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Monday, December 11th

Mondays with the Mayor and Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell


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Talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news and CNN SS we just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The only Stevens head of the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward. A push in Kansas to end an income tax break camp. Ian by governor Sam Brownback is being led by fellow Republicans. In the GOP controlled legislature. A state house committee had a hearing Thursday on a bill to repeal the 2012 policy. That benefited more than 330000. Farmers and business owners. Kansas is one of several states for budget woes are severe enough that legislators are reconsidering passed tax cuts. What's the forecast we've he has a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning it's bald advisories posted a cross Wichita and south central Kansas this morning. Low clouds may stick around for much of today though with a high 54. In a light wind from the southwest. We become partly cloudy overnight our low 34 against the morning fog on Saturday though we should see return of the sunshine tomorrow are high 57 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Today and now we have missed and 47 degrees and east wind at six miles per hour. The city of pretty prairie has lost out on a federal grants to help clean up a decade old problem with high nitrates in its water. Hutchinson news reports a technicality derailed the city's application. For a 500000. Dollar grant to install a reverse osmosis system. The city had sought community development block grant funds which are federal dollars distributed by the state. Regulations require the city to have to public hearings before September 15 the city was unaware of the deadline and held a second public hearing on September 20. City officials had said the project would be on hold of the grant wasn't received. The next application period for the funds will be in the fall Dan O'Neill K and SS news. He's investigating an arson in east Wichita sergeant picked Nicky Woodrow says. Early Thursday a forty year old woman was jogging east of Douglas and grow. She observed at 2001 silver Buick Century. Belonging to thirty year old female who lives at that location. The vehicle is partially on fire. Which shot fire department correspondent power and was able to put up the fire quickly they observed some burned fireworks on the ground below the gas tank. Anybody with a new information about this case asked to call police or make anonymous tip to crime stoppers at 3672111. Officer Nate sweet all heads the Wichita police departments homeless outreach team is sweet Alltel skate and SS news why the team was formed. Solid there's a need I know of spin our wheels a police department. You know trying to arrest your way out homelessness is again or consigned noon. Saw some studies by the University of North Carolina Charlotte this that if he can get a homeless person off the street and permanent or transitional housing. They reduce your rest endangered species by 84%. Swede all and Jacqueline cook green of family promise of greater Wichita are our guest this weekend on issues 2017. That's Sunday morning at eight on Kate and SSK and assess national news time 734. On this inauguration day soon to be first family member Donald Trump junior says he's proud. Coming in yesterday thorn to Arlington. Spinning them preferably good memorial is really all that it could family it was it was very special. This hour of the morning worship services beginning in about an hour dignitaries will begin to be seated at the capitol. And or noon Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45 president. ABC Islamist Accra the capital has more on the speech that soon to be president trump we'll deliver to press. Now like now we'll speak for approximately twenty minutes during his inaugural address in that time he hopes not only to extol the virtues of America birth but also. To try and unify this country and. It's of thousands of people are in Washington for the commemoration and today by the way I'm senior advisor Kellyanne Conway is birthday she told ABC's Good Morning America that he feels fabulous perfect president I mean perfect get in a president with continuing coverage inauguration day Jerry Preston ABC news. 735 announced even there. On the cape NN en us. On inauguration day. It would United States of America. Friday January 20 but he seventeen what's for lunch they'll Donald Trump's first meal as presidential include lobbed. Earth beef and a rich chocolate dessert. The Oakland power lunch will be serving gestured following the swearing in ceremonies today trumpet about 200 guests. Will be a tucking into a first course of Maine lobster and gulf shrimp in a sense from salts. Then Angus beef from Virginia with Idaho potatoes and a dark chocolate sauce. And a chocolate souffle with cherry Vanilla ice cream. And Ted is starting to slumber and drew a little bit over there. But just of the tram and part time bit dismayed that we Angus beef is coming from burglary and not Adam. The great midwest air and lions this who are fresh cows not truck did. The three course and you. Isn't I think of Virginia I sure think of that Angus beef I think Virginia ham dungeon is and Regina. Three course menu isn't too far from previous launches. Other new commanders in chief have enjoyed lobster in some form usually. Makes the first court just to watch a little video mode ago for a the president elect and his family leaving Blair house yes which is is that if that's not the official vice presidential residence is it or is it. I think he there'd vice president has a house that was the old need the old old song or something. And anyway you Blair house is. My history tells me where president Truman's Truman State that's where the Truman really lived there or remodeling the White House. Ali redid the White House extensively long project due and there were some not. People who tried to get in there and there's a shootout with a Secret Service there on the stamps you know and somebody died. That we set during the Truman presidency everything's gone peaceful so far. We got a tweet a while ago that it may or Jeff Longwell has found his seat. Which is it that's good you know that the mayor has found a seat that yeah he made it to receive about four hours before. There's so many people there how guys it's probably wise to. Get your seat early ya know what you wanted to don't wanna do it last minute that's for sure and we just a few minutes ago I'll be realistic. It's spoke with Fox News commentator Todd starts out he's got to live east Tennessee their due. It's a good coverage for you this morning inauguration going on and again they will swear in. Donald Trump is the 45 president around. 11 o'clock this morning our time they do at noon local time there in DC course are on eastern time zone. But in a cloudy day in south central Kansas Thursday. Which does high temperature 52 degrees running conditions in the afternoon for years after yours truly very good. It was nice out there look me it was cloudy but very nice. And the weather's gonna continue this way now are forecast showing a 20% chance for showers tomorrow Saturday night and then Sunday mostly sunny. With a high up at around 55 degrees so it looks like a beautiful weekend shaping up here in south central Kansas. On this date in 1943. You're gonna love this to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Experienced temperatures that were. Well they were of Twilight Zone material. It was 52 degrees in lead South Dakota. While at the same time it was sixteen below in deadwood. The two towels are a mile and a half apart. The king of all cold fronts and oh wait around come on threw him and he went in that 52 and got mile half way is ninety below. And you think we have weather extremes here in Q what do we do but not for trial that I just 739 Stephen did yesterday. We didn't make him a big deal about it because I'd forgotten and Ted didn't remind me until late in the shelled a January 19 as my start date on the air here it came in SS and you know ever do in the that's for sure we're still doing that that was a in January 19. 1998. And we'd they would be put up the question anybody listing I wonder who was listening to that first you know and you sit there probably don't want I don't know listening net Persia will do no have gone. Our way. But. Patrick Murphy who works here where this it to dictate and as as he does a yes on the computer programming but not death for our web sites. Patrick came in and he's a big Stephens analyst and he's as yet he was missing a day did you hear that story. They're creative work and at another station can yeah station yes and they got wind that a new show coming up lovable and biggest part of their job is to. Was that a new shows zoning and he was that he and his coworker her to an end. Heard the first show. So alone you know they asked he asked me to do is any audio that exists in am and so. Just in your memory in just detail we we were really good that day in our memories are brilliant and Patrick you know like we were just outstanding net. A guarantee of that match but I take it that's still Alastair Reid get your guy nearing. Nineteen years ago we got him to listen to a ceased or this today and he's a loyalist to thank you Patrick we really appreciate that you can. And if you got any friends out there that haven't discovered Stephen dead. Or real easy to find every morning. At that 987. And thirteen thirty K and a session. In on our web page right to it right. On this a lot of places but as our web page can assist ready or not and that's it all right 741 now Steve intent to. And. How old agreement I got to. It was our business journal recognizes excellence in family businesses. Bill Lloyd with stuff business journal coming apps even death on K innocence.