A K-State victory and a KU/OU preview

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, January 23rd

The Wildcats beat Baylor and Ted gives us a preview of KU v. OU.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which is because number one in the news talk bad weather station depend on. McCain has more uses even 1090 back inside a big earthquake in Alaska this morning we've got the story. Government shutdown is over for now I hit footwork those details just ahead from Wichita police officer has been charged over a basketball incidents. I'm Dan O'Neill until the program. Newly elected members take the oath of office Monday night with the tall order that the future meetings I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. We yesterday's storm passed well two more north. Since when would be awhile before we see her next chance of precipitation to our forecast for today is coming up. The magnitude seven point nine earthquake hit approximately 175 miles off the Alaskan coast this morning a tsunami warning was issued for some of the state. Sergeant Eric Bieber with the Kodiak police department issued a warning telling everyone. To immediately find shelter at higher elevation. Anywhere that the vote on her feet sea level do you were we've recommended. Go get your own. Good future fairway they had an MVP he's utopia. Kodiak Island is the closest to dangerous having had only about a ten minute warning. To a possible tsunami related after effects according to sergeant Bieber on social media people have commented that they felt the quake as far away as Anchorage Alaska. A hundred miles away now that additionally warning has now been cancel tsunami warning canceled from the big earthquake in Alaska. Police say a business manager shot a robbery suspect Monday afternoon in southeast Wichita. It happened at home knees weak and beauty supply in the 17100 block of shall hillside. Police have a suspect walked in and attempted to rob the business. Store manager fired two rounds wounding the suspect who was hospitalized in critical condition. Authorities say a Wichita police captain has been charged with battery and disorderly conduct after allegedly pushing a teenage refereed during a youth basketball game. The Wichita eagle reports that the misdemeanor charge identify the captain has Kevin Mears. Augusta city prosecutor Benjamin winters said in a statement Monday that the January 13 incident was investigated by the justice department of public safety. He says the investigation included numerous witness statements and video evidence. Which stop police said at a news release Monday that Mears remains on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings and an internal review. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Five new Wichita school board members took the oath of office sent Monday night's board of education meeting Sedgwick county election commissioner Teva the layman administered the oath of office to kick off the first board meeting of 2018. Three of the members bin blankley Ron rules Ellison truly Hendrick took fields after winning their respective races in the November elections. Appointed members stand re server and Ernestine Crable who replaced Jeff Davis and Barbara for respectively also took the ceremonial oath. It is closing remarks port presidents stand Brody was optimistic in his priest of the new members. You know this is a group that understands what's going on the schools. And hopefully good understands what's going on Topeka. And I think will serve the district well him and I appreciate just being part of the team. Brody along with Cheryl Logan are the only two holdovers from last year's board Phil pulled over and it can get SS news. Wichita police report to restaurant robberies on Sunday in about 10 in the morning police were called with subway in the 300 block of east on me. And employees said a man entered the store with a handgun demanding money. Suspect fled in an older gold or tan Ford Explorer. And later a Domino's Pizza in the 3900 block of west when he first was robbed. The state that two unknown suspects had entered the business. One was armed with a great handgun. And they were demanding money. Money was taken by the suspects and they fled the store I got. Our officer Charlie Davidson says there were no injuries in either robbery the government shutdown is over. Now Democrats and Republicans must find common ground on what to do with. Immigration reform the brief government shut down was solved when Democrats agreed to join with Republicans to vote to reopen it Florida democratic senator Bill Nelson says something was accomplished on immigration. Before this agreement they had no protection. Now we have a path forward. And rich we can work a bipartisan solution that will take care of the dreamers if the senate to reach a deal for it to become law the league by in from the house and the White House house Republican whip Steve's police laid out his immigration priority. So I think there's you think you'll see maybe what. Miles. Yeah. Real security firewalls on Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel Fox News. Bill Cosby took center stage at a Philadelphia jazz club. His first public performance since becoming embroiled in a sex scandal the eighty year old reminisced in cracked jokes about his childhood honored old friends and 'cause we did sort of respond to a question about the scandal in which sixty women accused him of drugging and molesting them. Like. Joy you. My friend. Okay Bill Cosby finished evening by. Leading the band have preferring it to us gas in place of a missing horn section and then taking a turn on the drop. Kevin battle. Spirit has -- time now 7066 minutes. That's 7 o'clock. Like college basketball coming our way case dates on the road last night jayhawks on the road tonight we'll talk about it all coming up sports. How do you how old do you have to be to be considered an adult. That story coming up on the K and us this morning is that Stephen says that. Stevenson down 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock on Tuesday. Several construction projects under way in the downtown area as Wichita. Affairs for the NCAA basketball tournament in mid march. Mayor Jeff Long Will tells K Unisys news a city