Judge blocks the release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns

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Wednesday, August 1st
President Donald Trump questioned whether his administration should have agreed to allow the plans to be posted online.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 48 o'clock business vacationers as boring isn't he was dead at ninety Macintosh. Two West Nile Virus cases reported in northeast Kansas we've got the story. Gasoline prices went up last week in Kansas signs it would work those details just ahead to Kansas mennonite churches are offering sanctuary to illegal. I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday an area of high pressure continues to slide on off for the south and east and that helps warm us up. Our forecast and what to expect over the next few days is on the way. The federal judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints. To make 3-D printed plastic guns. After eight states attorneys general sued and there may be other legal issues at play. Massachusetts Democrat senator Ed Markey says if president chump fails to stop the blueprints for 3-D printed guns from being available online. Then quote Donald Trump will be totally responsible for every downloadable plasticky ar fifteen it will be roaming the streets of our country. But State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert explained that downloads. Day to the Obama era at least since the year 2013. These cat files these computer assisted design files. Have been available online they'd been legal for US citizens actually download and were downloaded about a 100000 times since 2013 till the State Department cited a violation of federal export law. And reverse course. Experts notes. These 3-D principal guns normally only last a few rounds before they fall apart to Reese Crowley Fox News. The Kansas. Barbara and help an environment of reporting two cases of West Nile Virus disease in Johnson County. Four regions of the state remain under high risk warning for West Nile Virus including south central Kansas. West Nile Virus is spread through mosquito bites about one in five of people who are infected develop a fever and other symptoms. Kansas gasoline prices up last week Jennifer all the Tripoli Kansas. Doesn't think that's the end of it. That demand continues going out and supplies are starting to titans though we might see a little bit of an increased to finish up this summer. Kansas is better than average compared with other states but did fall from eleventh lowest average gasoline price to twelfth in the US. Kansas average price to 68 gallon average near in Wichita. 263. A gallon to mennonite churches in Kansas say they could provide sanctuary to immigrants who are living unlawfully in the country. The initial low mennonite church in Newton has voted as the congregation. You help such immigrants and church members are working on transforming part of the basement into living quarters. Rose mennonite church of Christian and mountain ridge also says it's willing do offer sanctuary. Church leaders acknowledge they could face possible legal issues for offering the sanctuary but both churches say they're getting support from the mennonite community. Dan O'Neil hey and SS news. Buyers are destroying areas of California but crews are starting to get a little more containment in some key spots the car fire in and around reading destroyed nearly 900 homes and 400 Al buildings damaged hundreds more. And while it was nearly 30% contained Tuesday. People still need to be packed and ready to go because the fire behavior could still be very but changing and and shifty. We want folks in this area could still be ready to evacuate on a moment's notice if needed. That's Craig Harvey with cal fire. The fight it started in lake and Mendocino County east of the southwest of Redding forced thousands of people to get out as well. Good news that we. The seat of very dark in firefighting resources for the past 24 hours. That's fire information officer Jane Lebow several states have sent personnel and more equipment was coming in from Southern California. Gasket Rosenthal Fox News. North Korea and negotiations with the North Korea. Quit doing well. In North Korea although I happen to think. That would doing so well with China that China may be is getting an hour away but we're going to figure that one out before. You can even think about it. K Unisys news time now 8044 minutes fascinated clock or about ten minutes away from our daily chat. With Mick told us from chiefs training camp in about ten minutes convoy of hope could help 161000. People this weekend that story coming up. On the occasion as this morning news or Stephens says that. Okay and is this morning news he could do it now 8077 minutes after 8 o'clock. Organizers predict as many as 161000. People. All show up this week for the sixth annual convoy of hope Wichita community event. Director Stacy camp cartels can assist news they offer a variety of free services. We basically are looking for way to help the only that are struggling I don't like it I'd get there it's pretty cool though. And we will have backed political apply issues. Haircut family portrait lions at it now