It's National Financial Awareness Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, August 14th
We'll see if MoneyTracker Don Grant is up to the task...

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I think chuck should be impeached because. The numbers we've been given like regarding the economy and stuff. Obviously we've made progress as a country know a lot of people have their opinions about Donald Trump I don't think he's the I think he does a great job. Now radiation and 3030 K in SS 6:48 here on Tuesday morning for you big things usually. Wichita police report no cooperation and murder investigation. Number 33 and 32 weeks this year. This diversity council approved budget today more than thirty more cops and no property tax increase blood. They're along Wilson is a new stadium is planned for Wichita in place by 20/20. Three big things even dead on K and assess. The traffic updates here on the east this Tuesday morning we do have. Police were presence on the scene downtown which it's all of burglary this in the 600 block of north Topeka. And we have police on the seat traffic updates. Brought to you by Joseph do Brahma and Carl's Goodyear tires that's located downtown at market and Waterman also in east ferry street mall. We can go online Carl's tired dot com your home for complete car care. Joseph to Bravo and Carl's Goodyear tires mostly cloudy with a 60% chance for rain today. And a high of 83 degrees 30% chance for rain tonight the overnight low 65 Wednesday. Put a percent chance for rain tomorrow tight 88. Now fog mist 71 degrees a south wind at seven miles per hour. Picture yourself and it happens you don't have to do for you. Whether it's for some protection of the strong chances to win the pat and Jack says something for you out the clock tower in delay no hat band Jack's 649 and now Stephen Teddy here. On Tuesday morning Don grants the FB the money trackers here hey hey hey so what's what's the scoop on the weather right now out there and it's brought me out there it's sort of overcast time. And a little cute little humidity it's com via cooler than it's been it's still not. Corzine a little bit of and all the rain now is committed from the way it looks like king in counties animals covered so. Such account it's knocking on the door in the June did you get that deluge the last night I did about like 45 minute in Riverside didn't like 6 o'clock or something maybe 7 o'clock. While the love it love it now. It's one of the lane missed excuses for a student failing to turn in an assignment the dog ate my homework but. It happened some local news in Alabama are fighting their school district has come up with a what sounds like a lame excuse for their being left behind the school system. Can't find seem to find their grades. Paris well then let us assign them ourselves school superintendent Keith he's Stewart says the students. Had been pro promoted onto the ninth grade at Bessemer city high after completing a program that helped them catch up. For past failures C had not done well in the past this was their ketchup. Stewart now says they can't move on because the school has no record of them having completed the eighth grade work while. Really could just go to the teachers who say did they do it yes OK then given the degree the point. US stocks finished mostly lower Monday as. Turkey's Central Bank was unable to stop a steep plunge in the nation's currency who their intro that's helping to push the dollar higher hurting big exporters. The Dow slid 87 points as should be. Lost six NASDAQ Composite. Fell six points so why are we so concerned. About Turkey. And at mammoth. Well I can tell you exactly because we've got bases there masters and today and and when work cutting back aid to them or when we're adding these big tariffs on there. There Denver elect senator tripped tremendously strategic according to mine nephew who's in the gallery and Turks and always been pretty good allies of the US military things exactly exactly but that's nothing compared to Venezuela's economy which has a 1000000%. As inflation on our idols yeah. Getting your state right Don yeah AMP demonic record. Good morning god well good morning you don't need to have a massive amount of way well to create an estate plan now one lofty definition of a state is a social standard or rank of high order but when it comes to planning an estate is by another definition truly this from Webster's the assets and liabilities left by a person at that. So no matter how large or small we all have an estate even if you die would just pencil in your ear. Well and we need to take you winning take care a few things sort heirs won't be burdened with them afterward on. And the first order of business. Is to leave a written plan you've heard me say this ad nauseam. A new day is usually in a form of a will or trust now within those documents need to be what are called directives. One is for York tangible assets. Identify a trustworthy person to handle your finances if you are incapacitated. Or if you leave this earth. This is generally in the form of a power of attorney PO way. Next our health care directives. This is also a PO way that gives someone else the authority to make metal medical decisions on your behalf. If you have minor kids nominate a legal guardian to take care of them if you died talk with them and insurer. That they want to have the job and that they are capable of taking it on. Keep all documents up to date any life transition should. Trigger review of beneficiaries. Trustees and guardians who are tasked with carrying out the duty is are they still around. Do this annually even if you don't have any major change in lives and make sure that everything in your trust is titled as part of the trust and a lot of people get trusted never. Never title their house in their trust. When determining how much of your state will go to whom. Taylor the percentage is to the needs of each air keep this up dated. As things do change keep your certified financial planner in the loop as well it'll cost you last. The CFP can't help you consolidate assets to be included in your trust. So your attorney needs to bill fewer hours think about that. And finally educate your kids and heirs as what they can expect tell them who will be the trustees and what is the process of settling the estate. The more prepared they are the fewer acquittals and arguments will ensue I've seen this happen firsthand. Of course if you have any questions you can give me call number 6342222. You don't my dad died we create today and it states in a family trust for mom right and it seemed to help. When the end came for her but you still have. You have to prove to everybody that you're the gigs like it or the guy who's run in the trust here of the one in charge is allowed to proved every. Well you have that you can you can do that and advance yeah I mean when a lot of trust is made by it go to your failure of financial planner go to your attorney go play your accountant and good boy and let him and your bank and let them have a copy on file so that when it does happen all you need to do is come and bring to death and we did dep but again you have to do the work in involvement that yes it's a lot of work. Is financial aware of national financial awareness day. That's how how appropriate it great opportunity this awareness of your own finances don't let bad financial decisions rule on the rest. Missed years of your life contact Donald grant who is you know sponsor. A national owner I would take credit or even though I had nothing you did I not take users six thank you drive now Steven did coming up in us as news here. At the top of the hour complete look at today's news Wichita as mayor predicting Dennis. New baseball stadium will be in place within two years. That story and more news coming up teams in the morning on king and SS. And and Stephen Ted in the morning every weekday for the money tracker Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with tester I asked orchestra AS. Your car stereo worn out. 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