know and people have made the argument that. All the other industrialized nations have some sort of national health care and because our. Companies have to pay for it. It is it's it's tough for us to compete in or. That's just leper. But they knew of individuals like yourself you get gouged when Ayers well that is so you think you would think that that that corporations would be pushing for some sort of nationally so thank civil war but not very very well summer taken on their on like Amazon and JPMorgan and Berkshire has allergies this year there's something new again it'll be interesting eyes if you wanna Stevenson and Donald to talk about market volatility and retirement account yeah. Yeah you know you don't want. Market volatility when you're retired you know you wanna know what's going on unity very scary for investors who are already in retirement to. We're very close to it at least to watch the stock market fluctuations. We've been spoiled in the past nine years as the Dow has run up from a low point of about 6500. That's what it hit during that during that it's it was a 6500. And then reach more out 26000. When visited sixty fine. It 20090. Really M march 9 2009 was a low point oh recently in spite of those tremendous gains it's not hard to remember when markets plummeted in late oh weighed in early 09. Put it into perspective. Yes the market can drop but are all of your investments in the index that is making headlines you know just you just said there's it dropped 200 points but is that where all your investments are. Well if you're well diversified there is probably only a portion. Of your investments that may move with the market index that's in the news. Compare apples to apples that's what you have to do think about the gains even joy it since the bottom march 9 on 2000 in 2009. That is if you've been invested. If you watched your accounts drop from a high in late 2007. Or early 2008. Many investors who didn't budge have seen a doubling of those highs over the course of that recovery. Take a very long view of your portfolio. Were you happy with the returns at the end of 2007 team. The dramatic drop to the beginning of February took the markets back close to where they were then just a month before. But both stocks and bonds have had tremendous returns over the past thirty years. In spite of several major corrections and a recession. Investors who have a twenty or thirty year time horizons Cammermeyer river remained relatively aggressive in their asset allocation. If you're in or close to retirement finding investments that don't swayed dramatically with the markets is very important. Periodically assess your allocation when you were close to retirement. Analysts Dominic Chu on Says that. Higher quality stocks have features that set them apart from the pack and could provide better risk reward ratios. In the event of market dipped. High quality means companies with lower levels of debt. Higher return on equity and positive profit rose trance and they're not hard to find use got to get out there and look form in the course. You have any questions you can give me a call the number 63422. 22 and was doing my research this morning at four of you immediately. Because today's national chilly day low losing ring name for kids. The good day drama at the polls some wagon masters Chile the freezer project big matches are always really involved in the wagon ministers Juliet doesn't chili cook off every years yard and in Spanish Chile refers to chili pepper and Carney means meat actually cut it. Billion most commonly made up of tomatoes beans chili peppers peppers. Meet garlic onions and couldn't well they they they say that it was originated in a Texas prison. Really yeah it's an injury is there and and and and well it was like stuff that was left over innate you know I had to put it together in a turn in something that was pretty darn good on. Now imagine you're you're making good and you make your putts. Two actually Mac. I would Chile Macintosh advocate of it and throw some Mac treason and idea it seems like much it again exit the the zoo bully you guys. And oh there we use these are promote the event that's easily few weeks before you know Chillicothe oh yeah stopped it and it was a you guys do agreed to speculated a lot of people going to be chilly they'll let you if it were put vinegar you're killing. Yes it that's part of the wagon master recipe if I may reveal that there is anything I'd take pictures XP and a beer. The State's 56 ST but it got a lot. The K and is this morning is Stevenson icy roads bring cancellations. Across south central Kansas. Seated at the morning on eight cents. Stephen Ted in the morning every weekday for the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I ask orchestra AS.