that we also have needed they can't review act or physical cool typical. Convoy of hope will be about full life center's south meridian and by 235 and McCadam spark on the east thirteenth Saturday beginning at 10 AM the first trial prosecuted as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller is investigation is underway in a DC suburb. After a jury made up of 6000000 and six women plus four alternates with seated prosecutors and defense lawyers immediately started opening statements on the first day of Pullman if ports trial. President transformer campaign chairman is accused of tax invasion in other crimes tied to oversees lobbying. In assistant US attorney told jurors men fort lied to the IRS about millions of dollars been described the lavish lifestyle multiple homes and a 151000. Dollar jacket. The defense put the blame on men a sports former partner were gates telling yours heat was in charge of operations including transferring money into accounts. In Washington Jared Halpern Fox News to. Two sets of twins who went on their first date together. Are now getting married in Michigan. 24 year old Cassie bit heavier and nick will and met when they were in college they brought their identical twins Chrissie and Zach on the first date. But he says it's way is headed off dating ever since then got engaged on the same day and will now tie the knot during the same weekend. Ceremonies that take place this Friday and Saturday followed by sheer reception at the four will also move in late two bedroom apartment in Fenton. So why are they so close the couple say they clicked because they were raised with the same family values. Can Duffy fox news' Dana as there's news time now. 81010 minutes fences like. Yes and it's a little bit ago we talked about how they were and be closing. The ramps. Kate out with saying that they were gonna close the ramps to and from east found that. Kellogg to hillside. At 8 AM this morning party gotten a couple of calls from the traffic tracker now. They're saying that the second that started it really started backing up traffic on Kellogg. Especially eastbound right there so very slow once he's found Kellogg right now. As they closed the ramps to and from the hillside at the eastbound Kellogg per. Concrete repairs they traffic updates from cape and SS radio on jet Jesus and now the forecast with K and as a staff meteorologist Dan the holiday good morning stand a good morning our rainfall deficit is still running well below average for this time of year and it doesn't look like we'll see any chance of precipitation throughout the next five to seven days. Sunny and warm today with a high 89 it clear in 64 overnight Thursday's high in 92. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy called and 69 degrees. Can assess whether it brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of grass burdens of miscues in the state of Kansas and the monarch offers a military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch in delay no. Speak to announce Steven Stanton stands at 8 o'clock here on a Wednesday morning. Has reported a 74 year old man's. Who's my days were gouged out bit. During an assault and Rochester Minnesota this is according to local media reports. The victim was missing both lies in multiple teeth. When it was found by police according to the post bulletin rule. My hot as he's an eighteen year old relative of the victim was charged in connection with the assault the publication reports relative of the Vick yet. Aziz the youth only his hands in the assault of a control police. It was victim's eyes have not been found. Now Lou rule is that in the a lot of lot of details on these convicted on the island right. The west sheriff's deputy has been fired at this is west Texas sheriff deputy. Fired after video showed him driving down a Texas highway with a inmates sitting on the roof. That it'd been transporting 31 year old Martin Gregory Estrada the man broke a patrol car window and climbed onto the vehicle's roof. The deputy summoned help and didn't stop until back up around a Burr Reynolds movie had to worry wanted to immediately to look better. We'll Taylor county sheriff's office spokesman says the deputy was terminated. For violating office policies on inmates safety and security room. The video of the July 18 share and global fired diskette was recorded by a motorist following the patrol car. I don't know. Was he tired of properly. Restrain you know strained in the first place is now thinking if you know. Maybe if I'm the officer I've been doing the same thing keep him up or on the road to like get some help. That's what we try to do and it was apparently the wrong decision. Got to watch out for the oceans. 