wants to make a good impression on visitors. Hilton garden and that's what the rooftop or girl back and finished. That there you know wanted to get better in time for the band NCAA term on southerners you know there's. Turning to being an exciting time for Wichita. While no common during Monday's with the mayor on the Stevenson in the morning show here on K and SS. Competition is heating up as Amazon it narrows its list of communities in contention to host its second US headquarters. Expected to be an economic boon to the area chosen now the governor of Maryland is offering Amazon a five billion dollar incentive program to come to his state. Montgomery County Maryland executive Ike Leggett is happy the state is pitching and. Look at the potential benefits from 50000 jobs overall. The spin off the impact of that that this is an investment will work while. Well used to be that people were considered adults when they reached the age of 21. Then it was eighteen but now that number may be going to back up. Many millennial was live at home with mom and dad far longer than their parents did when they were their age now scientists at the royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne Australia say adulthood should start at 24 years of age that's because young people are remaining in school longer and putting off marriage and parenthood and the scientists say the definition of adolescence is between the ages of ten and nineteen years is arbitrary. And should be reconsidered. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News story. This is news time now owned 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Dan this morning out in traffic while things we think people are kind of behaving themselves up their traffic conditions looking. Barely gets very decease and had the year Traficant few areas. Pretty heavy traffic around deaths. Around the teeth. West Kellogg area especially he's found it out there are some heavy traffic in that area. Traffic updates from Kate and SS radium and hit chambers CNN all the kids in the storm trackers record cast with Kansas today meteorologist Laura Bennett of morning Laura. There we are starting off class. It's Tuesday at a cold though it daily data current temperature here in which taught twenty or decreed the winter much lighter. Are the northwest that nightmare miles per hour and a sport that that make you feel a little bit colder your actual guilt by carrier air temperature still like capture rather. Fourteen degrees that we warm up nightly port today I. And he guided it going to be a beautiful Tuesday I hit 49 to decide that it. He degree mark a well deserved after that net that where mad that we are telling dealing with yesterday the good news that it be keep with the warm weather to the end of the week or had back to the sixties resentment. Spring like weather even kicking off for today when their standard at and T and got it. In case over him when he's a 4647 today. The north solo tonight Kennedy. Where I dropped back down to about 2420 meters. Who. He could talk about a cold front plowing through this kind of eerie I'm about Arctic air usually and that's certainly not the case so we just. We're not just a little bit to rebound nicely get back where we started for the. Get back up to 54 of five and end in debt for next couple days you think I don't get it 68 record what he did a dog from a jog yesterday afternoon a little uncomfortable with that wind but the temperature one band does he get raped her do an audit and running out. I just actually running inside as for wimps now I'm sorry. I'm fat. I don't I don't I went running at it until this talking has talked Gloria a little bit about what happened yesterday because. We saw of the fuse flakes and some places here yesterday and the which Tyree but not much. How waited until we saw light wintry make that it was just it was just wait too warm for eight think actually stack up they'll eat solid big fat. That's laid it out right at eye level that want that. It held down the crowd he'd just easily melt it elated data have been allowed about how what start but all across the city add. The temperatures really were products reading marketing had been the warm over the weekend hit it to what the that they proposed that up to do it. I'm glad it did happen that we could happen as slick roads. Out there yesterday though being tried out after the afternoon and then out that pretty good morning. I checked with the meteorologist the National Weather Service is born and he told me always sort yesterday even though there web sites that they weren't. Yeah I hinted that they used to as usual for the the forecast we'll continue to come out on on what type AB doubt that make our job a little bit challenging it. Mullet that sort about snowfall whip in the corner of the state around good London in nineteen inches over there in that Colorado right up there in the corner. Our. Yeah statehood without a lot of notes and fourteen inches in far north but can't that bag of public that in Nebraska as well impressive totals the really attraction north like candid probably at the. But I don't think. A bullish it's been that cute Korean stranger's cell. But the night no really inaccurate what we talked by the people yesterday Majid had an air this morning that. I don't remember the last time we saw double digit don't quote like that it's been a while the team how to do it the night that if this. They've done what a bit. About 500 miles without that tracked right Turkey and they itself isn't that a totally different and. Also here's the important thing would you say about a slump on TV music those old guy easily predict. It. When you get up there and can't today but he Eddie Tehran radio you analyst Laura bless your heart. And I think you're the first it here first person than gal I think you're the first president DV whoever got this hat. Chatted it up his ears yeah outlet for. Glory you've you've you've done that you figured out a thank you so much you bet but we appreciate your time with a set every every morning and of course CKS and stock tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Laura ban I think you know like Laura. I think she understands hey this is January 23 and on this date in 1971 and the coldest temperature