It's National Graduation Tassel Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 17th
A live chat with editor Bill Roy from the Wichita Business Journal

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Violations. Seven to thirteen 33 and as answer we RT content in the morning at 745. Here on a Thursday morning may seventeenth. Three big things. Local couple makes twelve million dollar donation to Wichita State University. See his mobile home heavily damaged by fire in southeast Wichita and stepmother of missing boy found not guilty in a related case. Three big things even dead on can innocents. And take a look at traffic here on the Thursday morning commute and running smoothly at this hour don't forget we you have construction going on on May pole. Near west streets and also maple near ridge road sees more barrels on the maple order of course. Traffic updates from CN SS was deep into it sunny today with a high of 87 degrees. Partly cloudy with a 10% chance for rain tonight the overnight those 65. And and on Friday 20% chance for rain. And looking for a high tomorrow 88 degrees now partly cloudy plenty of sunshine out there 61 degrees and all. Zero or summer fun with a new happened at grand Jack's. People always notice a great aunt and chances are it came from app engine acts. At the clock tower in the Plano at main jets. 747 now Steve intend on pianist as stocks. Ended today in the green Wednesday after Tuesday's sell off. The Dow Jones Industrial Average up 62 points at 2400768. Pushing it back into positive territory. For this year the NASDAQ up 47 points at 7398. Yes and 500 up eleven. At 2722. And a small caps the Russell 2000. Moves into record territory with a record close. That's up for the year five point 2% as concerns about trade a strong dollar don't affect those small caps that we needed a large caps. On the Dow Jones Industrial Average two thirds anymore in the green. Including Nike GE Disney Wal-Mart helped to lead the way on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Nicole pedal Levy is Fox News. So Missouri again topped an annual list for the largest number of offending puppy mill breeders' America. According to report released this week by the Humane Society of the United States. In the six years to six year rolled that Missouri has been named at the state with the most puppy mills. When dogs have been found sick injured or starving in court sometimes dirty conditions. Leo a lot of people of Missouri think it's until Qaeda grow Dalton. According to the humane societies horrible hundred report. Missouri has at least 23 puppy mills followed by Ohio. With thirteen. I oh with ten and Pennsylvania with the nine. And Kansas is on a list. With more than five breeders. And as a study completely innocent and is saying that at least five. That puppy mills going Kansas. According to you may wonder what the deal is as I wonder it's a rural thing or its sailors and Kansas City based on cultural thing in the end it may be as the country simply I don't know. It's hard to explain. And if you can't afford that thousand dollar purebred puppy what are you know. If it often installments. New York lawmakers have introduced legislation seeking to ban the option of leasing plans for pets. That often come with terms it end up charging people double the animals cost. With the threat every possession if they can't keep up the payments or he can't keep you miss a payment. I don't could go back into a puppy mill. Practice has been drawing scrutiny from lawmakers and animal welfare groups since media reports last year. Highlighted customer complaints against them wags lending. Which pioneered a pet leasing. Can't leasing there's an interesting interesting idea there. And I think if you if you can afford to buy a pair without making payments. Maybe you should rethink having a panel tell anybody and who procured from Pfizer that comes up with a pet. Should take care of the animals let's justices. This is why I'm coming from where the Kansas humane society can from that if you got to be responsible for those dogs and cats make sure that they are spayed or neutered and and take care right don't you know build and run around him and the ease all of the stamper are almost things in. Keep an upright. Health officials. Say nearly two dozen more cases of food poisoning outbreak linked to Romaine lettuce grown as a result I have been reported. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the total number of people sickened by a strain of E. Coli is now 172. Across 32 states. CDC says the lettuce should no longer be in stores and restaurants because of its three week shelf life yes you've had been talking about this for a long time to it. They have ended its you know. Cash how much lettuce came out of that field. That eight millions of pounds while he gets distributed all over those all over the country and it's got this this terrible disease E. Coli and and aren't so if they think they've almost got it done because by now. All of via. All the offending let it should be off the shelves. Come on 751 now with Steve intended making the news this morning a courtship. Editor bill Roy the witch to a business journal is with us this morning is making news a generous. Generous donation at Wichita State right bill. That's exactly right Steve content it is a big boost to Wichita State oil man playing walls he and his wife Kaye. Giving