Katy Perry reaches a deal with the nuns

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Tuesday, December 5th

This is not the set-up for a joke; it's entertainment news in "The Blur"


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Six and 987 and thirteen thirty KN has as cities Tuesday December 5. To the homicide cases were reported in this widgets on Sunday. First case happened at 4:30 in the morning in southeast which it's on not far from plain view park. Police lieutenant Tonto Giles says emergency personnel found 32 year old Daniel Lopez Silva suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in a driveway. The schools in the 4000 block of east Spearman. He had been there throughout the night different times. Visiting some friends are the individuals that stay at that residence. Mr. Phillips stepped out of the residents. We'll buy a vehicle on the street. When another vehicle pulled up. And shots were fired from the vehicle striking and killing him. The victim was declared dead in about a half hour. Now let's take a look at the forecast here on this Tuesday morning. Time to check in with meteorologist Dan Holliday Dan good morning with a cloudy start to today will have a clearing skies and breezy conditions this afternoon. Low to mid forties by lunchtime 49 for the hi this afternoon. Tonight will be clear our low near thirty sunny breezy 47 on Wednesday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Halladay. Thank you Danny currently in Wichita in a breeze out of the west northwest is partly cloudy and 31 degrees. A former long time and that. Oh yes a former longtime congressman and independent presidential candidate has died. Fox's Steve Rappaport has the story John Anderson sought the Republican presidential nomination in 1980 but later waged an independent campaign the Illinois lawmaker made his pitch during this debate with Ronald Reagan on CBS. I believe our country is in trouble. I believe that all of us are going to have to begin to work together to solve our problem. And went on to receive 7% of the national vote. Anderson's daughter says her father became disillusioned with the Republican Party and felt the GOP was moving too far to the right. Anderson served in World War II before serving ten terms in congress he fought against housing discrimination during the civil rights movement casting the deciding vote on the house rules committee for the open housing act of 1968. John Anderson died Sunday at age 95. Steve Rappaport Fox News. Last week Wichita fire crews responded to a house fire near market and Harry fire lieutenant Jose okay eighties. As it was caused by an electrical malfunction. Several extension cord plugged into. A series up three power strips. Which would eventually connected to a portable space heater. Again we cannot emphasize importance on that they detainment of extension cords from an extension cord to another to be able to support us first your portable space heater. Two people were hospitalized after that fire including one victim in critical condition for smoke inhalation both victims have since been released from the hospital. Wichita mayor Longwell tells K and SS news there's a big announcement on the line. Are never really big jobs announcement this week. That's going to get people excited that my. My guess is when people hear about this jobs announcement they're going to be so happy they're just gonna run out spent a lot of money on Christmas. While well commented during Monday's with the mayor here in the Stephen Ted show one K and asked asks the Sedgwick county sheriff's office believes it could save taxpayers 2.4 million dollars annually. Like turning a Wichita work release facility at Perry in McLean into a jail. Under sheriff Brenda Dietz and says it over the past two years 200 people have to be sent out of the county per day at the cost of 35 dollars per inmate. This is because there isn't enough room probably inmates in the Sedgwick county jail. In order to make the Wichita work release facility in jail the sheriff's office will need to get a conditional use permit. That would allow more inmates to stay incident can only the inmates it would stay would be lower risk inmates work release inmates could be sent to another place in the count me. The caddie wants to know what the community thinks people can voice their thoughts and opinions at a hearing on Thursday at 1:30 PM. At the Ronald Reagan building at 271 west third. Amy web OK and SS news. Taco Bell kind of stands out as one fast food chain where you can't order French Fries. That could change in the future foxes here a balm Gartner reports can you say you'll kiddo French Fries you may be able to play such an order at Taco Bell in the future the fast food franchise or is testing out what they're calling a California loaded Fries burrito it combines ground beef sour cream not true cheese and French Fries inside the burrito. But as tasty as this may sound it's now only available in Charleston, West Virginia stores earlier this year Taco Bell test drove an actual French Fries but then never made it into stores nationwide. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. A court has ruled in favor scantily clad coffee servers Fox's Rick Dennison reports bikini breweries to lose in. Everett Washington bolt after cover up at least for the time being. A federal judge on Monday ruling in favor of the swimwear adorn servers and they sued the city over its new dress code. Which band bare skin for the damage caused delivery personnel. The ruling means the seven employees of hillbilly hobbies coffee stand can continue bending their Bruin beach where. While the suit makes its way through courts. Rich Dennison Fox News. It is 835 was Stevens head in the morning here on Tate and as as set means it's time to blur that fine line. Between news and entertainment that's why it's called the blur. So let's take a look at entertainment news New York's metropolitan opera is suspending conductor James Levine. This more allegations of sexual misconduct. The Metropolitan Opera announced Sunday its opening an investigation. Into allegations James Levine sexually abused a man three decades ago. Since that first claim the opera says it's received several new sexual misconduct claims. The Mets saying mr. Levine will not be involved in any met activities including conducting scheduled performances at the met this season. Met officials said in a statement Levine has denied the charges. Levine began serving as music director of the met in 1976. But has been struggling with health problems including Parkinson's disease in recent years. He was named music director emeritus last year Jacqueline Carl Fox News. Ned Blake's announcing his sixth and final season the house of cards. So to be out in January 2018 and the show will not feature actor Kevin Spacey. Start in the show's leading role. Filming of the show was suspended in October following allegations that Kevin Spacey and sexually assaulted multiple individuals. The final season will have an eight episodes we'll star it's probably price. Perry is five million dollars richer according to TMZ after a judge ruled in her favor. This over a lawsuit about it who could buy a former California pundits. Katy Perry made a deal with the archdiocese of Los Angeles and 110 million dollars in damages. To purchase the convent both were taken to court by restaurants and restaurant owner who claimed she bought the property from the nuns. However the two year legal battle cited that the property belonged to the archdiocese not the nuns therefore Katy Perry's deal to buy the convent was. The valid deal well two years in court. So once again didn't you are the winners. At the lawyer at lawyers the lawyers. Fox says Andrew crap sits down let's get a closeup of Lionel Richie discussing his music and his legacy. I mean your craft for the fox celebrity profiles. In a career spanning four decades music legend Lionel Richie is Harken you back to his roots crediting god and family to his injury legacy he is back in Vegas performing his all the hits concert for fans. You can only say it was the luck of I'm part of the the fiber of life in the family because it kind of in rejected all of what our own experiences growing up it's all in the family and all the songs. Richie has noticed that younger generations are taking his music as. Well that's the best of at all you know when people say my mom and dad were married on your songs and now I'm getting married this. He's also gearing up for the highly anticipated debut of the American Idol reboot very you'll be a judge alongside singer Katy Perry and Luke Bryan let's Posner has a two week run and Richie told fox. He invited 401 responders who changed the aid of victims are in a Las Vegas shooting its opening night. And your trap Fox News. And speaking of music let's check in its news stories from the world of music box. So I'm Jacqueline Connor. What's the worst thing to ever happen to you well few collaborate with Jack dance enough of bleachers you have to answer that adds enough says song writers have to go to that dark place or not they can't they get. If life. Taylor's sister mutation album claims its third week at number one on the billboard 200 album charts selling another 147000. Units coming in at number two an album that's more than a year Ole. Streets nose and says it's not X Christmas by pension tonics which is sold 70000 units they got a sales boost because of the group's special on NBC last week and tonight tune sale and then Smiths that the relevant all third selling 62000. Units that spot struts on Fox News. And we'll finish up today with some of the funny from the late night guy is how about late night with Seth Meyers. On NBC. A Brooklyn based brewery has released a beer named after beyoncé called appear on today. And it's selling a lot better than their Jay-Z and up. Those that Myers let's check in a Jimmy Kimmel Live it up. And Jimmy was not hosting a show last night guest host was Chris Pratt. Horse story drastic world what I love about these movies in all seriousness and if it answers. Some of the most compelling questions about science and imagination. Like for instance. Can a colossal raptor biting kids laid off. He answered that. Yes it can't. He'll Chris Pratt last night filling in for Jimmy Kimmel on ABC. Analyst check in with a tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC. I read that CVS will by the health care company Aetna for about 69 billion dollars. It's so much money they have to wait for a manager to come press a button on the self check out C. Jimmy Fallon last night some of the late night young guys until last night. That's entertainment news in the blurb this Tuesday brought T by are good friends at pizza Johns in our media. You know I'm on the pizza guys on and they're getting that feeds on billowing around actually gets the old ground beef to pepperoni and cheese. They that with a negative thing you want that gets fixed up they got spaghetti garlic bread. The cheese bread is just like. Crack justice. Just immediately addictive and you just cannot get enough pepperoni bread child's Maggette played its tasty stuff and it's easy to get to. Hop on down T fifteen good and their meaning drive right in their 208 south Baltimore there open Monday through Saturday 11 AMT in the end. You want tasty pizza you just get yourself down defeats John. Third hey. It is. Instead in the morning here on CNN has here on this Tuesday morning. What are your kids do on their own their own obviously. There device in there contacting each other and oh yeah media what's what's going on social media is messaging each other. Those details on the way Kagan SS news time 840 sitting.