The Jayhawks on the road in Ames facing Iowa State

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, February 13th

The Jayhawks vs The Cyclones, Ted Woodward has a preview.


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Is distinction Wichita turns to. Roofers for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 8 o'clock the came into sporting news from Steven says it. I keep Macintosh suspects arrested in which of us latest homicide case we've got the story until the program. Wichita students were seated return to a normal school calendar beginning this fall. President unveils new infrastructure plan behind it what words those details are just ahead and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Our temperature is gonna be on a wild ride this week but it gets better tomorrow what to expect today and Wednesday's big warmup details in just a few minutes. They're letting the good times roll on the fly you today as Marty raw wind down. In New Orleans it's known as Fat Tuesday for a reason. Among the biggest parties in the country Mardi Gras revelers take this day is their last big blowout before Ash Wednesday. People mainly be dressed in the colors of the festival which I mean. Green for faith purple for justice saying gold for power. And many times you may not even know who's standing next to you that's because on Fat Tuesday every one is allowed to Wear masks having some mystery tip of the day. And all the partying has done that life begins Wednesday. Some of the most common things people try to give up alcohol and chocolate in these days it's social media. From all sky Fox News. Which schools were returned to be shorter school days longer school year this fall after. Board members unanimously approved a new calendar at Monday's board of education meeting two years ago the district shorten the school year and added thirty minutes to the school day as they cost cutting measure to help balance the budget the new calendar will now have 173. School days which returns the fifteen days that were previously missing. Board member Ernestine Crable questioned if recess time for elementary students will be affected by the return to shorter days school superintendent Lisa Thompson. All seniority. Recommendations of procedures that we developed. We developed a best practices for students not because of a calendar. So those will continue to be a place. Board vice president Shura Logan who served on the district's calendar committees that she and the rest of her team were pleased with the proposed change. The first day of classes for Wichita students will be August 15 on the last day will be on May 23 2019. Still hold a brand Katy and SS news. Police have arrested a suspect in Wichita is latest homicide case a man was shot and killed in southeast Wichita Sunday night. Lieutenant Todd oh Giles hasn't happened in the 900 block of south pine ridge five people were there inside a house. A known individuals knocked on the front door. When they went to answer the front door. Three or four of those suspects. In the residents armed with handguns. The eighteen year old victim and one of the suspects. Got it to the physical confrontation when the shots were fired striking and killing those victims. Victim died from multiple gunshot wounds early yesterday morning police arrested a seventeen year old suspect near Lincoln and rocker wrote he was booked into juvenile detention facility. On multiple charges including murder. And police are still looking for the other three suspects this is which you toss fifth homicide case of the year president trump unveiled his new one and a half trillion dollar infrastructure plan at the White House Monday to an audience of state and local officials from around the country. Wichita mayor Jeff Longwell was there and the president's plan and the federal government would contribute 200 billion dollars. Forcing state and local officials to pick up the rest critics of the plan say 200 billion is not nearly enough federal help a Long Will says it's still improvement. We're picking up the entire tab now. And so we haven't had a lot of federal support and building out infrastructure congressman will still need to approve the plan the White House says lawmakers from both parties will sit down with president dropped to continue the discussion. President trumps infrastructure plan does fulfill a number of his campaign goals. But it does rely heavily on those local governments for that funding Kansas fourth district representative Ron Estes tell KN SS news. It is a lot of money and what one of the things that he's talked about order or a sport that is do a lot of public private partnerships so that the federal government doesn't have. Spin that one and a half trillion dollars and so looking at things like the only haven't told coastal bridges things like that that. We see a lot more in some states more so than other. The city starting to debate a bill to replace a backup program and many hope the house will not be far behind while the senate is going first there is no doubt lawmakers in the house have strong opinions about addressing the difficult issue of immigration. Tennessee congressman Marsha Blackburn is among those supporting a conservative approach. I say. Find and accommodation for a GM but no amnesty we cannot happy individuals. Get in the queue it in front of individuals that have been legally working through this process for years. Fox News frightening moments for the president's daughter in law in New York yesterday Fox's Shannon Bream has more. Vanessa trump is doing a wild after she was sent to a Manhattan hospital. After opening a letter addressed to her husband they contained suspicious white substance. Testing by new York city police later found the white powder to be non hazardous. Donald Trump junior expressed his gratitude for his Stanley safety on Twitter fanatic. Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior. The Secret Service is investigating Kagan SS news time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. College basketball tonight for the Kansas Jayhawks on the road. We'll have a preview of that game and hear from coach Bill Self coming up in sports woman accused of setting fire to her own a whole bunch of Wichita. But story coming up on the Taylor says sporting news was Steven says it. The occasion as this morning news received a down 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Wichita woman arrested for setting fire to her own home of independent political community. Says Sunday morning fire crews and police were called to disturbance of a house. A fire on south Saint Francis as soon as police secure the scene fire crews fought the smoke and flames there were numerous cats located inside the facility. And were able to be rescued and taken to ever more. Controls and a fire started on the front porch housing 45000. Dollars in damage fifty year old woman was arrested on charges of arts and and animal cruelty. Someone else is claiming Jerry signed Phil's latest show wasn't Jerry's idea now the comedian is being sued. It's a simple idea comedians in cars getting coffee choice I would call. So I GMC reports producer Christian Charles says Jerry Seinfeld show on Netflix comedians and cars getting coffee. Was based on an idea Charles pitch back in 2002. In his lawsuit he says signed Phil originally turned him down. But from 2011 sign they'll call them and asked him about it they say went on issued a pilot now on the show is in its tenth season. And Christians says he wants say created by credit and money signed felt attorney says the lawsuit is delusional. And that it was signed Feld who created the show until NATO Fox News. A few green jobs are opening up in the United Kingdom how would you like to get paid for eating chocolate the company behind Cadbury candy an Oreo Cookies is looking for one chocolate and Coco beverage taster. And three chocolate tasters the jobs ads say you have to have a passion for confectionery. He'll be working with a team of panelists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste in should be aware though the ads also say applicants need to be. Eager to try new and inventive products. Some of the new Oreo cookie flavors include candy corn and pumpkin spice till NATO Fox News. It is a year's time now eight and 10 minutes after 8 o'clock. Yacht club which would be worse. Pumpkins Spicer in between they're equally disgusting to me it really does sound gross. I we've got some road work it's going to be happening today they're going to be closing the southbound I want 35 grant to ninth street. That will close at 9 AM this morning it's gonna open up at one this afternoon traffic updates from K and it says radio on judges. Now the forecast we've skated since Steffi Rawlins is Dan Holliday good morning Dan with good morning we're seeing some high clouds move from southwest to northeast across south central Kansas. Looks like great weather today for us with temperatures in the upper forties by noontime windy and 54 this afternoon. Tonight some clouds with patchy fog towards morning are low forty. Sunny windy and 71 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays sunny breezy warmer today how about that it's partly cloudy now 47 degrees we have a south wind it. At nine miles per hour. Find the comfort of my hat and express your personality don't have fans Jackson trying to old style. See why people from around the nation makes hat and jacks they're destination. At the clock tower and delayed 0601 west Douglas. At fans Jack's. Age twelve now 12 minutes past 8 o'clock. Chilly day across Kansas Monday I felt which does temperature high temperature was 44 although it didn't seem all that warm normal high for the date is 47. And his ties. 44 today 5455. Degrees vertical right up I'm letter jet tomorrow is Valentine's Day is going to be a a real nice warm day here and it's a central Kansas. A former Iowa workflow workforce development worker. Who wants describe your boss as Ruud has been awarded unemployment benefits. The deploy and register reports Trudy Snyder was fired after complaining to colleagues last August at her agency director Beth Townshend was obnoxious Lee rude. And later compared the management to the Gestapo as opposed to being politely root them. Schneider reportedly told her superiors she didn't realize it was her job to put a happy face on everything. Or for that and have a positive attitude the agency. Eventually challenged Snyder's applications for jobless benefits because she'd been fired for job related misconduct. But and administrative law judge disagreed and awarded Snyder the benefits. Saying that it's a fact of life that employees complain. You think that's true to you think it's a fact of life that Ortiz and I mean yes. And replace them overboard employees complain about something. Right. We want to share with our complaints but they usually have to do the fact that you know that we're not working enough hours or up at all. But it. The boss doesn't say hello to us off and things like that tough stuff that we now. In a situation where you're complaining he can't be fired for that apparently not I can't she fire that the bad apple its oil that's what making your workplace. That's bad place to work on my third bosses said. In radio I'm Freeman's. You know others of you get a bad apple in the barrel on the whole thing goes right. He ripped. So they try to get rid of this from the house apparently. There richest are gonna get her out of Florida the judge says you what's that you've been what's the difference between the squeaky wheel that gets the grease in the bad apple that spoils the bunch I don't want it on line you do. You should try that as you go to our boss Jackie white city in just. Just going their forcefully and just and demanding and start counting my desk I don't even know what I would demand but. Order that workers are what do you think Ted. You don't even know what you're demanding I want to do it. The hometown of Olympic gold medalist red Gerrard has unofficially upgraded its name and his owner. A sign welcoming visitors to the Colorado mountain town of silver thorn. Which changed over the weekend to gold the war in Iraq seventeen year old snowboarder. Captured the United States' first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The summit daily news reports someone put apple white banner with red letters spelling out gold that covered up silver in the city names sometime Saturday night or Sunday. Gerard hone his medal winning routine. In these small backyard snowboard park in the town. Are many travelers topple the raiders nearby ski resorts. Is he seventeen year old kid by the name read. Your ego and acting like red except Vegas is relaying. Babies dad's name is that the as a red there is Bluetooth bomb name is blue and it's d'antoni mr. workers simply don't know. All right we're talking today about them the news today in the B 52 will continue in