The KC Chiefs are 2-0

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Monday, September 18th
A good start for the AFC West.  The Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders are all 2-0.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of great DOK. Get SS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The point 8 o'clock this is the Davis is forty is receiving end. I've seen Macintosh. One person dead after car train crash in southeast Wichita we've got the story. And near drowning of a toddler in east Wichita I'd it would lord those details just ahead. Another night of protesters they blew it on his teeth kind of vote on the ground with the latest from police. Now I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday the storm system moving from the Rockies into the plains is giving us a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. Our complete forecast what we can expect for the rest of today is coming out. The third night of protests in Saint Louis violent demonstrations sparked after judge's decision Friday. To a quick white police officer Jason stock late in the 2011 killing of a black man Lamar Smith. Nearly a dozen officers injured over the weekend more than eighty people were arrested and the the protests in the city have been peaceful during the day but at night the majority of demonstrators go home. And police say a small group of troublemakers moves then storefronts in the popular shopping district have been vandalized. Windows broken out members of the community are understanding about the protests but not the violence. Peaceful demonstrators at the point is to disrupt to bring attention Monday they plan to march during the morning and evening commutes Kenneth movie ABC news Saint Louis. One person is dead after a collision between a train and a vehicle in southeast Wichita over the weekend. Police are investigating the crash happened Saturday evening on tape fifteen between Mount Vernon and on me. The dead person's name is not been released one person died following an accident in southwest Wichita. It happened Friday night in the 2900 block of West Street the Kansas Highway Patrol says 22 year old Emmanuel Dallara was striving to motorcycle south on West Street when he crashed into another vehicle. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The driver and passenger of the vehicle was not injured decay HP says speeding was the cause of the crash Rodney prize KN SS news. A near drowning left a one year old child in critical condition yesterday in southeast Wichita. As happened at near wood lawn and Lincoln yesterday afternoon it park east apartments. Because of the near drowning is under investigation child's name is not been released a shooting late Friday near 21 and drove a northeast Wichita left three people injured. Wichita police officer Paul cruise says the call came in around 11:30 PM in the 2200 block of north grow. When officers arrived on scene they found a large disturbance was shots fired. Investigators discovered that three people two men and one woman were injured. One victim a 73 year old male suffered a gunshot wound to his abdomen he was taken to a local hospital in serious but stable condition. Officers also located two other victims a 33 year old male who suffered a gunshot wound to his foot and a 54 year old female who suffered a laceration to her arm. They were taken Wesley medical center for treatment. Officer cruise says the investigation is still ongoing and police are looking for two unknown black male suspects Phil held over and K and SS news chronicles. Or watches have been issued for parts of the East Coast as hurricane Jose lurks offshore. In the Caribbean Richard passed the National Hurricane Center says Irma battered islands are bracing for strengthening hurricane. Maria rewritten so threatening to become a very them a dangerous hurricane right now. It's maximum sustained winds are about 85 miles per that we think conditions are capable port to a intensified pretty rapidly here as it nears deal Leeward Islands. K and SS news time now 8033 minutes since 8 o'clock. Home opener yesterday at Arrowhead Stadium what they Kansas City Chiefs. How would they do against the Philadelphia Eagles we'll have highlights you've heard the game right here. We'll talk about it is sports coming up on Stevenson plus an Emmy award broadcast without some kind of controversy. Story coming up. On the cape and it's as morning news was even dead. Is this for years there's even dead now 8077. Minutes past 8 o'clock on Monday. September 18. Police in San Leandro California are looking for a suspect and they hit and run that injured two police officers the officers had tried to stop the suspect. Who had allegedly shoplift and alcohol from a convenience store. Police lieutenant I zig Bennett of Lewis says the two officers are being treated for their injuries is a. Police officers are out here to enforce the law and engages individuals that we expect people to comply with the police when we asked