K-State to face UCLA in the Cactus Bowl

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, December 26th

Ted gives us a Wildcat preview of what could be Bill Snyder's last game as head coach.


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You talk I'm Ted Woodward those details just ahead on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we got to 35 for the high in Wichita but today Arctic air is what our temperature in the deep freeze. Our complete forecast in minutes. Authorities say a woman was wounded when gunfire went through Kansas City, Kansas house during the course. As they gathering and the demand was killed when he came out of that house. Kansas City Star reports shots fired in an Alley penetrated the house Monday night sending the woman to a hospital with minor wounds. A man in his seventies was hit by more gunfire when he went out of the front door of the house he was found dead in a neighboring yard. Police spokesman Patrick McCollum says there appear to be a family gathering at the house. And detectives were in interviewing those who were there as well as neighbors no suspects were immediately arrested again that shooting in Kansas City and just. Dreams of a white Christmas became a nightmare for folks in New England. With a blizzard expected and up about a foot of snow in some areas. Worcester Massachusetts resident John face you planned to spend Christmas Day in Connecticut but old man winter stopped him cold. As it is no way am gonna get cars to lead off and and that's sidewalk troubled and all that stuff. And get in the car and get down to Connecticut 1 o'clock so I'm missing a really nice dinner. The white Christmas brought bitter cold of the midwest with wind chills below zero in many spots. A house fire south of downtown Wichita Christmas afternoon just before 130. Firefighters were called 900 block of south Saint Francis finding flames throughout the second floor two story structure no injuries reported that house was vacant. Wichita police say a man using a shotgun took cash during a robbery at a new a sandwich shop Christmas Eve in the 3400 block of east Harry. Police say a man reported another man pointing a shotgun at him and demanding money as he was leaving the business after the victim handed the Robert cash the suspect fled the scene on foot. Victim was not injured in the incident the victims said the suspect was wearing an orange woody police chief Gordon Ramsey tells Kate in SS news every which it. Patrol officer is now equipped with a body camera sergeants don't I'd like to find some money it's a fabulous program except it's very expensive. About 380000 dollars a year which yet isn't budgeted nice have to come up for that money every year to pay for that. Ramsey says the body camps have resolved 119. Complaints. In which citizens have viewed a video of the cases involving them. And found something different from the way they remembered the incident several people are dead after a holiday fire in Iowa. On Christmas morning fire has killed 4 in the eastern Iowa town of bluegrass. Firefighters responded to the home shortly after midnight Monday morning for people were in the home of the time. Officials say one person did make it out but later died at the hospital. The three other victims died inside the home state fire marshal's office now investigating. Rich Dennison Fox News. A Highway Patrol officer in California's Bay Area has been killed while on duty. His partner was injured when a suspected drunk and stoned driver slammed into the back of the patrol car. 33 year old chp officer and you can't malaria was killed on highway 880 today he's left behind. Three children. A wife. Brothers and sisters. Children that we're expecting that his father to come home and help open that Christmas present but instead he chose to work today. Assistant chp chief Ernie Sanchez says Camilleri and his partner had pulled over on the shoulder of the highway when a car slammed into them from behind. Driven by 22 year old man who Sanchez had his drunk and had been using marijuana. The other officer in the car was injured Jonathan Velasquez was treated and released from the hospital. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News. And it's just you son now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. Lot of purple in downtown Phoenix it's Kansas State playing in the cactus bowl tonight. We'll have a preview coming up sports the Wichita police horse has died that story coming up. Well McCain is a sporting news' Stephen dead. The case and as his forty years and Stevens have now you know it's 7:7 minutes after 8 o'clock. The trustee university plans to offer an offline bachelor's degree in Homeland Security beginning next spring. The board of regents has approved a proposal to offer students an overview of Homeland Security. Put an emphasis on law enforcement operations. Which posted officials said the four year program is designed to appeal to people. Wondering Homeland Security jobs in law enforcement. Or private security companies. Saturday to Wichita police department mounted unit suffered the tragic loss of one of the horses. The horse named champ had a large call involved is causing him to suffer unrelenting pain. After performing diagnostic procedures it was determined that has GI tract ruptured and humane euthanasia was necessary. Chance served honorably as a mounted unit horse for six years he was known for his kind and gentle disposition. Champ was love by the community and his Mountain View the officers. Said Campbell came in SS news congress has a long to do list when they get back to work in January including funding the government and fixing the backup program. Republicans are also bracing for what may turn out to be a difficult election for them next year. Fox is Chad Bagram explain. And guess what they lost 26 seats in the House of Representatives. In 1986 they passed the last major tax reform effort. And voters ordered Republicans by taking a wait eight seized from them turning them over the Democrats and giving Democrats the senate majority. It's not a winner necessarily if the past is prologue here right now the generic ballot in terms of your average