A Kansas City training camp Tuesday, Mitch takes a look at the rookies

Steve & Ted mornings
Tuesday, August 15th
Mitch's training camp update goes over some of the promising rookies on the roster.

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Is this station in Wichita turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Intel in the morning feedback and son says what bird. Last week the Wichita City Council approved a new budget for the coming year which the mayor Jeff Longwell tells pianist as. You lose yeah that thirty new police officers there will be on the streets here in about a year where you'll have to obviously. Get them trained and and so bad that. Pretty big piece of the new birds and memory added saying news. Northeast. Areas sort of simple back end of our program. Longwell commented during Monday's with the mayor and Stephens and in the morning here on K in incest. Now the forecast with KE NSA staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning some high clouds are spurting in from the southwest to start today we expected the warm afternoon with temperatures near 91 for the high and an increasing wind out of the southwest at fifteen to twenty miles per hour. We could see a complex of thunderstorms that roll our way this evening and overnight are loose 75. An occasional rain and thunderstorms along and ahead of a cold front Wednesday with a high close to ninety. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 71 degrees we have a southeast wind at six miles per hour. US senator Pat Roberts of Kansas is defending the senate filibuster rule amid some unusual backlash from his Republican House colleagues and constituents. Missiles at a conference of independent oil and gas producer Bob Roberts can see. He is Republicans may have to do away with it in order to pass their agenda. But sometimes testy exchanges Monday came at the convention of the Kansas independent oil and gas association. Representative Lynn Jenkins call for getting rid of the filibuster saying congress is quote crippled right now. Robert says Republican controlled the senate can easily flip noting that he has been in the minority more often than he has been in the majority. Representative Kevin notre reminded people that the health care repeal failed even though it needed only 51 votes to pass Dan O'Neill came and SS news. The FBI has arrested a 23 year old suspect for allegedly trying to detonate what he believed was an explosive filled cargo van. Outside a bank in Oklahoma City authorities say the suspect admired Timothy McVeigh. Here's ABC's David curly with more Sherri Martel. Allegedly first suggesting to bomb the Federal Reserve in Washington DC. Then settling for the banked his admiration for McVeigh he hoped to emulate his 1995. Oklahoma City federal building bombing. Several prescription and nonprescription drugs rated golf star Tiger Woods is blunt when police found him asleep in his car in late may. Parked on the side of a road near his home in Jupiter Florida the latest from ABC's chuck Siebert and woods says cited back pain and sleep problems toxicology test results obtained by our ABC news partner ESPN show that in his system words a generic form of the painkiller bike and in the painkiller Hydro more phone the mood and sleep drug xanax the sleep drug Ambien plus the main chemical and popped TH C no word of woods had prescriptions medical marijuana is legal in Florida after his may arrest woods checked into a clinic for getting off prescription drugs and said last month he completed treatment. Nationwide gasoline prices continue inching up for another week the increases in big but it continues a trend in recent weeks a price of regular on my dating has gone out about a pan needed to 38 Gammon in the past week according to new numbers out from the Energy Department American drivers now paying 24 cents more for regular on Monday compared to a year ago this time California still has the country's most expensive gas at 301 a gallon Alex Stone EV seed in. A recent study ranks Kansas near the bottom when it comes to safety policies for high school sports. Korey Stringer institute look at how each state implements policies and procedures to be prepared for injuries. Kansas came in at 45. Scoring 35 and a half out of 100 points KS and news spoke with Kansas State high school activities association executive director Gary muscle and who says standards for raising that score are high. We couldn't require an ambulance to their frequent school athletic view that people wanted to because there are so many companies available to provide service. We could require for schools and kids mr. have an athletic trainers certified athletic trainer. At every practice should every game under current level of pain. In a perfect world I would love to. Someone says the activities association places players' safety as its number one priority. In SS news time now 836. It is time for entertainment news burglar with Ted Woodward here on a Tuesday morning and as some tragedy. With the stunt. Person working in in films did write down as was on the set of a comic book movie sequel dead pool to currently filming in Vancouver Canada. A stunt driver was killed on the set something went wrong during a motorcycle stunt. The first film starring Ryan Reynolds did feature numerous death defying stunts. And this comes just a day after Tom Cruise hurt himself filming the next Mission Impossible movie in London that video was posted by TMZ. Chilling cruise limping badly after slamming into the side of the building. Doing his own stunts. Deaths on on non Hollywood productions are rather rare. That death yesterday stunt. Person killed on the set of dead pool to. The Taylor Swift trial has finished and a bachelor