It's Primary Election Day in Sedgwick County

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Tuesday, August 1st
Only District 1 in Wichita has enough candidates to warrant having a primary.

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Is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. I came back inside Griffin cloudy. And 69 degrees. Peyton is just breaking news a small plane crashed Monday night at the large municipal airport in northeast defeat death killing two people. Kansas Highway Patrol confirms that two bodies. Found in the wreckage. The plane reportedly landed upside down in the corn field just north of the airport. Eric Johnson with a metropolitan to Peking airport authority says the FAA has been notified and build investigate the crash. Today is primary election today in Sedgwick county. Wichita City Council district one voters will select two candidates from the field before the face off in the general election in November. There were not enough candidates for a City Council districts two and six or Wichita board of education district's 125 and six to justify a primary. Those candidates will face off November 7. In today's primary in district one voters will choose to candidates from the field Brandon Johnson Mike canard John Stephens and Janet Wilson. Voters in haynesville City Council ward foreign Park City worth three you're also going to the polls today. Dan O'Neill came SS news and other top trump. Administration official is out communications director and director Anthony star Lucci. Resigned just eleven days after taking the White House post. The drop White House now dealing with the ousting of communications director. If mideast Carol Moochie notice the blue each term Richie profanity laced tirade to a reporter calling now ex chief of staff ranks pretty broached an expletive paranoid schizophrenic. Apparently crossed the line. Press Secretary Sara Sanders president certain. Late felt that in these comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. President crop no stranger to colorful language himself. Hoping to turn the page with this new chief of staff John Kelly cannot vote and ABC news Washington. There was a deadly weekend of Wichita street 33 traffic fatalities accidents. In three days one on Friday another Saturday another Sunday. Late Sunday night police were called the senior Kellogg in Washington. Where a car was upside down on Kellogg. The investigation showed it 2006 Chevy Apollo is traveling along the way I want 35 to westbound Kellogg. Lost control and struck a concrete barrier. Which caused the vehicle to roll. A police officer Charlie Davidson says a passenger in the car 44 year old man died at the scene. For the people on the card two men into women were all hospitalized including two in critical condition. People living in downtown in Jasper Alabama have been asked to stay indoors. The search continues for one of the inmates who escaped from the county jail over the weekend. ABC's Clayton send Dell reports authorities are now revealing how the inmates tricked a guard. The sheriff and walker county Alabama says the inmates used peanut butter to make a smooth the skate that might sound crazy. But these very core prices lock box. A dozen inmates with rap sheets including attempted murder and robbery allegedly using that peanut butter to change numbers above a jail door. Tricking a new employee into thinking he was opening a cell. 24 year old Brady kill Patrick whose yield on drug related charges is the only inmate who remains on the loose eleven other inmates have been recaptured. Necessity is time now 6044. But it spent 6 o'clock. 97 at thirteen 33 and it says we are seeing today the morning. Now 6099. Minutes past 6 o'clock. And so far in traffic things looking fairly good out there not seeing any. Big traffic slowdowns at the moment and those gasoline prices most of them still. Break their team fifteen gallon traffic update on cape and has history on gas chambers. Eligible for a kiss me in his says staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan could. Morning you two weeks disturbances sliding across southern Kansas that may keep a few scattered showers going for awhile but most of those who will be pushing out of southeast Kansas. Cloudy with a high today 84 so maybe a little bit warmer than yesterday tonight's Lou 68 yeah. Tomorrow should be clearing warmer and 8800. KM SS meteorologist Dan. Holidays now cloudy 69 degrees we have an east wind at three miles per hour Stevenson in the morning on K and then it says here on 8 Tuesday morning. The first day of August and then it just taking it went to visit came as as weather center radar for you we have had. Some showers in the area a rather large area of showers however it's all moved off to the east and southeast of widgets on now down into the southeast part. Of Kansas now if you're traveling to northern Oklahoma today. There's a band of showers all the way across Oklahoma just about and if you go down a 35 right now. Southbound you'll see them as you go just past the border and down toward Oklahoma City you'll see more sell. There is some showers there are some showers and in the area. But again they've all moved pretty much softer the south east this morning down into the southeast part of Kansas. A mild Monday across south central Kansas Wichita as high temperature yesterday. 