812 now with Steve intent on K and assess and the big story this morning avenue with a 3-D. Prison to. Weapons that the design is on line or. It was available relations should be available they but that it that. A restraining order has what to temporarily. Fox News radio's Evan brown with us this morning good morning Evan. In morning. As we hear more and more about this we've near. Apparently this kind of thing has been around for awhile would you tell us about 3-D printing right. Say these these the computer files that would allow someone. I'm. And building new gun related Indian people. There we've been doing in this country since he's the revolutionary war. But the iron at there would be some kind in the EU's were. Nefarious people to get a hold of working firearms through this method. And number of them live a number of states with those concerns have but I convinced the judge to. Issue a temporary restraining order on this one web site that offered his. Number. These computer file to turn essentially linked group up blueprint. This south for the operator of the website the web say twelve dispensed distributed it to owners a man named Corey Wilson. I'd who had been in sort of a long battle with the federal government any averages 2013 which. I when they said you know you might be in violation of the law that prohibits. The exporting of firearms outside the country. He. They eventually worked out agreement. And the web site was exposed to come back belt line fully today with those spirals. But there has been out in junction because a number of states to. And mr. Wilson is saying it as trying to use the argument in the federal court that. Eight state law in and someone else that is in the country. I really shouldn't. Superseded right to free speech mr. Wilson the diocese and it's. As a First Amendment issue and not a Second Amendment issue that he's not building guns are selling guns cease distributing information and ideas. Now of course is there a concern that these plastic weapons can get through the you know the screening process at a big events up like that have to you we already have plastic handguns available. There are some that are out there it's especially when the people of used to have created by printing the parts. I you can go on YouTube and find people demonstrating on demonstrating on the line of fire which its pretty interest thing. That the UY is I don't want does allow you to build your own firearm it does not allow you to build one's entirely out of plastic that would be undetectable. That's so long been on the books for a number of decades now. The but the question is is how undetectable is undetectable. People say well we could have printed a handgun and and go through the that to TSA and airport. The TSA does not really rely on metal detectors anymore they used the X where X ray X ray and and similar devices. To see under your clothing they would cease something that is the shape of outlook of a firearm. And they ought to concern is that it's a you know an X school shooter could easily get their hands on their next AR fifteen. I you can either create your own AR fifteen with arch British from a printer. Treaty prayer the problem is pretty crazy expensive this so is the plastic composite medium that used to make the parts out of it would theoretically be cheaper to just go buy used they are fifteen in the gun store. But there are some concerns that this would make. People the more easily get high powered weaponry. Without succumbing to a background check. All right and you Evan thanks for being with this is boring projector helped Fox News radio seven brown talking about the 3-D and and it weapons 816 now Stephen dead. Here on a Wednesday morning and sniper or Kansas City Chiefs training camp they. With Mitch holes but you buy American exit of morning match. Good morning to you with good morning Fyodor. Our border troops Wear it was referencing Burt Reynolds you realize a lot of instinct were filmed in me. I think you're great regrets or the other gators scenes you know yeah they understand a thing Leo. Penalosa. Capsule and pretty prairie where I'll I'll go from Butler. Are gearing up anyway. That is standard day out there and she they have one of the paroled hairpiece is on a pedestal out there. The air units Sally Field are out there are longer arm partnered. Little known fact it is well. She learned about the long curled up. Anyway special boat spirit American accredit it about a bit. And curiously it good to conduct congress reduced. How. This government so many this summer so many people ball and agriculture. Whether a 100% or as a sort of job. That you're. Rented a bunch Accenture and call which. In a shrill much import American Eric. Predator is sort or not count the number Reynolds will be an area. Emits yesterday was the mandatory day off we talked little about that yesterday. Are there some guys you just literally do not see for Tony four hours or guys in there. Doing live doing weights or doing study on their own. Our candidate and the veterans you know secret or are and what they're getting treatment. Those days off especially via the organ I'm an expert patent. In this day and age to the collective bargaining agreement that's as close as you give you'll there and show that off day isn't and he looked at the world arm. And hang out its new treatment. And rationing your ready. It and if you got guys like Eric Berry's. We've talked about him yesterday but the reality in the he would or Chris Conley. You know in Munich Q Israel so it's mainly a rest and recovery day more than. Hang out you know go to the speedway and reverend scorers. Look at. The back data today like we said back in pads and then does start to get back after it get that feeling you can't back