solar which way they're gonna vote. I tilts in the favor of Democrats by a staggering thirteen points. Senate Republicans only hold a single seat majority in the senate after Alabama Democrat Doug Jones he's sworn in. And a fixed news I'm now eighteen and 10 minutes at 8 o'clock. And this morning in traffic we've got dia stalled out vehicle in north. Found on I want 3561. Street north Park City area. I'll watch for slow down their traffic updates from cake and SS radio. And yet chambers and held the cold forecast Ruth came to assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday and good morning news. Good morning another Arctic air mass has moved into south central Kansas fell all bring our temperature down significantly today. We're seeing some areas of light snow and flurries just touring north. Or how this afternoon twenties and wind chill went zero to five below with a northeasterly wind. Cloudy and cold tonight part of night above and it's sunny tomorrow would wind stays high in the low twenties and KM OSS meteorologist Dan holidays apart. Cloudy we're down to thirteen degrees little wounded seventeen miles per hour the windshield he is four below. They can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft suburban and was he's in the state of Kansas. But on our covers military discounts were current and retired veterans the monarch in the Leino. Stevenson in the morning now eight and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock here on the use him in December 26 when exempting many folks getting back to work today after the yeah. At least a three day weekend for Christmas but I think in the a lot of love and many other folks are still take his time off first kids that. Out of school right now for the most part in them that are people and overtaken. Tooth two weeks off right now here at the that's a tough holiday time on this date Tony's 46 December 1947 heavy snow blanketed the northeast. Burying New York City 126 point four inches of snow at sixteen hours to see is not quite that bad this year in them. New England yes severe weather was blamed for some eighty deaths again that was on this date in 19471947. And one of the most chilling. Films you'll ever see premiered on this date in 1973 nationwide. About the actions and only now dike still part of the cultural lexicon news. You know it didn't think you're not disturbed by watching this film something's wrong with. I ocean it that I see that theater. And and a making some degree I don't know maybe you're not as a little room and make a solid theater. Odds. Quite a movie. Several years after that I am gonna see mid to late eighties and Linda Blair walking down that staircase and listen to players showed up here and widgets opera some sort of look Halloween promotion. And I had earlier with people do talk show our love that in a couple of hours of listeners yours your brush with the exorcist yeah right there he was a very nice and they. Any efforts and grown up scores that these tiny version of this. Likes horses that they love for horses with a player. The little girl she's. Justice Max on the seat now off I'll ask priests. Would be good trying to get the demon out you know it's and it is an interesting move we will put it that way on. Married or for a month skis electric gadgets were working fine but it was for electric bill that gave the Pennsylvania woman a shock. He was charged 284. Billion dollars by Cadillac electricity and Ryder quite a gifted quite payment plan on that keeps the Erie times news her eyes just about popped out or edit what she saw the bill. At first thought was we have put up Christmas lights on I wondered if we had put them up wrong. Right first thought of the month in the Olympian and a the bill said she had to pay in full by next November. Plus you can make a settlement plan employment I no billion you know million a year whatever. Company says it was a mistake it should have been in the 284 dollars and 46 and most. Mystified that a man bearing gives visited in Ohio prison Christmas Eve but it wasn't Santa Claus. The Ohio State. Ohio state Highway Patrol. Reports someone approached a Richland correctional institution around 9 AM Sunday and try to throw four packages. Containing tobacco cell phones and marijuana over the fence Merry Christmas 21 year old man was arrested a short time winner Emma. He's facing drug and other charge not so fast my for an apparently he thought that. Yeah they got security to keep people ended up at all now auctioning this doesn't sound he's very sneaky about it but he stopped. They're understaffed on Christmas Day or in the did not know the thing over. Well I hope you know of everything went well for everyone on Christmas all of our listeners out there and good Christmas. I spent Christmas Eve with my entire family church services and in order my daughter's house first Stacey whipped up some potato soup. And a really good and we had some you know supporters finger was all kinds of stuff. My wife and I brought over baked ham and frankly it was done under very good luck and Kelly's fault she cooked right. Just a very good a big fan of potato soup. Hours at most nine and it sounds is we got a gift exchange it's something that I noticed. This this years I've got to get to grand kids. He got Luke and Evan his cousin and they're both thirteen years lol yeah both of them wanted to watch it for Christmas. It's all right you know like I eighty to the watch and they throw with that now. Most people and most people but it seems like there's an attack in my bush daughters Wear a watch. Don't think somewhere so watch I pillar I want longer Wear a watch usually poked a stick yourself or look for the time there it's not like that statement released pressed for time that. These kids what watches and actually look got to look. When the young lady he knows gave him one and so and it only got aware of that is watched. Watch cap on the last world lost the battery lasts like five months and the I'm tired of us. Aren't the case. Also Saturday spent Saturday with by my son Scott migrant granddaughter Angela Christmas shopping. Out of a hat and Jack for a while jumping all want a third via object again and it