KC Chiefs lose a close one to the NY Jets

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Monday, December 4th

Time-of-possession: Jets 43 minutes, Chiefs only 17 ...


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Which is because number one news talk bad weather station. Depends on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the king and this is sporting news is he contended. Thank Steve Macintosh. Wichita police investigating three weekend homicides we've got the story I build a program. A man is dead following a weekend shooting in northeast Wichita. Congress is moving ahead with a tax overhaul. And bill is next in congress time to look for those details just ahead. I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday an unusually warm start toward morning but it's not going to stay that way big changes and our complete forecast are coming up. Which is a police investigating a shooting in southeast Wichita us. Officer Paul cruise says police were called to the company 600 block of east Wilma. Around 8 PM officers located two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. One of the victims is pronounced dead on scene while the other victim was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. Officer crews as investigators are treating this as an active case as they try to determine what happened. A man is dead after a shooting yesterday morning in southeast which it's on in the fourth thousand block east Spearman courts. 33 year old man was hospitalized he later died at the hospital the Wichita police department asking for the public's help in solving this case. If you have any information you are asked to call the WPD. Or crime stoppers at 2672111. And a man died early Saturday in a shooting in northeast Wichita. Police were called to the 11100 block of north of still near thirteenth and all of are around 2 AM. When they arrived they found a man laying in the street with a gunshot wound to his chest the band that 25 year old so Mars chambers was taken to Wesley medical center where he was later pronounced dead. Wichita police officer Paul cruise says two suspects a 33 year old man and a seventeen year old man were arrested and are now in custody. Bill to the brand KM SS news after their tax bill passed the senate Republicans are set to move forward and toward an agreement with the house on its version. Both the senate and house tax reform bills cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% Republicans say it will inspire companies to hire more workers and raise wages but Democrats doubt it you're senator Mark Warner of Virginia on CNN state of the union. What I'm afraid. Is that we will see the vast moved up a majority of these funds come back and be used for share buybacks and dividends. Democrats and some Republicans in high tax states also complain about the elimination of some state and local tax deductions. This is Republican senator David Perdue of Georgia I think the majority of people in the country are tired of subsidizing the high tax states Republicans plan to get the final bill to the president by Christmas in Washington Caroline Shively Fox News. The fight over the latest version of president trumps travel ban returns to to a federal appeals courts this week the US ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Wednesday in Seattle while the fourth circuit in Richmond Virginia. Will do the same Friday the White House is appealing previous rulings that largely block the president's band. T need it discriminatory. The administration aims to restrict travelers from Chad Iran Libya Somalia Syria Yemen and North Korea saying those nations are hot beds for terrorism. Critics say it unfairly targets Muslims Tom Graham Fox News. A former high school cafeteria worker has won a 340000. Dollar judgment in her lawsuit alleging she was discriminated against by the Independence, Missouri school district. Amy Stubbs filed the lawsuit after she was fired as a cook in the cafeteria at William Crist and high school in May of 2015. The Kansas City Star reports Stubbs contended. She was disciplined and eventually fired for complaining to district officials. About harassment suffered by her daughter at the school. Kenneth says it is time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Kansas City Chiefs on the road yesterday high scoring game. And the men's basketball K state on the road also points scored in that one will have. Details and highlights coming up in sports Jason good news that the gas pumps for the holidays that story coming up. On the K and us this morning news was even dead. C Unisys news time now 808 minutes past 8 o'clock. The federal trial that begins today will focus on whether police lied about the results of tasks on discarded tea leaves. Found in a Kansas couple's trash to get permission for a swat style raid on their home. Robert Hedlund harder seeking five million dollars for economic losses plus emotional pain and distress and humiliation. After a 2012 raid on their Lee went home. They are also seeking to a million dollars in punitive damages. Authorities targeted the hearts both former CIA employees after seeing Robert hard leaving a store that sold Haider fought like gardening equipment. Johnson county sheriff's deputies found brewed tea leaves outside their home. An affidavit claim field test indicated the leaves were marijuana. A search of the home found only vegetable plants the hearts say law enforcement lied about the test results. Ronnie Price KN SS and. News it's the largest corporate marriage this year and it's aimed at shaking up the health care sector a drugstore chain has agreed to buy health insurer at enough for roughly 69 billion dollars. CVS health will pay a roughly 207 dollars a share to reshape health care with 9700 drugstores 11100 walk in clinics is CBS hopes to vertically integrate services with the 22 million people at nine shores making it a one stop shoppers