75. Degrees it was beautiful now their normal high 982. Way below normal yesterday got out for a run yesterday afternoon and it was out stick it in. And I thought it was New Year's October already. Anyway we gonna sustain this for a couple of days at least ties a little warmer than that up into the eighties but dead. The too much to worry about in the way of the whether or not to as far as heat. Is concerned diplomat compared to the last couple of weeks anyway mattered what July or about 1 August should be open at that point out. Kansas City Chiefs training camp update would Mitchell was coming up at 8:15 this morning hope you're around here. At 8152 hours from now as we get that training camp update from Mitchell was right here we Steven didn't just a reminder that gain in SS. 987 and thirteen thirty this fall for the first time. We are the whole of the Kansas City Chiefs in the restaurant in your all the games right here. On came in a sense. Answer pretty excited about that yeah. Today is primary Election Day as soon we've been mentioned in our news this morning and it for for Wichita voters here in the city did not match. Just just a few thousand people eligible eligible to vote and turn out probably going to be pretty preached. Small yet her district of wine industry detailed and it says it's kinda strange. Geographic district and it goes down from a Lynnwood park. Straight north of the northeast Wichita but their four candidates as we have been telling you and if you were in that district he did today intraday devote. Couple other. Primaries and Sedgwick county but this is not one of those days where we bring out all the trouble to nor is it hey let's start election coverage secretary there just is not much to talk about and the gerrymandered except when the little weird we'll have a the results for you of course Danville later tonight Dan O'Neill and tomorrow morning. But you're here we Stephens and A who won the primary. In district one on this date in 1966. Charles Joseph Whitman went on an armed Rampage at the University of Texas and Austin. That killed fourteen people most of whom were shot by Whitman. When it was first in the clock tower of the main campus building 1966. In Austin TU shooting Whitman. Who have also slain his wife and mother hours earlier was finally gunned down by police. Memory serves me they did an autopsy to find out if there at some sort of a it's a sort of a brain tumor that was possibly. Causing him to behave so. Terribly tragically 1966. The tower unit in Texas and a mistake in 1981 MTV made its debut on cable stations across the US. MTV had a birthday today. The rookie police officer in Maryland is garnering praise. For an act of kindness he extended to a woman accused of shoplifting. Officer Bennett Johns who joined the laurel police department in May was called the local grocery store July 22. Regarding a 22 year old a twenty year old woman accused of shoplifting. Officer Bennett John's suit. The woman who reportedly bought some items. But did not have fifteen dollars for two packs of diapers. Was given a citation. Was given a citation for misdemeanor shoplifting but John's. Who was raised by a single mother. Was touched by the woman's predicament and used his own money to buy the diapers. For the toddler. Photo of Johnson the cash register taken by his training officer yeah I began making the rounds of Internet the Internet after being put to the police departments. On FaceBook page ending. So he's being. Talked about it ordered today a policeman for get this the right thing. I was gonna hear you know hear more stories about things like that happening really happened that you know things like that happen you know I just apparently uttered by and I. And I saw that gone on I wonder if I would have the the heart to do something like him to depict you know say eight let me buy those four so you don't have any problem. Obviously she was he was trying to and she was just listen up enough money well you know she she could put them back. And come back later a guest but to try to go hidden in lifton tried to steal them now instead and a well anyway the story has has a happy ending this morning and it's good. The New Jersey the Jersey that is worn by New York Yankees outfielder Eric and judge. In his Major League debut in August when he sixteen sold Sunday for. 157366. Dollars. One of the electoral ever get his or her money back out of that. The winning bid in the auction held by Steiner sports represents the highest price paid for any Jersey worn. In the four major US pro sports leagues in the past fifteen years and it seems high. It topped the 135060. Dollars paid last month. For the Jersey Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry war in game three of this year's NBA finals. Sale price on the judge jury is a huge should jump from the price paid for a game used Jersey Steiner's shall live just last month. That Jersey that judge