It's not easy to be a referee

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
Steve talks about his brief experience calling balls and strikes.

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Good morning 6 o'clock vision is okay and it says morning news with Stephen Jen I Steve Macintosh. And Al muggy 74 degrees. House appears to be a total loss after an overnight fire in east Wichita. Around 1030 Tuesday night firefighters were called the 500 block of east OC. Battalion chief Jim Watson Wilson says one firefighter was treated for minor heat exhaustion. There's different rules of thumb it's more important that they get hydrated the day before. Whether winner here this afternoon. They say usually seven Dell. The resident was not a home in that house fire in the 500 block of east policy. The Wichita City Council voted Tuesday on whether to submit a letter of interest to the federal government to be considered to be considered for funds to help finance a new water treatment plant. If the city's approved they will sinden and formal application at 2090. The federal loan to finance up to 49% of the cost with state funds rate increases and other money used to help pay for the rest. The council passed a resolution six to one with councilman James Clinton and the only no vote. The current water treatment plant was constructed in 1939 and needs to be replaced. The city provides treatable water for about 500000 people in the region. The plan calls for the new facility to be constructed at the existing cited northwest Wichita. You're torn persons who boulevard and is projected to cost over 500 million dollars Rodney price K it SS news. A top education official says Kansas would have to phase in another 364. Million dollar increase. In public school funding over five years to comply with a recent Kansas Supreme Court order. Deputy education commissioner dale Dennis presented his calculations Tuesday to the state board of education. The State's Supreme Court ruled last month that a new law phasing in a 548. Million increase in school funding over five years. Is an adequate under the state constitution. But he gave legislators until next spring to fix it. Under Dennis is calculation the total increase would exceed 900 million dollars. The court said the new law should have provided additional funds to cover inflation and noted that the average rate was one point 44%. From the 201011 school year through 201617. Dennis use that average in his calculations. Dan O'Neill came and SS and. News on the final day of June 55 year old Hewlett Duncan was found dead inside her apartment in southeast Wichita there aryan rock. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a suspect in the case is now in custody. Officers located and arrested. A 59 year old male. In reference to this accident. And he was booked into jail. That's suspect arrested Monday evening itself which you saw he's being held on 750000. Dollars bond on suspicion of second degree murder. Police believe Duncan and demand she knew got into an argument that ended with him hitting her than object. People knew about her injuries but she did not come out of her apartment for several days before police were called to check on her. People in sun prairie Wisconsin couple rumblings of an explosion filled with smoke and flames due to a gas leak. The area is about a half mile away from the City Hall. Which will be closed until further notice. Police lieutenant Kevin can impact he has more. We've also it's expanded the vacuum I wish the evacuation area to a half miles on one unified block radius were on a half mile radius however. Some of the senior. I was assisted senators that are in closely area or they're able to actually shelter in place because those gas mains have been shut down. Injured people were taken to a hospital but no deaths have been reported. President trump. Mr. Trump's pick to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy has made his first appearance on Capitol Hill. Republican leaders and president trump Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh a meeting team's data center strategy to help them navigate what is likely to be heated confirmation process. Meanwhile GOP moderate Maine senators Susan Collins considered a key vote since Cavanaugh is qualified. And Republican policy committee chairman senator John Brosseau tells Fox News at night I would expect in the end that this is a judge who's going to be confirmed will be on the supreme court for a long time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is hoping to lead his party unanimously opposing Cavanaugh. As well as gaining the support of two Republicans to block his nomination. By painting the nominee as a far right extremist in Washington shall mantle Fox News K Unisys used on now 60. Or 4 minutes and 6 o'clock. Lucky seven of thirteen 38 and it says he does have a morning now. 61111. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Gasoline prices in Wichita still the team 69. A gallon we saw those prices. A jump up there yesterday in the early yesterday and that's. Where they are day to 69. A gallon here in Woodstock traffic updates from cape and SS radio on jazz chambers. Now look at the forecast McGahee and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday deporting them. Good morning with a mostly clear start today you're only so many ways you can say it will be hot but that is the case again today likely tomorrow into Friday in the weekend. The hi this afternoon ID 775. Overnight and now 88 tomorrow. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy southeast winds five miles per hours 75 degrees. On this Wednesday July 11 when he eighteenth. Another sunny warm day across Kansas gives a just like the one quarter which draws high temperature. Was 96 degrees normal life with a date. Is 92. So another hot day here in south central Kansas on the state in 1804. Vice president Aaron Burr mortally wounded former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. During a pistol Julian we hawk a New Jersey Appleton died the next day it is again a ten dollar bill. He amber head some sort of loaded but not I'd rather read a lot about this not really clear exactly what triggered via. The dual except these guys were rivals. Couple of brilliant guys bear Burr was just as Smart as Hamilton and hi is it did their careers were going up and is it appears maybe that Hamilton might have said something about air and purged daughter. That triggered this. This dual. Also on this date in 1993 big day in weather history. The strongest winds ever measured at Wichita mid continent airport occurred when severe thunderstorms produced a 109. Miles per hour gust. Panning out over a two mile wide area of the destructive winds began near the intersection of Kellogg and Dugan. Where fourteen power poles were sheared near their bases. Five aircraft destroyed two buddy were heavily damaged. Part of the roof of the FAA approached tower was peeled off and blown into the tower itself. Resulting in 145000. Dollars in damage right up near the airport. A 109. Mile per hour wind that was in 1983 on Tuesday. Officials say the first transatlantic flight by a medium altitude long endurance unmanned aircraft has lifted off from an aviation part of North Dakota. The general the general comics aeronautical systems drone. Departed from the grand sky park at the Grand Forks air force base Tuesday afternoon. The flight will cover more than 3000 miles before landing in Gloucester Scheyer. England where they roller forces holding its its Centennial celebration. The aircraft is in MAQ nine V predator which is 38 feet long with a wingspan of seven to nine feet. That is a big play roles sizable. Maine recently flew continuously for more than 48 hours so. Who's got all the all the stuff that needs now to make the flight that's taken a bathroom break Smith. The drone on its way across the Atlantic and have to take any extra sandwiches like Lindbergh did when he flew across the Atlantic right. Yet the one of the stories we're covering this morning. Is about the police captain who's been given probation. This is the the guy who shoved of those young female rough three of the youth sports basketball game. And and an assist. He's sitting just protecting its child exile accord something was all of his kidney and you've got out there and people upset and yes. The united pusher but on the video and pretty much shows him. Pushing. For the video. But is it's a bad situation that you Nolan and I'm a Laguna. You stand up for the guy that these people these parents get upset that some of these youth games I mean. Why I have been due to the point where I just you know you should keep amount ship and a normal life and I'm not that much involved my grandkids are out there and it's not that big a deal that. After remind myself every now and then it to accuse game. In need get upset about it. The umpires and referees but it's easy to do. These deals to lose your your cool a little bit happens all the time and it does and I go back to. My in my youth. When net cash how old are we grew could have been more than thirteen fourteen years old and a brother and I and and one of the guys get a summer job. Umpiring Little League Baseball. And west Wichita now that you know these were six and seven year old okay. Probably the worst job I've ever had realized at that age of course. The catchers have zero skills now they can't catch a thing of pretty much let the ball he's human this year right or go to the next one of the exactly. So we yet we had the issue and art team. Which doesn't protect your feet much and you get clobbered on the floor at least once again. So there is that in the kids for you know barely find the strike zone and then he had the moms in the in this folding chairs. The moms with more versed in nastase I wrote about his today but the bond they were just other ugly they get on to us all on not a good job. And it's edited like being a referee or official of any kind and sports because it's not the kind of job my life. But they say certain