wound up that. Another one of our good sponsors. How old jewelry. And Hernandez saw him out there and it boggles opens. The treatment for my wife for little healing. Economists. Need to recuperate he ordered boosters spiritual movements. But better a little something from old jewelry. Spirits are bruised a very nice the be all done that way. You guys would agree that I do I sang at night saying it Christmas morning mass yesterday you know yesterday morning. That was there and enjoyable then after that become the work. Night I came to work before and after that I was in here Vermont 68 AM yesterday morning. And I went sang in 9 o'clock mass night came back here to the radio station were not a couple of hours no rest for you know it was a I had a busy day yesterday like Bob crack runner aren't there and they don't want my highlight of the weekend too was on Christmas seemed. Me and my parents went and sought a wonderful life at the Warren east C is how the warning east okay. How was at an off it was fantastic. My copy of that movie and it rained so all home gosh. We had a great time I was in the audience involvement in the way into it on the on its art itself you know Eric. There are some folks laughing at the end there I don't know there some folks weeping there he every just weeping like it's all out yes yeah tip. Right now when Harry can residences to my Big Brother George the richest man in town cars balling the water worse I was done at that point. Well I hadn't seen that movie on the big screen in decades I've got to cinema yeah it was a hot sellers sell off it's so much better than what else see on the big screen. You saw another film that you know politics miracle on 34 08 last Thursday night at the orpheum. I got I got two in four days and about that I got through the big season. Back in here today on a Tuesday morning and get back into the swing of things to get about what four days left in the year five the net you know wind up this year when he seventeenth imminent and he'd write your receipt Dedrick. We're going to be back at 2018 greens today that much right now. Are you here. I'm going to let you guys six. Eight I didn't maybe be like bill Snider leave it a mystery we'll be back next year ago or no they come. I don't know 88 now Stevens as speaking in sports and bill Schneider Casey wildcats in the game bowl games I thought it was scored as. That is one of the story lines for Kansas State tonight of course head coach Bill Snyder longtime head coach and the states. Is 78 years old C has battled health problems within the last year. Could this be his final game as head coach K state or will he be back next year. The end there's no answer to that we don't know I don't know coach Snyder has not made any sort of announcement as to whether or not. Going to forge honor or call it quits we don't know so. You never know what will vote will take into account tonight's ball game it's the cactus bowl downtown Phoenix. Tonight Kansas State vs UCLA. UCLA six and six the wildcats. With a surge down the stretch one for a five to finish up the season seven and five. K state is favored by a touchdown tonight. K state has not won consecutive bowl games in seventeen years the chance to get that done they can get a winning at UCLA tonight. Nineteen at Kansas State 21 bowl games have been under head coach bill Schneider of course including eight Euro may have been the bowl game eight straight years now. This is a rematch of the game though between these two DC Elaine K state in the Alamo Bowl at a very high scoring game from three years ago in San Antonio. Please state UCLA. That cactus bowl. Live pregame coverage begins at 7 o'clock tonight he will kick off at 8 o'clock. He was at that live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro football yesterday on Christmas Day in Pittsburgh Steelers went down to Houston and put hurt on the Texans Pittsburgh wins it 3046. Starting offensive left guard for the Steelers former Kansas State wildcats. From and nail Vijay penny. Part of an offensive line yesterday that allowed zero sacks against the quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nice job by that steeler offensive line BJ Fannie. Right they're getting the job done Steelers have won nine of their last ten games but they're still. Number two seed in the AFC behind New England with one week to go in the regular season Steelers still trying to get that home field advantage throughout playoffs. College men's basketball the Associated Press poll comes out yesterday that doctors who have three spots into the top ten out number eight in the nation. Kansas also moves up three spots to number eleven in the nation in the rankings. The shocker the jayhawks jumped ahead of North Carolina Miami and Kentucky who all lost to unranked opponents last week. Soccer's eight K you eleventh in the national college basketball poll. No top pro football tonight on the weekly edition of its cease kingdom show with play by play voice to teach me told us hosting events tonight 7 o'clock. Right here on your home to teach 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS the chiefs win on Christmas scene with. Finishing up at three win homestand. And they win back to back division titles for the first time in franchise history. And have a home playoff game coming up next month lot of great things talk about tonight. Don't miss it 7 o'clock here on tape and assess the chiefs kingdom show. And we have a baseball birthday today happy birthday to storm Davis Major League Baseball pitcher pitched for the Wichita pilots. He's 56 years old today four storm Davis would go on to. Win a World Series ring with the Baltimore Orioles pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Also pitched in a World Series with the Oakland Athletics he won game four of the 1983 World Series. Brent member of the Wichita pilots. Storm Davis. Right here. You've earned a happy birthday to storm Davis he's 56. That's sports with Stephen Ted Kennedy and SS is there anyone out given you for the Hannity morning minutes. Sean looked at the intelligence community and its treatment of Hillary Clinton. That's all the way Stevens in the morning on K and assess.