KC Chiefs practice in the rain on Military Appreciation Day

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, August 15th
Daily chat with Mitch Holthus, play-by-play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KE SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the king and his his forty years receive a dead nineteen Macintosh. Collier concedes Coppola is the Republican nominee for Kansas governor. We've got the story Sedgwick county commission candidate demands a recount I'm template word those details just ahead. I'm brought the prize the public voice its concerns for the proposed city budget Tuesday. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. The storm system a move across Wichita and south central Kansas over the past couple of days officially brought us just over an inch of rain. Today though will be drive our forecast is coming up. Like a reality show the feud between president trump and the former White House aid it is showing no signs of winding down. White House spokeswoman cirrus Sanders defended the president and his harsh language directed at all borrows some medical Newman. In which you referred to the former White House aide has a low life and adult. And rec center and somebody's always gonna fight fire with fire this is something that isn't new and is something the American people. Knew when they voted overwhelmingly elected him to be the president of the United States. Separately the trump campaign has found an arbitration claim against medical Newman claiming that she broke a 2016 nondisclosure agreement by disparaging the president. In her new book at the White House Jon Decker Fox News. One person is dead following a bicycle truck accident in northeast Wichita Tuesday night in the 5300 block of east 21. The bicycle riders sixty year old man pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses indicated the man was crossing 21 when the accident happened. A toddler was hospitalized after being injured in a shooting yesterday afternoon near 24 and should top club in northeast Wichita. Police said several people opened fire striking house with a seven month old boy and his dad inside and both were hospitalized and treated. The child receiving stitches in his hand and wrist after he was struck by shrapnel. No arrests have been made in this case. Kansas governor Jeff collier conceded Tuesday evening in the State's Republican gubernatorial primary saying he will endorse secretary of state Chris cobol. Just had a conversation. With the secretary of state. I congratulated him on his success. In our repeated my determination to keep this seat can Republican hair. Color accepted defeat in a surprise announcement after a review of some provisional ballots. The failed to find enough votes for him to overcome a deficit of 110 votes out of more than 3111000. Votes initially counted. A block will face Democrat or Kelly and is likely to face independent candidate great Ormond. In the November general election. A candidate for Sedgwick county commission asking for recount huge knicks trails incumbent Richard rans off by just 75 votes. Nix has paid the county 1000 dollars for the recount. Sedgwick county elections commissioner tab at the layman tells KSN news a group is going to count the votes by hand. Council heard comments from citizens on topics we hire a bipartisan board to come in India that it is going to be in our office. Of course both candidates can have a service they're washing entire process. Once complete the recount will be certified and and sent to the secretary of state tomorrow. Police report a suspect has been arrested in Wichita homicide. Early Monday a man was shot and killed outside Dixon's erotic sports bar rest of aryan Broadway. The victim is identified as Austin right. Is it 24 year old male of Wichita. They're diligent follow up. And evidence received. Which star police department officers and investigators. Were able to make an arrest. In regards to the homicide in the short block what's Kerry. Arrested was. Turning cassava. Point five year old male Wichita. He's officer Charlie Davidson says suspect was arrested. Late Monday morning the Wichita City Council heard more public comments yesterday regarding next year's city budget. Council heard comments from citizens on topics such as the arts fired police finding an old countdown. Count on is fully funded through 2019. And any potential changes won't be voted on for another year. Mayor Jeff Longwell said work will have to be done to address program funding in future. Do we have a long term sustainable. Funding. Employees know we're going to have to address that. But right now we're keeping those things opened that are most important was full of life amenities that we think real dues set us apart. Ultimately the City Council voted on the combined measure of the 2019 city budget and the 20182027. Capital improvement plan. The motion passed 61 with Jeff blue ball from district Ford the only no vote Rodney price KN OSS news. As the US hits Turkey with sanctions Turkey promises a boycott and response. Many come up. Big body and let him. Turkish president took time that it land saying his country will boycotts American electronic goods. Full load and I've mobilized we don't have. I thank them. They have the iPhone said there Samsung elsewhere I do I'm showing no signs of backing down at a standoff over the detention of an American pastor. The dispute has helped set off the Turkish currency crisis. In London side benighted folks knees. K and assist youth time now 8055. Minutes past 8 o'clock. And we're about ten minutes away from our daily chats with Mitch told us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs chiefs pre season training camp. Mitch and ten minutes. McDonald's is making a hefty investment to revamp its restaurants across the country that story coming up. On McCain is this morning news was Steven dead. This is sporting news boosting its head down 8099 minutes past 8 o'clock. Police are looking for a man who robbed a gas station in south Wichita early Tuesday. Officer Charlie Davidson says it happened at the Casey's General Store in the 3500 block of south meridian. 