JUNE 15, 2017 STORM

Operation StormWatch
Friday, June 16th

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I trackers out there Casey Osborne is with us in that Casey what are you seeing right now. Tony right now unity dictate continuing Norton let but it step under nineteenth street. That went into these we get it yet win the a lot of dust and we've got the Korea has stretch I support it won't it. Part of what it would be or would be equally forty mile an hour. Read it eighty hired in the Wichita that's where you're an experienced it. Wouldn't rate it they'll you'll Belichick is about it when he Greek epic drop out all your life or external Alter what we're ninety or elk early lead. By decree outside. Any of my outlook under ninety. They're bigger where he led the Sony in urban talk about they are street ball awfully quiet that eighty mile an hour into the truck there especially in northern. Looked like it is the outlook for it at that this is speaking out. Yeah hey Casey thank you very much you know as we watch these storms come our way what we're getting our lot reports from some blisters and some trackers is what they're seeing here is a dust up. A dust up of dust ahead of the storm and then the wins come so. We definitely are keeping an eye out for that. Most of the reports we're getting when when some of reporting to us. What kind of wind are you getting the wins are at least 506070. Miles per hour. And we could possibly get eighty mile per hour winds eighty mile per hour winds that would cause a lot of damaged in O'Neal was in the studio with his hair came in and says. Dan what some of the latest information that you have. Well Tony on the streets of Wichita right now you know people are looking at the dark clouds especially to the north of Wichita as a driving around. Most people have their lights on and not everybody. You know or is dark outside and and you know people are still. Doing their normal driving here but a lot of people aren't taking note of the a darker skies Friday with the lights on that is always a good thing. And again just anticipation of what is coming away we're seeing this on the radar we're getting reports of fifty to sixty mile per hour winds like you were saying in the call which are you right now but. It's is just the that the waiting until it if he gets into our area right now and and people are looking up to disguise the in the dark clowns. And you know wondering just how long this movie before you know it's the Wichita area. Yeah this storm is actually it's open at a pace of about thirty miles per hour so just imagine if you're driving safe from. Hutchinson to Wichita and your drive thirty miles per hour kind of become an integral time all right so. And and actually right now that I'm not saying the storm is over patents and it's actually south of legends sending it is it's in its in the northern part of essentially county. And approaching that hasn't really made it just yet to Kingman county but that the northern and northwestern corner of Sedgwick county for shore. We have more trackers with a cell Ronnie Price is with us rob tells with the latest that you're seeing. Okay Tony were here 29 and work on it I checks and elementary school parking lot and want all of the line. What looks to be green and a lot of green and it is well. And it winds switch around and ignored. Here in the lot 083 answers to help nothing that appear right now but he retreat and president school waiting just a little bit. But definitely a solid quiet. Lack written off to the north. And Ortiz to my location year these thunderstorms here so closer at this point. And into the guys are really green from about nor will keep north and east towards you prayer airport just a lot of green and match and he does not what you get if you got car that. Outside of a place to put in the garage of not a bad time to do that at that point out. Yeah exactly thank you very much Ronnie Price. With us here at tech Kenyan ancestry and updates on storm tracking. And now we have our storm trackers out there in the given us some great information. One of our other storm trackers that's out there is tomorrow morning show Steve Macintosh Steve what's the latest justly and. Tony I'm on the north western edge. Not Caribbean just about. 96 in it. Picked up right now. He got. Crap out by north west as it looked at all where. There is a day in a low. And then threw it out there in the break in. Peter Bergen well we talked. About. You know it tornado that went up when banks and in the north west like is. LP they act wind usually. And that overlook important right now now and if you leopard in at six. Well. About creep into outlet which you talked CNET ugly spectacle out where the not let in moving our director. Understand about your record head to rob rob rob ought be out and go oh come back. Exit. There are here. I'd be back in. Thank you very much Steve and we are live on the air with operation storm watch here on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. And that we are watching a severe thunderstorm as it moves in from the north. Of Sedgwick county and we're expecting possibilities of up to eighty miles per hour of wind guests. Reports and El Prado Butler county they're telling us they're