Its a significant date for disco and Superman

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 14th

"Saturday Night Fever" and "Superman" premiered on this date in history.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is a victory and is this morning you compete head to thank you can staunch. A fifteen year old girl is in critical condition after a shooting in north which. Wednesday night the thirteen hundred what we'll dispel. Police found the girl with a gunshot wounds to her. Facts investigators discovered another residents of the neighborhood have been struck by bullets and sustained damage. Wichita police are investigating a bank robbery. It happened around 330 Wednesday afternoon at the fidelity bank in the thirteen hundred block of north of what lawn near thirteenth. Police say a man walked into the bank and then left to the vehicle with an undisclosed amount of money there were no injuries. Photos of the suspect can be found in the news story our web page at KM SS radio dot com. If you know the identity of the man of the photos harassed to call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or 911. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news. A man drove the entire length of Wichita all the wrong way on Kellogg from the east side of town to title road causing a collision along the way. Police officer Charlie Davidson says early Wednesday somebody reported a pickup truck going west mound in the eastbound lanes of Kellogg near green which. Police located the truck as it was traveling on the downtown fly over. A tire deflation device was successfully used by officers and wrongly vehicle was stopped in the 9000 block of west pillow. Officers were then able to contact the 48 year old male driver. While the Ford truck was traveling the wrong way. On Kellogg a driver. Of an actor made an invasive maneuver to avoid colliding with a truck. And collided with. IKEA as UV that accident took place there kiloton Seneca there was one person in the Kia and three in the Acura one person suffered serious injuries. And the others sustained minor injuries. Prosecutors believe alcohol may be possibly a factor. In this wrong way driving incidents. Congress is moving toward a vote on overhauling the tax code. It's expected 37 per -- the top individual rate. And the corporate rate would drop from 35%. To 21%. In 2018. House Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady defended attacks on the plan on Fox's America's Newsroom. We seem to get hit by all sides. Lots and some say tax relief for the wealthy others say. No there's tax increases for the wealthy there was a conference committee meeting held to discuss the tax reform negotiations. Democrats were furious with the process. In Massachusetts congressman Democrat Richard Neal. And Texas congressman Democrat Lloyd dogged. Try to get Ways and Means Committee chairman Kevin Brady too who shouted down on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel. Fox News after failing to capture the senate seat in Alabama Republican Roy Morris says the election is a reflection. On the current state of government. No longer is this about Republican or Democrat control. Is true than say there's not a dime's worth of difference between them. It's about a Washington establishment which will not listen to the crowds of its citizenry. More lost to Democrat Doug Jones aboard his campaign struggled to get past allegations of sexual misconduct. With underage girls. I Kentucky's state lawmaker accused of sexual assault. Has killed himself police say Dan Johnson shot himself Wednesday on a bridge amount Washington near Louisville 57 year old Republican a church we was elected to the state legislature last year a report was published Monday in which a woman claimed Johnson sexually assault -- how does Louisville home on New Year's Eve 2012 when she was seventeen police investigated but did not file charges Johnson said the accusations were totally faults he posted a cryptic message on FaceBook Monday night saying PT SD is a sickness that will take my life I cannot handle it any longer it is one this life but heaven is my home. Timer Gotti fox news' Kate Andersen is news time now 6044. Minutes past 6 o'clock. 987. And they're the thirty K and SS readers deep and mid morning Mary Christmas everybody. 609 down nine minutes and make it 10 minutes past 6 o'clock here in a Thursday morning. And traffic volume still fairly light things picking up just a little bit but right now. No big slowdowns out there was taken a look at gasoline prices most of them out they're still to nineteen galvanize its but one better. Your Kellogg and Broadway 1817. Gasoline prices there traffic update from Kagan as best radio and gas chambers. Holistic look at the forecast. We came in and says staff meteorologist Dan the holidays good morning Dan good. Morning we are clouding up across south central Kansas or high temperature today 49 to win not nearly as strong as it was yesterday out of the northwest around ten miles per hour. Will be clearing his high pressure builds an overnight but Luke 28. Sunny on Friday another school with a high 52. