It's National Chocolate Chip Day

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Tuesday, May 15th
A few morsels on revising your investment stragegy from MoneyTracker Don Grant, CFP

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9713. Thirty KE NN is as Stephen did the morning. They're on a Tuesday the fifteenth of may right in the middle of may. 647 now three big things they mean Wichita City Council to discuss the city's acquire its master plan. Four pools and splash sparks sees few Kansas law allows self serve bigger. Tonight the storms across south central Kansas. Pretty big things seemed intent on Kate in a sense. Graphic updates here on the Tuesday. A morning commute we do have fire crews on scene downtown. And Andrea trash fire. 500 block of east do you leaves little bit north Kellogg in Saint Francis. And apparently the person who set that fire all the into authorities. Look I'm for that person. I would guess buyer activity in downtown which it's not traffic update Steve intensity and as that. Mostly cloudy today with a 40% chance for rain to the high of 81 degrees after yesterday's high of 984. 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms again tonight and Wednesday overnight low 64 Wednesday's high eighty to a and now mostly cloudy 66 degrees and we have west wind at six miles per hour. Gear up. We're summer fun with a you have from at grand Jack's. People always notice agreed half and chances are it came from at and Danks. At the clock tower in the Leino at man deaths. 649 now Stephen dead here on Tuesday morning and it. Take a look at the Stephen Ted pullen K and his sense radio not to amateur web page one is your favorite. On the outdoor grill. All right we have 12 for about six choices illness. Actually five. Kabob comes in at zero nobody likes to kabob I like about chicken only got 4% hot dogs 15%. Steaks and burgers tied. At 27%. And also a 27%. All of the above which was the one that that I voted for. All of it okay so you can be a part of that poll Steve temple right there on our web page Cain is as regular income as you know. Hit the button and speak take part take part. Yeah it's more fun to participate in life right to it. That's their should be Laporte job opening for the college class of 2018 but starting salaries won't be much higher than last year. Graduate with a bachelor degree can expect to earn an average of 50390. Dollars annually in their first jobs. According to a new survey by consulting firm. Korn ferry little changed from the previous year at British starting salary. But it should be easier to find a job than in previous years unemployment rate recently dropped below 4%. Well the first time since 2000. So. You know we're looking for people out there. About a college and got the right to the great education right skills you can do probably knew. Can't do pretty well that's somewhat the news as we went through a lot of years where. Companies were on hiring. And they're looking for people now yeah. They might even you know hire somebody like us and we've already got it we don't. The major US stock indices eked out small gains Monday after a late afternoon pull back. Weighed on small company shares the market had been broadly higher earlier in the day. On hopes that trade tensions were easing between the US and China but much of that rally faded it. The S&P 500 index added two points the Dow climbed 68. NASDAQ rose eight points. Casino operators and equipment maker's stock surged after the Supreme Court struck down a federal law. That barred gambling on football basketball and other sporting events in most states. The six to three decision gives states the go ahead to legalize sports betting. And I know nothing about it is opened a flood gates maybe I know nothing about is sports betting or any kind of vetting really attempt to bait and would welcome any kind of why is it that Nevada. Was a one state that it you can go to. There were three state were three there were allowed on gran via via the monitor and what they've done is they've lat. All stalls they now make that determination to the Fed is not in charge. There's about 200 something 270 million dollars it's done by these online sites but the people just bedding in pools and offices on sports. Is like a 2000000500. Billion dollar no one point three trillion I don't know what the numbers. So they want peace peaceably and you they wanna make it completely you know it's not back rooms usually argue way before the Supreme Court would be you know. Somebody's getting preferential treatment honorable Waugh three states were getting proper treatment treatment have somebody. Somebody lobbied and paid somebody a lot of money federal and announced. Lasted for awhile 650 Tuesday even Ted revising your investment strategy donned Red Sea appear again and many withers is yes yes well. Did your retirement for the past few decades Steven you probably have changer asset allocation to match your needs and. Risk tolerance have you as you lose the progress in your career that means your investments carry less risk as you get older now if you planned well. You don't need to be aggressive or you can pull back to a more preservation verses growth mode. I've run across a number of close to retirement investors shoot take on positions that are much too aggressive. Even when they don't really need to they attribute you know the other attitude seems to be that. We seek to grow our retirement to the biggest number possible. When a much smaller number may be sufficient for their retirement goals while we. All need to each work or there'll certified financial planner because we're all different. But if you're somewhere. You know in the average working salary range there are milestone. Allocation guidelines that can help you with planning for example in your twenties and thirties. You may have immediate goals like paying off student loan getting getting into your own home. But the sense. A successful retirement investing as heavily affected by the amount of time till retirement. Funding your plan aggressively. Now when you're in your twenties and thirties can really pay off later I don't know how to stress isn't enough but. Now with the time to get aggressive with your investment allocation as well you're looking for growth now. In your forties you can still vast rather aggressively as you have a quarter of a CenturyTel traditional retirement age. However it may be time to pull some profits off the off the fast lane. Don't be afraid to direct. You know diversified to nontraditional areas of investment perhaps a small business of your own or rental real estate you'll still phase business risk but there are very. Few guarantees that all legs won't be in one basket. Junior fifties. Back a bit he's double long time horizon so he'll want up. Wait in growth areas but there's still nothing wrong with having a smaller bucket in print preservation mode because. You're invested in a very low risk area. And finally in your sixties you can't afford to suffer losses on your future income base. Hopefully your retirement is inside and you're on track. Warren Buffett's advice don't risk. What you have to obtain what you don't need. Get that one and of course if you have any questions you give me call on the receipt. Report 22 point two today is national chocolate chip day vote Turk that he didn't in 1937 Ruth graves Wakefield Whitman Massachusetts must have been curious. What a little bit of chocolate would do and two were cookies while working at the tool Palestinian she added cut up chunks of semi sweet Nestle's chocolate bar to a cookie recipe. But he's very huge success in 1939 Wakefield signed an agreement with nationally too and her recipe to the chocolate bars. Packaging morrow to my wife essentially start it to computer to die for. I don't have it today sorry guys don't like Richie was he's I don't wanna die Gigi she uses a semi sweet chocolate chips. Like the original hole. Now about that so Milch milk truck and go away as far as I'm concerned it's semi sweet dark truck sticker national chocolate chip cookies day and we've done and thank thank you serve it says 656 or even dead. Coming up 6 7 o'clock here in us this morning news was Stevens as a complete the festivities including a stormy night. Across south central Kansas he was hit in the morning on Kate in SAS. And this Stevens Ted in the morning every weekday for the money tracker Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of castor I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I asked orchestra AS. This year big celebrations for John.