steady stream of health care and prescription customers the deal driven by rumors that Amazon is preparing to enter the pharmacy market is expected to close in the second half of 2018 if shareholders and regulators approve Kevin battle Fox News good news that the gas pumps on the road to the holidays it's the holiday gift that every driver wants. Prices dropped seventy cents per gallon in the past delete the delivered just stupid people are. Almost reversing the hike that we saw in November. Industry analyst Shelby Lundberg doesn't expect to see any major changes at the gas pumps based on crude oil transit. It rose slightly in this period but refiners took it on the chin and they didn't have those. Oil price hike through is to hold on gasoline. According to the Lundberg survey Tulsa Oklahoma has the lowest average price at 218 per gallon and San Francisco the highest at 326. Steve Rappaport Fox News. Gay units and now 81010 minutes past 8 o'clock on this Monday morning. And we have some police presence couple places around town checking out an auto theft of land and Haskell for the feast on in meridian. We got a domestic violence case police checking that out in the northwest side which is on 18100 block of north Litchfield at. And we got a little bit of traffic slowed down on northbound lanes bites and 35 between Broadway exit and I'm 135. We'll be slowed traffic right now. 1520 miles below the speed limit. Hitting from probably nervous I want 35 traffic updates take an SS radio this that would alert and now the forecast. McCain and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dana on the good morning with a cloudy start today across south central Kansas temperatures are very warm and this is about as mormons were going to get. There's a strong cold front will move through this afternoon the winds will switch to the northwest gusting at fifteen to 35 miles per hour. One of the reasons a red flag warning for fire danger will be posted throughout today in this evening's tonight slowed 28. Sunny and just fifty for the high tomorrow I'm KM OSS meteorologist Dan holidays. Or cloudy skies and 63 degrees south wind gusting to 37 miles per hour about eighteen years. Twenty degrees above normal high for this state the school office he said tomorrow. Watch that nice day Sunday. Weather wise across Kansas Wichita as high temperature yesterday 66 degrees and again the normal life. 47 so about twenty degrees above normal yesterday. On this date in 1999. And early season winter storm produced a thirty mile wide swath of six to ten inches of snow. Across south central Kansas from around Kingman. East northeast across the Wichita metropolitan area to around Hillsborough. The greatest accumulation occurred across northern Cedric Harvey and McPherson counties. Still was convicted of with thunder and lightning reported over most of these various. Heavy wet snow also damaged many trees and power lines it was a on this date in 1999. Six to ten inches of snow across this area in south central answers. When a man found the only worker at an empty South Carolina waffle house of sleep he took his meal into his own hands. On FaceBook galaxy bone chronicled. With cell freeze Helling made his own double Texas bacon cheese steak melt. At the famous southern 24/7 diner. Says he waited ten minutes then cooked his meal and even scrape the grill when I was finished. Bonds photos showed him with a sleeping worker. Frying bacon and putting the sandwiched together. After good natured kidding about stealing the sandwich Bowen even posted a self me returning to pay for his medial. While oil said in his statement it was impressed with bones cooking skills but customers should never go behind the counter. Or safety reasons. Obviously you had one employee working there. At the Waffle House and that employee was asleep. I guess he could have. Won't awaken to that person it's it wouldn't please cook for me but he wanted to have a Austin. And Anderson here on hand fun at Waffle House is expense which also brings up the question it. I'm here asked all the time why he does which it's on not have a lawful house. Questions thousands of these all over the nation we don't have one we don't we don't. Last night my area. I went out to eat with my. Daughter and her husband and and trinkets. The first place who went which I will not a name for you. This is. 5 o'clock on Sunday afternoon to it yeah. At a place as you know who's not even half full and not not that many people there and this young greeter. Told us that they couldn't he couldn't she is because these section was closed and didn't have a waitress didn't have enough help the and this is saying I'm not gonna mention who it is annoying but elusive job. But my daughters. If it frankly really you know better. And she's okay we'll discuss some place else went someplace else and proceed right away in the trees lights either he noted to have our business. And I told to a restaurant this is that you brought implant settlement and why they had that guy on duty. You get these milk Muslim summoned. Million dollar franchise is up there are a lot of times and there's a moral on duty be practiced and not get it as just business wellness. I'm glad and when you when you're ahead looks like it happened I'm glad you went somewhere else you need some morals your business. Authorities say a pheasant hunter in north the central Iowa was accidentally shot when a dog step on shotgun trigger guard in the gunfire in the old case O'Neal in the door letting him and the dog shooting its master officials say 402. Dogs. We're looking for the game birds and near wall stock when one of the hunters placed a loaded twelve gauge shotgun on the ground. It went off of one of the dog stepped on the trigger guard and the shotgun loads sprayed another hunter. Who was taken to a hospital for treatment apparently the other hundred did survive. But. You know when your hunting will. If you're