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays help partly cloudy 36 degrees we've got to north wind at eight miles per hour. Six stimulus did make it six elevenths Stephen has the warning young came in and says today is. Thursday December 14 2017. Is there are. Eleven a shopping days till Christmas. Eleven shopping. They slept. Sunny breezy day across Kansas Wednesday which is I temperature. Yesterday of 660. Normal hi 44. Are we were up 22 degrees yesterday and I December 14. On this date in 1977 the movie Saturday night fever opened in New York. At the height of the Disco Curry's. And at this thing hit like a bombshell. Not only did everybody see the movie everybody get the soundtrack. I don't have the movie but I do have the Celtics lower on cassette tape at all I've got office. And there's a lot of great music and a fun music is Tedisco he's got to beat. I'm elicited. A year later on this state 1978 to movie Superman story Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder opened in Los Angeles. And Superman is courts. Would have to its all time pay ten loads a Superman. That's equivalent to yeah it's getting really excellent I don't think they've made. Better Superman movies mess it up and there's there's been several scene are the Marlon Brando. Wake is added you LL or whatever David you're L Dorell whatever he's Kalla. Yes yes Chris and I grew up with my brother were. And I we're huge Superman comic made it Clinton days now and a little about Kryptonite. Things like it couldn't. And Perry White the editor of the daily planet great caesar's ghost. As what they always on TV yeah. Police in the city of mesa near Phoenix area man has been arrested on suspicion of arson and criminal damage or allegedly. Burning the city's 40000 dollar Christmas tree. The nearly four story told trees and the focal point of makes his annual Christmas celebration. It was destroyed by a fire early Wednesday that police say was intentionally set. Police say 34 year old Samuel and tone Johnson. Was found nearby and allegedly admitted to setting the fire the tree on fire with a book of matches. Man at least in demand. Did not disclose a motive. City officials say they're trying to quickly finder replacement tree to wreck for the rest of the holiday season. And if your fire bug you know you get a real excitement if you will awful watching things burn the view is that a buyer. That's what. Apparently Samuel. Was doing he's a player but. I doubt be different in each curtains the gap. As he did and the future of the very. A Louisiana Louisiana man says he escaped a catastrophic fire only thanks to the action of these don't all get. Kelvin Bolden says his dog rusty. Still on the end of a soap and started scratching Baldwin's are in the wake it up during a Sunday morning pirated home. Baldwin says he awoke to see smoke grabbed rusty and escape the house. Ireland the inside of the home charred and the roof partially collapsed. But his mother says they're all staying positive about the situation and rusty. Well he's getting rewarded with a lot of kisses. A lot of bulbs. And give them to boats. And pocket. And have a daughter who will save her life. Yeah candles I have eulogized at their watch criminal element nor will really yeah of course there's a better chance that your dog saved her life and your act. A cat. Had some time in Kenya doesn't sometimes but. You just don't hear it nearly as much right right. 614 with Steven and Ted and you'd. Christmas parties today again she called a party chair our annual better come Wichita Christmas extravaganza. Lou luncheon really yeah not much of a party but I think they're set. I think about the height of the yet the festivities take a good Fred brand hauling our promotion manager put to sing together. There's going to be an ugly sweater contest. I got on a polo shirt. Ted's got enough but he I don't think we're gonna be in the at least moderate conservative and I'm orange sweater but I'm not gonna be there so I don't think that's pretty good looks very it's not particularly ugly now when I think it. He's did you Kennedy cut what the Chal is going to be today is Brad disclose yes women being. Yet you guys allowed only in it. And what these routes is Strauss. I dropped that earlier you know like yesterday's it but average crowds and bread just Kemp walked. Well he ignores you. Mentally yes it's kind of his policy business as usual yeah. There are there people around here are very focused there are people around here who really respect