today. You know and honestly that even this cancel or has been the deep inside you know but often through all the offseason our homes and in Britain ups and you walk in and all the weapons come back. While this Indian Wells that often and was bank thank you ma'am but it basically has been the story. Early. The united. I mentioned yesterday whip Eric Berry mr. Vick the article it played 54 the eighty possible games. Where. Indy read here's another the stunning. Take a look at were drawn just in Houston are credited Pro Bowl linebacker the trees and he's very close very very on and off the field. They could have played a possible 112. Games together that covered the span of seven she's. If only played together 48%. Year. Of those 112 days. One guy's been around and Eric had a sickness it when Eric felt they just not the both healthy and they're both fired. About them being together and it marked adjustment or think too good depth that this these two and allow him move around it Specter's been spitting on the alleged charged in his arms. Ready to do is turning up so I watched the group of around but he feels like you're retired the ability minute. Poverty is a soldier visited the defense regard as a whole we don't go over the moon put most whom. This is sort of sorted out that just refused offers or your refusal or office spirited defense of protest and write more plays so. It's our regulars immigrant situation and also we won't. You have just used and ready to create that chaos. Temperature might seem inside I get a all time and expect that he expects when he the news that someone has got back and apparently right. Want to purchase you think BP's you know Trevor you're gonna say we you you don't wanna haven't won that you want him to have maybe twelve. Because you want before to have a month panel passed a good to have it look real and speaks out for you mr. Jones has clinic. I mean if you have that kind of defense which is what dusty was alluding to it that comment. Then you could be way better defensively than anybody this offseason Belichick bit. And you want do you want to have a few of those pressures student cause interceptions and pick six. You sound like about them. He's been everybody's in love Barack it's about Prussia and out and disruption. Amnesty and Asian football on you know what the dirty pampered you can go watch the relics and order or. Everybody crisscross and markets or the ball come out there now that there is being an American art in heaven that. And pat in the all looking around remote and broke through your own name a while but pretty much gone. It's it's the ball coming out there so you're not gonna get Barack but you can get destruction and their. The end. And I heard Bob sons David and I think I told you are the the most underrated or in football and the pit pass. I can't tell you when a review period how many times beat that craft line of scrimmage. Credential wide open receiver thirty yards down the field of getting the ball I keep track of that yardage is hidden yardage. It can get over a hundred yards I mean seven point solid defense that chips and disrupts the huge. Almost as good respect which are harder to get now. And so many times you get that when your pressuring the quarterback and he asked to throw he has to sling it side armed try to get Torre wants to get Boylan that ball is low you get a tip. In your change and that's part of the disruption. And exit to I mean that this could be shocker basketball the most underrated stat. We're in the the in sports college professional sports wings spent. And you know we apparently knew it was 74 wingspan. And he got Chris Jones with a 73 wingspan that so when turbot. Obama quarterback Seneca road through winter but in the end if I'm getting the pressure not don't have that the throwing an open yup. You're right yet on that's. The defender hit the other guy a couple of times possibly Timbaland ended in the wings go up. He goes straight up in that big old straight up from the air but it's also like a boxer. I mean we can talk about your there's it would go away as you sit there and you oil and somebody you reduce the banging on all we're making it an easy on them all very. By the fourth quarter. It's Nomar. They don't want anymore. What dispute that strategy attractive people water right spots but the guys in the. Our years of injury figured out from the defense they have been top five in the NFL in scoring he spent three of those by years. Last year was the year they went to their team. And was 31 and third and long situations and that's what had to be. The Jewish kingdom you know greeting to treat. That'd be just around all of the control games. Like. Right now early on and orders those military defense. Could surprise. Often running in the month of August our daily chat with Mitt told us and we'll talk you again tomorrow morning. Grocery Obama talked about the prosperity and in football tomorrow are either camp where it is this excellent look forward that's our daily chats with Mitchell this right here was even Ted brought to you by American Agha credits each when he poured out given you for the hand busy morning minutes. You have to ask for a better deal that's coming up Steven dead on K and SS.