Kansas City Royal Alex Gordon hits historic home run

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Wednesday, September 20th
Gordon says he'll donate the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Morning at 8 o'clock this is the case in this as sporting news even dead at ninety back inside. Suspect quickly apprehended after shooting in north which we've got the story. Death toll rising after the earthquake near Mexico City I'm Ted Woodward and those details just ahead state contractors admit that dozens of Kansas Foster children. It happens they have offices overnight. I have field. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday yesterday we hit 987 for the high in which it's often do we get that warm again today in our forecast is coming up. Wichita police made an arrest following a shooting Tuesday afternoon. It's funny first and eminent in north Wichita. 35 year old Courtney Holloway shot multiple. Climbs inside the department of revenue taxation office in the twin lakes shopping center. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the shooting appears to be related to a revenue department investigation. An individual involved in that investigation came over to the department of revenue office at podtacular victim. And multiple shots were fired. All the way an employee of the department of revenue was hospitalized in critical condition but his condition has been upgraded to serious. A suspect was taken into custody without incident in the area of 35 of our cancer shortly after the shooting. Rescue teams in Mexico City works through the night searching for the missing as the death told keeps rising after yesterday's seven point one magnitude earthquake. Fusion TV reporter rob post Fernandez was on the twelfth floor highrise building when it happened. So my colleagues. When under the table here as things reform before and I can literally feel the the building shake and the ground beneath the shakes I thought you know at any moment this is gonna go there. Hurricane Maria. Maintained its category five status last night nearing Cink Troy. The storm was expected to make landfall this morning in Puerto Rico ABC's Joseph Torres is at a beachside hotel in San Juan. The waves crashing in the surf has started to pick up. And the water is inching its way closer and closer to the resort meaning you won't be long before that water he's out on the street. We did venture out into the street a little while ago. We were safe at the time we didn't see anyone out there that is exactly the way the governor wants it nobody should be out of the street at this hour. And hurricane Maria this morning has hit Puerto Rico now as a category four hurricane. State contractors are acknowledging that dozens of Foster children in Kansas have stayed in their offices overnight in the past year because other accommodations cannot be found. Contractors can ABC Kansas and Saint Francis community services told the state task force Tuesday. At more than 100 abused and neglected children stayed overnight in offices from September 2016 through the end of June. Most of those stays took place this past year. But children state and offices overnight when their removed from families but contractors cannot immediately find Foster homes. Spokesperson for the state department of children and family says they're working to increase the number of Foster care homes available for children Dan O'Neill paying an SS news. It's a male suspect robbed a Famous Footwear store in west Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Monday evening west of Kellogg and Dugan officers spoke with a female employee. I don't suspect had entered the store. Sported a black handgun her. And was demanding money. Money wasn't taken from the business and a suspect fled the store on on a green. BMS. Style bicycle that's suspect was wearing a black hoodie with the letters TR KFT on the front. With great panel style sleeves a red T shirt a red belt and a red backpack. And khaki cargo shorts the Kansas lottery had great turnout and its Kansas state fair Booth and Hutchinson according to spokeswoman Shelley Long spurred to. We're probably looking at our second best year ever for the fair we had great attendance in the Kansas lottery building people came by to see just really love doing that. And spurred didn't have an exact final number yet for the state fair attendance the lottery gave away a Chevy Silverado truck. To carry coal Holcomb Saturday night as part of its trucks and bucks giveaway. Davis has his time now eight old for 4 minutes past 8 o'clock. Season's not over yet for the Wichita wing ninths. Tell you why coming up in sports men arrested in north Wichita after beating his girlfriend. With a golf club but. That story coming up on the K and us this morning news for Stephen dead. The team in assists forty years receiving dead now 808. Minutes past 8 o'clock. A 45 year old man has been arrested in north Wichita. The Q accused of trying to kill his girlfriend. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Monday afternoon near twentieth and market. The 41 year old female victim had argued was her boyfriend about furniture. When she was then punched several times. Kicked. Choked her and consciousness. And struck with a golf club. The victim was treated on scene by MS and the suspect was taken into custody. Without incident and booked into jail. For criminal damage to property and attempted. First degree murder. Police also believe drugs are a factor in this crime. A new threat from the Russia investigations special counsel as his team concerning president trumps former campaign manager Paul metaphor. Now threaten an indictment comes after FBI agents entered manage ports apartment before dawn in late July surprising him ABC's Pierre Thomas. Sources tell ABC news the rate was assigned those investigators feared metaphors could destroy evidence and was an effort to pressure him to divulge details in the rusher probe. They're looking into his business dealings overseas especially Ukraine metaphor has denied any connection to Vladimir Putin but just last week Muller's team called metaphor spokesman. Jason Maloney before a grand jury in Washington. Reeling him for more than two hours. Senate Republicans are in a last ditch effort to kill obamacare but they have to get it done by next week. Democrats are