in paradise begins its weird goings on. Four years after it happened a jury has said yes Taylor Swift was assaulted by a former Denver radio personality and in the grease 2013 I am part of tea. Haven't well and I just think that's a thirteen year old Caroline turner was in court she and her friend Daniel Gordon want -- reaction as the verdict was read like spike. That she's got into it. Swift's mom also cleared on the claim of costing David Mueller his job she stood up something that's that's just all of that tonight it's a wedding made in paradise bachelor paradise stars Carly like Dell and Kevin bass got engaged at the end of last season and tonight we'll see them get hitched on a special episode. It all went down in port America and they told me you're gonna see a lot of tears mostly from me a public honey you gotta give you at least once here I didn't want. And it's birthday cake by the ocean for Joseph Jonas is when he today Ben Affleck it's 45 Jennifer Lawrence 27 I'm Jason Nathanson. A major TV shake up the woman behind scandal and more is joining Netflix in a world where the network TV drama has been through some tough years Chanda rimes has always been there to make hits. Scandal how to get away with murder Grey's Anatomy and more. Rhymes produced TV for ABC to grab eyeballs and Emmys for fifteen years now rimes is taking her talents to Netflix. All current shows will stay on ABC but future shows will air exclusively on the streaming service big move for Netflix. Which is busily been collecting all kinds of high profile content creators everybody from the Coen Brothers to Jerry Seinfeld. The. Following the death of co-founder Glenn fry eighteen months ago the Eagles expressed doubt they'd ever again play under that name but after the reception the band enjoyed at the recent classic lasting classic east concerts with country star Vince Gill and Fries son deacon sitting and they've had a change of heart. The Eagles have just announced for concert dates between the new lineup beginning October 17 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Visit Eagles dot com for info Christopher Watson ABC news. About the death of the stunt person you it was July 23 of 1982 that Vic morrow. And two children. Died in an accident while filming on location for the twilight right. That says it was a helicopter rotors came off and and it till the fatally killed those people now including the moral yeah. They it is rare. But it did happen can be hazardous duty. You bet 25 years ago today the debut of a show on HBO called the Larry Sanders Show. Brilliant satire of late night television currently Garry Shandling. And Jeffrey temblor every line Jerry to pretend horses on. Great show starred started 25 years ago tonight the Larry Sanders Show. The Foley you mentioned earlier the fourth season of ABC's bachelor aren't paradise kicked off last night first two nights season premiere. Last night was an opportunity to meet cast me started sizing up the competition. Jasmine. Thinks she might be falling for Mac is. Fifteen was so much fun being I'd. I'm saying. The way I feel pain I want that to get. I didn't think I was. I love the music those might be words I never thought I'd hear my thoughts that I never thought I'd fall for the penguins the penguin. That's a learned paradise is underway for your. Where you or if it vast waste land viewing him here in the month of August in up. And a few birthdays today to wrap it up actor Jim dale is 82 years old today very talented song and dance man probably more popular in Britain and he is here. He did win a Tony for a musical Barnum. He was in those are used in Pete's dragon a very good villain in that movie Disney movies back in the seventies Jim dale is 82 today. Actress Rosemarie he is 94. Years old today. Home while the Dick Van Dyke Show you know the only Hollywood squires comedy writers there's not Maury Amsterdam Eden and the wisecracks came fast and furious he's funny. We've never Rosemarie on the Hollywood Squares up on the upper left. Trading barbs with poll in any funny moment in the little teeny tiny bow in her hair out now. It is that I think that's goes she was a childhood and the self she got child star like when she was too yeah it's that little tiny bone in her parent that you get that kind of as a trademark gorilla drive that hit a little. The little ball or something earn your hair and something something it. Rose Marie is ninety court today. And of course last week we had the we the death of Glen Campbell. Today's the birthday of a guy that wrote some England's biggest hits Jimmy Webb the Jimmy Webb won at a birthday today is 71. Today. Warning elk city Oklahoma it's way out in west central Oklahoma all. Course he wrote some monster hits for Glen Campbell in the late sixties. By the time I get to Phoenix Wichita lineman Galveston. Try a little kindness. Glenn also recorded MacArthur Park all the biggest ones some yes some really big ones for Glen Campbell written by Jimmy Webb. Who is in the songwriters hall of fame and the Nashville songwriters hall of manner. And a pretty solid guy he is 71. Today happy birthday. Great songwriter Jimmy Webb of the entertainment news in the door today is brought to our good friends at pizza Johns in derby did they have lunch specials every day you know that 11 AM to 3 PM but the courts get a tasty lunch. And it's great price and it is a failure failure Tommy was in tasty pizza right there just gone down to cape fifteen to 08 south Baltimore. It's a job Jim Bob and he's. 43 now with Stephen 10 in the morning news for building activity east and west Wichita. And editor bill Roy that would stop business journal has the update coming up. Steve and Ted in the morning on Kate and ask us. Better luck next.