use for us manufactured in 1954. This. And of course an awesome machine a deadly machine. Acting very high altitude. And drop bombs. Seems like from two to three miles up. And of people in Vietnam. News or frightening thing for them when they were in the business in this thing and you're gonna close to one of those Ted. An open house of McConnell air force base several years ago and they let us go up and just look up into the belly of the B 52 and and there. Inside there is a around device that the into the opening right inside. That basically looks like yeah I would say. The cylinder about you know we talk about pistol or revolver yeah it's like a revolver and you you've what you do as you load these missiles on right. And it rotates and they drop out there rotates. It precinct interesting that's a quite a machine as you get up toward the end that. Other on the tarmac after you get out for the end to those wings those long long doing something about I don't know five or six feet off the ground. That's a huge machine that they say they're gonna keep. Keep it in that people all over the it'd been around for decades and they're still going to use them for more decades to come and its it is outlasted. Newer models different models that have come eyes and ears first and rolled off the lime I was four years old right. And they're still they're still use and they're still fly and a yeah. Well they were built the last Eminem built quite a machine but machine tomorrow Valentine's Day in case you forgot. Appear ready for tomorrow Valentine's Day my wife and hire course we're. We are a couple of valentines for each other but we're we're not gonna do much tomorrow that I'm aware but. We do have a date for Saturday night it should be something I'm going to actually. She even put announcement along fourth so it should be good line. Let's hope citing have a nice dinner dinner together just two of us. Billing and coding as we use Tuesday well trading swings no customers CC's pizza will appreciate your gonna tell you what when you and I say that I have. Whispered sweet nothings in her here. He will verify that they are absolutely and I are nothing that's 888. Steve did its course that was dead over. Hey we're talking game you basketball practice and jayhawks tonight on the road a thirteenth ranked Kansas at Iowa State this evening. Second place team came even the Big 12 Conference right now Iowa State is bringing up the rear in the conference standings but don't. Make that think what you think in Iowa State is a bad scenes they've beaten three ranked teams in the last three weeks. They've won their last four conference games at home they're tough to beat in Ames. Pretty strong Big 12 Conference when Iowa State is it you bottoming your stance K you at Iowa State comments from Kansas head coach. We'll sell we just don't have enough margin prayer to have. You know three or four guys. Really be into it and turned up and and and ending emotionally and physically ready and then they may be that Warner to. They have been maybe as an actor best position to stop the march of bear. So we have to be pretty good as a unit each and every night. Jayhawks are six and a half point favorite going in Ames tonight. K you defeated the cyclones by five points in Lawrence last month tonight is the rematch in games pregame coverage begins at 5:30 PM the game tips off at 6 o'clock tonight. Listen to the jayhawks live on Sports Radio T eight at 81240 AM at 975. F man speaking of jayhawks. The new college basketball polls coming out yesterday the coaches poll and the Associated Press top 25 Kansas dropped three spots in both polls. Now ranked number thirteen in the nation. Wichita State moved up three spots in both polls which doctors now eighteen in the coaches nineteenth in AP. Beacon of jayhawks former jayhawk in the NBA last night in New Orleans pelicans going to Detroit the pistons 118103. Coming up the bench for New Orleans. Former his tail off to the yellow with four points and five rebounds. New Orleans. Barely holding onto that eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference pellet in the coming off back to back victories. Hockey action tonight for the Wichita thunder on the road at Cincinnati taking on the cyclone 630 tonight which are trying to snap a five game losing streak Wichita right now is in fourth place in the mountain division. We mark the death of a former baseball player Wally moon. Has passed away at the age of 87 he was the National League rookie of the year for the St. Louis Cardinals back in 1954. From broken the major leagues. On an upward climb. Ended up winning a couple of World Series ring for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late fifties and into the sixties. And the times. Wally moon. Baseball player he was one of the top outfielders in the national league for a few years he won a Golden Globe. He led the league and on base percentage one year you led the league in triples one year. Wally moon former National League rookie of the year died at age 87 my men my memories of Wally moon have to do with. The LA coliseum former Saint Louis cart you out after the Dodgers moved up the West Coast. I remember him playing and it in the coliseum which had been converted for baseball yes which. So the dimensions were weird yeah the left field fence was very close and that they but it like forty or fifty put downs. In the right field you go up forever right it it was a weird place to play baseball the legal literally larger stage yet. And I remember him playing it in him. 59 World Series of Wally moon they played the White Sox moved him up fired. Falling out of the you know Wally moon passed away at age 87 happy birthday today to Wichita State women's basketball coach Keith Adams a celebrating a birthday today hung out with coach last night coach's show. Her right here and assess that agencies and a happy birthday to a key but to leave a great football players played it. Kansas Jayhawks and has gone really long a career in the National Football League he's still playing in the NFL he's done very well coming off a Pro Bowl season I say long career. He's he's at the ripe old age thirty sue now but. If you're up forever but yeah Pelosi a liking to lead happy birthday he's 32. Today that sports Stevens said. Eight NM SS eight what they do now keep it for the Hannity morning netted a new survey on political campaign spying. And share that what is coming up Stevens in the morning on tape and ants ants.