them to stop. And the situation did not take place the way that we. There's been a wave of terror attacks across Europe and authorities say he'll horrifying incident in France Sunday was not. Terrorism related or Boston College juniors were attacked at a train station in southern France. Police in my SA said 841 year old woman with psychiatric problems confessed to spraying the Americans with acid. She's been arrested the students who are studying in France and dead mark. Have been treated for facial burns in a local hospital Jennifer Nicholson ABC news London. One actress said some naughty things at the Andes in hand made still star Elisabeth Moss won best actress Sunday night her first Emmy in nine nominations. An F bomb fly. Later she thanked her mom and let another fly backstage asked her about that re surprised by the queens and why there was an interesting plan. That was the clean version. You'd really cute but we're out of body experience. It's always a surprise I eat. It should be at the right there weren't here. Abbas had previously been nominated for mad men and topple backstage at the Emmys Jason Nathanson exhibits Los Angeles sound they're courtesy CBS. And at the television academy. 80808 minutes Spanish data collection and did in the morning what's going on out there and traffic on Monday. How well at this time Mo little things are starting to lighten up out there on the roadways with the one exception and that is that north junction. What 351935. NK 96 still have some very heavy traffic right there especially southbound and I want 35. Also got a call the traffic director Danny. This note that gasoline prices here in Wichita around 220 want her to 31 A gallon. Danny spotted June 25 in Newton Heston in Mandarin flew I had traffic updates from Kate and SS radio on gas chambers. And now the forecast McCain is a step beyond just ban holiday good morning Dan in the good morning a new system moving in today is giving us some scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. To be partly cloudy and breezy this afternoon with a high of 84. We VC shower or thunderstorm popped up later on this evening or overnight. Windy and 68. And it's breezy on Tuesday much warmer with a high of 92. I'm Taylor SS meteorologist Dan holidays we have had some showers in the area this morning right now a little cloudy 66 degrees. And we have a south wind at ten miles per hour. For the past couple weeks we've had some really. Terrific weather. Is that the way to put it terrific to bring the hurricane the storm season now and we've got to more storms that are. Threatening the United States ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. With a us live from Dallas this morning talking about disagreed Mario got Jose left what else forget Jim. Well there's another call lead but that storm is essentially dying out became tropical storm expect them to tropical depression status it's expected to Peter route altogether so. That would look yet but cricket Maria's certainly he would that's the one that is out there. In the Atlantic moving toward the Leeward Islands said that it would Puerto Rico the Dominican Republic. Essentially taking the same house that hurricane orbit yet and rhythm a La the destruction of those carry and I would doubt that were coming ashore. In Florida Keys and then up the West Coast of Florida so chilling Maria is worth watching Jose eight. Is expected to Wear sort of score along the East Coast parallel to quote was it'll bring some high tides and rain to that area. By Kabila that it shouldn't be too big threat it's expected to take a right turn out the Atlantic and eventually. Died down as well. So Jose's first. I'm I'm my alphabet I'm not too that it does dimmer. Kia wedeman is lean except them don't worry it's next. Yeah well you have yet to consider that they give those that that name they give them a name when they reach should tropical storm on us all today. And sold they they don't necessarily come to court cause him in the U order in which they were born. But good bad or negative toward the alphabet might seem best that there's also a tot TR Koch already has been into Mexico and so low bit of that that was one that. They came and went even while these others were still being formed. Sentiment seems like this has been in comparative the last few years. So far a fairly active hurricane season two and put it that way. Oh yeah and knows what they've predicted that with the national storms that are had predicted going in at Wentworth that this would be at. They you but above average hurricane season and it it. If you like to 2005. That's when we had another member of wealth equally busy storm season we were down and obviously two K with Katrina then. That we would go down to the reader that when came ashore in Texas and it went all the way down to will if you look at it alphabetically so did he could tell that there. That was an extremely active year this year is a measuring up to that would Tuesday. And rights moon whose it is the most danger