type of mentality never. Call balls and strikes move. I've often felt I would not enjoy that and often felt I wondered if the best unit and this happened when I was in youth baseball one or two times it's happened. You would do a game with what umpire and he would basically stand behind the pitcher. Now and you could argue that she's a strike zone from there may be better than from behind the plate. I don't know that's waited and got all the cameras set out there you know. In today's in today's world but it sometimes that would happen newsstands callables strike all the bases right I don't say with Canada and a but anyway this the gentleman whose it. The police captains apparently just got probation so you have to go to anything like that. Six can point 68 Oz why I was the official score keeper that was mourn mine okay. But they didn't get too many disputes there but you've lost sort of got tons a dispute or did you really wanna. Now word yet. Any time recalling hitter an error the are some person yeah did not get the right end of that call starts commit baseball or yeah yeah I see that via picture there's no way I was into. And the other guy does not definitely error magna. As a 5050 call that made my decision in baseball that's the that's just not. I'd 618 now Steven did on gay and assessed I printed out sport to Ted good work they did. Kansas City Royals last night trying to snap a ten game losing streak royals in Minnesota taken on the twins. Boy I tell you what it's amazing what can happen in little offense the defense of pitching. Things certainly. And outright summaries through the Minnesota got no Kansas City Royals did and the big pitching performance out of the bullpen for former Wichita State shocker Brian Flynn a called upon after Ian Kennedy left the royals game after only three innings Brian Flynn called out of the bullpen could he get the job done for the royals you heard the game last night and can't make. He swings at the ground above the middle cut off by Mondesi to second 11. Double play. And Mondesi went sliding on his knees up the middle to cut that off. And I tell you what that's the third time in a week. And he has taken a ball. That was on its way to the outfield in just simply how ran the ball and he cut that ball off sliding on his easel back can't live. The pair of field for a 643. Double play it bad for Brian Flynn. That is the twelfth time. He's had a double play. And he's a reliever. So plant has taken over the Major League lead for double plays for reliever. For the twelve adults. And that means he's given a bald mountain. He picked up the win to only his second win in the major leagues for Brian Flynn former shocker gets the win at. And as do the royals they snap that ten game losing streak with a nine to four win over the twins last night. Royals and the twins play the finale of that series of today's game live pregame coverage begins at 11:30 this morning. He will start laughter Noonan you listen live on Sports Radio T eight at 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro baseball downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium last night Wichita wing nuts pick up a win beat the Fargo Moorhead redhawks eight to 33 hour game thirteen hundred fans on hand. As of Wichita has won three out of four wing nuts in the Red Sox will finish up their series this will be in a day game. And that will start at 1105. This morning. They baseball downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium during this homestand for the wing nuts. We have playoff soccer in town tonight it's the semi finals. Of the NTS cell in the heartland conference the number one seed. Leaguers conference champ FC Wichita taking on the number four seed. Saint Louis club athletic so that'll be at 730 tonight at trinity academy stadium in east Wichita. And will begin at 7:30. This evening. FC which hits off. Ranked number fourteen. Out of the 98 teams in the India cell he would do in the post season has seen Wichita home tonight. And in Minor League Baseball last night it was the day before the all star game and Eastern League that's double a baseball in Trenton, New Jersey. And former Wichita State shocker Sam Hilliard was in the finals of the home run derby he ended up finishing in second place. He got outscored eleven to nine in the final round. If you dating grow long when it up winning that. Home run derby contest and he won the case of cases port Parole Board and a championship belt. And Sam Hilliard finishing runner up I guess did not get any more parole get a party can't mess out of death but it. Tonight will be the Eastern League all star game the same house I am Hilliard the former soccer does Aries have a great season in double A for the Iraqis in the Eastern League. Sports and Stephen Ted KNS. Did six when he won given her for Fox News commentator Todd stars. Todd has found a freedom for religion under freedom of religion dispute. In Illinois got to tell you about that that's coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and as fast.