estimating. From emergency management 65 mile per hour wind guess that's some damaging stuff Tim O'Neil is with us in the studio and back with sympathize some great information there was. In fact in the call which carrier they just updated that so wind estimation at 84 miles per hour and so and that's just now the best models are showing it to just minutes away now coming into what. The Wichita area maybe six to ten minutes at at best so. Did now's not a good time to be outdoors if you are out driving around you you need to probably find a place to land and and give yourself indoors. Because when the windows start coming. That's going to be very problematic if you're driving on the road we have the possibility of a foot trees being fallen power lines coming down that sort of thing. And again the of the best models are showing that about six to ten minutes out from which to our area right now. Yeah and actually were watch a little bit of KS and we're seeing on the idea screen there showing some shots of the dust coming up before which it perform which stock gets hit by the storm. And and and that's an indication the storms just just know I'm not far away. And and really we're on the air or continuous coverage as we wanna let people know. Think about the weekend and here you can get 607080. And we've oxygen in cold which emerged management reporting has made it 84 mile per hour winds. Actually that says it's measured measured eighty former opera when I guess that's a lot of damage think about things that are outside. If you you still may have time to you know bring that trash can in the end. Regular patsy in the Arctic cat you don't think about things like that you know and do your best I mean being prepared you probably will may be there's a possibility of power outages in the trees all. Blowing like crazy some tree limbs come down we've gotten reports from the Hutchinson area there are some power outages there. What about the storm trackers Steve Boyer is out there's debris get some land where you at a right now actually. Summoning and around the valley center area of windows about the same as has been and I will tell you that I have watched a huge huge dust up grew up draft. Travel across from north to stealth port it would to top. Yeah and it. I've watched a lot of weather over the years it's the first time I've ever seen it dust draft it would clear up in the skies kind of clout on the windows now picking up a little bit and it's raining in their ballots in your area. You know. While Leo and that's of course keyboard here came in essence what direction the storm trackers out there he's out watching we have several storm trackers out there. And also a meteorologist at jeopardy or more it's witness and Jennifer you know kind of let us know when we see these large dust storms start up. Ahead of the storm and that basically is that the front of the storm that's getting ready to hit us is that right. That's right yes she's at a gas front that's the surging ahead events and its indication and more than kind of a surge of the strongest winds. And as you guys have noted here we've had reports of winds at 84 miles per hour and that was our reported gassed. And if you're looking at the tornado scale. EF zero is from 6585. Miles per hour in an EF one tornado. That in the dead damaged or to 86 miles per hour so if you're looking at. Night and make it equivalent to a tornado scale you're talking and light some moderate damage and what we receive for your rating it as a tornado. And say you're talking about as significant damage to roofs and see your. Car is a folksy if you're in a high profile vehicle please get off the road because we've had numerous reports of tractor trailers being blown off the road because of these extremely high winds. You if you're in a mobile home. Please try to evacuate we've had reports of out of Butler county just coming in from the emergency management of law enforcement reporting and damage a mobile home. And street damaged into parts of Butler county and so folks didn't. Mobile home is on a great place to be right now either city can try to get yourself into a sturdier shelter please do south. I'm just line is really starting to surgeon is actually moving a little bit more quickly. Cost of the southeast in about forty miles per hour sesame racing through. Or the next thirty to 45 minutes or really barely down on two which is Todd giving us the winds that can be clots well over eighty. Maybe even up to 85 miles per hour in the National Weather Service made notes. In their chat system here that the storm. Is very similar city event from late units when he thirteen. With several reports during that events of eighty mile per barrel Wednesday hit Wichita so this is a very dangerous situation. I'm if you're under an area that's under a severe thunderstorm warning please take that seriously and I do not tried and give yourself if you haven't invent the need to get your whenever I would just wait. And delay your Tynes leave because it is as a mass out there right now with the winds surging. Toward which is our right now they can be clocked over eighty to 85 miles per hour guys. All right thanks very much out that's RK insist meteorologist Jennifer near mortal life with us.