The Joys Of Syrups

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Saturday, December 2nd

Guy’s visit with Karin Campion continues as they discuss some of the great artisan products Karin’s company makes and suggested uses for them.


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Yeah. Yeah the program and every Saturday here in the UK and SS food wine and fondness studio we bring you the book like. Got a good laugh got dot com you can find out what's coming up in the future but more importantly you can go backwards and if you missed the show you can find out that listened to podcasts and there links that Obama show pages that there will take you to some of the great. Folks who wineries food issues ship's cook book author very. Today we're talking McCarron chick champion. Keep the car you're champion Karen but you know what that's. Well and it's probably pretty appropriate to see what all you've done in the last fifty years. Karen is the proprietor of the founder of Sonoma Europe companies simply some analysts are dot com. Go to the website time to get a catalog catalog school and this time a year when your thicket of how you're gonna get Gibson in it who gets what this is such and if the unusual usable. No one's gonna give this ago banks. You know because no matter what you get even if it's something you're not particularly fond of your not practically fund of mint for example. You can find uses for whether it's in cookie user or favorite cooking upended there's there's so many different uses. And if you go to the website there's a whole bunch recipes using products so let's let's talk about some of the products Karen you know it. When I first started browse them again. There's there's obviously. Europe and everybody come up with some of that but. Infuse simple syrups says so much and you touched on some of those but that us and look at. Extract bland and bar mixers and infused them (%expletive) It is rarely a pretty extensive array of high quality. Artisan produce products. Yes yes and they are at least that they are can't keep perfect so you can find not what you since. And especially for this holiday season there. Peter and McCain mean or you might wanna at a special. Blockade that you're creating your kitchen and so we really try to support the home shot. Home batteries home baker. And home next I'll attest so these Serb perfect for a firm helping new indicates that. Well and you know. Everybody's been too. Whether feature local liquor store or even in the grocery stores were they have some of these mass produced. Syrups for behind the bar if you will or or for cooking and you know they're just they're just not the same. I know that from experience. When you buy one and you take a moment ago my about it. Well it looks like it smells like cherries stuff but when you put your mouth and just. Yes it's not as pretty as you ago. We knew it when you when you in the team are producing these things obviously sourcing. The product to make the syrups it's a big deal when you mention. Samir connections there whether it's lavender whatever. You must have the spend an inordinate amount of time. Searching for even know everything grows in paradise. Producers to it to the by product for a. Right and I. We are with the same predictors of the band's best from the Janine and you're right there are I expect. Occasions here and doing country not only for this great line edit. The great line requires great food in grade averages and the climate here makes in this agricultural bounty available. To last and it just where relating to around and it and surrounded by it so it. It's been wonderful to keep those same. That you source our laps and her far. Freshman and dipped hand to spasms so it's not better when we're doing infusion and and every step has the story so. You're you're right that's a very important part of our hand crafting these are natural used in organic ingredients. And it's you know and then wonderful journey doing everything. Among the simple serve page and one of the pursing thing comes up on the web site when you first go to the home page. As temperaments Europe and of course this Tommy Irvin thickened. I could use that. And that and that I'd bet that a new product forest this year and you know what I do wanna share is that. Are simple circuit that they need art special blend those two Haitian. And Madagascar Vanilla and that is sourced directly. With the plantation owners than we've done that from day one and take yet. That's signature. Figure baking. That being that different stage you. Are the ingredients that you unit and so if you were to use our benevolent Buick cat just perfect blend of cohesion which is very aromatic. And and broke ass Clayburgh Madagascar are still we bland Matt together. And so that would really give you that signature. They could that same special blends. Is let is in the based at every couple or we use the vote. As an example but how apartment there's a little bit of an island and in and out of the base because if you were if you are homes that. And you have that pure cane Sugar Bowl and you have an Philippines Japan just stick those try the Philippines. In this example in middle infusion of sugar and so you use I use that to me that base. Kate sure. Means simple Tara. So it basically taking what you make in the kitchen and bottling so you would have that same special flavor. Well we can't talk about all these but if you'll bear with me I'm looking at the list here Bonilla being served the pepper move we just spoke about it. And we're gonna taste pump compile a lot today because that sounds good and the sweet and sour. But cease all caramel bittersweet chocolate and oh by the wed that must be a best seller it's not a stock. White ginger pomegranate Meyer lemon. Cinnamon lavender mint. Hazelnut Armand lime. At the list goes on raspberry Vanilla being silver anniversary. Well. I mean mrs. went when I look at the sea salt terrible on the bittersweet chocolate gift set. Perfect for someone who makes candy system a year. Rates right or are they are simulating crash hadn't have you ever had a crush on many who hasn't. That this he would perhaps we have a crush on are absolutely top delicious best seller is called fidelity caution. You knowing about wine country and outlying. Or you crashing. During October. That name crashes actually from expelled fees for the Vanilla beans that when a crashing Matt Keller the Philippine extract has actual feed that the Philippines. Net and as well as Marvin Philippines are so that's another signature. Component. And that really helped make d.s. Infused flavors or really you know if you happiness created just for the delicious. You know help indulgence. Our bottles. Comment while your talk and I know whenever American. Artisan bar mixers and and everybody's spot the little jar aligned user or herb bidders and I think the the most surprising thing to me with olive Jews. This is I gotta be a big seller anybody who likes Martinis would love to have a jar that's I would imagine. Absolutely that is one of our top sellers than a week it's been no life process. Which again is on natural it is the whole process so it actually healthy for you because that the actual. And cut Radek because it hasn't been heeded. And it is. And cannot old classic from a 100% care all of which is Prine fans aged in barrels filled with premium California Friday all. And it's Chatzky UT he stated you can actually sprinkle it on your talent as well accusing. In dirty Martinis and that is absolutely an award winner and they talked Tyler. And all of merry mex. I imagine this would be a real treat. But the bloody Mary that the base is our word meaning Ali that you can actually have a lot happen not in it they can feed we're trying to put the real product. In the bottle so a real. You know chopped olive act are actually in that bottle and not just slaves are. Well I wanna talk a bit about infused villagers in drinking bidders. Into what we're gonna paste it to products I have her in front of me that are breaking muted. If the mid. Missed it more quick break come back and will continue talking with Karen Campion again it's Sonoma serve dot com. Go to the site on the homepage is a link to sign up for the catalog there's upon a time to order and today now's the time. Take the burden of Christmas shopping in turn it into a tree that simple serve will be right back don't go.