It's National Pack Rat Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 17th
Hoarding our time with MoneyTracker Don Grant, CFP

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Stephen's head 97 and thirteen thirty caved in and stands at 6:40 in the Thursday morning three big things. Local couple makes twelve million dollar donation to Wichita State university's. Seeing mobile home heavily damaged by fire in southeast Wichita fly stepmother of missing boy found not guilty in a related case. Three big things even dead on in essence. And traffic updates here on the Thursday morning commute during 6 o'clock hour here we've had a wild police chase of a suspect in the northeast Wichita leading into the Andover area that has come to an end. A white pickup truck that was speeding running stop signs going up to ninety miles per hour maybe even close to 100 miles per hour at times. That truck ended up crashing near Butler wrote in 77 north and they frequently were able to apprehend that suspect. Was throwing evidence out of the truck along the way they're trying to corral all of that as well. And that has that chase is now wrapped up. At city traffic update K and assess Iran's even today it's sunny today with a high of 87 degrees partly cloudy. With a 10% chance for rain tonight over those 65. And then Friday 20% chance for rain tomorrow night 88. Now partly cloudy Coleman and 59 degrees. They can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramp suburban and was skis in the state of Kansas. The bought our coverage of military discounts or current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 649 now Stephen did what. The fun things we're doing on our web page Cain is his review the outcome is the Steven did polls. And the question is what is your favorite on the outdoor grill with a little change in the numbers and we share that you right now do you vote by the just. No on there and be a part of the poll our web page. In this has rated on down kabob still committed 0%. Chicken now at 2%. Hot dogs have dropped to 9%. Burgers at 22%. All of the above at 33%. And top dog right now opted stakes. 34%. And I love you in an out of state people are given in the Stephen did poll. Right there on our web page Guinness as radio. Dot com. Stocks notched and it gains of solid gains Wednesday recouping some of the market's losses from a day earlier. Technology and healthcare companies drove much of the rebound the S&P 500 rose eleven points the Dow gained 62 and a half the NASDAQ. Added 46 points. Ford is resuming production of its F 150 pick up following a fire to plant where parts for the vehicle were made. Our army that you the auto maker says work will restart Friday tomorrow at the Dearborn truck plant in Michigan. Production afford super duty at its Louisville, Kentucky truck plant and the F 150 in its Kansas City, Missouri assembly plant are targeted to resume Monday. A may second fires severely damaged the main plant at them meridian a magnesium products of America factory in Michigan so it was east supply here. With the fire and isn't sure how important suppliers are at least in these chains of operation. 651 now Stephen dead house some investors. Grow their wealth and retirement fund grants CFP the bunny tracker with us this morning good morning done. Can tell a bit more. Morning you know the ultimate question for those investing for retirement was will outlive my savings annual projections they give you an idea where you stand and let your ultra wealthy the concept of actually rolling your state retirement. Is not realize until you've actually. Gotten to retirement. Well over the past eighteen years of retirement about one hour of yours in two large national studies by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Increase their asset. And it happens even to those with relatively little well researchers found that those who retired with non housing related assets exceed five that 500000 dollars will more likely to increase the network as they age. Not surprised definitely. Those with old school company your government pensions spent much less than those without engines. Now the surprising study is that that. First to get into retirement. Even those with limited financial resources. Held on to their assets they achieve that is by samples simply spinning less than ten count. Those in the study about 12%. Overspent. And just had 20% of their assets after eighteen years however. 35% of that group's other financially active runway after eighteen years that is possible. Cult and health care. It was savings those who live to be ninety or older spent most of their resources in their last years and those who suffered major health sort Orton of course were more likely to run out of money divorces expensive. Well music streams of property and excessive wealth and retirement. The bottom line is simple. Surprising number of seniors maintain financial assets in the first years of retirement and some particularly. Those who live along I'm an old age with. You let it be Internet. What to contract the serious illness. Will become improper action question you have any questions you can give me call numbers six street for 2228. Don today is national pact rent today. It and in my basement yeah encourages us to take a look at ourselves if we have. Pack rat tendencies within us I think in many of its June. Pack rat holds on to collect or hordes often unneeded items. Akron can be considered an apt nickname or a quarter. And it's pretty easy to do I mean he he you don't think you do and have been and you look around maybe in a closet there in the it's like. What was I closet. Who had a closet ten on the radio where the where the the bowling ball fell out there that fever median RT. And you just don't realize is after a few here if you collected all this stuff. Then you have to go through. Think I don't think Hamas order that I do have a lot of stuff that I I deemed sentimental but I never take out and get also don't know about it. Riots and so but it if you want to go get out and please overlooked today on national. Packed red day I think you done that you guys see you to 55 now Stephen did come up at 7 o'clock decay in as us. Morning news was even Ted. Stepmother of missing boys not guilty in a related case that story and more views on the half hour or millions come up at 7 o'clock but you pardon. Think it is the morning on Kate in SS. Stevens head in the morning. Every week day four of the money record Don grant CFT securities offered through kestre investment services LLC member finreg SIPC investment advisory services offered through kestre advisory services LLC an affiliate of Castro I asked CT HP is not affiliated with castor I asked orchestra AS. When it comes to finances. How do you make sense of at all to it into financial engines investing since every Saturday morning at nine. Or visit investing sensed.