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Friday, September 15th
Arrowhead is getting ready.  IT'S RED FRIDAY!

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. 8 o'clock this is the king tennis this morning news receive intended IC thank you to launch. Patient is a suspect in the killing of a Wichita psychiatrist. We've got this story which is dog drinking water is experienced teammate temporary unpleasant taste in order. I'm battlefield I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a few storms are popping up on radar this morning in south central Kansas. They change in the weather pattern is on the way. Our complete forecast coming up. And explosion aboard in London train this morning is being investigated as a terrorist incidents. The explosion occurred as the train was stopped at the Parsons green stop on London's tube. Maarten Abrams was in the train car brother explosion took place. He says the explosion created a fireball that engulf the car and burned several people I know. About and has been made to the white plume. The explosion. And as far as golf politicians Islamabad. And bottle can call me. Eighteen people hospitalized. No life threatening injuries there more information today you'll which is tossed 24 homicide of the year. Police were called to holistic psychiatric services. In the 600 block of north carriage parkway Wednesday evening the report of an assault they found doctor archer wrapped. Ready in an Alley behind the senator suffered from numerous tabloids. Lieutenant Todd oh Giles says an employee saw an altercation. Between the doctor and a patient in an office. After going office of the disturbance was hurt an office manager entered into the office and observe the suspect assaulting doctor Reddy. She attempted to stop the assault. Which allow the doctor to flee the office. The suspect and choice to doctor Reddy out of the business where he caught up with them in the Alley behind the business where we believe the second assault crude. He was pronounced dead at the scene about twenty minutes later a security guard called police to report a suspicious vehicle in the which dark country club. After which start hundred club police found a 21 year old male would blow in his clothing and he was taken into custody booked Thursday morning detailed. Jail records identify the suspect is Omar Rashid do it's. It was a patient of doctor reddy's no motive was given. Which it does drinking water is producing an unpleasant taste and ordered due to seasonal changes in Jeannie west a bar. But officials say there is no health risk to the public. In a news release Don Henry with public works and utilities says Cheney reservoir one of two primary water sources for what you thought customers. Is experiencing a seasonal die off of LG. Which releases into the water a compound which can cause unpleasant odors and affect the taste. Once the change of water chemistry was detected the water treatment process was adjusted to account for the extra compound in the water. City officials will continue to monitor the water quality and make adjustments as necessary. Officials say customers should begin to notice drink you water return to a standard quality over the next few days. Dan O'Neill king and SS news and other North Korean missile launch rattles nerves in Japan. Northern Japan awoke to the sound of loud speakers and residents that North Korea has fired another missile over the country. Telling them quickly to seek shelter to ballistic missile the second this month was tracked from North Korea to airspace about Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido before plunging into the Pacific Ocean you know welcoming look fury Japan commented swiftly on the new launch as chief cabinet secretary yoshi's heating sugita said the nation would not tolerate North Korea's repeated provocations Anthony Trotter BBC news Tokyo. The president has now officially condemned last month's deadly violence in Charlottesville Virginia. President trump has released a statement announcing his signing of a joint resolution passed by congress condemning the violence by a white Nationalists and neo Nazis in Charlottesville one month ago the resolution was first brought forward by lawmakers concerned over the president's response to Charlottesville specifically his statement that there were quote very fine people on both sides of the protests the president stood by his controversial response game and exchange with reporters where he said he felt his statement was vindicated over violent acts by anti fascist protesters in recent protests around the country Alex -- ABC news Washington. We're learning more about what happened at the Florida nursing home or eight elderly people died Wednesday morning. ABC's Tom lawless says two back to back emergency calls came into a hospital across the street. And around 3 AM a red flag to the hospital's head nurse. Hour after that a third emergency call from that same facility that was enough for the hospital's chief nursing officer cutie from. I along with another colleague decided that