37 year old female employee whose stated that unknown suspect had in the business. Point a handgun better and demanded money money was given to suspect who then fled on foot. That's suspect was wearing a black quality. Black pants black shoes black clothes and a red Bandana over his face. McDonald's making hefty investment revamping its restaurants across the country. The fast food chain in its franchisees are spending six billion bucks to modernize its restaurants both inside and out. The company's planning new dining room's digital self order kiosk new menu boards and special parking spots for curbside pickups. Hundreds of McDonald's restaurants in every state will see changes implemented. With California seeing the most restaurants upgraded. McDonald's says it plans to update all of its restaurants by two thousand twenties. McDonald's has also recently introduced me delivery with over each have more than 5000 US restaurants Hillary bar ski Fox News. Ian has refused time now 81010. Minutes vanity o'clock. And traffic updates here on the Wednesday morning commute we do have a traffic accident to the northeast of derby this is in the 6800 block of south 127. Street east. That's just the south there are 63 south won 27 east got a traffic accidents at that location. Also. We have a traffic wreck in on Kellogg west of 119 west kind of traffic there as well traffic updates. We Steve instead find a single in the forecast now with Cain is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get more. In Dana announced this morning with a cloudy skies across south central Kansas will see showers move on off to the east and for us today a break from the precipitation at least for awhile for high 86. Tonight's lows 68. Could see a few showers or thunderstorms tomorrow with a high ninety's I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy sky we don't know. Went to fourteen miles per hour 71 degrees here every Steven did it at eleven on this Wednesday. August 15 to 22 more rain across south central Kansas Tuesday. It's imploding on the southeast part of the state people being rescued from a high water on the southeast and we have no you can confirmation yet but there. May have been a couple of fatalities down that way related to the storms yesterday's high 86 degrees of which about the normal high for the date is 92. And it was on this date in 1969. The Woodstock music and art fair opened in upstate New York. And an aggressive. A lot of young people my age went there in that thing and stay there a couple days and and it was I guess you could say for some from the sixties it was sex drugs and rock general Stevenson and on Tuesday and mud and boy and we need. I did not go well you said drugs and I declined to attend. A particular function. This morning we have word from Eaton Ohio that Bob scene and has passed away at the age of 86. Where she was the coach at Wichita State to took the football team on after the plane crash. And they had a had a winning season a couple of years later. But biopsy going to be from Ohio spent a lot of his time there and that's where he which has retired and was living he has passed with the age of 86. Truck football coach. Bob semen 813 now Stevens head and they told us where this is morning of course a play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs and is coming to us from training camp this morning again brought to you by. American and credit to boring mr. mr. Holtz like to have you with mr. Didn't good morning Steve in the air maker to be with unions spot semen was a very good football coach and he's been and he. Topic but some of my city opera wrecked Friday reports computing years. And had to take over and extremely or very difficult circumstances. But highly regarded that Ohio. And so yeah eleven to look trucks to six and Barbara 171 which remarkable season. And that was just a year and a half after the play aggression that's Tom all of those guys and clearly Paul was on that he was elect. Yeah that the Chechnya since and that's just another and it didn't yeah imagine America credit. You know that Gregory you know you're in regular collect. Recorders are open. Made room by a you know just what what makes some cool as this region's unique Lotta people listen dust on the measurement to listen you guys certainly. Adam actually it's it's beat back a lot of the farmers and ranchers in the region working around so restrictive double jobs. They have used American or credit or thinking about them because it's about trust in him. The American credit really has developed up that trust American and a credit money for agriculture unit Cologne dot com now. There's like Diana people are listening restore to quell a controversy because I mentioned Greg Reno's. Policy of requiring his daughter Molly. Reno Skoda that retrieve. It just. There must be an affidavit side by anybody that was like interest in it that are out that Greg has set the backseat right yeah. Yup yesterday that stirred at that stirred the on the Internet and there's in there is there it is. Actually negotiation and there's secured from coal which missed negotiated exit real. Pressure at the specific specific recipe given tech world apparent. So an agreement was made Greg won't go I'll whip them by the capacity torture. Is a little give and take that. Given tickets and that's what that's what the world all about me and Greg what Kelly and handed her his career ended in them. I'm prepared to scroll which created the gloves there corrective tell it aura. Or an ever. Present it's a very dramatic your as your