most risk right now men Caribbean islands. Yes absolutely I mean a bit the northeast will get some strong storms surge and some some high tide instead so that's they're really that is fairly risk that they'll have some storms up that direction to bring it went. But yet those silence the Leeward Islands that the Turks and caicos and into the Caribbean net. That's where the biggest threat posed by Marie. We see official end of hurricane season is it is a blend of November. Should be there November 1 November 1 day. So be it October. Right let me get a read is that sort of floating data release his immunity. There can be storms out of that as well it may dialogue you before that. All right thank you Jim as always appreciate your time this morning ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan. In Dallas this morning talking about three other big storms that are out there move it around. On the eastern us say in the United States and taking a look at the yet. Can't just weather center radar this morning a large area of showers now over eastern Butler county these are the showers we had. Earlier in the Wichita area looks to me from the radar there could still be some sprinkles around which Ted. But everything's moving to the east now and him threatening the western part of your recap. Up down all clearing your touch and to the northern hutch up the Salina over to Emporia great big area a showers. Just had some showers go through our city those are heading to the east northeast. And then to the west everything looks pretty clear except dead down by a medicine lodge pars at seventy miles sixty miles. There's an area down there down into northern Oklahoma and that's all moving to the east so. Right now we're kind of into the donut hole it'll weeded out some lightning in which these are better hours ago when I was driving in or some light on itself. We're gonna get we had some great as rain over the weekend and it was got a refreshing nothing. You know nothing in the way of exciting hearing until it to get little refreshing rain recently created since football game. That is the eighth grader playing after but Schulte and there was one point where. There was a lightning strike it was several miles away man and the officials almost stopped the game but an industry. It and sending more cemented in place that they had to delay the Denver Broncos game dash taught there for lightning quite awhile and are now in that was in Denver. And then as that storm of fairness sun came out right. About that. Idea. An Ohio man. Has been shot to the we talked about this did not that I use of state the Ohio man is six year old daughter. The attack. Yeah I I didn't I was gonna talk about that for the mayor OK but I didn't somber and yet they Alley ran out out the wild and charge effort chasing his six year old daughter. Around the neighborhood ball wearing a clown mask. And another man is charged of firing a gun to. Police say that if the girl six years old first jumped into a stranger's car. And then ran into a stranger's apartment while screaming down a cloudless chasing her boy in Boardman township Saturday night apparently did know was or debt. The police say a man in the apartment building came outside and fired a gun shot into the ground. Father told police he chased his daughter to discipline her for behavioral issues instead of spanking her. Well let's talk a weird way to discipline your daughter vice guarantee you know one out of her 56 years old you clown and I mean that literally he's guys out. He's been charged with child endangering and and inducing at Italy now. Lacey the man who fired the gunshot was charged with using weapons while intoxicated are all these are okay it's a growing. The guy it just gets better there's a guy who has no clue how to be a father. Running around a clown masks scaring the you know one out of a six year old daughter. You know scaring children is not a good way to discipline and I don't think. They're scared enough if you say well some people would say that spanking is the same thing I know scaring knew I think that. I happen to this violence I definitely think there are times when corporal punishment is acceptable I agree with you on that. I don't they weren't you can overdo everything for all ages and I don't remember frankly I don't remember being spanning more than twice. When I was a child was on my dad and once by Obama. And don't remember spanking children more than once I got a lot of that there is or reason yeah. You know the one that and it's just it I deserved probably but I Don I don't even remember what they want a buyer fractions let him remember remind prices bite. I do know that. My son when he was about three. We were ability old humor that Harry street bull. Sure do like I used to go there with scab when he does little and ovarian and little time up there. One we're coming out of Montgomery wards and right. And got him a little stroller and he just took off for the for the parking lot. I regret that he's scared the