we needed to take a walk over to see if we can offer our assistance from says the staff at the nursing home was doing everything humanly possible to move patients to a cooler area with fans but it was too hot she saw patients dehydrated in distress I thought it was an extreme situation that we had to get people out. But things to that emergency response many worse eight. Janus has used time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. The royals last night were so close to ending a record breaking winning streak hood they do it well we'll find out coming up sports. Lady god god rushed to a hospital that story coming up. On the case and this is morning news was even dead. The king and his there's forty years Stephen just now only 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. We're learning more about the Washington teenager who allegedly brought to guns to his high school Wednesday and opened fire on fellow students. ABC's Clayton sandal has the latest from Spokane. The suspect a fifteen year old sophomore we have not identified because he is a minor he allegedly told detectives he'd come to the school to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others but says he did not target any one specific but questions about missed signals shooter was known for posting social media videos firing weapons the sheriff says he wrote a suicide note more than a week ago and students say he warned them that he was about to do something information they say was passed on to school officials but apparently not to police. More than 50000. Students are backing class says the school year begins in Wichita. Safety and security director Terry Moses and her staff of sixty are responsible to keep students teachers and staff safe. Every school day Moses tells K and assist news eight police officers service school resource officers. It is truly again an opportunity for officers to build relationships with kids to talk to kids. We have I know. Several members the Wichita police department that took on jobs and law enforcement because of those relationships. That happened when they were in school Terry Moses is our guest this weekend and she's funny seventeenth Sunday morning at eight on Katie and assess. Lady got jobless rushed to a hospital Thursday. Lady Gaga is suffering from severe physical pain and according to a statement posted on Twitter he says it's not simply hit you know Wear and tear from touring. It's apparently something more serious. She's in the care what she says of the very best doctor she's canceling a performance Friday and Rio de Janeiro. Earlier this week gaga revealed she suffers from fibromyalgia. Part of that battle includes chronic pain she's in the middle of the world tour no word of other dates will be canceled Jason Nathan's and ABC this. Hollywood can Unisys news time now eighteen and 10 minutes past 8 o'clock thing. Several traffic accidents. Around town this morning something to watch out for 37 street north and Mary's road it's on major road. Central and ridge road traffic accident over there. At some wet slippery roadways this morning it's something we haven't seen for awhile so. Everybody that's at the cautious this morning at their traffic update from K in excess radio. I'm here chambers and now a look at the forecast briefcase and it says staff meteorologist Dan holidays supporting data. Good morning a strong trough of low pressure was in the intermountain west but that was sending a piece of energy our way. We're seeing a few isolated thunderstorms across parts of central and south central Kansas as we go throughout the afternoon we expect to be breezy and hot foot high 93. Again the chance of a few storms overnight Carlos 71. And with a cold front pushing in tomorrow scattered storms will pop up from time to time with a high ninety. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now light rain 71 degrees we have a southwest wind at thirteenth. Miles per hour. He's eleven now and Stephen gentlemen Friday morning here's a very tall tales. To record setting caps are living together near Detroit. Park tourists. Elder baron or powers colts that Guinness world records mark for tallest domestic cat. Measuring at about nineteen inches tall. House mate sickness regulars powers holds the record for the domestic cat with the longest deal measuring more than seventeen inches. The two cats live in Farmington hills Michigan with the will and Lauren powers. And it says they sought the records to raise awareness about a cat shelter. Will powers told the Detroit news that people often want to have photos taken with the cats so they asked him for donations for the shelter. You pose for the cats you make a donation to the shelter about that that's in Michigan. Police say a man with a knife tried to rob a southern California pizza restaurant this week. But his timing was way off just a few hours before he showed up burglars had already broken in and made off with 15100. Dollars. The owner we still cleaning up from that burglary when the second guy came in demanding money. The owner flagged down