Its Take Your Dog to Work Day

Steve & Ted
Friday, June 22nd
Many dogs here at the Entercom campus this morning.

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If that matters to me the most there's no yeah I am pretty much turnovers in our own people we got our own problems where are my hair instead of going out to other places. Yeah we. Don't me. 9713. Thirty candidates is deep in the morning now 847 here on the first day of summer plus. Every big thing street. City staff recommends closing Wichita flat golf course is seeing. Which does schools considering offenses around all elementary school playgrounds of line. Suspect jailed in which could cause latest homicide. Three big things even dead on KE NN cents. These gasoline prices in Wichita this morning low end we're seeing him 57. A gallon out there this morning. And it's 257 year in the Wichita area traffic updates from cape and SS radio and had Jesus. Sunny and breezy today with a high of 86 degrees Wednesday's high was 89. Quite a bit cooler than we had we've had over the past couple weeks as the first day of summer feels like the first day. Operating mostly clear tonight the overnight low 61. Friday tomorrow mostly sunny tomorrow's night and 86. Now partly cloudy seventy degrees near the northwest wind at fourteen. Miles per hour. 48 down Stevens in the morning here on pianist is coming up here in the 9 o'clock hour. We've got Glenn Beck it's in the 9 o'clock Jerry just talk about president trust and a radical plan to cut government. Is gonna talk about. And journalists. Continuing to punish trumpet all Obama. Kept them in those changes to it that's all coming up but Glenn Beck. Here in the 9 o'clock hour all right one K and assess. Today's a Stephen Ted poll. On the McCain is of radio dot com a web page what is your favorite ice cream flavor. And what we have right now rocky road kill and it is 10%. Strawberry 10% and chocolate chip 10% three of us. Log right there at 10% the apology comes in at 14%. Which is scorched. Red white and blue or black whatever brown. Chocolate 28% Bonilla 20% to we have right now is that something any time. Between Vanilla and chocolate everybody's got their favors Stephen tin that poll. Your favorite ice can we go to the web page Kansas review dot com you could mean the one who. You know makes a difference out between the log jammed it is tight. It's it should just get your favorite. Vote. I really can't like Neapolitan doing all the different play any guilt and chocolate chip chocolate chip loses as solid Amish. Stocks rose yesterday as investors bet that technology companies and small domestically. Focused firms will continue to do well even at the trade it didn't dispute between the US and China gets worse that's why the NASDAQ is obvious 500 rose four NASDAQ gained 56. And of the Dow. Slipped. The doubts closed down 42 point zone. The it was a mixed. A mixed. Bags and mega sports that are yesterday eight. Quick. And quick brick remind you this of the super six. Golf tour card now. Eighteen holes of golf. And each of the six area's golf courses for only 89 dollars that's eight more over eight dollars for my for an. Around I can't I can't speak to ameliorate this holy mackerel. Jerry oaks. Pat what a hills Wellington Heston. Perry trails and against a country club purchased now go to web to which diapers dot com. How much which shoppers. 49 dollar and yet he's at 89 that I sort of say it it's us. Nine about a problem right here in 49 bucks it's it's at the end of the show I'm starting to really work down here something's going and dot I think you might be having a mini pro meeting just which you know. Pack it on and give it on to somebody knows what to do and we're talking about bill Roy O bill. There isn't a talk about local support you're talking about me K State's business school good morning bill. Good morning Steve intent I'll give you a minute to regroup they do a Wichita businessman. Has given a million bucks to the business school at Kansas State Robert Campbell found success in the oil and gas industry. He's 93 year old is still active in his business the Robert. Says case states where he grew intellectually and as a person who dean's suite in the business school will be named in Campbell's honor. AMC is making a special offered a wheel to Tom moviegoers providing them movie past twenty bucks a month. And you can see at the three movies a week. The company owns the recently renovated north rock 141996. Iraq. That pass is going to be available in Wichita and its other properties beginning. Tuesday. The first phase of uptown landing will be done by September managing partner Mike brands says the four story twelve million dollar building east of Douglas and hillside. We'll have commercial space on the ground and apartments above. Brand says they have an anchor restaurants secured for the development. Local breaking business news every day on Canas has sent what to top does mister dot com for the what's dubbed as mr. all I'm dual role. Wait a minute wave and you see what was that it twenty dollars for for three for three films three movies. Yeah twenty bucks a month wow and you get to see three movies up to three movies a week. That's pretty good news. Twelve movies in great detail OK hey listen today is national self the day. It's a recognizes a form of self portrait that couldn't exist without them. You are you a big shelf I don't think you're big self feeder cattle not really I like take pictures. My girls and I am lane in things like that ride the answer to this as CEO of this LP instead of Celtics you do ulee's you we would be out of her exactly the unity now. I kind of liked it a myself but I'm a person who is still bashful about my appearance. I'm self conscious of the fact that debt debt I'd. I'm not a very good looking you know. They're just some people don't sell yourself short judge. Thank you bill for a I don't think I've ever taken itself via I think it. I would probably if I did I'd probably have some sort of accident and pulled down in the sweltering heat and today's a good data drive you distract they're humans the UN and a tad right there about Ted. Chad. Now we don't do that we we take other all right. Okay national self hate first thing is it for portraits downward if we have we don't Olin mills and get our picture taken we don't know soundings that windmill hole on the mound all right first day of summer it sure feels like it doesn't it wild. We had a birthday is summarize them three months ago when it started in ninety's practice first day of summer today and debt we're getting off on the right foot and have a great day about that. Absolutely fine thank you bill thank user cabinet that dictators as news at 9 o'clock this morning. Trump appears to campaign style rally in Minnesota. That's coming up at 9 o'clock Stevenson in the morning on KM SS.