going to lay a shotgun down on the ground I have news media day Buick they have with the financial they're called the safety that might work. You know that your honing you don't have the safety on and he'll be ready to shoot at any moment right but if you believe again well. Mediation on just these dogs are jumping around I thinkers anyway this guy probably learned his lesson. If we have one of our. Vice president shoots somebody in a hut while back. Always Cheney when Cheney Cheney years most trees there's a guy who should have known that this guy was from holding you know he grew up. Hewitt says it's one. I don't remember now what exactly happened bit. Was an accident that it says. 816 Stephen had big tree lighting ceremony last thank you heard the mayor where there's a few minutes ago which the mayor Jeff the other a lot of people down an old town square last night. The Christmas season officially here now I actually. Have been able to do a quick. Just a little bit of Christmas shopping. I have some restrictions this year on time as most of us do but you don't got three weeks beginning today. Today is three weeks from Christmas I'm glad there's I'm glad they've gone back to calling it the Christmas tree lighting. That the heart Hillary years ago it was the community tree was that what it was yeah community tree of life. I'm yeah I'm big thumbs down on the and a big mouth on to us it's a Christmas tree for it and say yeah. Don't know what it is an old Tomlin bomb out there right that is common about exactly mystery. So the mayor was down there and there always another dig into Santa Claus showed and plus the weather was super yet. It is Alex last night. Begins later on this afternoon if your league going to work this morning later on this afternoon when you get out of work probably get real color and you'll always gonna struggle from the north and you know what that means I. Who them. 817 now Stevens in the morning. Coming up on 818 it's sports time which Edward. What about that. Home it's a big story but the chiefs kids and teach him to problems right now we'll get him back on track for the next two games. It is. We keep seeing this season and these nasty game right there yacht things are kind of coming to a crunch here with a month ago the chiefs are on the road yesterday you heard the game right here on tape and assess. He's visiting the New York Jets. Boy got off to a great start to quick touchdowns right away she slid fourteen nothing. On the way to a big day all right let the big day on offense but the defense was a different stories and your jets. And had a game plan to move the chains and control the football and keep it out of the hands of the chiefs. That plan worked. And the chief scored 31 point they only have the ball for seventeen minutes. Meanwhile the jets were just methodically moving the chains. The jets thirteen. Times were able to convert on third down try our own chief for just one win away from stopping a lot of those drives and and they would like third and 83 none out in the lot of skip it. The jets in fact piled up 31. Downs in his game controlled the ball for 43. Minutes. Of the sixty. Still the chiefs who had the ball at the end with a chance to try to tie it up you heard it right here on page in us. And it's she spent 3831 fort down at six Alex Smith fires a pass it over throws Kelsey and the chiefs are gonna lose to the jets. After having a fourteen to nothing lead. But geez we're going to lose this game 3831. And then after a five of those story for the season. The chiefs were gonna lose their sixth game in the last seven. Here's the scenario the month ago four games. Chiefs. The raiders the chargers all tied for first place at six and six atop the division. And guess who the chiefs have their next two games. You know realizing right don't use the raiders and the chargers are next pseudo. Big few weeks coming up both are at home at Arrowhead Stadium that seats in the next few weeks. Likely decide who wins the division. Themselves beating each other and innovate and a minute I get to the way this season on map and a we'll see what the seats in the next couple weeks. Men's basketball yesterday Kansas State wins and nicer road game in Nashville beating Vanderbilt 8479. As a figures need had a career high 21 points case they shot 92%. From the free throw line making 2224. That's how you win a road game this is by making your free throws there based status now seven and one on the season. We've got Monday Night Football tonight over on KF 8 at 7 o'clock red hot Pittsburgh Steelers in Cincinnati taking on the Bengals. Steelers are four and a half point favorite. Steelers have won six games in Euro heading into this month. Prior to the Monday Night Football game it's time to talk jayhawk basketball K you basketball hawk talk that coach Bill Self at 6 o'clock tonight. On Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975 FM jayhawks ranked number two in the nation they are seven and oh. And it's time to talk with the shocker coaches tonight on back to back to back coaches shows. The start out WSU basketball coaches showed that means coach Gregg Marshall at 6 o'clock. In women's coach Keith Adams at 7 o'clock. In the finale of the WSU volleyball coach who showed head coach Chris lamb at 8 o'clock as the volleyball team felt just a little bit short of making it to the sweet sixteen. The discussion tonight it's all right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and SS and wanted to enjoy the all any of those shows why haven't. His head on out AJ sports grill at the Alley tonight the thirteenth and green which had dinner with coaches during the Unisys broadcasts. A sports with Stephen Ted Kate and as best seat when he won now keep that are for the Hannity morning minutes. Claims that Obama administration knew about Russian election tampering in point fourteen. That's coming up Steven 10 in the morning on stage and dance dance.