It's not the "Halloween season" just yet

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 5th

Ted has a problem with how early Halloween candy and decorations are showing up in stores.


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Wire why not in a lot of ways. Yes I'm OK it was Bledsoe went down in others. You know maybe not. We need to come together as a country. 97 and thirteen thirty K and asked as we are heated did in the morning here on Thursday morning. At 7463. Big things. Sharp increase in violent crime in Kansas. As KB ideals which shortage of agents seeing former state lawmaker Ed O'Malley is latest Republican candidate for Kansas governor blunt. Two alarm fire at Somerset apartments in northeast Wichita. Good big things Stephen dead on to in a sense. Sandra right now in traffic just one area to avoid it out there. Southbound lanes of I 135 at Kellogg an injury traffic accident there that's one area to avoid. South and I want thirty clients. At Kellogg. Also continue to watch for slow down. In east which does central and Webb road traffic accident there as well. Traffic updates from Kate and at this radio on hit chambers this chance for morning fog and mist of 40% chance for rain today with a high of 79 degrees. 50% chance for rain tonight the overnight lows 69. Friday 60% chance for rain with a high of 85 now cloudy itself. Going to ten miles per hour and 71 degrees K and assess whether brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft burnhams and ms. keys in the state of Kansas. The bar covers a military discount for current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. 647 now Steve and Ted nearly every Alaskan will wake up. 11100 dollars richer today. Thanks to this year's pay out from the State's oil wealth investment fund. The distribution from the Alaska permanent fund is essentially. Three money for residents who don't pay a state income tax or statewide sales tax. But it just half of the expected. Tony 200 dollar windfall which was reduced for the second straight year. To help the state pay its bills amid a recession due to continued low oil prices. So simply by living in Alaska. They get a check every year to know that been going on for quite awhile now. Major stock index is nudged a bit further into record territory on Wall Street where's it gonna end. Wednesday but small company stocks lagged behind the Standard and Poor's 500. Edged up three points the Dow gained twenty NASDAQ also added three points all three indexes. Added to records set a date earlier. So where's it topple that market Ted if we knew that I guess we would figure out how to make money. That has keeps gonna gone up. The White House has asked congress for 29 billion dollars in disaster aid. To cover ongoing hurricane relief and recovery efforts and to pay federal flood insurance claims now. The request comes. As a government is spending almost 200 million dollars a day. Or emergency hurricane response and faces a surgeon flood claims for. Federally insured homes and businesses slammed by hurricanes Harvey Irma and Maria. And it's boring there's another one out there. Few hundred miles to public calling it Nate could be a camera. Hurricane. Where is it supposed to. They don't know for sure yet but at the East Coast of Florida get ready. Will bulletin match and as a tough season tough season. A government study shows students who attended for profit colleges were at least twice as likely to default on their loans as students who attended public schools. The study by the national center of education statistics. Looks at students who began their undergraduate education in 2003. And defaulted on at least one loan over the next twelve years if default and influences. Not that uncommon what does that mean that your that those who go to that costlier. Private institutions have to take out more loans before that he could be probably have to do mean and the credit default on snow that the private schools a little more expensive. I'm a lot more expensive and always has them respect it has been at. All right so according to candy store dot com. Favorite Halloween candy in Kansas but would you think that is to and you probably moment. Goodness I'm probably not immediately gets on the uptick in Oklahoma it's Snickers. The old by actual phone sized Snickers and hours in Kansas Reese's cups. That's on my house right now really and it they're good Apple's little peanut butter cups and a pretty addictive via a national federation retail federation estimates shoppers will spend. Two point seven billion dollars on Halloween candy this year. Halloween candy pretty much been in the stores for what. About six months after my birthday since about August not at all. Exiting and of course we're talking the other day about the right the Christmas decorations go and opens many of the stores or detonated. Its already that is the season did. 70 it's not well that's my prize money I can't stop this season at October 8 they're gonna go on without him retailer just. It's not the season equity and it'd. Right. New leadership four Freddy's. It's a time for our local business update the bitter bill Roy of the Wichita business journal good morning bill. Merry Christmas Eve and yeah Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers has a new CEO co-founder Randy Simon takes over for his brother bill who died in December. Randy Simon sold as 34 Panera Bread locations over the summer helped launch a Pizza Hut franchise in 1974. And be developed and sold more than thirty Rent A Center locations in the Chicago area. Freddy's now has 274 locations in thirty states. National business aviation association boosting security for its convention and exhibition next week in Vegas. Spokesman Dan Hibbert says the top priority is the safety and security of all the show participants. The added measures come as a reaction to last weekend's mass shooting in Las Vegas the event will be held at the Las Vegas convention center. And the Henderson executive airport. Wichita State holding his economic development to a conference. Forecast conference today yet Wichita in Wichita. And they have some numbers that they've released Wichita as nonfarm employment is expected to grow by just four tenths of 1% and 2018. The statewide forecast is just 110 of 1% growth. Numbers released today once again by the center for economic development and business research pre prediction indicates Wichita with that 1065. Jobs next year. But the State's growth at just 15100 jobs. State wide production sector expected growth pretense of a percent trade transportation and utilities two tenths of a percent. In Wichita the production sector is expected to remain flat. While trade transportation and utilities forecasted to drop by seven tenths of a percent indicating a loss of about 350 jobs shall have more on these numbers throughout the day. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com but the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. So that's candid disturbing isn't it I mean holy mackerel. No sir and these are not great not I don't remember it all and suck up normal sort you have to tell it tell us about it but it does look like if you bet Susan distaste that that's the prediction anyway in the states not going to just sit there and like Christian on the middle of lake Cheney. Without a battle. Also I had definitely hate to see the wood just on numbers and getting production sector expected to remain flat. You trade transportation and utilities actually dropping by sentence of a percent it. Now I'm already leopard today is national yet funky day. Turn up the energy improve the mood smile laugh dance and share the enthusiasm. Everywhere you go national get funny day encourages everyone to break out of their funk and get funky. Yeah like Lawrence Welk already out of what is Richard what exactly does that mean should I go get my. I have absolutely no idea my you know bottom pans out and that's a starting second and acting crazy. Funky day gets armor and booties over the ball and booties. They'll c'mon. This is a band that's a valid stroke and still have some rules polyester bell bottoms at home notes which built in. There's that part of the clause white. We talking to me a bill you own a minor psychedelic I know he's got some of those platforms in this case up nicely with the gold mission. I'd guys downstairs something for you to national do something nice day. Would be ideal wouldn't it if everyone lived their lives doing kind things on a daily basis without even thinking about it well aren't you Pollyanna. Pardon me. I can't. I can't get people be nice to me bill and it's bound to primarily about Ted. I think he's lost respect for me over the past nineteen years when you think that affected me. I can be a we're all along I gotta go body by like Selig 72 feisty and Ted. It's just sort. Rerouted once he got LC I now get a little joke at that he doesn't have anything to date guys that can't believe that having into the post today. National there's something nice something nice he routed through its fifth. The clock was even dead although it does the news is sport including a two alarm fire in northeast Wichita and apartment fire. Stevens hit the morning on K and assess.