saying the current Republican plan is not good for Medicaid. And Americans with preexisting conditions. Here's ABC's Mary Bruce at the capitol. I'm mad dash to deliver. What vice president arriving at the capitol to rally Republicans. Is message now is the time. Just sixty working days left for Republicans to overhaul obamacare with a simple majority vote. The White House is fully on board the president's working the phones. Yet he Unisys news I know 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock. And gets installed out vehicles creating some traffic hazards. Though areas to watch out for here this is all around north junction that southbound I want 35 at his third street north. Also got another stolen vehicle a in this same area north found like 235. At Seneca. Traffic update from Kate and SS radio on jazz Jesus please take a look at the forecast here on a Wednesday morning we've pianist says stampede you've just. Damn holiday good morning Dan good morning we're down to the last few days of summer before fall officially arrives on Friday. In summary is not going anywhere without a fight it is going to be breezy and hot again this afternoon with a high 94. Partly cloudy tonight are loose 75 and in windy 93 on Thursday night he won Friday's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays and only have a few clouds 71 degrees south wind at nine miles per hour Stephen did in the morning. Today's high 97 degrees from. The war but a little windy. But I did get out for my daily show it. Monday afternoon in Wichita a 75 year old woman says she saw someone. Intentionally driving. Overtones east and telling him this happened near minutes apart at thirteenth and Jeanette in Riverside. Just a few blocks from my house. The geese are migratory birds protected by government laws. And if you'd if you've been through Riverside recently you know we'd get enough of them. And they are in there kind of innocents are all over the place and he stopped traffic they make big matches but dead several years ago. As they were migrating through the area somebody started feeding them. And now they live here. Lunch and I I disagree with that. I know that people think they're they're fun to watch from the floor and it did and it's it's a beautiful big bird to get respect. I think they should have been allowed to go someplace else. And that you see him everywhere not just Wichita Kimmel over the are pretty prevalent they can't they decide they like Kansas. An artificial muscle that lifts 1000 times its own weight. Could pave the way for lifelike robots that make Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator look puny. Scientists used a 3-D printing technique. To create the rubber like synthetic muscle that expands and contracts like its biological overpower your messiah on heated by a small electric current. The material was capable of expanding to nine times its normal size. That reminds you went pop I get suspended and a little bit in those guns in his start getting bigger and Pakistan. In tested demonstrated enormous strength. Having a strained density the amount of energy stored in each gram of a stretchy elastic body fifteen times greater than natural muscle. So all wouldn't it be great summing like this could somehow. Help people muscular dystrophy will now there's an idea and good things like that into. They hopefully you know dances like this can. Lead to other the artificial number reason and helping people need help and we don't want to state that's that's a silly why are they doing disciplined. So robot and at the piano or what now. But they're here right there might be some very. Very positive my GC out some people would need prosthetics things like that this might be helpful I did the only thing about. Pop why he inspired me to eat my spinach which EO and the resultant and network as a negligible. I was still puny clear Intel almost I got married don't. At least they're healthy eating well I'm not I'm healthy. Eagle at spinach I don't like spending a lot of people do not like it. The likes that creamed spinach fresh spinach in any kind of like he would spinach salad and took my idea. My grandchildren to them. Evident Sammy you know two new way he has burst and there have been do I went to annually yesterday parlance and and topic got the chilly there in. But the vinegar in it. They thought that was crazy. Actually. You put in there and I actually learned that from off my late father in law. He showed me the beauty of Vanilla bundle vinegar. In Chile in. Judy tensions. Has been playing the same powerball numbers for thirty years she's been giving it to go these are birthday numbers of the people closest to okay. There was another powerball drawing Saturday night right and it might have taken thirty years but these winning numbers. Where finally 1718242531. And 24 finally popped up. She didn't know right away but Sunday Judy woke up professionals with the numbers 133. Point two million dollars. About that thirty years in the making now. Iranian Shia finally rich probably spend thirty million dollars. On tickets at. During a news conference Tuesday that Clifton Colorado resident. Seventy found out she wants she helped the ticket to her art clutched it there and went to wake up her husband. She says he's thought she was having a heart attack. The weight is collecting money will go along way Clifton cholera acting little crease 133 million dollars along way anywhere. And today if you. Contemplate handing in your two weeks notice every time you talked your boss. Apparently not a long. On global poll from job search site monster. Found that 32% of employees say they have a horrible boss Lou while only 15%. Say they have an excellent one. The numbers are pretty skewed as well and you know it. And you and the lottery that's a lot of people would say they not only just don't care for their ball a little with the word horrible yeah. I guess wonder if that if it's just maybe the job their miserable job maybe there just miserable people. And it maybe they don't have the right attitude. And then again maybe they're working for that's a good point because I think we you know he's saying about now about a third of the work forces are malcontents get you know there are always. Complaining about sound them out over to third there is an element that's never going to be hand. And a