twelve million dollars to Wichita State ten million dollars will go toward the funding for. Building a new business school bill and the other two will be used for field experiences and petroleum geology. Of the fifteen million needed for the business building they've now raised 21 and a half million dollars. Cobalt boats and neo DeShea says a competitor continues to steal their ideas. Cologne filed a motion in court accusing grounds which seemed ray boat brand. Of continuing to use a retractable swim step that cobalt patented back in 2013. A Virginia jury last year awarded cobalt two point seven million dollars. And a patent infringement case against C rag. The fifty Wichita area companies honored Wednesday in the 2018 best in business awards. Companies are recognized for their financial performance innovation and community involvement. Five companies named overall winners and prize bank grace met health clinic merit trust credit union. Stand in wholesale electric company in Wichita surgical specialists from war. And our weekly edition. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and it would stop business journal dot com but what to top business journal I'm dual role. Saw a little bit more about that knew of building their they're trying to raise money for the Wichita State. The business school out there is too is something that corset which dusty puts a lot of a lot of prestige a lot of attention to that business school. Right in my daughter and and a and her as the husband both went to the businessmen out there and became accountants. And I have good friends who have had been to the business school and it needs it. Age these should be a man highlighted as something special this this gift yesterday while people generally birthday. Huge very generous. Plane has been are all man for many many years in Kansas and we've we've talked on quite a bit when anything comes up in the energy sector. And day out they beat you see is some may be familiar with the new building at Kansas State for the business school. And it's amazing what can happen so David building they had a new building at K state. Right so we added just built and it just got completed in the last couple years at the beautiful buildings and that I can imagine that happening on Wichita State's campus. You don't we are to our studio's upload to a person with lyme. Bruno and done what. Douglas and web almost but we Herridge studios over there federal by the campus which does state every morning. Right and after afternoon going home and actually. For about twenty here so right when it works someplace else but you know. The other and I have been out there for awhile and then over the weekend Chile that were out that way in Provo pass campus and every kid is. It is 190 miles an hour mr. Yep lots of changes and I construction going out there for the innovation campus. And now hopefully soon they'll be able to hit that fifteen million dollar market be able to start building that and that build. Lot of new buildings of course it never for years and years and years which vested never expanded course they had the golf course there's nobody wanted to do any of the golf course but now. It's going to be one of these days soon it's gonna be that the most modern campus in America when it constitutes. Brand new buildings about the finals now seems like it because of that innovation campus you that today is national graduation tassel today. Celebrating actually the accomplishments of every branch auditoriums stadiums will fill with proud families. The tassel dangles from the more reports in the color of their esteemed. Institutions and and accorsi gals have been president just reply you don't have to tell me out hassles work. I received a thank you to it. So that it Shawnee mission north what overs. Oh colors there. Black and red accurate so what we should tassel and new ball anymore report. As I remember of course you weren't black. Mortar board with the red apple related because we have maroon it. West which Aniston are talking earlier I can't remember. Where her. We had our commencement clearly I believe it was which just yeah now I remember. Lining up out there and it it and you know the around part of the concessions criteria yes it was which testing at the arena here and a potential. It's Longo idol where you know where your edges. I think it may be still in the and Mona mark closet says home in Kansas and did you still added hanging from the rear view mirror yeah ethnic I did a wonderful ridiculous in a big guy was. At a big truck that I got off the rear view mirror the is 65 mustang. And along with the Fuzzy dice right exactly yeah. Graduation test today. I thank you gentlemen it's evident beehive is Steven did state was David's at 8 o'clock this morning we'll have the latest on enough. Guilty verdict the stepfather of a missing child. Unrelated case Ted has the latest sports. You have the shocker baseball team is on the road tonight in Memphis a lot of preview coming up in sports. And of course entertainment news. We avail a lot of entertaining items coming your way in the blur in entertainment news and about 35 minute and a forecast weather forecast that includes another chance for rain profitable activities they was even dead. In the 8 o'clock hour long Kate and answer ass. Get to Wichita business journal updates on K and assets presented by Heppner Stevie had electronics.