heck. So I grabbing game couples want a career in yet that look at his face like. What did I do now that but he Shari got the point he never did it again right exactly. You know when you UV sometimes you know it seems very harsh to discipline their children but you know you're Smart about it and you don't lose your temper. But this guy in Youngstown Ohio is teaching his six year old daughter in a clown now that's uncalled. Diesel therapy some in essence going on at secular and 88 team is Steven dead and we are so excited. About being the radio. Omaha Kansas City Chiefs are here today so far. They're undefeated dead. Got a great game yesterday ya home opener yesterday afternoon up at Arrowhead Stadium for the Kansas City Chiefs coming up that things win in week one at New England the chiefs yesterday hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. This game got off to kind of a slow start no touchdowns and all the entire first half he Tennessee's three lead at halftime. Finally started finding the end zone in the second half. Three touchdowns for the chiefs including a couple by the rookie running back Kareem punt that was helpful. Philadelphia did score a late touchdown didn't make it close could achieve hold on and get the wins Mitch holders had to call course you heard it right here on your new home for the chiefs right in here in Wichita off. 987 and thirteen thirty KN SA has. 47 point eight pieces of the three men run. When it's retreating into the pocket last play of the game potentially is a little hail Mary in the chase it's reflected in America critics. Mitch and join the call yesterday as chief when the home opener eagles' 27 when he. Nice defense. The chiefs took care of Philadelphia had it took care of the lead and won the game so that Caesar to know. The Oakland Raiders are to know the Denver Broncos are to know. The AFC west is shaping up as quite the division like so many people I've rapidly becoming a marine on hand why not. While young man's done really well produce yet he's gotten off to a great start his NFL career and a so the chiefs are off to a 20 start and you heard right here in Kane assessed yesterday afternoon good stuff tonight. They'll finish up week to the National Football League with one game of Monday Night Football all the Detroit Lions. In New York taking on the New York Giants will be on the air at 7 o'clock tonight with some of the Monday Night Football. On a Sports Radio 12:40 AM at 975. FM KFH prior to the Monday night game. Talking jayhawks football on KFH KU football hot topic coach David Beatty 6 o'clock tonight and yet they. Will be talking volleyball tonight right here on tape and assess the WSU volleyball coach who show with head coach Chris slam. At least 6:30 this evening coach lamb in the play by play voice the shoppers might Kennedy will be discussing shocker volleyball tonight live at. At HEA sports grill at the Alley at thirteen degree which you'll have dinner with. Coach Lamine Mike Kennedy tonight listen right here on CNN SS suckers in a huge win over the weekend it. Coke arena B eight frank Creighton while job for the volleyball team and listen tonight at 630 for that. Pro baseball yesterday the Wichita wing nuts in Winnipeg Canada taking on the the Winnipeg gold rise in the championship series to the American Association got rained out on Saturday for game three was last night. The wing nuts we're behind but rallied. With three runs all with two outs in the top of the eighth inning and beat bill gold eyes five to three. At the Wichita up two games to one in this best of five championship series so. And their play in the rest the other next two games into anything right in it yes. They only have one game yet they only have we and one of the two yeah just one more win at least it's not raining in pro am win the American Association championship hand for of that series no nice up in Manitoba go to and as luck to the wing that's tonight. Trying to get a championship trophy. And in Major League Baseball yesterday to Kansas City Royals another close loss to the Cleveland Indians the top team the American League Indians won the game three to two. The royals were not able to capitalize on some. Chances. So Leo royals ended up losing three out of four in Cleveland against the Indians the royals are five games behind for a playoff spot that's only thirteen games remaining in the season. The off day today for the royals as their long road trip continues that we traveling to Toronto today. That's sports with Stephen Ted Kate and ask that said what's this right here next to my hand over here. The folks and now they're radio land they can't see when I'm doing it looks like he's remaining cup of job it is high. It's like coffee cup they'll put prairie fire called drop and if you're not drinking prairie fire call for his work. Your boss doesn't let. Eight when he didn't seem intent on the oval thing I can smell the look at. Morning minute. Controversies that CNN John's gonna tell us about got a it's dead on in assess.