a police officer. Police say the nineteen year old suspect did not listen to the officer's order to give himself up and fought with a arriving officers briefly. Until to a subdued. ID twelve now Steve intent on K and SS and it has been news. I don't I can't remember how long it's been a long time since we've had any rain. In the which tighter a couple of weeks at least we have the parts of the state now qualifying for drought conditions. And this morning across Sedgwick county. The yet to Unisys weather center radars indicating light showers. All across the county then Kabila spotty in places but if you're heading cells into bout. Sumner county. The new gonna see some rain right there and it's coming in the western part. Back Robert harper they've they're covered with rain shower get some scattered showers move through Kingman county and then up to the north west of Wichita Reno county. And if you're go to the fair this morning take an umbrella because right about now the rain is beginning to fault the according to radar. In the hutch and Hutchinson area. Got another traffic you got to traffic. A yeah horse going westbound Kellogg at hillside. Couple of vehicles involved in an accident okay analyst a lot of hillside Milliken to the this all burdened by the way the systems all move into the east. It goes clear up parts of it clear up north of great vandal moving into the Salina area and it to the east right now expert and it's clear. Butler county has nothing going on Kelli counties clear. But it's all moving to the east and could be in your area. If you're to the east of Wichita before not too much longer. It's 813 now with Stephen Ted on K and SS. Red Friday returns to Wichita today. Yet your cheeks kingdom flag beginning at 5 AM that was 3 hours this morning it could applications abortions are. And Newton and Hutchinson a minimum donation of five bucks. Net proceeds of flag sales in these cities will benefit the boys and girls clubs of south central Kansas in their mission to inspire and enable young people. So this red Friday today wearing your red fly the flag that helps kids in your community. And get ready to get loud on Sunday no matter where you're watching. It is rated Friday. In Wichita. And now 814 was even dead. Now our weekly Kansas City Chiefs uptake with the play by play voice of the teams Mitch pollsters get morning match. Good morning David. The most wonderful. My favorite. Days. Of the 360. The Albert reds Friday. Yet and what you I'm standing at the corner Union Station. In the western currents that are we heard spellings she's kingdom. Here and there are also post until appears you just. Very eloquently mentioned. In that those were great Costner's Ronald cultured bitter or is curled out verbally credit. We're also doing national law. Springfield. As well as in sit in Wichita. It is literally. Here a pep rally at nearly two million people new book everybody dressed in red. It is really a cool thing as a unified feel all. It is this spirit that unifies communities and entire region. In the kingdom but it can and a lot of love. Union Station love to win there and Indian camp and it's great place and piano you have a good times. Talk possibly an honor for awhile and then I'm gonna bounce around negative for the locations today in. By the way I'm not going to be in Cheaney or greater are oh have you was up this morning early torrid where it went into American Eric credit. There unless Kellogg and they do an awesome vision coach Matt and Agilent dot. And that's such an impact on the community. Of course directly and in agriculture but he was cut short this morning with the red ought to achieve what Jeanne pretty it was such eastern. I'll tell you what in Austin, Texas last week ten tonight keeping track. Drag those chiefs about that last quarter I gotta tell you it I saw some you had to have some terrific line play. For your quarterback to throw four touchdowns but at the end there I look at this guy named Houston and unthinkable happened with this linebacker for crying out well. Well it is packed. During our training camp reports in. Honestly if you follow those ports on that I do with lucrative experience all of get a glimpse. Of what the team is going to be in. Justin Houston had a trip to Kenya portrayed as we speak to the team speak for forty. At the beginning of camp when I was done on the last status but he. Justin Houston and out of this year or credit Toomey. Or pretty in order to do it then. Here's all right that was awesome wouldn't look right term it go rectum muscle though. Polite she's by far the balconies back he did not miss a practice it's NATO. And when that game was on the line he was relentless and Brady was that. I stated they he was asked didn't you yes he's gone where Justin is looking at a shoelaces. And anyway now we got to retool for the Philadelphia. Alex Smith they had to say one and thrown four touchdown in the enemy's cabinet play with that has to be. Easily. New dust. I don't want him the best games he's ever played like just almost say the best. As a sheet in this side can't