war may 28 when he hit his first career grand slams all for only. Only 45578. There's money at Ed memorabilia. Especially pure Yankee. And this guy this guy judge courses. This guy is he's pretty impressive seven monster year animosity to the big guy and he's big league succeed buyers young just. Mr. peck baseball player. And had a great year he means so on some hoosiers he's guessing he gets the money for director. In probably needs it in this at that 401K with the Yankees. If that thing. I got into whether this morning just aren't quick quickly again about the weather just. So nice I'm just I'm scared to death that he's the other she's got a drop its super next week it's got to go up a 115 degrees and in that's where I am animal waste. Skeptical about the weather because it. It can change abruptly here in south central Kansas. It hasn't but. While about every day you get in July or August like this it's money in the bank now yeah you do enjoy about weekend is it. We've already had a pretty pretty hot snapped. In July. And you know but it probably have some more warm weather before September shows up and ended September. Story about three traffic fatalities over the weekend in which it's on Ted you cover those that story here. With a police department a follow up on those investigations of those three traffic fatalities include that one on. On nine Kellogg near Washington. Driving home yesterday around of the than an hour and drove past spot obviously where that happened now there's great big. Smudged black smudge all the press that two couple lanes of traffic you can tell it's something bad happened. Just few out there you're driving your car you're driving home from work or your up their drive Alyssa Stephen dead just a reminder to slow down and and buckle up that's about all we can say. Drive defensively. And has yet slowdown in buffalo the sport you know that. 618 now Stephen tint on king and SS time for leadoff. Portsmouth Jim Woodward. Talking about the royals play in the baseball and also the NBC World Series is continues here in what you know the 83 annual national baseball congress World Series. Continue out of Lawrence Dumont stadium for more games yesterday and who'll play. Yesterday's winners including the derby twins' late last night that well let's. Thirty twins got to win the Santa Barbara forresters late last night death or nothing win. Actually and about 1145. Last night San Diego's Stan sand Santa Barbara rather's too you know in pool play. Former Major League players the Kansas stars easily with a ten to one win last night over the Everett merchants that was nationally televised on ESP into. So we advance on in today to more action for war games on tap for the scheduled today at Lawrence Dumont stadium more pool play. As the NBC World Series continues championship sweet and Lawrence Dumont stadium first game we'll get underway at 1 o'clock this afternoon fateful days. Downtown. Pro baseball leave Wichita wing nuts got rained out in Salina last night so the wing nuts and the stock cable played double header. At 4 o'clock this afternoon up in Salina wing nuts and won three in a row. The big thirteen game lead atop the south division. Major League Baseball in Baltimore last night Kansas City Royals did not get a lot of offense. He only got one run five hits Baltimore at the royals wasted two good pitching performance. But. But couldn't get a lot of runs across Baltimore ended up scoring a run in the bottom of the ninth to beat the royals to one voice dropped two out of three Kansas City. Still holding on to a wild card spot him two and a half easily. As the royals will be in Baltimore again tonight taking on the Orioles who live coverage from. The royals in Baltimore 6 o'clock tonight for you listen live on Sports Radio play NFH 12:40 AM 975. FM. And don't forget listening right here on KM SS two hours from now at 8:15 this morning. I don't lives daily updates from Kansas City Chiefs training camp but by Fleetwood to tease me told this. Daily training camp updates with Mitch every morning this month right here on in excess of 850 make sure you listen to that every morning to buy rusty Ford. What was the content on Kate in aspects of the hole with a Kansas City Chiefs on the radio. Which we keep saying that because we're kind of excited about it. I tuned it what just a little bit the start of that ESPN's coverage of the NBC World Series last night and it. Sure enough there's LD stadium being shown all over the country in all over the world and they Rana a promotional commercial I was watching on. Which it was very well done and milk produced and made us look pretty good. And exciting things going on with the NBC world council showcase for Wichita on ES paean to lessen idea. And he got up this stuff was pretty well done. I'd thanks at 621 yeah see everybody sharing minutes on the coverage there I didn't right now stick around and he would change it now I get for change he's a he's he does a great job he's a good man relax him six point one now Stephen dead. Editor for Fox News commentator time star news. MTV going gender neutral. Stephens and in the morning on Kenny and SS.