me and you know they they listen to what might say things rolling but bread not one votes. Read things and just you know and that's. Probably listens to our show I don't necessary to a tournament as what we music. We royalties. Yup so what do you think it's gonna be strapped country and I thought I thought it hurts him today yeah it's a gentleman's name of it felt Kevin. Is big Stephen did and now. Well I tell you what if it's drought Newton. I'm not gonna miss them Marion on that he. Merry Christmas it was just you know those lame Chile things we do and people make their own Chilean they. They have contest to put gasoline in it they all to see who can make the hottest Chile. I think if they think that's funny. Well they're Nguyen has that ever. Usually all the chili's is so weak number on at all area. That's because you know he thinks it has even odder than this right. I think he deepening its in remotely hot oil there's just no pleasing you to it and I enjoy this July and do it actually took off barrier. Understood I guess of adamant today. I shouldn't complain I don't go NHL I don't know if you let her down just be quiet okay you don't vote you don't have a say in who gets to be president. Okay and it Christmas parties government. Excited Ted fantastic. The Thursday morning I mean. I don't know about excited I've got a lot of work to suited nodded to. I've done a lot of and I've got a lot accomplished more I can go down the list and show you love real accomplishment yeah I delusional that you'd be amazed. Not quite assumption I just part I thought about fifteen minutes at a dad's busy morning. So we could show me something have that we postings on the way out yet. I'm it is territorial. Via. If it was just as thrilling as your recounting of it here again any wouldn't be the thing was Hitler got lots were interviewed at a better pupil but now. Some things can't be helped answer it I did snake out of politics seventeen. Or goggle on this article that's gonna have a another fantastic day if you're listing. A pay attention because somewhere here in the next three hours we are going to say something really worthwhile. Again today could be once again thirty bold statement on your part that Bailey our sport to Ted Woodward. It's gonna be right now it is to better be informative because I have no idea. What's been going on exports fell the fender right underplayed last night that's right the thunder Thursday night football and I think hey you know. Dallas under outscored Colorado 31. On the road in the final 53 minutes of the game last night. It is the only trouble was they were down three nothing seven minutes into the game spot and Colorado won the game for the three thunder couldn't quite complete comeback. Colorado has won ten of eleven now under has lost the first three games of this five game road swing. On second place late start off season really hot today not. Barrier yeah now that Chicago sorry Colorado has eclipsed the mere little bit with a very hot. November and December and thunder and try to catch up with the Eagles we go along on the season. Thursday night football tonight. Terrible matchup in the NFL it really picked up done and and two teams that are in last place and going nowhere the Denver Broncos are in Indianapolis tonight taking on the colts Broncos are two and a half point favorite on the road. You to the bottom three teams in the AFC. Those two to the teams that with the very very hot in recent years now and I'm to have here we. So if you care about Thursday night football there is 4 is 7 o'clock tonight you can listen the game on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975. FM. NBA basketball last night a couple of sixth man you guys tell you about the Washington Wizards in the home win beat Memphis Grizzlies 9387. Coming off the bench for the wizards as the sixth man former Kansas Jayhawks Philly new brain would eleven points four rebounds and a couple of steals. Wizards right now polling on that number 6 spot in the Eastern Conference. And the Toronto Raptors on the road in Phoenix last night beat suns won fifteen to 1 own and I am a sixth man for the raptors off the bench former shocker point guard Fred van bleak with 24 minutes. He had five points three assists a couple of steals. How about the Toronto Raptors and Fred van lead Toronto has won seven of its last eight they are one of the top five teams in the NBA right now. Friends get my extensive playing time on the rent rent and for the raptors. Fort Stevens says Kate and as I did 621. Now with Steven did keep it here. Or Fox News commentator times dungy is going to share were thus. Some of the more bizarre college courses that are being offered today LL be good to be interest in that that's left. Access time start coming up cheated out of the morning on tape and his stance.