choose quarterback yeah well this accurate. Just give it some numbers here to talk about going into enemy it. These secrets we're 102. In a row going in the fourth quarter will be 102. And I'll act. They were 54 and one in the ANC. In the last week and well. And they were in Tom Brady leading at halftime McCall was 82 and in the cheek won best game 4227. And maybe because Alex Smith I'll wait. It was. It was phenomenal to see another. Critic but. I mean they walked in the alliance now. And gave the line a cavity there's still I mean it was a it was remarkable statement they're so much excitement. Around this team right now. Throughout his church is doing and of course learn what to moderate growth. You can have a let down you've taken on Philadelphia and what are we look and or as far as that team what what are the strengths and weaknesses you think. Well let's just talk about the emotion of this game injury pitching coach coached there for fourteen years. Thank you got fired by them to come here. So fourteen years he's got sweat equity and let the giant put our. Secondly the head coach of the Eagles is Doug Peters he was our offensive coordinator. 2013. 20142000. District. And a lot of our former. Is there so you have that dynamic it speed. The coach coaching against news. Prodigy guest Brian that situation to get the the teacher against the pupil. It and in an eagle's circle what they want on the road last retreat in the division rival abortion abstinence. And they're they're very upfront and be sent to be hard to block this all your game. Talk about a let it on the cheeks. I don't know they can be we are active offensively they're gonna have to fight it. Does so without this much chopper up front. Game time is noon on Sunday and of course you can hear the game right here on 98713. Thirty K and assessment mich were so excited about avenue on our radio station on Sundays. And we are real excited about this and looking forward to it as we will every game this this is so wetter this. Fall out. Are yet so long season so so hunker down now there's a lot of excitement on this day. And get a note to talk about it brought up the morning and watched on data under chance citadel on spring. However. We have people anxiously awaiting we have our own little group yeah Eddie plop a group led by doctor Horace one of the outstanding positions in Wichita. There's a group of physicians in Wichita. That appointment. Set their radios to listen like what is the body off the report should quite say that yes yeah delayed surgery for five minutes or. Ellis cleared up which did did plop a played football Wichita State. Backing of the bill late sixties and I know him and and you've been in and do you just let his name. And it was a shocker football players so we had this connection between Eddie plop the kids they teach football update our connection to answer. Started years ago and it started years ago and so that these women in what was wiped up she goes on merit any op. I was like our. Era at about it already up but China's. Yet all male ready award winning mark. Edgar congratulations you guys by the way bird the Marconi award on the belief that like the biggest thing ever. So electorate. I'm in his store all of Ralph Korean church with Ralph or commentator Olerud eons. Plated case stating a case its greatest order the first eight they wire. To make. Yeah all our seniors would write in the third early bird. In the late thirties Graham coaching he's an assistant coach at Indian. Is coaching a guy by the name of yeah tremble. So no torture happens. And Ralph. During World War II. Yet the job at the universe in Wichita now Wichita State so the coach of shock there's there's route program. He hires after his navy in World War II Jim trouble he coached India aren't ranked that's his line coach at that Wichita. Which shall stay. Okay you're ago 1948. Case state called route Graham. And is. What should be head coach Ralph cram leash Wichita State to go to K state to be a coach. It becomes a coach of the shocker. Jim from humble. All right rebels that a coach of Wichita art. Insecure educate state 1950. Trimble and the shocker as late Graham in the while yeah just like this game. Reid and the change against Peterson in the same deal. The slug it out expects side Veterans Stadium on a cold December day. Not heard it even more at stake. Jim trouble and a B and an NFL head coach. Where. The Philadelphia. This week opponent. For the Kansas City. Boat you can have an old coach Belichick is this former player if you don't have a game so. Rebel XT frigate there. Hey you have a great call Sunday and is as you'll always do and we appreciate it as always. Way to go Mets yankees here. Are we little wired up real expert up and everybody. Or edit or read Friday you bet pay our weekly Kansas City Chiefs update but the play by play voice in the chief Mitch as. Brought to you by rusty at four. 823 weeks to even Ted this. And keep it here for the Hannity morning minutes Hillary Clinton's bitterness toward women who didn't vote Stephen's death on tape and assess.