and a yesterday. By. Ducked into a meeting that I would posted Vienna that the refreshments. And that again and of course our boss Jackie why I was no boy and a welcome to stay acted no I can't stay in a meeting with you guys because I actually have worked into. And I can't sit around and out of that door you know usual to game if you into the look gay news think I had given the same guy and I and recover. Actually we got a pretty good here they enters. I'm not sure we're deployment of the 15% say our boss is excellent the issue of the building and he's not listener now. But if you've she's listing that he's he's excellent right I think we're up to go that it. We're nothing for doubt a couple of dodi's when it. I'll there's no doubt about. What they whatever you want okay. You're about 8828 how many spiraling how many shows we done now even Ted count down at 5000. Jackie why is our boss wanted to keep racquets you recognized in an email today. Today show was number 4995. We have done 4995. Stephen to NGOs I think it's next Wednesday so we're five away from 5000. Eggs next week from today will be number. By now all mob. Seems longer. Apps are at age eighteen now Steven did sports I would Ted Woodward as of the royals. Trying to keep going here in this race for the end of the year and and what other players actually set a record that would prevent story have. Royals north of the border in the wing nuts remain north of the border as well in baseball action little. Extra drama for the wing nuts this season it was supposed to and last night but not. Yet game five of the American Association championship series last night in Winnipeg the gold eyes hosting the Wichita wing nuts. But that game got postponed because of a threat of rain. So game three got rained out on Saturday the deciding game five got rained out last night and try it once again. The final game of the season game five is tonight the Wichita wing nets in Winnipeg taking on the gold eyes of the season on the line it's 605 this evening. The best buy series is tied at two games apiece. Course these teams played eight. Controversial seventeen inning. Epic on Monday night. When them we Mets thought they had won the championship but the game ending groundout was nullified by a balk call on the bottom of them in the top of the ninth in the bottom of the ninth inning self. The wing nuts in the Winnipeg will try to begin tonight to finish the season at 605 up in Canada. The royals are also in Canada as well in Toronto taking on the blue jays royals jays last night scoreless in the sixth inning. The Toronto started scoring no runs in bunches against the royals in the late innings and won the game five to soup. We did have an interesting piece of Major League Baseball history know that happened in the top of the eighth inning of the royals blue jays game you heard the game on KFH. Prepare ready to 32 pitch toward swing habits are pretty well right center field backed away bracket now Paul is. God our whole Robert Gordon. It was a home run by former Wichita Wrangler Alex Gordon. It was significant in that it was the 5694. Home run. It in Major League Baseball this season and that is now a new all time a record. The old record was set seventeen years ago back in 2000 when everyone was booked up on steroids right not everyone's that some people some players were obviously. As of the steroids era record broken by players that are playing now. And Alex Gordon got big gonna be a historic home run. Alex said he will not keep the ball for himself he's going to donated Cooperstown he says has that much to really remember this season for these must keep it that way. Both Cooperstown my one more than he does down. Watts home runs being hit now Alex Gordon. Got that got a historic one last night. But it was an F five to two loss at Toronto and too bad for Kansas City they had a chance to make up ground in the playoffs Jason did not take advantage the royals have lost five of their last six there's still four and a half games back for a playoff spot but there's only a dozen games. Remaining in the regular season now. Royals at the jays again tonight listen live at 6 o'clock it's on Sports Radio KFH 12:40 AM 975. Of them. A couple of birthdays today former Kansas City Chiefs return specialist Dante Hall. One of the most electrifying players in the NFL in the two thousands. It's 39 today. He was known as the X-Factor in the human joystick. Mitchell the have a lot of names for Dante Hall as 39. Today. And happy birthday to one of our good friends and guided who was on this morning show with us for many many years Mike Kennedy the play by play voice of the shock here's. Celebrity big birthday today happy birthday Mike. Anthony resistance many a morning right here in my daughter nearly a sports on the morning show here can't assess for many many years to now he's doing it not only basketball baseball deal with the and volleyball also display let's play shocker volley at all. Now he's going to be the course and big east told as many tales of is when he's out on the road this evening ended the experiences he has now there and likes to be used it. Regale us from stories about the eating establishments and all the various cities he visited them. Now all the usual canned the new with the new conference. He's going to be Jonas and bigger you'll have a whole new culinary. Yeah menu to only going to be tells backed his first though road. Swing in the conference's this weekend I believe Friday night it's in Philadelphia taken on temple. Michael Lee I'm sure he's done research and all the best cheese steak places illegally take Andy's going to be going in. He'll be the alien. You've got to tell us that too we should do is show sometime you know up the best of about faith sentiment. Well you know he knows for all the great places are -- Peoria and Cedar Falls McNally is to expand his horizons a little bit and expand and I just see our at a place like Philadelphia you what we're not gonna send your card get JK careening out between us and all of our love that they right there happy birthday Mike kept house that I guess all right so inadequate that as we can do until we get a sixth when he tuned out given here. For the Saturday morning minutes Shawn Fraser's trumps talk at the United Nations. That's coming up Stevenson in the morning on base and a half cents.