work almost any weather that negotiation goes on the significantly quarreled so. I know you delve a little weather yesterday and up in Saint Joseph on military how it pans out of place come out yesterday. But are one of the more remarkable in the gazans aren't required partners the training camp. Because the rains came in saint donated. In the so drive their bark. McDonnell and you'll go inside and out military appreciation day good note stated outside. All of me on Twitter I'm Matt Mitchell disease to follow this but all in what order page and you'll see the pictures are put up about it. We had done it in and out of the water wasn't cooked greens are some common ground. In commentary you'll stay in and out there were record intra water around. And I'm like a it's a good idea I. I don't know orders and are now I actually tracked down India integral wanna or. Are moderate obligated to the borrow a car award here again. It's. It's it was great because it was a thought on. I mean there's no finally get your is it one last practice and before deployment. I know we while waddle like Lola look at the defense aside the footballer than a guy whose name you mentioned it let's go a little more in depth about 01 of the linebackers Ben Neiman. Yet he reminds you kind of bill Schneider is at stake here there's a there's always be here simply proposal since 89 and took their. Profile of this agreement. Small town city from sycamore Illinois. Up by decal. Played a dial your career not at all so not all that matters. And really resisting guys coming into camp and I mentioned before they become a story at camp because they're a real up and make the extremism roster. Again is it to pick for writers seek a court order to return our borders and to the cut by Wednesday bought. This kid it's not in he could make his specialty. The mental aspect is a lot different than college town you know I just shut how much and the playbook and night. Just try to pick a little extra things from the veterans like kitchen. You know Reggie we have a great room in those guys are awesome Simmons Tenneco's daily on a coach and so. You know just a little little things about being a professional special teams what about the Flint special teams guys have made careers in this Laguna. Yet you know special teams if you're not a starter you have to be of the play special teams and make the roster ponson has not clear focus of mine and com you know some on trying to improve every day practicing. You know once again just pick up stuff from guys have been great special teams players we have. In other linebackers like CN. You know command who who do then you know just little things I can pick up from them. In. All honestly it is this is gonna get them collapsed. I am for the last two discussions. This accredited to Gregory notes and out of resign go to you might think about witnessed it all mean long ago just came into the Coke it's and that's. I mean at this this this is real clear now. And he has become a player he believes he was about where against Houston the question is guys can he do it again this week against him. Yeah I'm going into the next pre season game couple nights away god I would assume the focus starts to sharpen non some of these players that we kind of know our. Will air want to. Yup we're at where and that will be a good point we're in the will there want very. Funnel and that's a pretty narrow funnel. But now it starts as you and it kind of it right of passage renew drivers listening joke yesterday in all that. Is you know will there won't and so it took a good thing to put and so it's been convicted he don't like these is it one game as our war. But it can continue to seek things like now now camp and now the damage that it couldn't navigate. Then he might pick up for example quite honestly and that becomes really interest. Because Greg in a nine year quarter steady. One of the highest rated linebackers doesn't make mistakes respect each. But this guy is also what nine years younger than Plaxo. A real missed the stuff businessman. Hugh you mentioned the open kitchen instinct and yes. Doctor I think it's close corporate reopen it just for the theory about what about their about Dale's hand on that I would have been news right now and oil and now there are bigger. On broker. What about her deals deals hamburgers right down their own 54 next Texaco station there have been what we can do that just a couple of fish. Oh we will topple the American Idol sabres. That we are market downtown and commerce are recipients to interpret it but our board the barber. And admits happy birthday today to Bobby hunt starting safety for the chief since Super Bowl one and 78 today and Hebert. And they had a chance to win that gambit and you come back certain. That game. I mean I was really pretty. And remember too much about it remember Super Bowl or not as much about one. The man that she had a chance to win that there were given no shock. Against the Big Brother Packers. When he really makes a mistake by the conflict solid in the game but the chief says it and that it thirty. Or seeing or. Evident is a four point game and half. And the trees were dried out here we're driving. And it all anyone anyone but yet to convert their bodyguard. All right well hey how about the let's chat tomorrow morning that sound good. Yeah you know automatic or to get into that what you practice and the rains it really has more orbit meaning than just our. We will do that hockey tomorrow match. Our and detected the laundry going to get the modem is is website that's our daily chat and it's cultists from these pre season brought Eli American Agha credit easily won now you've been here for the Hannity morning minutes. Are people losing patience with the more investigation. That's coming up Stevens at the morning on cane and a sense. Like your hair for me and around with.