ever recorded in the US. Occurred when net prospects creek Alaska. Located 180 miles north of Fairbanks tumbled into a verbal abyss to eighty. Below zero. You could last outside too long and at a new recorded that temp job profited electronically or something you know forbid Canada out of thermometers set up their automatic reading your seven. The most are my most of dollars I know about the get down to get out that's the end of it Duckett the cart must have been some counts you know the hard truth or monitors. Yeah slowed down. Cash eighty below we were get we get some wind chills of what fibers six below the other day and it was plenty frosting but her looks and more like spring every day. And of course here we are appeared January cell. Anything can happen between now on March or April when you get back into another one of those blizzard conditions. Won't get sauce. Some are snowy is February's have come after there was no snow in December or January. OK don't. This is January 23 in team this day and played them. Is our award such as toyed immature. On this date in 1957 machines at the Y old toy company. Rolled out the first batch of their aerodynamic plastic discs. Now known to million votes millions of fans all over the world as frisbee as somebody came up with the name frisbee although they told a disc golf over there in the park weren't through there those are for is these those are discs yes it's trying and they those guys those people really know how to throw and other experts. I could never throw wanted you know underhanded and it would always go curving out to the right there can never got to pull on funder. Well I guess I'm just not very good for history's that a Campbell also make the Whipple ball. And the hula Mugabe to do the hula hoop on a bit that it Lamo was a big toy company Whipple was its own company closet and are well. When it comes Detroit him a I will deem your or deferred Ted Ted knows more about poise tonight. Itself. In with Steven dead on gay and as this time for sports content book and endeavor. And about the Kansas State wildcats men's basketball team is doing really pretty good right now tightly as they sold in the states is. Fifteen and five now on the season another win last night going in the last place Baylor and beating the bears nine B 83. With that win Kansas State is now tied for second place in the Big 12 Conference this game and a half behind first place Kansas. The wildcats let this game wire to wire last night. And a huge night for very brown wildcat junior. Twelve for twelve at the free throw line on his way to 34. Points burning Baylor last night wildcats. Someone for their last five planes and darn good basketball. It's road action tonight for Kansas fifth ranked jayhawks visiting number eleven Oklahoma. And this one has a lot on the line hey you know despite the fact that the jayhawks have won ten straight road games. Oklahoma is favored by a point now happen is when they meet. Scratch my head a little bit but maybe that's the folks in Vegas know what they're talking about they usually do. Jayhawks won a five game winning streak right now Oklahoma's coming off back to back losses. Hear from Kansas head coach Bill Self. I really feel like fit the only go down that hole you would end and figure out a way to try to. Can't can't put the clamps on the team or or an individual but certainly figure out a way to do terrible little bit and and hopefully I really compete hard. CU Oklahoma tonight in Norman live pregame coverage for the jayhawks begins at 430 this afternoon in the game will tip off at 6 PM. Listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. The new college rankings coming out yesterday for the coaches poll and the Associated Press poll. Kansas moving up five spots in both polls now into the top five in the nation Kansas ranked number five in both polls. The shocker is coming up back to back losses plummet out of the top ten. Shocker dropped twelve spots in the coaches poll dropped ten spots in the eight people the shocker now ranked sixteenth and seventeenth in the twofold. Kansas State even before last night's win getting a lot of votes Kansas State as high as thirty years in voting in the eight people this week. One of the former jayhawks have a big night in the NBA last night as the Minnesota Timberwolves going to Los Angeles meet the clippers won 26 to 118. Starting small forward for the timberwolves former Kansas jayhawk Andrew Wiggins forty points. And six rebounds last night back to back wins for the timberwolves who are right now holding on to number three spot. In the Western Conference and and. Happy birthday today one of my favorite basketball players my nephew Logan. Logan is a fifteen year old turning fifteen today. Freshmen that Kate and Onkar. Physically little basketball and a freshman team for the crusaders freshman. And the trees called ninth grade. How tall she's big kid is. Small kid and now he's I think he's taller than me you know oil you think that's very very mean much of the eighth grade there already taller than us China stood at. He did pretty well that I don't know well is he played defense and allergy just one of those guys goes out there Jude's involvement you know he's making he's a guy that likes to distribute the ball we got yes well that's good. He's he's a guy it's violent the assists. Sales he's fun to watch and happy birthday to my nephew Logan's fifteen today's a big fan of the office the TV show Allah help me love really office felt. Well Larry you know I can he can talk the about Dwight shrewd move and Jenna and all day long I like the office do that I also like to share just like him so. The slogan I am now you have a lot in common. Stay happy birthday she got a bad for now all right did seven point 18. Time for our parry higher coffee break on K in his eye socket ferry fire coffee is a precious coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans roasted fresh right here in the when Genzyme. You can get prairie fire coffee at your office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee. Not can't operate the seventh when he to boot Stevens it to ever Rush Limbaugh it's boring update the Democrats. Caved to public government shutdowns as rush seated at the morning on Kate in a sense.